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Cover: basics of the go-go offense
Basics of the Go-Go Offense

with Brennan Marion,
College of William & Mary Offensive Coordinator & Quarterbacks Coach;
former Howard University Offensive Coordinator & Quarterbacks Coach;
Howard achieved the biggest upset in college football history in 2017 under Coach Marion when they defeated UNLV 43-40 in a game UNLV was 45.5 point favorites;
under Marion in 2018, Howard ranked 15th nationally in total offense, 16th in passing offense, 21st in scoring offense, and 4th in yards per completion;
invited to the 2019 NFL Quarterback Coaching Summit;
invited to the AFCA '35 Under 35' Leadership Institute;
in 2014, led Waynesboro Area HS (PA) to a division title and its first winning season in 22 years just one year after posting a winless record;
in 2013, led St. Patrick-St.Vincent Catholic HS to a playoff appearance following a 1-9 record the year prior to his arrival;
played two seasons at Tulsa and finished his career averaging 28.7 yards per reception (FBS record among players with at least 75 career receptions)

"Brennan Marion is the creator of the 'Go-Go Offense,' which he has run to success at every one of his coaching stops. In short, the Go-Go Offense is an uptempo one, specifically designed to run the ball downhill. It's about tempo and spacing, using multiple formations to get favorable match-ups to run the ball. Its main formation is aligning the QB in the shotgun with two backs on the same side of the QB. Contrary to popular belief, it's a big play offense predicated on chunk plays, which come from teams over-committing to stop the run." - Emory Hunt in The Athletic

The Go-Go offense has attracted the attention of football gurus around the country because of how Brennan Marion has used it to quickly turn around the programs he's coached during his budding career. In this video, Coach Marion teaches the fundamentals necessary to build the Go-Go offense as well as the coaching methods he has used in concert with the Go-Go in order to lead his teams to offensive success.

Go-Go Philosophy

Marion begins with an explanation of what the Go-Go offense is and how it has evolved through the years. He then goes into detail explaining the culture that he and his fellow coaches at William & Mary have worked to establish that helps each student-athlete develop not only as football players and athletes, but as a team. You'll get several excellent tips for team building, such as accountability partners, and hear Coach Marion give an overview of how a game week is designed to ensure players are ready to perform their best come game day.

Setting Up the Go-Go + Marion's Journey

Next, you'll observe the basic structure of the run and pass schemes that make up the Go-Go offense. Marion explains the advantages of the Go-Go and goes into detail about incorporating an option run scheme in the offense, which makes preparation very difficult for the opposing team. As an added bonus, Coach Marion gives pointers on transitioning from being a player to being a coach, as well as what it takes to be successful as a coordinator.

If you're interested in implementing the Go-Go offense, this video contains necessary program development insights and base concepts. Coach Marion shares excellent ideas on what it takes to build a championship offense!

48 minutes. 2020.

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