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Cover: creating a dominant 2-3 zone defense
Creating a Dominant 2-3 Zone Defense

with Alan Marshall,
Former Cascade (IA) High School Head Coach;
2016 Iowa Class 2A State Runner-up;
3rd on the Iowa all-time wins list (738 victories),
3x State of Iowa Coach of the Year;
led the entire state in defensive scoring average in 7 of the last 11 years (2006-16)

Al Marshall's knowledge, understanding, and time spent using and coaching the 2-3 zone may be unmatched.

Regularly outgunned by league opponents, Marshall started to experiment with a 2-3 zone defense when he knew man-to-man defense wouldn't work against more athletic players. His teams fully converted to the zone full time when he experienced the benefits of zone defense.

Using both whiteboard lectures and on-court demonstration, Marshall introduces the fundamental movements of the defense as well as many intricacies and drills that must be known to make this defense consistently dominant. While you've seen the 2-3 defense through the years, Coach Marshall makes it relevant again with the information in this video.

2-3 Zone Slides

Using a whole-part-whole teaching method, Coach Marshall presents the "slides" of the defense. These are the movements, positions, and responsibilities of the players within the 2-3 zone. For each of the slides, Marshall breaks down where and why the players do what he asks them to do, providing critical teaching points for helping them be successful in their role. He also talks about the areas that the defense aims to take away.

A few of the slides he covers or situations that are addressed are:

  • Slides on a skip pass
  • When the ball drops into the post
  • Weak side flashes
  • Passes into the short corner
  • Double team options
  • Forcing baseline
  • and more!

Marshall also includes topics such as how to cover an offense trying to spread you out with a 4-out alignment, and, how to rebound when the shot is taken from different locations on the floor so you're not conceding any second chance points to your opponent. You'll see how you can adapt your 2-3 zone for out of bounds situations based on the alignment the offense uses in their plays.

Breakdown Drills for the 2-3 Zone Defense

Coach Marshall helps you implement the 2-3 with more than 10 practice drills that will develop the technique and instincts needed by your team to be effective defenders in the zone.

The Eight vs. Five Drill encompasses many necessary concepts from the 2-3 zone defense. In this drill, the offense has eight players positioned around the court. Each player stays in their area as the ball moves from player to player. The players are encouraged to score from their spots if the defense doesn't get there. The defensive players must move while the ball is in the air in order to defend all the necessary spots. This drill does a great job of getting the players to find the right spots over and over. If their slides are done correctly, the offense shouldn't be able to get a shot off.

Other drills include:

  • Mass Fundamentals Drill - Works on stance and movement, plus builds strength in the muscles that are necessary to play defense for the entire game.
  • The Deflection Drill - Teaches players to disrupt passes and fly around the court for interceptions.
  • The Guard Overload Drill - Helps your top defenders to begin anticipating the next pass to take away opportunities for shooters waiting on the ball.
  • The High Post to Short Corner Drill - Trains your center and forwards to react with the proper slides when the ball gets into critical areas.

If you want a way to neutralize the threat of dribble penetration and limit your fouls while forcing opponents into jump shots, then this video from Coach Marshall is for you!

112 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: building a better shooter
Building a Better Shooter

with Danielle Viglione,
Sacramento Skills Academy;
10 years in the WNBA (Sacramento Monarchs) and overseas;
played for the University of Texas; holds the Texas all-time record for 3-pointers made in a career; her career scoring average ranks fifth all-time in school history

In today's game, shooting the basketball is one of the most important skills a player can develop. Using a progression of shooting drills, Danielle Viglione teaches the nuances to becoming a knock-down shooter.

Coach Viglione provides over 20 shooting drills that she has used from her experience around the globe with basketball, and teaches her personal favorites, including 'drift shooting' and shooting off the curl. You'll get exercises that work on:

  • One Hand Shooting - Develop the fundamentals of a good shooting form and mechanics with these drills. These drills are meant to develop proper shooting form and help build the shooter from the ground up. Being on balance, proper elbow alignment, and footwork are all the basic building blocks that need to be routinely drilled and mastered.
  • Catch and Shoot - Learn to develop rhythm in your shooters with various catching angles, footwork, and balance techniques. Viglione covers strategies to improve all aspects of shooting, focusing on improving range and accuracy. She progressively adds defense to take the drills from form to mastery at game speed.
  • Shooting on the Move - Learn how to get open by setting up your opponent to create space to get your shot off. You'll see how to cut off screens and read the defense to get an open shot in rhythm.
Proper footwork and shot mechanics can be mastered using these drills that will help your players shoot better when creating their own shot, or coming off screens.

From fundamentals, to catch and shoot, to shooting on the move or off cuts, Coach Viglione's insightful break down of mastering the art of shooting is a great addition to your arsenal of shooting resources!

81 minutes. 2017

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Cover: variations and adjustments out of the 2-3 zone
Variations and Adjustments Out of the 2-3 Zone

with Alan Marshall,
Former Cascade (IA) High School Head Coach;
2016 Iowa Class 2A State Runner-up;
3rd on the Iowa all-time wins list (738 victories),
3x State of Iowa Coach of the Year;
led the entire state in defensive scoring average in 7 of the last 11 years (2006-16)

In over four decades of coaching, Al Marshall has seen everything that you can possibly run against the 2-3 zone defense. In this video, he shares his encyclopedic knowledge to help you prepare for the most common offensive attacks. Additionally, you will learn adjustments you can make in your zone to extend your defense to full court pressure, force turnovers with half court traps, or confuse your opponent by locking down specific players.

