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Cover: presents: 28 game-winning, sideline out-of-bounds plays presents: 28 Game-Winning, Sideline Out-of-Bounds Plays
with Austin McBeth,
University of Illinois-Springfield Head Assistant Coach;
Lead Trainer for Smart Basketball Training; former player at Iowa State University under Fred Hoiberg

Every coach should have a side out of bounds play that affords their team a 2- or 3-point option in a short clock situation. Coach Austin McBeth presents his sideline out-of-bounds plays that can give your team the opportunity to score and win in a late quarter, half, or game-ending situation. From lob passes to the basket to open 3-point shots, you'll learn a variety of ways to score the points you need at the buzzer.

Getting the Ball In

With just five seconds to get the ball in play, you need to take advantage of teams that are in all-out denial and pressuring the inbounder aggressively. Coach McBeth's plays in his on-court presentation will get the ball inbounded and avoid the five-second count violation.

Once the ball is in play, Coach McBeth gives a series of options that are available to get your best players the opportunity to score the ball. Each play is capable of taking advantage of all-out pressure and setting up a quick strike to score. You will see:

  • How to get your best player in isolation situations to score with under 5 seconds to play
  • How to use pick & rolls, backscreens, flare screens and stagger screens to get your best player a chance to make a game-winning play
  • How to score with 3, 5 or 10 seconds left on the clock

Late-Game Sideline Out-of-Bounds Sets

In the closing seconds of the shot clock or game clock, having the right sideline out-of-bounds play is a must. These plays, used in the final 3 to 6 seconds of the clock, give you the opportunity to get your best players open with the ball for the shot. Coach McBeth also shows several plays that can get a 3-point shot with little time left in the game or half. You will see:

  • How to use an elevator screen to get an open 3-point shot
  • How to get a 3-point shot off with limited time and so teams cannot foul you
  • How to get a 3-point shot attempt with or without screening action

Coach McBeth presents plays with multiple options that can give you a second or third option if your primary option is not available.

End-of-Game Sideline Out-of-Bounds Sets

For those situations where you need to get the ball in for an immediate shot, Coach McBeth provides several ways to score on the inbound pass. With seconds or less than 1 second remaining, these plays can give you and your team the chance to score important baskets at the end of the clock.

With this video demonstration of how to execute sideline out-of-bounds plays in crunch time, Coach McBeth gives you several options to get the ball in and score when it's needed most.

59 minutes. 2016.

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Cover: sports illustrated lacrosse: fundamentals for winning
Sports Illustrated Lacrosse: Fundamentals for Winning
Lacrosse, a game of speed, complexity, and nuance, is fast becoming one of the most popular sports nationwide. In this thoroughly updated edition of a Sports Illustrated bestseller 10-time national championship coach David Urick shows players and coaches the pathways to lacrosse success. With this book you can learn:

  • 10 fundamental stick skills every player should know
  • The rules of lacrosse: penalties, play, and positions
  • How you can dodge, shoot, feed, cut, pick, and screen like a champion
  • Individual defense: the art of the check and the hold
  • 15 team offensive formations and how to make them work for you
  • How your team can play quality defense
  • 18 skills and drills for becoming a better goalie
  • Extra-man defenses, man-down-defense, fast breaks, team practice, equipment, and more!
  • 233 PAGES. 2008.

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Cover: baseball playbook 010
Baseball Playbook 010
With Baseball playbook coaches and players will be able to sketch and describe baseball plays and drills. Sketching is done with an easy to use but power full drawing tool. Text can be formatted and changed in the text editor.
After making a drill it can be printed and distribute under the players and coaches.
The animation option will give you more information on the flow of a play and is also useful for presentations.
Import and export functions allow for exchange of plays and drills with other users of this program.
The export to HTML function allows you to import plays into a word processor.
Creation of play lists to prepare your practice.
Finally all plays and drills are stored in a database in categories you define.
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Cover: agora 2-sided soccer magnetic dry erase board, white, 12 x 18-inch
AGORA 2-Sided Soccer Magnetic Dry Erase Board, White, 12 x 18-Inch

Publisher: AGORA

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