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Cover: the dna of successful pitching
The DNA of Successful Pitching

with Byron Embry,
Founder and Lead Instructor of Pitching 101;
pitched 12 professional seasons in the Braves, Royals and Mariners organizations;
Coach Embry has helped develop over 6,000 pitchers worldwide, as well as working as consultant to dozens of high and collegiate programs.

Successful pitchers have to be deceptive in many ways. The great pitchers in baseball keep opponents guessing every step of the way. Finding ways to disguise your pitches and pick-off moves will keep batters struggling to get on base, and if they do, will eliminate their running game.

Using a progression of pitching practice drills, Byron Embry teaches how to throw four pitches to command and throw them in different situations. He also shows various pick-off moves to control base runners and rotation drills to gain more control and movement with breaking pitches.


Coach Embry offers a breakdown of major pitches that a high school pitcher would need and how to incorporate them in game situations. He teaches you grips and pitching techniques of the 4-seam fastball, 2-seam fastball, traditional curve ball, knuckle curve, traditional change-up, circle change and slider. Learn the features of each pitch, why they do what they do, and why they are so effective when they look the same. Understanding how a pitch works will help athletes throw it correctly.

Successful pitchers must find ways to disguise their pitches, leaving batters guessing what's coming next. The emphasis on a repeatable arm action is essential for any pitcher's success. Coach Embry's techniques are proven to create that necessary repeatability. He shows two different grips for the fastball, and two grips for the curve ball. In addition, Embry passes along tips on how to throw the change up and slider more effectively. Get more swings and misses by making your pitches look similar while getting them to break more!

Pitching Drills

Embry shares progression drills that help to build the pitcher from the ground up. His focus is on technique and incorporating a young pitcher's natural talents as a way to grow the pitching style. He offers a seated spin drill to help the pitcher initially isolate the arm action, allowing him to perfect his spin on the pitch. Gradually, the pitcher will back up and incorporate more of the body and throwing motion, while working to continue the perfected spin.

Embry also introduces the spread drill that helps the pitcher work on loose arm action while eliminating some of the leg movement.

Pick-off Moves

If you can shorten the lead that runners are able to take, your catchers will have a much better chance to throw out potential base stealers. Learn three different pick-off moves to make it more difficult for runners to steal while you're on the mound!

Embry shows you how to throw and disguise your pitches, using two drills to develop the correct spin and make your pitches break. Let one of the best pitching instructors in the game, Byron Embry, show you how to keep opponents guessing by being deceptive on the mound!

"My team's ace was struggling with understanding the concept of rotation for breaking balls. Using the rotation drills in this video, he quickly grasped the concept and has gone undefeated since then, developing a nasty breaking ball that no one can hit hard." - Customer Review

43 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: troubleshooting with the live arm
Troubleshooting with the Live Arm

with Byron Embry,
Founder and Lead Instructor of Pitching 101;
pitched 12 professional seasons in the Braves, Royals and Mariners organizations;
Coach Embry has helped develop over 6,000 pitchers worldwide, as well as working as consultant to dozens of high and collegiate programs.

In a highly specialized skill like pitching, it's easy for a pitcher to fall into common mistakes. Learn how to troubleshoot many common mistakes with Byron Embry. Using a progression of pitching practice drills, Embry teaches how to develop pitcher mechanics, pitch command, pitch location, strategy, and mental aptitude.

Overthrown Pitches

All pitchers want to throw the ball hard, so it's common for pitchers to fall into the trap of overthrowing their pitches. Coach Embry introduces six drills for pitchers to combat overthrowing the fastball, curve, or change up. In one drill, pitchers throw with a towel instead of a ball, helping them mimic the flexibility of the towel with the arm itself. Learn how to put pitchers who overthrow in a competitive setting with games to help them become more consistent.

Pitching Strategy

In order for a pitcher to be more than just a thrower, they must understand the strategy of pitching. Learn the difference between the strike zone and the hitting zone, and how to appear to change speeds by changing locations using the concept of effective velocity. Embry also explains how to make batters uncomfortable and expand the plate by pitching inside.

Pick-off Moves

Learn how to neutralize runners on base with a pick-off move that will make even the fastest runners think twice about taking a big lead. Embry introduces a way to disguise your pick move to get runners at first base to start their secondary lead, leaving them as sitting ducks! Also, learn an effective third to second move to bail you out of a jam when you have multiple runners on base.

Embry covers several of the common mistakes pitchers make and how to correct those problems with six drills. He also explains the strategy pitchers need to know for success, and pickoff moves to help shut down the opponent's running game. 'Up your game' and take down your opponents by learning how to troubleshoot common pitching mistakes!

60 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: pitching mentality: mind over batter
Pitching Mentality: Mind Over Batter

with Byron Embry,
Founder and Lead Instructor of Pitching 101;
pitched 12 professional seasons in the Braves, Royals and Mariners organizations;
Coach Embry has helped develop over 6,000 pitchers worldwide, as well as working as consultant to dozens of high and collegiate programs.

