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Cover: champcoach baseball membership
ChampCoach Baseball Membership

Featuring over 120 full-length baseball coaching videos from an amazing collection of Hall of Fame, Major League, NCAA College World Series-winning & High School Championship-winning coaches and former players such as: Frank Anderson, Jim Morris, Alex Rodriguez,Kevin Long, Marc Rardin, Dr. Dirk Baker, Andy Lopez, Ray Tanner, Gary Gilmore, Ron Jackson, Loren Hibbs and many, many more!

Every Topic Covered!

Whether you're looking for adjustments to skills and mechanics, looking for new insights to optimal training methods, looking for ways to fix errors in your pitchers and/or hitters, trying to get a deeper understanding of successful coaching methods and strategies, looking for new drills,or, seeking insightful, in-depth ideas for in-season/pre-season/indoor/off-season practice planning, ChampCoach Baseball contains all the valuable video instruction you need!

From the Unrivaled, Award-Winning Championship Productions Studios in Ames, Iowa!

If you are familiar with baseball coaching videos, then you are familiar with Championship Productions! Championship Productions' founder, Hall of Fame Track/Cross Country Coach Bill Bergan, invented the instructional sport video in the 1970s. Championship Productions has always been on the leading-edge, featuring the most successful coaches on film ever since! As we have transitioned from VHS to DVD to instant-stream videos, hundreds of thousands of baseball coaches all over the world have benefitted from in-depth demonstrations of mechanicsand technique, drills, practice planning ideas, and, from seeing how the best coaches in the world run their practices to enjoy consistent, hard-earned success.

Championship Productions has been long recognized as the world's leader in sport instructional videos and has been showered with numerous Telly Awards (the highest award in video programming) but most importantly, with praise and gratitude from coaches of baseball programs,at all levels of play, for all that we have allowed them to learn and subsequently, teach, to their teams for the past 40 years!

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Cover: drills & skills for hitting
Drills & Skills for Hitting

with Jeff Hourigan,
Associate Head Coach;
has helped 14 position players get taken in the MLB Draft;
mentored All-Americans Vinny Siena and LJ Mazzilli;
as a player was 2nd team All Big East and team MVP;
also played collegiately for Clemson in 2002 College World Series (finished 3rd)

Hitting a baseball is one of the most difficult skills in all of sports. Coach Jeff Hourigan tackles this topic and explains everything you need to know to coach players who can hit for contact and power. From mechanics and approach to tee, toss, machine and competitive drills, Coach Hourigan will show you how to prepare your hitters for success on game day.

Mechanics and Approach

Having an efficient swing, that will allow the hitter to hit a ball in any part of the strike zone, will give the hitter an advantage at the plate. You'll learn the mechanics, from basic grip to bat path and power position, that will set hitters up for success. Once mechanics are understood, you will learn to develop an approach that will help hitters regardless of the pitcher or game situation.

Tee Drills and Front Toss

Learn where to hit pitches in each part of the zone using a tee. In the drill Coach Hourigan calls 'Nine Strikes', players hit pitches of differing heights in differing locations. By having to make an adjustment from one pitch height and location to the next, hitters learn and reinforce the optimal contact point and depth for each pitch.

Work on plate discipline and seeing the ball in the strike zone with Hourigan's front toss drills. You will see how to simulate the angle of an incoming pitch from either a right-handed pitcher or left-handed pitcher using an angle front toss drill.

Machine and Competition Drills

Challenge hitters with game-like velocity and movement using a pitching machine. Coach Hourigan shows how to make batting practice engaging and competitive with several drills that challenge hitters by having them compete individually or in small groups.

Coach Hourigan shares the mechanics and approach every hitter needs to master, as well as 16 drills to build the swing. You will learn how to build your hitters' swings in practice and prepare them to dominate under the lights!

84 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: drills & skills for infield play
Drills & Skills for Infield Play

with Chris Podeszwa,
member of Coach Penders' staff since 2004;
his focus is on coaching hitting and infield;
has worked with MLB players George Springer, Nick Ahmed, John Andreaoli, and Mike Olt;
15+ year veteran of the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox (Cape Cod Baseball League) as an assistant coach (league champions in '04, '06 and '07) played (and coached) for the Skelleftea Bears Baseball Club in Skelleftea, Sweden (Swedish National Champions)

The saying "defense wins championships" seems as old as time itself, but it remains true to this day. In order to help your baseball team play better defense, longtime coach Chris Podeszwa explains the ready position and fundamentals needed to be successful as an infielder, as well as how to turn double plays with ease in this informative instructional video. Coach Pedeszwa also shows how to build those skills using simple drills to ingrain the correct movements for success.

