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Cover: 4-out 1-in dribble hand-off motion offense
4-Out 1-In Dribble Hand-Off Motion Offense

with Matt Langel,
Colgate University Head Coach;
2019 Patriot League regular season champions;
2019 Patriot League Tournament champions;
2019 NABC District 13 Coach of the Year;
2019 ECAC Coach of the Year;
2x Patriot League Coach of the Year ('18, '19);
First-team All-Ivy League as a player at the University of Pennsylvania in 2000

Matt Langel has built one of the most efficient offenses in the Patriot League. By teaching his players that early transition offense is a key to setting up their half court offense, Langel has created a culture where his players actively look for the team's best shot. In this video, you will learn the breakdown drills and actions necessary to make your 4-out 1-in offense better than it's ever been before.

Training your Players

It's important that your athletes learn how to read the defense in the heat of a game. Coach Langel demonstrates how his team uses a series of 3-on-3 and 3-on-0 drills to create game-like situations in practice. Players learn how to counter a defensive action with shallow cuts, keeper action, step-behind shots, and through action all by setting up their defender with a two-step action coming out of the corner. Langel does a great job demonstrating how you can take a dribble hand-off and use it to build the rest of your offense.

4-Out Actions

The dribble hand-off can wreak havoc on a defense. Coach Langel's teams have used the dribble hand-off with great success over the past several years. You'll see many actions you can incorporate into a dribble hand-off series, especially in 5v0 and 5v5 actions. Langel showcases how he uses a dribble hand-off to set up his best shooter coming off of a floppy action or a triple screen to give them an open look. Once the ball is reversed, you'll learn how you can turn your dribble hand-off actions into a continuity offense by running the same actions on the opposite side of the floor. The best part about Langel's half court offense is it will allow your players to read the defense and determine the best course of action on their own.

Coach Langel has established an efficient offensive system that centers around the dribble hand-off. Langel breaks down his transition offense and how it flows into his half court offense by using 3-on-0 drills and 5-on-0 actions. This is an excellent, detailed video showcasing how to employ the dribble hand-off to attack your opponent for great results in the seasons ahead!

74 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: half court defensive essentials
Half Court Defensive Essentials

with John Becker,
University of Vermont Head Coach;
4x America East Coach of the Year ('14, '17, '18, '19);
3x America East Tournament champions ('12, '17, '19);
4x America East regular season champions ('14, '17, '18, '19);
2x NABC All-District I Coach of the Year ('18, '19);
2018 Mid-Major Coach of the Year;
2x U.S. Basketball Writers Association District I Coach of the Year ('17, '19);
2017 ECAC Coach of the Year

It's time for defenses to evolve in response to offenses at all levels modernizing towards ball screens, dribble penetration, and perimeter shooting. In this video, you will see how John Becker has adapted his man-to-man defensive system to combat the most pressing threats of this era. Becker's "Contain & Contest" defense at the University of Vermont prioritizes playing five defenders against the ball at all times to protect the paint and eliminate scramble situations. You will learn the essential teaching points for this defense through eight practice drills that are used daily by Coach Becker.

The Contain & Contest defense is built on a foundation of mastering closeouts and on-ball defense, off-ball positioning, and scrambling to fix disadvantage situations.


Two drills will help your team perfect their closeout technique to prevent dribble penetration and contest every shot. Partner Closeouts will teach your players to break down into a proper on-ball defensive stance to cut off any drives to the middle. Becker goes into detail on all the fundamentals that make great on-ball defenders, including hand placement, foot angles, and advancing or retreating on fakes.

Four Spot Closeouts challenges players to stop drives and pressure the ball once it's picked up. Coach Becker also explains how to loop into your closeout for better angles to contest the ball.

Off-Ball Positioning

Vermont commits to Shell defense every day to train their man-to-man principles. The "Shell Positional" drill will help you build the team aspect to this defense. Learn how to deter dribble penetration while still pressuring passing lanes with the "50" position one pass away from the ball. Becker shows you unique adjustments to his weak side defender that puts them in better position to assist on help rotations.


Great defenses must prepare for the worst. Even though a basic tenet for this defense is to prevent rotations, Becker still believes his players need solutions for when breakdowns occur. Four different practice drills will emphasize to your players the importance of communicating, decisive movement, and recognizing the most immediate threat. Dribble penetration concepts are added to the basic Scramble Drill to teach players their help rotations and recovery on kick-out passes. Additionally, you'll see how to add a fourth trailing defender into the drill to simulate transition defense.

Ball Screens

Becker also presents a strategy for defending side ball screens. You will see how to aggressively disrupt the path of the ball handler while still covering the screener on two and three-man sides.

Upgrade your man-to-man defense to excel versus today's most common offensive tactics with this video featuring Coach Becker!

73 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: 94' of pressure defense
94' of Pressure Defense

with Frank Martin,
University of South Carolina Head Coach;
2017 Final Four appearance;
2017 Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year;
former Kansas State University Head Coach;
2010 Big 12 Coach of the Year;
2010 USBWA District VI Coach of the Year;
2010 NABC District 8 Coach of the Year

Frank Martin knows defense! His teams are consistently among the best at ramping up pressure and playing tough, hard-nosed defense.

Through this on-court presentation, Coach Martin details the principles and philosophy behind his renowned half and full court man-to-man defense. Each concept is thoroughly explained and demonstrated. Martin highlights the importance of knowing the ins & outs of what you teach. His attention to the details of defense is on display as he shares the little things that make his defenses deadly. He also explains why he does what he does, and why he teaches certain things the way he does.

