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Cover: wide receiver drills, tactics & techniques
Wide Receiver Drills, Tactics & Techniques

with DelVaughn Alexander,
University of Notre Dame Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers Coach;
former Arizona State passing game coordinator/wide receivers coach;
former University of Wisconsin Wide Receiver Coach - Part of two Big Ten championships & five bowl appearances, including back-to-back Rose Bowls in '10 and '11; In 2011, Wisconsin passed for 3,280 yards the highest total in school history

Are you frustrated because your receivers can't get off the press? Is the opposing team's defense holding your offense back? This video is the answer to helping your receivers break the press and get open.

Notre Dame's Del Alexander discusses how receivers can get off the press, then uses practice and game footage on how these techniques allow a receiver to get open. He does an excellent job describing the key fundamentals of releases against press corners and blocking fundamentals for wide receivers.

Release Progression

Alexander begins this presentation by detailing the teaching progression used at Notre Dame to teach the release against press coverage, which is one of the most difficult techniques for receivers to master. He thoroughly explains the finer points of the release and shows drills that teach and reinforce each skill. You'll learn:

  • The stance that Coach Alexander teaches his receivers to use against a press corner.
  • How to identify three different techniques used by press corners and the best way to attack the technique the defender prefers.
  • Release mechanics, including footwork and violent hands with four types of finishes.
  • A variety of drills that are used at Notre Dame to teach the four finishes.
  • How to "stack" the defender and how to close the distance, which is especially crucial for defenders playing off or a "catch" technique.
  • How Coach Alexander teaches his receives to use many of the same techniques to defeat a defender that squats near the red zone or first down marker.

Some receivers feel that all they have to do is run fast. Coach Alexander illustrates that feet are more than just speed. The feet of the receiver play as big of a role in getting open as the hands.


Receivers' blocks can be the difference between an eight yard gain or a blockbuster touchdown run. Coach Alexander presents key coaching points that he uses with his receivers. Additionally, he shows several drills used to teach various elements of blocking to the receivers at Notre Dame.

You'll see how to:

  • Teach the blocking fit that is crucial for receivers to master.
  • Teach hand placement using the one-man sled drill.
  • Block against press corners to help the receivers release from the line of scrimmage on pass plays.
  • Use seven different drills to teach receivers of all levels how to block.

This comprehensive video from Coach Alexander will give your receivers the tools they need to overcome press coverage and excel in many different game situations!

"This is without a doubt the best video I have seen addressing, teaching and utilizing great examples for wide receivers to be physical in releases and blocking. I will use all of these drills this upcoming season and am going to make all of my WR coaches watch this." - Customer Review

57 minutes. 2018.

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