Ready Position and Fielding Fundamentals

Give your fielders the best chance to get to every ball by showing them how to get into a good ready position that allows them to react as soon as the ball is put in play. Coach Podeszwa shows you the basic fielding position and footwork needed to give your players a strong fundamental foundation.

Picks and Grounder Drills

Build your infielder's skills by using drills that will help them develop and ingrain fundamental fielding movements. In one drill series, the Slow Roller Progression, Podeszwa shows infielders how to make the "athletic plays" on the run that typically make highlight reels. This drill progression includes dry runs, progresses to a ball already in the fielder's glove, and eventually has athletes execute a throw on the run on a rolled ground ball.

Double Plays

In this section, you'll learn how to receive the ball correctly around the bag while keeping your legs safe from the sliding baserunner with proper footwork. No matter where the ball is hit, your middle infielders will be prepared to make an efficient turn and get the lead out.

Coach Podeszwa offers detailed explanation of infield skills, and 26 drills in total, to develop your infielders. This video is certain to give you 'the base' you need to teach your team the fundamentals of solid infield play!

75 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: drills & skills for catcher play
Drills & Skills for Catcher Play

with Jim Penders,
2019 ABCA/Diamond Northeast Coach of the Year;
2016 American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year;
3x Big East Coach of the Year ('06, '10, '11);
6x NCAA Tournament appearances;
over 550 career wins;
has coached 14 All-Americans;
has had over 50 players drafted or signed by pro clubs

Catching is one of the most physically demanding positions in baseball. In this video, Coach Jim Penders will show you how to keep your catchers strong by teaching them a comfortable stance and how to receive the ball efficiently. He also offers throwing advice and drills, as well as blocking drills to help build a catcher's foundational skills.

Stances and Receiving

Get more called strikes for your pitcher by receiving the baseball smoothly in a good stance position. Knowing which stance to use in each game situation will help your catcher execute the task called for without making errors. Learn how to position yourself to better throw out potential baserunners, all while keeping your signs safe from the prying eyes of the opponent.

Footwork and Throwing

Gun out potential base stealers by shortening your exchange and executing efficient footwork. Coach Penders explains how to put your body in a good throwing position with correct footwork, as well as drills to execute that footwork and get the ball out quicker.

Blocking Series

Penders leads you through a blocking series that gradually increases in difficulty during the progression. In one angle toss blocking drill, Coach Penders has multiple tossers simulate the movement of different incoming pitches by having each tosser throw a ball to the catcher, who must block from different angles. The catcher must over-exaggerate getting around the ball to keep it in front.

Coach Penders offers tons of coaching tips and 17 drills in total to improve the skills of your catchers. You'll see how to develop a strong foundation for your catchers so that they can build and improve into elite players!

80 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: drills & skills for baserunning
Drills & Skills for Baserunning

with Jim Penders,
2019 ABCA/Diamond Northeast Coach of the Year;
2016 American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year;
3x Big East Coach of the Year ('06, '10, '11);
6x NCAA Tournament appearances;
over 550 career wins;
has coached 14 All-Americans;
has had over 50 players drafted or signed by pro clubs

Score more runs with Coach Jim Penders' aggressive baserunning system! Whether your team is fast or slow, an aggressive baserunning offense will put pressure on the defense to execute, which will often force defenders into making mistakes. Coach Penders shows you how to get your runners home to first more efficiently, and continue on to each base to show you how to get your athletes around to home.

Home to First

Although the phrase 'you can't steal first base' is still true, Penders shows how to run to first more efficiently to increase your chances of being safe and taking extra bases. You'll learn four ways to run to first base, depending on how and where the ball was hit. Coach Penders explains how maintaining an aggressive mentality while taking off out of the box will help your offense score more runs.

First to Second

Penders explains why most of your baserunning time in practice should be focused on going from first to second. You'll see how to take an aggressive lead without being picked off by understanding what to watch for, regardless of whether a right handed pitcher or left handed pitcher is on the mound. Coach Penders explains how to get good jumps on steals, hit and runs, and delayed steals.

Second to Third

At second base, the runner is already in scoring position, so it's important to know when it's an appropriate time to risk advancing to third. Some of this critical information (such as how many looks the pitcher gives and the pitcher's time to the plate) is shared using Coach Penders' elaborate communication system, which incorporates gestures, touches, and signals. Gain an edge by helping your baserunner take extra steps when stealing by giving appropriate verbal cues to help the runner know what the defense behind them is doing.

Third to Home

If you've ever wanted to steal home, Coach Penders will show you what to look for in order to make it happen. You'll learn how to put pressure on the defense and increase your chances of scoring with the contact play. Penders also explains how to squeeze in runs in a close game by employing a suicide or safety squeeze.

This video from Coach Penders will show you how to strategically apply pressure to the defense by employing a detailed baserunning system. Steal more bases and score more runs this season!

90 minutes. 2019.

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