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Cover: the best of championship productions: 25 face-off drills for lacrosse
The Best of Championship Productions: 25 Face-Off Drills for Lacrosse


  • John Danowski, Duke University Head Coach
  • John Desko, Syracuse University Head Coach
  • Kevin Cassese, Lehigh University Head Coach
  • Kevin Donahue, Syracuse University Assistant Coach
  • Kevin Reisman, Cornell University Assistant Coach
  • Jason Breyo, Buford High School (GA) Director of Lacrosse
  • Ron Caputo, Duke University Assistant Coach
  • Tony Seaman, St. Andrews High School (FL) Head Coach
  • Will Scudder, Lehigh University Associate Head Coach
  • The face-off has become a specialized position in the game of lacrosse. Face-off success directly translates into more possessions for your team, which has a significant impact on the outcome of the game. To ensure success, coaches need to have an understanding of the techniques and the strategies in order to assist their players to both improve, as well as make adjustments on the fly in game situations.

    This compilation of the best face-off drills from the Championship Productions library features many of the top coaching and program names in lacrosse and addresses every aspect of the face-off game. You'll see drills that cover stance and grip, warm-ups, moves, and counter moves to hone your face-off players' skills.

    Stance, Grip, and Moves

    First, you'll see the fundamental stance, grip, and clamp techniques from Will Scudder and Kevin Donahue. These pointers will help your athletes generate force and leverage in a face-off. Donahue details a series of clamps and jams, including the Plunger Clamp, Handle Jam, Pinch Clamp, and Laser Sweep.

    Drills to Dominate

    Once your players have mastered the basics, it's time to get them reps that mimic game situations. You'll get competitive drills that pit teammates against one another, as well as exercises that can be done solo. Included are the best practices for not only winning the draw, but also maintaining possession with drills that focus on boxing out, ground balls under pressure, and proper exit techniques.

    Face-offs should be near the top of your priority list as a coach because they can often directly influence the outcome of a game. Get all you need to help your players master the face-off in this jam-packed instructional video!

    56 minutes. 2018.

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    Cover: hockey analytics: a game-changing perspective
    Hockey Analytics: A Game-Changing Perspective
    By: Stephen Shea, Christopher Baker
    Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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    Cover: football crowd noise simulator for pc
    Football Crowd Noise Simulator for PC
    How Much Of An Effect Does The Crowd Really Have?

    There is no question that psychology plays a crucial role in sports performance. How many football games have you seen where the pressure of a clutch situation causes a player to make a poor decision and make you say to yourself "What on earth was that guy thinking?" Players from basketball recreation leagues all the way to the professionals often make poor choices that they wouldn't normally make under relaxed circumstances.

    Arguably one of the most influential factors that may cause a player to act irrationally is the atmosphere created by the noise of the crowd.Dealing with a noisy crowd (both home and away) has proven to be a difficult task as a loud crowd may cause a number of issues to arise, which include difficulty for players to vocally orchestrate, or to recognize, verbal play calls.

    The Football Crowd Noise Simulator Includes 23 Professional Sounds allowing for the perfect replication of a noisy football stadium.Each pad of the The Football Crowd Noise Simulator has a specific function that will mimic the sounds heard during common scenarios found in a high pressure football game.

    • Home Team Sounds - Crowd noise when the home team scores a touchdown, is attempting a field goal, intercepts the ball, fumbles the ball and sacks the opposing team.
    • Away Team Sounds - Crowd noise when the away team scores a touchdown, is attempting a field goal, intercepts the ball, fumbles the ball and sacks the opposing team.
    • Miscellaneous Sounds - Crowd cheers, ref whistle, crowd + band playing, crowd chanting "Defense - Defense", reacting to a big hit, booing, chanting a "5-4-3-2-1 countdown" and more.
    All sounds can be overlapped and used together to create a free-flowing crowd atmosphere simulated by the user as they click the pads according to what is happening during the practice session. The Football Crowd Noise Simulator allows both players and coaching staff to take practice sessions to the next level.

    For example, if you want to simulate a last second field goal attempt at an away game you can click "away FG ambience" to simulate the intensity of a roaring crowd, then hit "countdown" to replicate the play clock winding down. Finally click FG Make or FG Miss depending on the outcome of the kick.

    The Football Crowd Noise Simulator is not limited to any age group or skill level as the benefits can be seen across a wide range of players. Both professionals and those just getting into the sport will often times have trouble focusing regardless of how long they have played the sport.


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    Cover: agora dual sided magnetic dry erase board - 12
    AGORA Dual Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Board - 12"x18"

    Manufacturer: AGORA

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