Half Court Defensive Positioning

To begin, Coach Martin walks through half court defensive positioning, showing how your players should align themselves relative to the ball and position of the ball handler. Denial techniques are shown one, two, and three passes away as well as proper hip and foot placement of defenders.

The most important aspect of the defense is the on-ball pressure and half-court pick up points. Martin shows how to pick up at half-court and force the ball handler to choose a side. The underlying theme of the defense is trust and communication; teaching your players to trust that everyone has their back will encourage communication and tough on-ball defense. Martin also explains how teams will react to this style of pressure defense and what he has done to counter those adjustments.

Chute Drill

How do you play the ball once it's in the middle of the court? Martin shows the Chute Drill, which teaches players how to guard the ball in the middle of the floor. The drill is shown first in a 1-on-1 scenario prior to progressing to 3-on-3. Athletes play in the full court with other players on either side of the "chute" prepared to swipe at the ball handler while the defender practices making the ball handler turn in the back court. Once they reach half court, play becomes live.

Full Court Defensive Positioning

In this segment, Martin details how to adjust when players get beat middle by using the "sell-out" concept to continually apply pressure. Variations and progressions of how to teach the full court man-to-man defense are explained. Martin explains the basics of how they would practice 2-on-2, 3-on-3, and 4-on-4 full court, working to perfect the rotations and responsibilities of the defenders.

Shell Drills and Q&A

Exposing your players to several different alignments using the Shell drill will help them transfer practice skills into games. It's important to approach your Shell defense alignment differently depending on how your opponents might play you on offense.

The final segment of this video includes an insightful Q&A session from high school coaches; questions regarding baseline rotations, roles on coaching staffs, and transition defense. Coach Martin also explains his 4-on-4 plus 1 drill that will help your players prepare for opponents and how they will try to adjust to their defensive pressure.

This video will instantly help make you a better defensive coach, giving you teaching points, drills, and concepts that will take your defense to the next level!

100 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: running the princeton 2-guard offense
Running the Princeton 2-Guard Offense

with Josh Loeffler,
Johns Hopkins University Head Coach;
2017 Centennial Conference regular season co-champions;
2017 Centennial Conference Tournament champions;
2017 Centennial Conference Coach of the Year;
2007 NABC and Atlantic Coach of the Year (at Stevens Institute of Technology)

The Princeton offense is a tried-and-true classic that will never fade away. It can make average athletes and teams good, and good athletes and teams great because it teaches players how to play.

In this presentation, Johns Hopkins head coach Josh Loeffler shows his version of the Princeton 2-Guard offense. He shares his philosophy on teaching progressions of the offensive set he calls "Triangle", all the options that come with it, breakdown drills, 5-on-5 play, and a special set play when you need a 3-pointer in crunch time.

Triangle Action

Coach Loeffler kicks off the clinic with his coaching background and why he likes the Princeton style of play. His presentation focuses on the action "Triangle" and the multiple reads and options that come out of it. You can run it out of the Princeton offense as a standalone play, or as something to finish up Princeton actions such as "Chin."

The teaching progression that Loeffler uses to build the offense flows from 5-on-0 instruction, to small group breakdowns, and back up to 5-on-5. After describing how he implements the offense, Loeffler goes into detail on all the options and reads that come out of Triangle and follows his method of teaching the offense. The 3-on-3 breakdowns will give your players a better understanding of what to look for as you practice simple reads and allow players to make plays within the drills. From there, Loeffler goes back to 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 to help players see the big picture and become even more successful running the offense.

Game-Winning Play

Coach Loeffler ends his presentation by sharing a set play that the Blue Jays used to win back-to-back games from different options in the play.

Even if you don't run the Princeton offense, this video provides a great outline of how to teach new plays and offenses, in addition to providing sound principles and teaching points that will help fine tune whatever offense you run. The Triangle action will add potency to your system and help raise your players' basketball IQ!

62 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: implementing a smothering full court press defense
Implementing a Smothering Full Court Press Defense

with Gary Williams,
distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ('14);
member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame ('14);
former University of Maryland Head Coach;
2002 NCAA National Championship;
2x Final Four appearances ('01, '02);
2x ACC Coach of the Year ('02, '10)

Former University of Maryland head coach Gary Williams gives you insight into the keen basketball thinking and teaching style that helped him build a program that went to the NCAA Tournament fourteen times, including a streak of eleven consecutive appearances.

In this video, Coach Williams details the key factors which differentiate various presses. He shows you presses that both speed up and slow down opposing offenses. Starting with a man-to-man press, Williams shows how you can keep zone principles concise and accessible for your players, allowing your athletes to build and react with an aggressive mindset on both ends of the court.

Pressure Defense Concepts

This video will show you several ways you can improve on your current defensive pressure, including:

  • How working with interchangeable roles provides defensive flexibility.
  • Ways to tailor the press to adjust to different offensive sets.
  • Key details and reads that will help players become more efficient.
  • How to keep pressure dialed up in sideline out-of-bounds situations.

Utilizing Presses

Williams shows how to implement both man-to-man and zone presses for maximum advantage. By giving the defense precise goals and targets, you'll learn how to maintain pressure on the offense in the back court while protecting against easy baskets in the front court. You'll also see how Coach Williams works to get his players into an aggressive mentality versus the offense and discover the key areas of the floor that must be defended in order to hobble any offensive attack.

Finally, Williams shows how to adjust various pressure defenses to account for the talents of your own team and the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team. The theme is to give coaches both the basic rules and rotations for the defense while also highlighting areas where coaches can change things to account for individual game situations.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn pressure defense principles and tactics from one of the game's most innovative coaching minds. Coach Williams will help you implement a high pressure defense to improve your team's ability to win games.

66 minutes. 2020.

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