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Cover: little things that win big games
Little Things That Win Big Games
by Larry Gabe
with Ed Nielsen

Little Things Win Big Games is a unique, one of a kind book. It is the only baseball book that discusses all of the baseball fundamentals by position and by skill set, including pictures (145) that illustrate the many points discussed. The book will be instructive to coaches at all levels, players (10+ years of age to major League Level) who are interested in improving their teams or individual performance. You will learn how to play baseball the "RIGHT WAY". Many of these fundamentals are no longer taught by today's volunteer coaches. This is impacting the level of knowledge of our players moving up to high school or as they enter college or professional levels.

PLAYING MENTALLY ALERT gives you the competitive edge. You will capitalize on your opponents mistakes and weakness, not making the mental errors for your team. The team that performs the fundamentals (the little things) best will win the game. You don't give extra outs to your opponent. Watch your opponents during warm up, note the strong arms, weak arms, quickness/slowness, note the opportunities for your team. However, to play mentally alert you must fully understand the game and rules of baseball. Little Things Win Big Games will prepare you to play 100% mentally alert.

Chapters cover:

  • Mental alertness and the competitive edge
  • Infield play
  • First baseman
  • Second baseman
  • Shortstop
  • Third baseman
  • Catcher
  • Pitcher
  • Rundowns and pick off plays
  • Outfield play
  • Hitting
  • The art of bunting
  • Base running
  • Stealing bases
  • Sliding
  • Strength and conditioning

186 pages. 2015

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Cover: baserunning
with Mike Roberts, former University of North Carolina Head Coach Head Coach
and Tim Bishop, former strength and conditioning coach for the Baltimore Orioles

Smart, aggressive baserunning will change a game, a series, and even a season. It sets the philosophy and mind-set of the coaches, trainers, and players. It becomes instinctual and contagious. It translates to pressure and, most important, wins.

Baserunning is the most complete and authoritative guide on this critical yet often-overlooked offensive skill. You'll go inside today's game to learn the techniques and strategies for ruling the basepaths. Discover the secrets to leading off, detecting pick-off attempts, improving first-step speed, avoiding tags, and determining the best counts and situations for success in stealing bases.

But the art of baserunning is more than just speed and swiping bags-it is effortlessly and efficiently rounding the bases, taking the extra base, tagging up, reading defensive positioning, scouting strengths and weakness, forcing errors, and ultimately scoring runs. Only Baserunning covers it all.

With major league advice, skill assessment, the best player and team drills, expert instruction, detailed photo sequences, and proven exercises and routines for speed, agility, and quickness, Baserunning is a must-have for every coach, player, and student of the game.

208 pages. 2014.

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Cover: high scoring baseball
High Scoring Baseball
Todd Guilliams, Valdosta State University Hitting Coach

What is the definition of a high-scoring offense? How do you measure a player's offensive productivity? How do you keep your team on track throughout the course of a long season?

High-Scoring Baseball is the definitive guide for establishing an aggressive, opportunistic, and disciplined offense. Inside you'll find detailed coverage of the four offensive team goals and the six ways to create offensive pressure that gives every team a chance to be high scorers.

Then go inside the numbers for an in-depth analysis of run production. Discover the most common predictors for achieving a big inning, the importance of getting the lead-off hitter on, and the importance of collecting free bases. You'll identify the most effective strategies based on specific game situations as well as the proper mental approach and physical adjustments to execute in those situations.

Offense is more than a player's batting average or a team's ability to hit the long ball. It's all about run production. It's a player's ability to achieve a high-quality at-bat and a team's ability to create a big inning. High-Scoring Baseball will change the way you see and play the game.

240 pages. 2013.

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Cover: winning secrets for coaching youth baseball
Winning Secrets for Coaching Youth Baseball
LEAGUE CHAMPIONS-That's what will be on your trophy after you read Winning SecretsWritten by Brian Gotta, Founder and President of CoachDeck.

In addition to seven years as a full-time professional coach for players ages 8-15, Brian has coached over 50 teams in Little League, travel ball and all-stars, winning championships at every level. The experience he's accumulated coaching thousands of youth baseball games is available to you in Winning Secrets. Just some of what you'll learn:

  • What to do at your season's first practices while other teams are throwing BP.
  • Things opposing coaches do that give you a huge advantage and how to not make the same mistakes.
  • Why practices are not just for players, but coaches too.
  • The reasons coaching on smaller fields is so different than "Big Boy Baseball."
  • How you can win games, even if you don't have the best team.
  • Chock-full of great drills that will improve your team rapidly and dramatically.
  • The most thorough, comprehensive and easy-reading book available to youth league coaches.
If you're coaching a youth recreation or travel-ball team and you want to win, Winning Secrets is a must-read. You'll learn offensive and defensive strategies that will leave opponents bewildered and base running techniques that will make your team the most feared in the league. You'll know how to lay the foundation at the very first practice that will have your players performing at the highest level all season...right into your league's championship game! Reading Winning Secrets is like getting Ph.D in coaching youth baseball!

280 pages. 2012.

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Cover: the physics of pitching
The Physics of Pitching
with Len Solesky, a professional scout for 18 years and a pitching consultant for nine years.
and James T. Cain, author of One-on-One Baseball, written with former Yankee coach Dom Scala.
and Rusty Meacham, former professional league baseball teams for almost 20 seasons, with his most successful stretch coming as a reliever with the Kansas City Royals from 1992-1995. Meacham's success has carried over to a career as a teacher and pitching coach, most recently with minor league clubs in the Washington Nationals system.

The Physics of Pitching is a well-rounded and comprehensive study that explores the formula for success in pitching and the secret to staying healthy and injury free. It brings together the expertise of a professional scout and pitching consultant, a former major league pitcher and current pitching coach, a sports orthopedic surgeon, and a strength and conditioning specialist. Step-by-step instruction is combined with a discussion of the fundamentals of pitching mechanics and kinetics, physiology and orthopedics, weight training, and the mental and strategic sides of baseball. Illustrated throughout with step-by-step photography and detailed illustrations of the key mechanics, The Physics of Pitching is accompanied by an instructional DVD.

Book (192 pages) and DVD combo. 2011.

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