Pitchers are too often in search of the mechanical flaw that's holding them back or the "magic" drill that gets them over the top. Byron Embry explains that many times, it's simply the mental side of pitching where pitchers are lacking. Understanding the count, how to manipulate the strike zone, and using location to appear to change speeds will help the pitcher conquer opposing batters.Using a progression of pitching and psychological exercises, Coach Embry teaches you how to develop mental toughness while providing pitchers with the tools necessary for success. He teaches how to make pitchers intellectual weapons, strategizing on how to invite soft contact over setting strikeout records. He focuses on teaching players methods on dealing with pressure, implementing work ethic, actualizing preparation, and above all, doing everything necessary to win.

Count Awareness

Coach Embry helps you look at the count like you never have before! Taking a mathematical perspective, he explains how pitchers are actually ahead in the count on a 0-0 first pitch! Learn the difference between the 'psych zone' and the strike zone, and gain an understanding of what exactly the pitcher is able to control.


Coach Embry's specialty is breaking pitching down into simple tasks that a pitcher can execute successfully. A pitcher's ultimate goal is to throw pitches in an area in which the batter can only hit the ball softly. Learn how to throw pitches to the hitting zone to induce soft contact and become a more confident pitcher with a newfound understanding of what it takes to get batters out!

Effective Velocity

Successful pitchers must change speeds to throw off the batter's timing. Embry shows how any pitcher can appear to change speeds by simply throwing to different parts of the strike zone utilizing effective velocity. Learn how to throw to different parts of the zone and better mix your pitchers to keep batters guessing!

There's way more to pitching than just throwing. Understanding the mentality and strategy needed to be successful will help any pitcher keep batters at bay!

39 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: open practice: pitching drills & arm recovery exercises
Open Practice: Pitching Drills & Arm Recovery Exercises

with Patrick Hallmark,
University of Missouri Pitching Coach;
former Rice University Pitching Coach

Developing an elite baseball pitcher is about more than just pitching mechanics. The greats not only have the mechanics to be successful, but they understand how to use their pitches, can field their position, and take care of their arms so they stay healthy. Patrick Hallmark will show you how to develop pitchers who can do it all.

Take a look inside University of Missouri's baseball program and how they develop, maintain, and enhance their pitching staff. Using a series of drills, Coach Hallmark explains his pitching system compromised of concepts important for any baseball team.

Drills to Develop Pitching Mechanics

Learn how to safely improve velocity and strengthen the throwing arm. Coach Hallmark introduces three drills to help improve pitching mechanics, while training the body to throw harder. His throwing program focuses on long toss and throwing different pitches from 90 feet to increase arm strength, gain velocity and improve control of each pitch.

Pitcher's Fielding Practice

Batters are constantly trying to hit the ball up the middle to the biggest hole in the defense. Hallmark demonstrates a series of station drills where several groups can efficiently work on pitcher defense. Each station focuses on a different scenario crucial to any team defense. Players focus on defending bunts, come-backers, right-side hits, and double plays.

Develop a Purposeful Bullpen Session

Watch the master at work as Hallmark has his pitchers throw a bullpen session working on fastballs, breaking balls, and the change-up in different zones. Throughout the session, you're able to hear many of his coaching cues and instruction to his pitchers. Help teach your pitchers how to think on the mound as Hallmark chimes in with sage advice about how the pitchers can use their pitches to set up batters.

Arm Recovery Exercises

Pitching in baseball is a violent motion that is hard on the arm and shoulder joint, making arm care one of the most critical parts of pitching. Pitchers and pitching coaches alike are constantly trying to find new and better ways to keep the arm healthy. Coach Hallmark introduces you to five recovery exercises using mini-trampolines, weighted balls, surgical tubing, kettle bells, and a vibration bar that will help develop arm stability and endurance.

The training methods within this program will get your pitchers throwing harder with good mechanics, all while staying healthy.

65 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: open practice: defensive drills & situations
Open Practice: Defensive Drills & Situations

with Steve Bieser,
University of Missouri Head Coach;
former Southeast Missouri State Head Coach, 2x Ohio Valley Conference Coach of the Year; led Southeast Missouri to 3 straight Ohio Valley Conference Championships

Steve Bieser takes you inside the methods he employs with his Missouri Tigers to run an efficient baseball practice. Learn how to accomplish more in less time as Bieser explains how he runs a practice that includes base-running, throwing, and defensive and offensive execution.

Coach Bieser provides a classroom description for every drill covered and then moves to the field to show the team executing the drill or segment in a practice setting. Each area is organized to create game-like situations at faster than game speed rates. Additionally, the areas will increase the number of repetitions players go through, meaning your team's practice time is used more efficiently. This results in incorporating conditioning during the act of play as opposed to a separate phase that may not combine conditioning with performing baseball moves.

The main focus of this practice is on defense. Coach Bieser demonstrates six drills to use throughout the year to address defensive execution. Drills cover first and third defense, a bunt defense system, double play team circuit, team rundown drills, and a pop-up communication priority system.

Other areas covered in practice include:

  • Baserunning Cycle - Combines conditioning with game-like situations and works on base-running mechanics at every base. Also utilizes base coaches to help direct the runners and every player gets a read from a different base throughout the drill.
  • Daily Throwing Program - Details Coach Bieser's approach to long toss and how it is implemented in a position-specific way.
  • Bunt System and Situational Hitting - Teach good execution on the base paths by incorporating situational bunting and hitting into your practice plan.

Coach Bieser's practice organization will give you and your team an efficient, game-like practice plan that increases the number of repetitions for all of your players.

132 minutes. 2017.

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