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Cover: 2019 major league hitting clinic: modern strategies for hitter development
2019 Major League Hitting Clinic: Modern Strategies for Hitter Development


Russ Steinhorn,
St. Louis Cardinals Hitting Coordinator;
former Philadelphia Phillies Assistant Minor League Hitting Coordinator;
former University of Clemson Director of Player Development;
former coach in the Houston Astros organization (5 seasons)

Andy Haines,
Milwaukee Brewers Hitting Coach;
former Chicago Cubs Assistant Hitting Coach (2018) and Minor League Hitting Coordinator (2016-2017);
former coach in the Miami Marlins organization (8 seasons)

Kenny Graham,
Detroit Tigers Director of Player Development;
former Milwaukee Brewers Hitting Coordinator (3 seasons);
former coach in the Toronto Blue Jays organization (7 seasons)

Trevor Stocking,
Director of Product Marketing & Branding, Axe Bat;
at Axe Bat, Stocking helps the MLB's swing-fitting program that develops custom axe handles for players like Mookie Betts, George Springer, and Kris Bryant;
helped launch Zepp Baseball, which introduced swing metrics like "Attack Angle" and worked with elite pro players such as Mike Trout, Jose Altuve, and Josh Donaldson;
has worked as a private hitting instructor and taught over 10,000 clients

Step inside the doors of the 2019 Major League Hitting Clinic and get access to four presentations from high-level hitting instructors with this video full of helpful tips and guidance for baseball coaches! Coaches Russ Steinhorn (St. Louis Cardinals Hitting Coordinator), Andy Haines (Milwaukee Brewers Hitting Coach), Kenny Graham (Detriot Tigers Director of Player Development) and Trevor Stocking (Director of Product Marketing & Branding, Axe Bat) deliver informative sessions that center around how coaches can make an extraordinary impact on their players' hitting skills.

Russ Steinhorn - Pitch Recognition and In The Box Vision Plan

Coach Steinhorn not only looks at the visual pieces necessary to hit a baseball - he also delves into the vision a coach must have for his or her career. You'll see how to help your players learn to see the ball out of the hand, but still possess the ability to adjust their swing if the pitch isn't what they thought it was. Steinhorn also teaches why hitters first must understand their damage zone, and where it is located, to be able to leverage their skills. Get your hitters to do more damage at the plate by swinging at more pitches in their damage zone!

Andy Haines - Coaching Today's Millennial Hitter & Strategies for In-Game Success

As a hitting coach, connecting with millennial and generation Z athletes presents unique challenges since the world they've grown up in is more customizable than ever. Coach Haines explains some of the reasons why coaching millennial hitters is different from coaching generations of the past, and offers strategies to connect with those players. You'll learn why Haines believes coaches should prepare more than ever in order to make an impact more quickly with young players. In working with a generation that values individuality, you'll learn how to customize and individualize your coaching for each athlete.

Kenny Graham - No Limitations, Making Sense Out of Hitting Twitter

There's so much information about hitting being shared on social media, but like many parts of life, quantity does not equal quality! Coach Graham's session will teach you what to look for when navigating through information and arguments online, and how to separate the experts, who are moving the game forward, from the self-promoting gurus seeking personal gain. In the past decade especially, science and technology has moved the game of baseball forward more than one could have imagined. Graham puts that in perspective and explains that the foundation of the game hasn't changed, but how things are measured, evaluated and taught has evolved greatly. You will learn how to use that new data and incorporate it without becoming a slave to numbers.

Trevor Stocking - Overload/Underload Theory by Axe Bat

Overload and underload b

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Cover: creative drills for developing flawless infielders
Creative Drills for Developing Flawless Infielders

with Jack Dahm,
Mount Mercy University Head Coach;
former University of Iowa Head Coach;
former Creighton University Head Coach;
2x Missouri Valley Coach of the Year (1999, 2002);
back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances in 1999 & 2000;
over 640 career wins

In many places, baseball season begins during some of the coldest months of the year. Inches of snow, frigid cold and non-stop rainy days prevent even the most dedicated baseball players from getting onto the field.

This video featuring Jack Dahm will show you how to develop and prepare infielders indoors, efficiently utilizing limited space and resources to get them ready to perform outside.

Dailies + Indoor Drills

Save practice time and get your infielders into a daily routine by assigning them fundamental drills they will complete every day. Coach Dahm's ladder drills will help your infielders improve their foot speed and flexibility. Additionally, athletes will develop good hands by running through barehanded and small glove drills.

Dahm offers an assortment of indoor drills to help develop complete infielders. You'll see how to practice recovering from a bobbled ball to reduce panic and still get an out. Coach Dahm also shows how you can improve your fielders' range by working on drop steps and taking good angles to the ball.

Outdoor Drills

Next, Coach Dahm shows a throwing progression to help your infielders improve arm strength and accuracy if you're able to practice outside. You'll also see how to get more accomplished in the same amount of time by having the receiver of the throws accomplish tasks like double play footwork or relay mechanics. Dahm concludes by revealing a quick infield routine to work on any type of ball an infielder might encounter.

This video will show you many drills that your team can use indoors or outdoors to give infielders a complete workout. When the weather turns colder and your team is forced to practice indoors, Coach Dahm shows how to keep your infield defense hot!

