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Cover: eric musselman's favorite practice drills from the pros
Eric Musselman's Favorite Practice Drills from the Pros

with Eric Musselman,
University of Arkansas Head Men's Basketball Coach;
former University of Nevada Head Coach;
2018 Sweet Sixteen; 2018 MWC Coach of the Year;
2017 MWC Tournament Champions;
2016 CBI Championship;
3x MWC Regular Season Champions;
former Head Coach for the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings;
2012 NBA D-League Coach of the Year

Coach Eric Musselman is known for his intensity, basketball IQ, and ability to improve players and teams. He was successful turning the University of Nevada into a high powered, 3-point shooting program, leading them to the Sweet Sixteen in 2018. Now at the University of Arkansas, Musselman will looks to instill the same culture and turn the Razorbacks into another success story. This video looks at some of the drills that Coach Musselman uses to develop his teams into hard-nosed defensive units and efficient shooters and ball handlers.

Musselman begins by discussing his practice drill philosophy and challenges coaches to be creative and keep players on their toes. He also emphasizes the importance of constantly learning as a coach so that you can keep your practices and shootarounds different to maintain player focus and always find new ways of delivering your core messages and philosophy.

Warm-Up Drills

Coach Musselman takes players through a series of ball handling moves in the full court as they criss-cross down the floor, four players each with a ball at once. Next, the warm-up progresses to include two balls, as each player alternates using a bounce pass or a chest pass as they slide down the court.

The Spurs' "One More Pass" drill is a great exercise to emphasize making the extra pass to get the defense into multiple rotations. Musselman adds variety to the drill by incorporating a post player, who gets involved with the extra passing. Every player rotates into each spot, and every player gets a shot in this drill. You'll see the different skills that can be worked on with the One Pass drill, like dribble penetration, post traps with kick-outs, and more.

Defensive Drills

Defensive drills are not only meant to work on defensive fundamentals, but to bring intensity to practice too. Drills that work on closeouts and pick & roll defense will bring a high amount of energy to your team.

The Czar Closeout drill will get your players talking and being active with their feet and hands while working on closeout technique. Musselman shows different things you can add to the drill to make sure that your athletes stay focused. The Pat Riley Closeout is a wrinkle you can add to your closeout technique within the same drill and create different ways of guarding shooters on the perimeter.

Shooting and Full Court Passing Drills

The 130 in 3 shooting drill will get your players hustling down the court to get multiple repetitions, as well as get them in shape for shooting shots while running and fatigued. Another drill that incorporates conditioning while preparing players to play fast is the Celtic Advance Pass drill. This drill is timed and uses a goal system for players to strive for as they learn how to make layups and good passes under pressure. Ultimately, players must learn how to avoid committing live ball turnovers, and Celtic Advance Pass focuses on protecting the ball.

Pick & Roll Defense Drills

Coach Musselman finishes off this video by showing two pick & roll defense drills. Warriors' Pick & Roll Defense is a great all-encompassing drill that gets players covering the pick & roll from multiple areas of the floor and at different angles. This is a must-have drill that not only works on coverages on the ball handler and screener, but also help side rotations. The Miami Drill covers a trend today's offenses are utilizing: going through the elbow to run offense. You'll see how Coach Musselman defends these popular actions and learn how to teach your own players to cover them.

If you want more intensity in your practice but

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Cover: maximize every minute of practice: drills to build intensity and effort
Maximize Every Minute of Practice: Drills to Build Intensity and Effort

with Fran Fraschilla,
ESPN Basketball Analyst (since 2003 - Big 12, NBA Draft, International Basketball);
former head coach at Manhattan College, St. John's and New Mexico;
1995 MAAC Coach of the Year; 2x MAAC regular season champions;
2000 NABC Literacy Pioneer Award;
Chairman of the NABC Committee on Academics ('94-'02);
Basketball Oldtimers of America Hall of Fame (2019)

ESPN basketball guru Fran Fraschilla draws from his extensive history as a coach and from studying the game of basketball to share 11 practice drills that will improve the performance of any team, regardless of playing style. In addition to an excellent collection of drills, Fraschilla also provides numerous ideas to enhance your coaching through better practice organization, offensive and defensive concepts, and more.