Defend Common Situations against a 2-3 Zone

Over the course of the season you are going to see a variety of different strategies used against your zone. Your players need you to be prepared for these different attacks. Through whiteboard lectures and on-court demonstration, Coach Marshall discusses how to defend high post flashes, point guard penetration, skip passes to shooters behind screens, lob plays, ball screens, and more.

For every strategy demonstrated, you will learn how to adjust your defense to counter how your opponent is trying to score.

Full Court Pressure

You'll see a package of full court defenses that can help you take time off the shot clock or increase the pressure to force turnovers. Marshall demonstrates how you can vary the pressure and confuse your opponents with a 2-2-1 press, full court man-to-man, and a 1-3-1 press.

In addition, see how you can add in double teams to your 2-3 zone defense through three different trapping situations. These are a great way to catch your opponent by surprise after a timeout or dead ball.

Shut Down the Opponent's Star Player

Coach Marshall shows how to adjust for teams with a star player. You can create confusion and neutralize these talented players with a chaser. You'll see how you can use this defense to take away great shooters, post players, and more. Learn how you can shift the zone from a diamond to box alignment to keep the opponent guessing throughout the game. This is a perfect adjustment toward the end of the season when you're playing a team for the second time or heading into postseason play.

This video covers a wide range of special situations your team will encounter. Whether you're strictly a 2-3 defensive team or utilize this defense to prevent late-game perimeter shots, Coach Marshall will help you fine-tune your craft to excel in any situation!

102 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: finishing at the rim
Finishing at the Rim

with Danielle Viglione,
Sacramento Skills Academy;
10 years in the WNBA (Sacramento Monarchs) and overseas;
played for the University of Texas; holds the Texas all-time record for 3-pointers made in a career; her career scoring average ranks fifth all-time in school history

As statistics show, the most successful teams get to the paint! In this video, you will learn valuable techniques and drills that will improve your players' ability to both get into the lane and finish at the rim.

Using a series of drills, Danielle Viglione demonstrates how to increase your team's effectiveness at the rim. By working up from basic finishes all the way to combining finishes in a team drill, Coach Viglione gives a multitude of options for teaching players how to score at the rim. She provides detailed coaching points and thorough examples to show how to increase your players' finishing ability.

Basic Finishes

Using two balls to force players to have balance and concentration, Coach Viglione discusses basic finishing moves around the basket, focusing on keeping the ball high and finishing high. From Mikan moves to reverse layups, players practice finishing around the basket with both hands. Viglione also utilizes chairs to work on different angles, addressing the issue that many young players have of not taking long steps to the basket while simultaneously focusing on proper footwork.

Two-Foot Finishes

Progressing from jumping off one foot, Viglione moves on to jumping and finishing off two feet practicing from various angles. Using the phrase "one step, one dribble" helps players understand no wasted steps while gathering yourself when attacking the rim. Viglione shares insights into how to react to the defense, counter moves and protecting the basketball.

Two foot finishes are important to teach because they help players play under control, more balance and power around contact, and allow for counter pivots and moves.

Jump Hook Finishes

The next phase of the video discusses the jump hook. Viglione teaches how to protect the ball and finish high over the defense, and, the two different ways of gathering yourself when attempting the move.

Position Finishes

Putting all the finishes together in a team setting, players practice their moves while rotating from all the positions along the perimeter. A valuable drill displayed in this segment works on finishing against a defender, beating them with their foot and shoulder, and separating from the defense. This also progresses to reading the next defender in the paint and the options for the offensive player.

Turning Into Your Power Finish

This portion of drills teaches players how to turn into the shot (square up) and finish strong after a rebound while protecting the ball. These drills are done individually and with a defender, working on scoring against contact and using counter moves.

Team Finishing Drills

Coach Viglione wraps it up with competitive team finishing drills, allowing players to work on all the moves they've practiced.

The progression of drills displayed in this video will give your players multiple options of finishing at the rim and the ability to react to the defense to choose the right move at the right time!

67 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: ball handling with a purpose
Ball Handling with a Purpose

with Danielle Viglione,
Sacramento Skills Academy;
10 years in the WNBA (Sacramento Monarchs) and overseas;
played for the University of Texas; holds the Texas all-time record for 3-pointers made in a career; her career scoring average ranks fifth all-time in school history

This video will give you drills to improve your team's dribbling, attacking, and ball control skills to cut down turnovers and increase your team's ability to score!

If your squad struggles to maintain possession of the ball, individually or collectively, these simple drills will help you improve your team's fundamental ball control skills. Former WNBA player Danielle Viglione brings her world-wide experience to some of her favorite ball handling drills to build the skills necessary to become a more confident and skilled ball handler.

Viglione teaches players to become solid dribblers using fundamental drills that create a flawless technique for each ball handler. Her drills incorporate a progressive defense that makes the players practice at game speed and compete with one another.

Stationary & Movement Drills

Viglione starts with a handful of stationary single ball drills and progresses to using multiple balls while incorporating movement. These drills are a great way to warm up for skill work, practices, or games.

Building on the warm up drills, Coach Viglione adds challenging partner-resistance drills for fun and purposeful skill work. The resistance drills reinforce good dribbling technique and a strong, wide base so that the dribbler will be able to be strong in his/her drives to the basket while making and maintaining contact with the defender.

Change of Speed/Direction

Players advance through several change of speed drills to get the defense off balance, which helps to improve attacking the basket in transition and finishing. Viglione also shows change of direction moves to improve skills such as the crossover, behind the back, or between the legs, and, shares how to create space off the dribble using the inside and outside foot.

All of the skills worked on are then 'put to the test' through a competitive 1v1 drill.

These drills are efficient in both time and space, building on each other, and can easily be incorporated into off-season skill development or in-season practices. Let Coach Viglione help take your players' ball handling to the next level!

63 minutes. 2017.

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