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Cover: competitive cage drills to build an effective hitter!
Competitive Cage Drills to Build an Effective Hitter!

with Gino DiMare,
University of Miami Associate Head Coach; 2016 NCAA College World Series;
Back-to-Back-to-Back ACC Coastal Division Champions (2014-16)

Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in any sport and having the knowledge and ability to teach players how to maximize their potential is a must. Gino DiMare provides this capability in this video with a step-by-step cage routine to build a hitter's complete approach at the plate.

Coach DiMare teaches the "feel" for zone hitting, a skill often neglected by coaches. Players will learn how to approach every zone above the plate, and hit with authority through a series of specific, competitive drills that will build a hitter's approach and confidence. This systematic routine works hitters with a series of tee, front toss, cross toss and coach pitch drills to build a batter's capabilities to be successful every inch of the zone to drive the ball to all fields.

He goes a step further and works on the mental side of hitting by placing hitters in game scenarios. By teaching players how to perform in certain situations, players enter tense situations not only with the skills, but the confidence to excel.

Tee Drills

Use tee drills to teach your hitters how to drive the ball to all fields. DiMare introduces six tee drills to build a fundamentally sound swing. Work on hitting any pitch in any zone with the zone simulation drill. DiMare also shows several drills to break down the elements of the swing by isolating certain body parts and movements.

Front Toss Drills

Coach DiMare introduces two front toss drills he uses with his hitters to help them stay on the pitch and drive the ball to the opposite field. In the off-center front toss drill, the batter must let the ball travel and get deep to hit it properly. This helps the hitter use his backside to drive through the ball.

Situational Hitting

Hitters must not only recognize the situation but execute in order to get runners into scoring position or score runs. Learn about seven common situations batters are faced with and where the batter wants to hit the ball in each of the situations. DiMare puts hitters through their paces and demands that they have a strong understanding of when to keep the ball out of the middle, when to hit behind the runner and when it's okay to lift the ball.

Learn the approach a batter should have with:

  • Hit and run
  • Man on second, no outs
  • Man on third, less than 2 outs
  • Run and hit
  • Clutch hit, 2 outs
  • 2-strike hitting
  • 3-2 count

Throughout the video, you'll see demonstrations of these drills while DiMare presents examples of success and failure, offering feedback and strategies on how to correct swings and hits. He offers valuable, veteran insight that can help any coach direct a more effective offense.

Train every player in your lineup to be a complete hitter with this systematic, progressive cage workout!

45 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: volleyball steps to success
Volleyball Steps to Success
with Becky Schmidt
Hope College Head Coach, 2014 NCAA DIII National Champions

Take to the court with confidence and dominate the competition. Volleyball: Steps to Success provides comprehensive instruction in a unique progressive format that will have you digging, blocking, and racking up the kills in no time.

With 64 on-court drills and technical instruction for all of the game's essential skills, national championship coach Becky Schmidt sets you up to become a well-rounded player capable of playing any position on the court. Master individual skills such as serving, passing, and setting through detailed skill instruction, court diagrams, and full-color photo sequences. Then progress to valuable tactics and strategies that will help you become an on-court leader for your team.

Learn how to determine your opponent's strengths and attack the weaknesses. Read your opponent's offense to be in the right position to dig hits and begin the counterattack.

Be the player you always wanted to be. As part of the popular Steps to Success series, which has sold more than two million copies worldwide, Volleyball: Steps to Success is your guide to on-court success.

216 pages. 2016.

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Cover: college hoops 2k7
College Hoops 2K7

Publisher: 2K Sports
21 November, 2006
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Cover: 3drose im a baseball coach, whats your super power - two tone black mug, 11oz (mug_216407_4), 11 oz, black/white
3dRose Im a baseball coach, whats your super power - Two Tone Black Mug, 11oz (mug_216407_4), 11 oz, Black/White

Publisher: 3EROS

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