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Cover: transition offense and transition defense
Transition Offense and Transition Defense

with Chantal Vall��e,
Hamilton Honey Badgers (Canadian Elite Basketball League) Head Coach & GM;
University of Windsor Head Women's Basketball Coach;
Five straight Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) Women's Basketball National Titles (2011-2015);
2x CIS Women's Basketball Coach of the Year;
ATHENA International Leadership Award, 2012

Master both sides to the transition game through this inside look at a training camp-style session conducted by Coach Chantal Vall��e. This video will give you an array of new ideas as Vall��e installs her offensive and defensive strategies to their system for playing in transition. In addition to the overall scheme, you will see how players learn to play offense and defense in the full court with over 10 practice drills.

Transition Offense

Coach Vall��e shows how to explode, explore, and exploit the defense using various zones on the court. Breakdown drills such as "Run, Rabbit, Run" will help your players emphasize sprinting down the floor as soon as the rebound is secured.

Learn how to maintain the attack versus defensive strategies trying to stall your fast break in the "Outlet" drill. The "Trailer" drill teaches your players to read the defense to determine whether to score through feeding the post, running into the ball screen, or other options. You will also get to see four drills in the "Flow" series that teach athletes to pass with precision on the run and also capitalize on advantageous numbers on fast breaks.

Transition Defense

You will be hard pressed to find a more detailed explanation for any system of transition defense than what you will see in this training camp. Coach Vall��e provides a full description of her defensive approach through whiteboard diagrams, on-court teaching, and player demonstration through breakdown drills and 5-on-5 scrimmage. Her aggressive style will optimize your team's ability to get second chance points through offensive rebounds while also being able to disrupt the other team's fast break.

Learn how the "Short" can chase down "spillage" or hunt the outlet pass to stop the ball from advancing up the court. The "Long Triangles" drill helps players understand how to crowd the floor with proper spacing away from their match-up in the full court. Coach Vall��e also shares a great way to control the 5-on-5 competition with the "1 & 1/2" drill.

This video is an incredible value with the opportunity to learn both transition offense and defense from one of the 'rising stars' in basketball coaching in North America!

148 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: 2018 john calipari coaches' clinic
2018 John Calipari Coaches' Clinic

with John Calipari,
University of Kentucky Head Coach;
2012 NCAA National Champions; 2014 NCAA Championship Runner-Up;
Distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2015);
3x Naismith National Coach of the Year ('96, '08, '15); 3x NABC Coach of the Year ('96, '09, '15);
AP College Coach of the Year (2015); 2x Basketball Times Coach of the Year ('96, '15); 2x Adolph Rupp Cup ('10, '15);
30x conference (SEC, C-USA, A10) Championships (15x regular season, 15x tournament)

Hall of Fame coach John Calipari opens up his practice for both players and coaches in this unique video series. Coach Calipari covers every phase of the game and practice planning as he takes you through a fast-paced and intense practice setting.

Part 1

Starting with a series of warm-up drills, you'll see how you can work multiple phases of the game in either a full court or half court setting. Coach Calipari covers both shooting and conditioning drills that get players to ratchet up practice intensity from the moment they set foot on the court. By emphasizing goal-oriented ways to keep track of various drills, you'll see how players must maintain a sharp focus and perform at game speed as they work to improve passing, shooting and communication.

Coach Calipari also shows how an emphasis on quick transition can put pressure on defenses and flow seamlessly into other offensive options that will help your team improve their scoring efficiency.

One of the many insights you'll be privy to in this video are the numerous ways Calipari motivates and challenges his players during the course of the drill. Coaches will get the chance to see and hear Cal explain the reasoning behind the techniques he uses to keep players performing at a consistently high level.

Calipari also covers the mental aspect of practice and game planning. You'll see how a nationally ranked team builds resiliency and toughness through different competitive scenarios. Additionally, you will learn how defining player roles and increasing trust among teammates helps contribute to a consistent winning culture.

Part 2

In the second portion of this video, Coach Calipari utilizes his assistant coaches to show how to assess and improve individual and team shooting. There is a strong emphasis on accountability and fundamental technique as a variety of shooting drills designed to increase accuracy and build range are covered.

There is tremendous value for coaches in watching practice footage as players compete and struggle in challenging shooting drills. There are both individual and team formatted drills, and the instruction covers all different kinds of shots and combinations. Footwork off shot fakes, stop-and-go and retreat dribbles are addressed and help players improve in virtually every shooting situation. You'll see firsthand how goal tracking drills help players transfer skills from practice to games.