68 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: indoor hitting drills to build a fundamentally sound swing
Indoor Hitting Drills to Build a Fundamentally Sound Swing

with Jack Dahm,
Mount Mercy University Head Coach;
former University of Iowa Head Coach;
former Creighton University Head Coach;
2x Missouri Valley Coach of the Year (1999, 2002);
back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances in 1999 & 2000;
over 640 career wins

A challenge many coaches face is spending much of their practice time indoors due to weather, while the game of baseball is played outdoors. In this video, Jack Dahm shows you how to make the most of your indoor batting practice!

Coach Dahm begins with basic hitting fundamentals and progresses into a challenging mixed batting practice with multiple machines that incorporate useful technology.

Daily Tee Progressions & Moving Ball Drills

Create a fundamentally sound swing by perfecting basic mechanics off the tee. With more pitchers throwing 4-seam fastballs up in the zone, it's important to learn how to handle velocity at the top of the zone with high tee drills. Dahm's tee drills will prepare your hitters for everything opposing pitchers can throw at you!

Next, you'll see how to make your drills progressively more difficult by incorporating a moving ball. Coach Dahm shows how you can add variation to your batting practice by throwing pitches from offset angles and using different kinds of bats to keep your hitters on their toes.

Batting Practice

Whether a live pitcher or a pitching machine is throwing the baseball, batting practice is a staple of preparing hitters for game day. You'll learn how to use a BP pitcher or multiple pitching machines to help your hitters prepare for different types of pitches. Additionally, you will see how Coach Dahm uses HitTrax technology to help his hitters see where their hits would be going on a simulated field as they hit in the batting cage.

This video from Coach Dahm will show you how to incorporate multiple drills into your indoor batting practice to prepare your team for when it's time to actually get on the field. No matter the weather, Coach Dahm's indoor cage drills will prepare your hitters to crush the ball outside.

67 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: teaching hitting drills with john mallee
Teaching Hitting Drills with John Mallee

with John Mallee,
Los Angeles Angels (MLB) Assistant Hitting Coach;
has spent 22 years as a professional baseball coach (Astros, Brewers, Cubs, Expos, Marlins, Blue Jays, Phillies);
was the hitting coach for the 2016 World Series Championship-winning Chicago Cubs

What is covered on this best-selling video originally produced in 2008:

  • 7 Progressive Steps
  • How to use the Tee
  • Early Stride and Separation
  • Forced Hand Movement Drill
  • Walk Through Drill
  • Check Swing Drill
  • lnside Tee Drill
  • Top Hand Pronation Drill
  • Protect the Hip Drill
  • High Tee
  • Fungo Drill
  • Long Tee Drill
  • Much More!

The video includes an English and Spanish version. Take your hitting to the next level today!

62 minutes. 2008.

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Cover: using technology to coach hitters in season & out of season
Using Technology to Coach Hitters In Season & Out of Season

with Jason Ochart,
Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) Minor League Hitting Coordinator;
Driveline Baseball Director of Hitting;
former Menlo College (CA) Hitting Coach

Step inside the doors of John Mallee's 'Major League Hitting Coaches Clinic' and listen to Jason Ochart's groundbreaking talk on using data and technology to coach hitters! Coaches everywhere have been flooded with information from new technology and now face a new dilemma: what to do with all the information, and how to use all the data to actually help their hitters improve.

Coach Ochart has emerged as an expert on incorporating technology and utilizing data with hitters and will offer practical solutions you can use to improve your team. He also explains how he coaches his hitters in various parts of the season, and how he creates buy-in among the players he works with.

Using Video & Cutting-Edge Technology

Video has become an effective technological tool for hitters, but only if the coach and player know what to look for and understand how to fix what they see. Ochart explains the keys he looks for in the stance, load/gather, forward move/stride, swing, and finish and also discusses how the hitter must move correctly to have success at the plate.

Technology like the K-Vest can offer coaches a ton of helpful information & data on things no human can see with the naked eye. Ochart explains how he uses the K-Vest to analyze the biomechanics of his hitters, and how their bodies work in sequence. He delves into what good K-Vest analysis looks like, and how to read the complicated graphs and metrics the K-vest technology provides.

Bat sensors (like Blast and Diamond Kinetics) are an additional piece of technology you can use to improve your hitters. Coach Ochart covers which metrics he utilizes and why he finds them to be key performance indicators. If you know what numbers to pay close attention to, and what those numbers mean, bat sensors can give very helpful information. Additionally, Ochart talks about cutting edge vision technology and what teams in the major leagues are learning from it.

Low Budget Solutions

Coach Ochart has solutions for all of your data-related problems, including how to keep your technology use budget-conscious. He talks about a free TRAQ program to help coaches and hitters organize data, and also offers several practical solutions to get many of the benefits of technology without the big price tag!

In Season vs. Out of Season Training + Q&A

The art of coaching is knowing when to do what, and that can vary with each individual hitter. In the off-season, Coach Ochart focuses on developing bat speed and strength, as well as trying new movements in the swing. During the season season, he emphasizes keeping hitters sharp and physically/mentally fresh by utilizing tools like the lightweight bat, plus working on mental skills and approaching different counts with a good mindset.

Finally, Ochart tackles the questions he's commonly asked about coaching hitters. He offers advice for new coaches in addition to many important nuggets of information that experienced coaches will find useful. You'll receive answers regarding mechanical cues, using data/technology, and relating better to your players.

This video featuring Coach Ochart shares insight on the key components of hitting while using data and technology. He also covers how to create 'buy in' among players while answering many of the most-asked questions that coaches come to him with. Take your hitters to the next level with this modern approach to hitting!

122 minutes. 2020.

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