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Cover: bob ligouri's indoor softball drills
Bob Ligouri's Indoor Softball Drills

with Bob Ligouri,
Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) Head Coach;
Iowa Girls Coaching Association (IGCA) Hall of Fame;
7x NJCAA World Series appearances (in 8 years); over 1,000 career wins;
8 Consecutive NJCAA Top Ten Nationally-ranked teams;
finished 100-10 in last two years (2018-2019);
has coached 15 All-Americans;
10 former players currently playing at the NCAA D1 level;
2x State Champions and 2x State Champion Runner-up as a High School coach (Dowling Catholic HS)

and John Wilkinson,
Des Moines Area Community College Hitting Coach;

Having a system for coaching hitters is important as it promotes consistency from year to year; players and coaches know how things are done and what to expect. Coaches Bob Ligouri and John Wilkinson pull back the curtain in this video and show you the DMACC hitting system that has allowed their program to become annual national title contenders.

Coach Ligouri begins by explaining what a typical hitting workout consists of and the expectations he has for each hitter. Next, Coach Wilkinson dives into a few of the critical fundamentals he emphasizes to increase power in the swing.

Tee Drills

Tee drills give the hitter a chance to focus more on mechanics since they don't have to worry about timing a moving pitch. Coach Wilkinson offers eight tee drills to improve mechanics and power. You will learn how to disengage the upper and lower body to hit for more power!

Movement Drills

Timing is one of the most difficult skills a hitter must master. Learn how to time the ball with seven drills that involve hitting a moving pitch. In one particular two plate drill, a batter alternates between two different home plates - one closer and one farther from a pitching machine. This drill forces the hitter to make timing adjustments in order to succeed.

4-Tool Lefty Drills

Take advantage of a hitter's speed from the left side by helping them maximize their potential as a slapper. You'll see how to confuse a defense by mastering hard and soft slaps. Additionally, your team will be able to use Coach Ligouri's tee drills to perfect hitting the ball to all parts of the field, regardless of pitch location.

The DMACC coaches offer 22 drills to develop power, timing, and lefty slapper effectiveness. Make your hitters more of a threat at the plate today!

49 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: coach your brains out: lessons on the art and science of coaching volleyball
Coach Your Brains Out: Lessons On The Art And Science Of Coaching Volleyball
By: John Mayer, Billy Allen
Publisher: Independently published
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Cover: baseball playbook 010
Baseball Playbook 010
With Baseball playbook coaches and players will be able to sketch and describe baseball plays and drills. Sketching is done with an easy to use but power full drawing tool. Text can be formatted and changed in the text editor.
After making a drill it can be printed and distribute under the players and coaches.
The animation option will give you more information on the flow of a play and is also useful for presentations.
Import and export functions allow for exchange of plays and drills with other users of this program.
The export to HTML function allows you to import plays into a word processor.
Creation of play lists to prepare your practice.
Finally all plays and drills are stored in a database in categories you define.
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Cover: tandem sport set rite
Tandem Sport Set Rite

Publisher: Tandem Sports

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