After a heavy emphasis on offensive development in part 1 of this video, the attention turns to the defensive end in part 2. Calipari's staff shows how to improve rotations and court coverage utilizing both 1-3-1 and 2-3 zones. A particular emphasis on matching players to specific positions in the zone will help you get the most out of every player on your roster.

Coach Calipari openly shares specific points of emphasis and how to get the most out athletes at each position on the floor. By going over the evolution and tweaks he has made to his own coaching style throughout the years, Cal illustrates how you can adapt the different drills and approaches used here to fit your own particular coaching needs.

2 Videos (223 minutes). 2019.

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Cover: ganon baker: basketball iq development drills, volume 3
Ganon Baker: Basketball IQ Development Drills, Volume 3

with Ganon Baker,
Founder of Elev8 Sports Institute,
Owner of Ganon Baker Basketball,
WNBA/NBA Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach,
World Renowned Instructor and Clinician;
He has worked with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Amar'e Stoudemire, Kevin Durant, Grant Hill, Brittney Griner, Skylar Diggins, and Maya Moore

World-renowned skill development coach Ganon Baker has developed some of the NBA's and WNBA's finest players. He has taken his skill work to countries all over the world to help grow players' enthusiasm and skill. His decision-making drills on the court are some of the best around.

In this video, Baker goes beyond some of his usual skill development workouts to address the topic of how to improve your players' decision-making. In his trademark high-energy style, Baker demonstrates how players can use a decision-making component in their drills to raise their game and compete at the next level.


Bringing energy to any workout motivates players to bring their best. Baker demonstrates how to set the tone by telling his players they have to be passionate, compete instead of complain, love the workout - don't just like the workout, and be committed with your body language. As players go through a workout, he requires them to be tough with their moves and with their minds. Don't be afraid to make a mistake - keep going. Don't be selfish or silent - winning teams praise each other and give each other high fives.


Coach Baker wants to teach players how to play with balance, poise and instinct. That instinct is what makes good players great when they work to train it. In his ball handling drills, he teaches players to play low and loose. Players should drop their hips, keep their back straight, and dribble from their elbow. Stay locked and loaded every time you dribble and attack your defender. In the Chair Layup drill, Baker sets up a chair where players attack as close as possible, then read the coach as the coach plays help-side defender. Players can use 4 types of finishes - fast feet, slow feet, Euro step, or a 1-step to finish in the paint.

In the 3 Choice drill, players read the actual defender and look to change direction, pick it up and shoot, or back it up and pass/re-attack. Players learn to look where they are going and where the play is. In the Triple Threat drill, players attack an on-ball defender and look to skip the ball across the court. Once they pass, they read a defender as they sprint to the 3-point line, catch, and look to attack the rim.

In the Post Up Cut to Triple Threat drill, all players work on getting into a post-up position and learning to catch and read post defenders to decide which move to make. In some cases, post players will have to give up position for possession in order to make a post move and attack the paint. In the SWAT Drill, athletes also learn how to make a post move and try to score against a tall defender.

Ganon Baker brings a ton of energy and enthusiasm to all of his workouts. He teaches players how to have fun and train hard. As he puts it, consistency is greatness and training/chasing perfection consistently is greatness. You will make mistakes in these drills, but how you push yourself to get better and keep moving will teach you how to separate yourself from the competition. These drills will train your players to make instinctual decisions based on how the defense is playing them. Every coach should have this in their video library!

115 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: motion offense vs. 2-3 zone & my favorite shooting drills
Motion Offense vs. 2-3 Zone & My Favorite Shooting Drills

with Mike Rhoades,
VCU Head Coach;
2019 A-10 Coach of the Year;
former Head Coach at Rice University;
former VCU Associate Head Coach (with Shaka Smart), including the 2011 Final Four;
former Randolph-Macon Head Coach (D-III), compiled a 197-76 record (.722 win percentage);
4x NCAA tournament appearances;
ODAC Coach of the Year (2001, 2002, 2003)

Does your team struggle against opponents that use zone defenses? Coach Mike Rhoades has solutions that will help any team to improve their execution. His zone offense utilizes motion offense principles that are applicable versus 2-3 or 3-2 zone defenses. These strategies, mixed with an assortment of structured actions and quick hitters, will allow you to attack the paint through your guards or posts. Rhoades also shares seven shooting drills that will help you develop the shooters you need to take down any zone you face.

Zone Offense

Learn a system for attacking zone defenses that can be tailored to your personnel. You can adapt the offense through the concepts you choose to emphasize rather than being committed to specific structure.

Post players learn how to play off each other by moving and spacing with the "X" concept. You will see how to teach your bigs to operate a 2-man motion that will help players read the floor to find openings and constantly put defenders at a disadvantage. Additional concepts help guards to attack the paint.

