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Cover: best of club volleyball: attack training progressions
Best of Club Volleyball: Attack Training Progressions

with Silvia Johnson,
Metro Volleyball Club - Director (Washington, D.C., VA, MD),
2015 Girl's Junior 18 National Champions; all of Johnson's players have gone on to play volleyball in college and beyond.
Served as Assistant Coach at American University (where she played); also played for Long Beach State on the undefeated 1998 NCAA Championship team.

Having the ability to break down the art of hitting will help your players become better all-around hitters. You'll be able to teach hitting with this video's step-by-step guide, which works from the arm swing all the way down to footwork.

Silvia Johnson demonstrates how to break down and teach the three main concepts of hitting. She uses progressive drills to train the arm swing, footwork, and the ability to hit in system and out of system balls.

Teaching the Arm Swing

Learn how to use your warm-up time more effectively and put a greater emphasis on improving your arm swing. With the use of some tennis balls and a box, Johnson explains the teaching points involved in successful arm swing movements, from shoulder to wrist snap, and how to teach each segment of the arm swing. Players are prompted to focus on hips, loading, whipping and snapping to generate more power on their attack.


Through the use of self-tossing progression drills, you will learn how to train your players to use footwork to generate speed and power. Johnson talks about the importance of a slow to explosive three-step approach and how to get into a loaded position to become even more powerful.

In System and Out of System Balls

Johnson demonstrates how to transition from the net to becoming a hitter. She runs her players through two competitive drills to work on transition and hitting balls off of both good and poor passes. The 5 Kills Drill is an adaptable, yet challenging drill that forces players to meet a goal while driving them to maintain speed, power and accuracy. Balls have to be hit hard and kept away from certain spots on the court.

Coach Johnson explains everything you need to know about becoming a better attacker. This video will teach you to break down hitting and also how to institute fun and competitive drills in your practices!

52 minutes. 2017.

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