Defensive Drills

Six drills will sharpen your defense with greater intensity and excellent communication. Fraschilla uses the overload principle to make these drills more challenging than your players will ever see in games. The Change Drill implements random signals to scramble up defenders and provide the offense a temporary advantage. The 4-on-4 No Hands drill will force your defenders to play with their feet and constantly adjust their positioning as the offense moves to avoid getting beat on cuts.

The 4-on-3 Contest drill demands your players communicate and hustle to challenge the shot. It also serves a dual purpose by encouraging athletes to move the ball in search of the open jumper on the offensive end. The Hustle Drill is a perfect way to bring an end to your practices while instilling a tough mindset to win every battle for loose balls.

Fraschilla also shows how to introduce defensive switching concepts with the 4-on-4 Screen Down drill that will help your players to recognize switch opportunities and execute proper technique on the switch. You will also see how to improve upon a classic layer to the Shell Drill that will motivate your defenders to fly around with maximum intensity.

Offensive Drills

Prepare for the double teams around the rim with the Post Trap drill, which will teach your big men to use the pullback dribble and handle pressure. The drill also features an additional benefit of teaching your post players to relocate on dribble penetration. The Five Plus One drill is perfect for learning how to handle full court pressure and attacking with an advantage once you've beaten the front line of the press defense.

Fraschilla also explains two more drills that will improve your team's effectiveness in the full court: the 4-on-2 Plus 2 drill and the Lay it Out Front drill. These transition drills will help your players score in advantage situations and improve technique when quickly executing an outlet to ignite a fast break. Lastly, the Three Spots to Seven drill is a fantastic drill that will get your entire team competing while shooting a high volume of jump shots in practice.

These drills from Fran Fraschilla will be valuable additions to any team's practice regimen. Get this video and implement them with your own team immediately!

86 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: 2020 nabc online basketball clinic - myrtle beach
2020 NABC Online Basketball Clinic - Myrtle Beach


Man-to-Man Defense-vs-Personnel
Bruce Weber, Kansas State

Switching Man Defenses
Joe Mihalich, Hofstra

Spacing & Relocation
Kelvin Sampson, Houston

Running the Princeton 2-Guard Offense
Josh Loeffler, Johns Hopkins

High/Low Motion Offense Sets with Special Situations
Steve Forbes, East Tennessee State

Competitive Practice Drills
Scott Drew, Baylor

Pressing Options Out of a 1-2-1-1
Cliff Ellis, Coastal Carolina

Full Court & Shooting Drills for the Dribble Drive Motion
Vance Walberg, Clovis West (CA)

Ball Line Defense
Tubby Smith, High Point

Drills for Defensive Mastery
Bob Hurley, former St. Anthony's HS

Green Light Shooting: Determining Shot Selection and Shot Distribution
Mike Neighbors, Arkansas

5-Man Open Post Offense
Jerry Petitgoue, Cuba City HS (WI)

Warm-Up & 1-on-1 Drills
John Calipari, University of Kentucky

Characteristics of a Championship Culture
Dan Hughes, Seattle Storm (WNBA)

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Cover: 2020 nabc online basketball clinic - springfield
2020 NABC Online Basketball Clinic - Springfield


Individual and Team Skill Development
Phil Martelli, Michigan

Mastering the Flex Offense
Gary Williams, former Maryland, Hall of Fame

Floppy Defense
Robert Jones, Norfolk State

2-3 Zone Defense: Taking Away 3-Pointers & Creating Turnovers
Joe Gallo, Merrimack

Motion and Zone Offenses
Bob Hurley, former St. Anthony's HS

Bucknell's Offensive System
Nathan Davis, Bucknell

Full Court Pressure Defense System with Breakdown Drills
Mike Rhoades, VCU

Origins of the Pack Line Defense with Breakdown Drills
Dick Bennett, Creator of the Pack Line Defense