Coach Rhoades' offense allows for different types of random off-ball and on-ball screens to be set that create an advantage for perimeter players. You can change your alignment and create additional movement with "Gap Motion" and "Rover" to distort the zone defense. These variations will help your offense adapt to different types of zone defenses as well as confuse your opponents with extra wrinkles that they may not have seen on the scouting report.

Zone Quick-Hitters

In addition to showing how you can flow into the basic offense in transition, Rhoades also shares three quick-hitters that can be used on the fast break to free a shooter, run into a ball screen, or open up the high post. You'll also learn four tried and true set plays against 2-3 zones. "Blazer" will pull defenders out of position to free an open shooter, while "Knife" will get your players slicing through the defense to get quick paint touches.

Shooting Drills

Any offense can be improved with great shooters on the floor. You will see how Coach Rhoades emphasizes shooting in all of his practices with seven drills that are staples in his program.

Start practices by warming your players up with quick repetitions through multiple variations of the "Two Man-One Ball" and "Three Men-Two Ball" shooting drills. Use the "Shooting Lines" drill to have your whole team competing for records while working on four different ways to create a shot. Help your players assess their own shooting ability with the "Fatigue Drill" that VCU uses to measure whether guys have the "green light" in games.

Coach Rhoades also teaches you the ultimate practice drill for breaking down your team's drive and kick game. Through the "5-on-0 Hot" drill, your players will learn how to penetrate the paint, space the floor, and play off each other while working on their shooting.

For any coach that needs to upgrade their zone attack, look no further! Coach Rhoades has delivered one of the best videos for zone offense that you will find anywhere.

73 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: blocker-mover offense: out of bounds plays, set plays, reads and vs. zone offense
Blocker-Mover Offense: Out of Bounds Plays, Set Plays, Reads and vs. Zone Offense

with Joe Kuhn,
Joliet Junior College Head Coach;
2016 NJCAA Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame inductee;
2015 Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame inductee;
2010 NJCAA National Championship

With simultaneous screening actions that incorporate every player on the court, the blocker-mover offense is team basketball at its finest. This highly adaptable style of attack can be tailored to fit the needs of any coach and any team.

Hall of Fame Coach Joe Kuhn shows you how you can structure the blocker-mover offense or allow for players to freelance. You will see how the system can work against man-to-man defenses as well as zones. Learn how to run your opponents through the barrage of screens that is the blocker-mover offense with the use of whiteboard diagrams, on-court demonstration, and game film.

Offensive Entries

Kuhn gives you three different entries into the offense for any team that frequently encounters pressure defenses. You will see how you can keep your opponent guessing with three different options for getting open at the wing using the pin screens featured in the main alignment. The "Detroit" alignment adds an extra screener to assist with extreme pressure that is giving your players trouble. You will also learn multiple options for spacing the floor when a dribble entry is needed to initiate the offense.

Alignment Options

This offensive system features two designated "blockers" that look to constantly screen for "movers" in their designated area. By adjusting the assignments for your blockers, you can change the spacing and screening options that are created in the offense.

The "Lane-Lane" alignment is a great option for teams with two post players or coaches that need to find a productive use for non-scorers. This strategy will create scoring opportunities off of flare screens, pin screens, and ball screens. The "Lane-Wide" and "Wide-Wide" alignments can provide additional spacing with blockers who have more perimeter skills. The "Top-Bottom" alignment is a great way to utilize a four-guard lineup and keep a post player close to the rim. With each of these adjustments, you can tailor the offense to fit the personnel you have.

Zone Offense

The rules of the offense can work perfectly to take down a zone defense. Coach Kuhn shows how you can use the "Top-Bottom" alignment to create a motion offense versus the zone. In addition to basic strategies within the blocker-mover offense, you will also see two additional concepts that can be used to defeat the zone. The "Step Out-Step In" action is a great way to create a quick ball reversal that pulls out defenders to free up a post feed in the short corner.

Transition & Set Plays

Learn a simple transition offense that flows directly into the screening actions of the blocker-mover. You will see how you can create early scoring opportunities with drive and kicks by your movers, feeding the post, or wide pin down screens being set by the trailing blocker.

Five set plays that perfectly complement the offense are also shown. These plays incorporate concepts from the main offense to create specific scoring opportunities. "Panther" can quickly create a 3-point shot or post opportunity. Coach Kuhn teaches how to add some additional action to your offense with hand-offs in your set plays. The "Vermont" sideline inbound play will free up a lob opportunity or get your best ball handler attacking downhill off of difficult to defend ball screen actions.

This video from Coach Kuhn shows exactly how you can mold this classic offense to become the perfect style of attack for your team!

88 minutes. 2019.

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