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Cover: attack and react offense by vic schaefer
Attack and React Offense by Vic Schaefer

with Vic Schaefer,
Mississippi State University Head Women's Coach;
2017 NCAA Championship Runner-Up;
2017 ESPY Award - 'Best Upset';
2x SEC Coach of the Year (2018, 2015);
2018 SEC Regular Season Champions - 16-0 record;
2016 NCAA Sweet Sixteen;
2011 NCAA Championship (as Associate Head Coach, Texas A & M)

In 2017, Vic Schaefer guided his team to a stunning upset of top-ranked Connecticut and ended their consecutive winning streak at 111 games. They did so with a great defensive effort, but more importantly with offensive precision and execution.

Schaefer opens his offensive playbook and demonstrates the offensive efficiency. He provides every possible offensive situation you need to take your team to the next level. Whether it's set plays, zone plays, BLOBS and SLOBS, continuity offense, or installing a new offense with the dribble drive, there is something on this video for any coach!

Dribble Drive Offense

Everything in Coach Schaefer's offense starts with getting to the nail as an attacker and creating open spaces for teammates to drive. As he puts it, the first driver will create double, triple or super gaps for their teammates by getting to the nail and hitting the next cutter/driver. If your opponent likes to switch, there's a counter for that. If you want to get creative, Schaefer demonstrates screening actions using an elevator screen and a shuffle cut/screen to create more scoring opportunities and space for your players to attack.


You have to be prepared for anything your opponent does to stop your attacking offense. Having sets in place that will lead into your offense is a great way to counter any defense.

Schaefer details three sets he has used to get his team easy buckets and have multiple scoring options. In order to best disguise his sets and keep opponents on their toes, all sets are run out of a box. If you need to get a shooter a look, he uses elevator action leading into a pick & roll option in case the defense is able to get through screens. In the 2 Down series, he uses high-low looks to space the floor and create scoring opportunities for posts and shooters.

Circle Motion

Having a continuity offense in place allows you to utilize many of your players. Players are able to own their role and read the defense. Schaefer uses a box set to continue disguising his actions and uses pin downs and shuffle cuts to keep the offense from getting stagnant. Off of a shuffle cut, he finishes the continuity with a pick-the-picker action for a knock-down shooter.


Scoring off of special situations can lead to easy buckets and an advantage over any opponent. With SLOBs and BLOBs, Schaefer uses a variety of scoring options, including pick & roll with your best attacker, refusing the screen, using the screen for an open jumper, and slipping screens to create open shots for a post with some range. In 3 series, Schaefer demonstrates all of these actions and throws in an elevator screen against a zone defense for a must-have 3-pointer.

Shooting Drills

Coach Schaefer demonstrates a variety of shooting drills his team uses to rep game shots in game spots. Most drills are done in the half court with some utilized in full court settings. In 3-on-3-on-3 shooting, players work on rhythm shooting in transition as they sprint the floor hunting their shot. Your athletes will work on their finishes around the rim so they know how to react to any help side defense sliding over.

No matter what level of coaching you're at, this video is a valuable tool! It breaks down drills that apply to all age groups and teams. Coach Schaefer stresses the importance of fundamentals at every level and how they are truly the key to success. Put your team in a position to win every game!

150 minutes. (2 DVDs). 2018.

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Cover: relentless optimism: how a commitment to positive thinking changes everything (sports for the soul) (volume 3)
Relentless Optimism: How a Commitment to Positive Thinking Changes Everything (Sports for the Soul) (Volume 3)
By: Darrin Donnelly
Publisher: Shamrock New Media, Inc.
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Cover: flexbone passing attack
Flexbone Passing Attack

with Aaron Hafner,
Olathe Northwest (KS) High School Head Coach;
former Luther College Head Coach;
former William Penn University Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
2010 Midwest League Champions; 2008 Midwest League Assistant Coach of the Year

Coach Hafner's Flexbone attack led the Iowa Conference for five straight seasons (2013-17). During that time his offense ranked in the top-10 of the NCAA D-III in rushing yards per game, including finishing second in 2014. In 2017, Luther set a single season school record of 3,409 rushing yards and also tied the single game rushing record (579).

In an offense that utilizes few pass attempts, a great scheme and play action passing game is essential.

In this video, Aaron Hafner shows how to develop a strong Flexbone passing game that relies on play action passing and high percentage throws. Using on-screen diagrams and videos, Hafner breaks down the basics of his 3-step passing attack.

You'll see how Hafner uses 30 and 31 personnel to take advantage of a versatile tight end. Additionally, you will discover the benefits of using a 3-step drop and how you can use three types of play action (drop back, sprint outs and boots) to help complement your running game.


Learn how to use 30 and 31 personnel, plus a versatile tight end, to gain mismatches versus a defense. You will learn:

  • How to use 6 formations in 30 personnel, such as: Spread Wide, Spread Mid and Spread Trips.
  • How to use 6 formations in 31 personnel, such as: Spread TE Flex, TE Attached Trips and Double Attached TE.
  • How to gain leverage on safeties by using multiple formations.

3-Step Drop

Coach Hafner gives you the keys to build your 3-step drop passing game. You'll learn how to get easy reads for your quarterback and how to get 1-on-1 match-ups for your receivers. Hafner presents the four primary routes used in this offense:

  • The Hitch route and concept; used when the corners are soft.
  • The Slant route; used versus Cover 3 and a great way to attack the curl zone.
  • The Fade route; used versus press coverage, allowing for home run plays.
  • The Down route; similar to the Slant, used versus 2 High coverages.

Play Action Passing Game

The play action off of the Inside Veer is the "bread and butter" in Coach Hafner's offense. It is critical to keep the secondary from playing the run only. You'll see how seven route combinations such as Post/Wheel, Slot Verticals and Smash/Corner are used in play action football. You will also see:

  • How to take advantage of an aggressive secondary.
  • How to get your QB on the move to utilize their running abilities.
  • How to sell the rocket toss and inside veer toss to set up your play action pass.

Coach Hafner details how the use of three variations of play action football (drop backs, sprint outs and boots) can effectively develop your passing game. The Sprint Out allows the quarterback to run if the route scheme is covered. The Boot passing game presents additional pressure for the defense with the use of misdirection to take advantage of the weak side when the defense over-commits to the run game.

Pass Protections

Learn how to use three simple protections to have a drop back or play action passing game versus both odd and even defenses. The simplicity of the scheme means few mental errors up front. You will also see:

  • How to block even fronts with man protection and how to block odd defensive fronts with slide protections.
  • How to get your center to make the correct protection calls.
  • How to use fan blocking techniques when doing play action boots.

This video is a must-have for coaches who want to have their Flexbone quarterbacks make quick decisions, get wide receivers 1-on-1 match-ups, and run simple offensive line protections.

57 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: wilson gst tdy youth leather football
Wilson GST TDY Youth Leather Football

Publisher: Wilson

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