Rebounding Drills and Out-of-Bounds Sets
James Jones, Yale

94' of Pressure Defense
Frank Martin, South Carolina

Building a Ball Screen Offense
Rob Senderoff, Kent State

Essential Basketball Drills for Everyday Practice
Norm Persin, Oak Hill Union High School

Characteristics of a Championship Culture
Dan Hughes, Seattle Storm (WNBA)

Post and Perimeter Skill Development Drills
Chris Mack, Louisville

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Cover: running a high-powered offense: spacing, sets & inbound plays
Running a High-Powered Offense: Spacing, Sets & Inbound Plays

with Kelvin Sampson,
University of Houston Head Coach;
2018 & 2019 American Athletic Conference Coach of the Year;
2x National Coach of the Year;former Oklahoma, Indiana and Washington State head coach;
former assistant coach with the Houston Rockets and Milwaukee Bucks

Coach Kelvin Sampson has turned the Houston Cougars into a championship-caliber team in large part due to proficiency of his teams on offense. In this video filmed at a University of Houston practice, you will see how the Cougars prioritize spacing and ball movement to break down defenses. Additionally, you'll get multiple baseline and sideline inbound plays with various options that Sampson has used to help establish Houston as one of the top teams in the nation for scoring on out-of-bounds plays.

Offensive Approach

Coach Sampson introduces the essential components to his base offense before hitting the practice court. You'll learn how to maximize your spacing with four perimeter players. Effective concepts such as ghost screens and scrapes will help you create player movement that can spread defenders out. The discussion also includes how to incorporate weak-side screening to occupy help defenders. Sampson also explains how you can teach lesser athletic players to beat their opponent on the catch to create driving opportunities.

Next, you'll get a series of plays from the Cougar playbook. Learn how to execute the Loop series through whiteboard lecture and on-court demonstration. This effective play begins with a 1-4 high set and creates easy backdoor opportunities for layups. You will also learn how to create backup plans for defenses that overplay the passing lanes.

Coach Sampson breaks down an additional set from the 1-4 high alignment that will screen your post player into an ideal position to score. You'll also see two options out of the Floppy action that continues movement after post feeds into two effective attacks. Chicago creates a wide-open jump shot for a post player, and Detroit creates a difficult ball screen situation to defend off the Floppy action.

Sampson also shows how he teaches his athletes to play with pace and space in their offense with the "After Free Throw" controlled scrimmage segment of practice. You will see how players push the ball up the court while flowing through half court offensive attacks with this drill.

Inbound Plays

If you need some great inbound plays, Coach Sampson has you covered. He first covers baseline inbound sets, including:

  • 21 - A box set screen-the-screener to get an outside shot and a post-up.
  • 51 - 3 seconds or less for a quick shot on the weak-side and a player rolling towards the basket.
  • Quick - A play to get a cross screen post-up, a shot at the top of the key, and a pick & roll option to follow.
  • 52 - A play for a quick high-low to a post player off a tight back screen.
  • Thumb Down - An elevator screen play for a 3-pointer.
  • Thumb Down Counter - A rip screen counter.
  • Slice Weak - A misdirection play for a quick pin down jumper run from a box set.

The next portion of practice is devoted to running sideline inbound plays. Many of the plays ran to execution from the baseline can also be run from the sideline, making it easier for your team to remember. Plays include:

  • Slice Weak - The same concept as the baseline inbound version, ran from a zipper screen.
  • Quick - The same play as from the baseline, except now from the sideline in a box formation.
  • Loop 2 - A pick & roll play with an empty corner.
  • Barber Pole - A great play to get action going toward the rim with a back screen and a cleared out side.
  • Slice Pick - A set that runs right into a middle pick & roll.

Rounding out the practice, Coach Sampson has his players run through a game of execution from sideline and baseline inbound situations. Using the same plays covered earlier in 5-on-0 practice, two teams are created,

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