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Cover: the best of championship productions: 30 baseball drills for catchers
The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Baseball Drills for Catchers


  • Brandon Buck - former Mountain Pointe High School (AZ) Head Coach
  • Jack Dahm - Mount Mercy University Head Coach
  • Jan Weisberg - Birmingham-Southern College Head Coach
  • Joe Mercadante - Stetson University Assistant Coach
  • Kyle Cheesebrough - Mississippi State University Volunteer Assistant Coach
  • Mark Calvi - University of South Alabama Head Coach
  • Mark Viramontes - University of San Diego Softball Assistant Coach
  • Matt Walbeck - former MLB Catcher (Cubs, Twins, Tigers, Angels, Phillies, Tigers)
  • Mike Woods - Hamilton High School (AZ) Head Coach
  • Norberto Lopez - University of Miami Assistant Coach
  • Ryan Shotzberger - University of Houston Assistant Coach
  • Scott Stricklin - University of Georgia Head Coach
  • Steve Johnigan - Baylor University Director of Athletic Facilities & Operations

This video from Championship Productions features 13 of the top coaches in baseball and includes 30 different drills that will help you produce dominant catchers! You'll learn the skills and drills necessary for a well-rounded catcher, including exercises that touch on stance and hand position, blocking, receiving, the transfer, throwing, plays at the plate, bunts and more.


Learn how to set up properly to be in the best position to receive or block an incoming pitch. Squatting for the majority of a baseball game can leave a catcher tired and sore; a proper stance can help improve a catcher's longevity and keep them healthy and ready to play.


The best catchers in baseball give their pitchers confidence to work low in the zone by blocking everything in the dirt. You will see how to block balls that fall short directly in front of the catcher, as well as outside the plate.

In one particular drill, University of Miami assistant coach Norberto Lopez shows how to develop more hip velocity in blocking by using resistance bands. More velocity means better quickness and ability to stop more balls in the dirt.


During an average game, the skill that catchers must execute most often is receiving a pitch. Because of this, receiving is arguably the most important thing a catcher must do. This section will help you turn your catcher into a good receiver, leading to more strike calls from the umpire.


Having a good throwing arm is a bonus for a catcher. The skill all catchers must master is a quick transfer and release to be able to get rid of the ball quickly. A good transfer can help a catcher with an average or sub-par arm compensate for their weaknesses. You will see how to control an opponent's running game with a faster release and stronger throw.

This all-encompassing video gives you the chance to learn from the best instructors in baseball. It includes everything you'll need to prepare your catchers to be the leader of your defense.

75 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: pitching philosophy & drills for success on the mound
Pitching Philosophy & Drills for Success on the Mound

with Dave Therneau,
Stetson University Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach;
helped Stetson break the school record for strikeouts in a season in three consecutive seasons ('16-'18);
drafted in the 9th round of the 1998 MLB Draft by the Cincinnati Reds;
went undefeated on the mound for Texas Tech University in 1997

The Stetson University baseball team has been a program on the rise, breaking the school record for 'strikeouts in a season' in three consecutive campaigns (2016-2018). A large part of the team's success has been due to pitching coach Dave Therneau, who was a quality pitcher himself in college, having gone undefeated on the mound at Texas Tech University in 1997.

This video from Coach Therneau gives you many of the drills and skills that he uses to build better pitchers. You'll learn his "Rule of 60" for goal setting, numerous drills to turn pitchers into better defenders, as well as arm care techniques to keep athletes healthy throughout the season.

The "Rule of 60"

Coach Therneau breaks down the common goals of being efficient and working from ahead in the count. He gives you the pitching philosophy that has guided Stetson to new heights on the mound and also provides a look inside the numbers that will help pitchers force batters to adjust to them instead of the opposite.

Creating Better Defenders

Therneau's Pitchers Fielding Practice (PFP) circuit forces pitchers into every defensive situation they need to be prepared to tackle. Plenty of technique is shared to help you turn your pitchers into excellent defenders. You'll also see the common mistakes that pitchers make defensively and how to avoid them during games.

Arm Care

You'll get everything you need to implement a successful long toss program. Coach Therneau explains the value of incorporating regular flat ground work into your pitching regimen. Additionally, he addresses the issue of throwing volume so that you will know what to do to increase the strength of your pitchers without over-working them, which can lead to injury.

Pitching is an essential part of any baseball team's success. Pitchers have to have a plan, keep their arm healthy and defend their position. This video from Coach Therneau gives you all of that and more!

57 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: bullpen training for peak pitching performance
Bullpen Training for Peak Pitching Performance

with Steve Smith,
Auburn University Assistant Baseball Coach;
coached Casey Mize, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2018 MLB Draft;
former Baylor University Head Coach; inducted into the Baylor Athletics Hall of Fame (2006);
5x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2012 Midwest Region Coach of the Year;
President of the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) in 2008;
over 740 career wins; USA Baseball National Team Head Coach (2005), USA Baseball Pitching Coach (1998)

Every baseball team uses the bullpen to train pitchers and prepare them for game day. However, are you using the drills and routines that are best for your players?

Auburn's Steve Smith shares insightful drills and tips on how he manages his bullpen sessions in this comprehensive video. You'll learn how to better prepare your pitchers' arms leading up to game day, how to improve command and throw more strikes, and get various drills that ensure your pitchers always strive to get better.

Preparing for Practices and Games

Coach Smith gives you techniques to keep the arm healthy and prepare it before going into the bullpen or on the mound. He helps you understand some of the best approaches for helping pitchers use their full body and reduce stress on the arm. Additionally, you'll see how minor adjustments in distance and height of the mound can help pitchers develop better feel that will allow them to "self-coach" during games.

Command of the Baseball

In order to better control pitches, Smith shows you how to get pitchers to "feel" their release point and become more consistent. You'll get various techniques to help players command all of their pitches while working off of the low, glove-side fastball. Coach Smith details exactly how to help your pitchers develop a strategy for continuous improvement.

Drill Work

20 different drills are featured that address common flaws that can prevent pitchers from performing at their best. You will learn one drill that Coach Smith uses with his own players every practice because it's so effective for helping to finish pitches. You'll also be provided the opportunity to listen as Smith creates dialogue with his pitchers, which creates a real understanding of what they're doing and what is working best.

Quality bullpen work is essential if you hope to trot out a complete pitching staff. This video from Coach Smith includes everything you'd ever need to run effective bullpen sessions!

69 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: pitching drills for strength & balance
Pitching Drills for Strength & Balance

with Steve Smith,
Auburn University Assistant Baseball Coach;
coached Casey Mize, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2018 MLB Draft;
former Baylor University Head Coach; inducted into the Baylor Athletics Hall of Fame (2006);
5x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2012 Midwest Region Coach of the Year;
President of the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) in 2008;
over 740 career wins; USA Baseball National Team Head Coach (2005), USA Baseball Pitching Coach (1998)

Pitching is arguably the most important element of a baseball game. A team with strong pitching often dominates, or at the very least puts little pressure on their own team's offense, because they only have to score a few runs to win a game.

Auburn's Steve Smith unloads many of the drills he uses to develop quality pitchers in this instructional video. You'll see how to use a core velocity belt to develop stability, get bullpen drills to further develop your pitchers, and view movement and strength drills that help pitchers become more athletic.

Core Velocity Belt and Stability Drills

Balance and stability are important to all positions in baseball, but they are crucial to becoming a top notch pitcher. Learn four drills using a core velocity belt to help develop and improve balance and stability. Coach Smith also offers six other drills that will help pitchers learn to convert stability into power.

Bullpen Drills

Smith serves up a variety of bullpen drills that will help you find cues that work for each of your pitchers. Additionally, you'll get exercises to help pitcher defend their position better and improve their mental game.

You will see Coach Smith's `Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light Routine Drill' in which pitchers practice their reactions and routines in various stressful situations. As having command of one's 'mental game' is so critical in pitching, these are some things your pitchers can look at doing every day of practice.

Movement and Strength Drills

Helping pitchers move better will help them pitch better. You will learn a seven-cone zig zag drill for mobility and body control. Next, step inside the weight room and see one of Smith's pitchers go through a full body workout. Strength training is important to not only help pitchers become more powerful, but also help them stay healthy as their bodies become stronger.

Smith shares a total of 27 drills that he uses to develop his pitchers. Better athletes = better pitchers, and this video will show you how to develop great athletes on the mound!

59 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: complete defensive training for pitchers
Complete Defensive Training for Pitchers

with Steve Smith,
Auburn University Assistant Baseball Coach;
coached Casey Mize, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2018 MLB Draft;
former Baylor University Head Coach; inducted into the Baylor Athletics Hall of Fame (2006);
5x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2012 Midwest Region Coach of the Year;
President of the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) in 2008;
over 740 career wins; USA Baseball National Team Head Coach (2005), USA Baseball Pitching Coach (1998)

Coaches often get so caught up in teaching pitchers to pitch better that they forget to adequately train their hurlers to field and throw out baserunners. This video from Auburn's Steve Smith will ensure you don't make that mistake. Coach Smith will give you everything you need to teach pitchers to field from the mound, how to hold runners and keep the opposing team's running game from hurting your team, and, how to spark competition between your pitchers to help them get better.

Pitcher Fielding

Begin by learning drills that teach pitchers to defend the bunt and keep runs off the board. Smith shows how to develop a system to help players understand the proper approach to getting lead runners out. He also explains how to use reaction drills to improve the athleticism of your pitchers.

Holding Runners

Coach Smith has multiple techniques that he teaches his athletes that can be used to control a runner at first and keep opposing players from easily getting into scoring position. You'll learn multiple pick moves, including:

  • Comfort pick
  • "Leather" pick
  • Hold pitch or hold pick

Additionally, you'll see some of the nuances to holding a runner at second base, including how to utilize the jump pick and inside move.

Creating Competition

Smith shows you how to run timed competitions that force players to find ways to become their best. By implementing competition regularly at practice, you'll help your pitchers get better once they are inserted into high-pressure game situations. You'll see exactly how to develop mental toughness in athletes to ensure they are ready to combat every past-paced reaction scenario without skipping a beat.

Coach Smith has a proven track record of success as a pitching coach and as a head coach. Watch him interact with pitchers and develop the necessary skills for high level athletes in this full-length instructional video. His straightforward and fair approach to teaching and coaching is on full display - don't miss a chance to learn from one of the best!

50 minutes. 2019.

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