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Cover: the high post offense
The High Post Offense

with Johnny Orr, Jim Hallihan,
Steven Krafcisin,
former Iowa State University Coaches

If your team is without a dominant post player and you need a potent offense to utilize your player's strengths, create easy shots, and put them in a position to win, the high post offense is for you. This is a very difficult offense to scout, there are numerous reads, pick and roll, two-man game counters, and sets to take your opponent out of their defensive philosophy.

This offense teaches the players how to play versus teaching them plays, it gives them freedom, creativity, and imagination. This offense will also show the players how to read the defense, which is a big part of the high post offense, be multi-dimensional and will challenge your opponent in many ways. It will put your opponent on an island all by themselves with very little help-side defense to stop this high octane offense.

It will help you maximize your practice time because of its multi-purpose attack against man and zone defense, and also out of transition. This college-level offense can easily be utilized at any level of basketball for any coach wanting to incorporate an offensive package that will play fast, take advantage of the defense, and teach your players how to be players and not robots. This video is a must for any coach at any level!


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Cover: developing perimeter players: drills for skills
Developing Perimeter Players: Drills for Skills

with Travis Steele,
Xavier University Head Coach;
10 seasons as an assistant at Xavier before being hired as head coach;
8x NCAA Tournament appearances; 2017 Elite Eight

Long time Xavier assistant coach Travis Steele took over as head coach in 2018 and has the Musketeers competing at a high level. Coach Steele has learned under a variety of successful coaches that have demonstrated how to develop players into prolific scorers through individual development drills. In this video, you will learn Steele's secrets to creating an effective individual perimeter player workout.


Coach Steele has had a hand in developing the culture at Xavier for over a decade and know how to set the tone for players to become the best versions of themselves on the court. By having a plan and working within it, his athletes have developed a sense of trust with their coach. Steele sets the tone with specific workouts that are put on paper so players can visualize their goals. He adds purpose to every drill, which makes players want to come back into the gym to work harder than they did in their previous workout.

Developing Your Workout

Having players set the tone for each other in their workouts builds a level of competition and sets them apart from everyone else. Your players will come into the gym and begin with form shooting and a larger shooting warm-up. Next comes ball handling and triangle shooting, which lets players know how hard they have to work to beat their score from the day before.

Steele transitions into drills for shooting on the move, then finishes with a teaching segment to help players grow and apply their skills in 1v1 competition drills. This has been one of the 'recipes for success' that has set Xavier apart from other programs over the last 10 years.


The Commando drill lets players work on dribbling and handling the ball in tight spaces as they go from baseline to elbow and back. Great players learn to play in straight lines rather than allowing the defense to dictate where they are going. This drill will allow your players the flexibility to move in straight lines while also working on different moves to get around defenders.

The Two Ball Command drill has players work on dribbling on the move to get a feel for the ball. Rather than using traditional static ball handling drills, players use two basketballs and listen for the coach's commands, focusing on dribbling with their head up to see the open floor.

Coach Steele demonstrates his plan and attention to detail when it comes to putting together a workout. This system will help you create a culture of competition full of players who want to be their absolute best!

56 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: dribble drive offense
Dribble Drive Offense

with Nate Oats,
University of Buffalo Head Coach;
2018 MAC Coach of the Year; 2x MAC Tournament Champions (2016, 2018);
2018 NABC District Coach of the Year; 2013 State Class A Championship (Romulus HS, MI)

University of Buffalo's Nate Oats showcases some of the shooting and dribble drive offense drills his program uses on a daily basis to compete at a high level. Coach Oats has turned the Bulls into a team that can beat anyone in the nation by utilizing a fast, relentless tempo on offense. This video will help you teach your own athletes how to use quick decision-making skills to play fast and keep opposing players on their toes.

Disadvantage Shooting

The ability to attack closeouts and defensive rotations is an essential skill players must develop to play at a high level. In 2 on 1 into 3 on 2 Shooting, offensive players are put into an advantage situation where they must read the defense and be shot ready. The defender must pick a player to closeout to and force them to react. Once players have a shooting rhythm, Coach Oats builds up to 3 on 2 Shooting and finally 4 on 3 Live, in which players can attack the over-closeout and hit the open player.

Transition Shooting

Oats demonstrates a series of transition decision making drills that will work on both offense and defense. In Cincinnati 1 v 1, offensive players learn to attack the basket and the defense with a full head of steam, getting downhill in seven seconds or less. In turn, the defense must learn to decide how to level out an offensive player that's trying to get downhill as fast as possible.

In the Cardinal Drill, your players will continue working on getting downhill on offense, but will be put into a 2 on 1 situation where they must make quick and easy passes that will lead to an easy bucket.

Blood Series

Coach Oats uses the Blood Series, which is one of his program's staples, to teach his players to read the defense while playing in game situations. These drills are tailored for the dribble drive motion offense and have helped some of the best programs to create scoring opportunities by learning to attack gaps and get into the paint.

In Slot Reads, athletes hunt for the paint and work to get an easy score or hit the lift players rotating behind them. Players create gaps and driving angles through multiple drives into the paint. In Corner Reads, players attack baseline and make reads off the baseline defender closing out to them. With post players lifting to the middle of the paint, drivers create multiple scoring opportunities using the drift pass, post dump pass, or kick out pass for an open 3-pointer. In Wing Reads, players get between the top two defenders and are able to create a lot of havoc once they get into the paint.

The drills provided in this video by Coach Oats will help you develop a complete offensive attacking team. Your players will enjoy getting downhill and in between gaps on offense as they hunt for the paint and read what the defense gives them!

90 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: gap man-to-man defense
Gap Man-to-Man Defense

with Nate Oats,
University of Buffalo Head Coach;
2018 MAC Coach of the Year; 2x MAC Tournament Champions (2016, 2018);
2018 NABC District Coach of the Year; 2013 State Class A Championship (Romulus HS, MI)

One of the most strategic and insightful coaches in today's game, Buffalo's Nate Oats has built a program that competes at a high level season after season. With his gap man-to-man defense, his teams are able to force opponents into rushed, contested shots.

The drills included in this video will help your athletes develop a "being in the gap" mentality, which will produce a shutdown team defense to complement your offense.

Build Up Drills

The ability to "guard your yard" is a key element of the gap defense. Players start out by playing 1v1 defense in the open court and must get stops for their team to earn points. Defenders are dropped into lane line, where they must work to keep their opponent in front of them. This makes for a competitive start to practice and sets the tone early.

Adding more players to the drill creates a 3 on 3 full court setting. Players must shadow the ball when they're on it, and help defenders must be in the gaps to take away easy passes and deny transition 3-pointers.

Ball Screen Defense

Using multiple drills, Coach Oats builds a foundation of ball screen defense with 4v4 and 5v5 half court drills. These drills will help your players understand rotations and how to defend ball handlers who are hunting for the paint.

Oats shows how to keep things competitive by breaking out into 2v2 ball screen defense at various baskets. Players compete to get stops and scores and earn points for their team. At the end of the drill, the teams with the most points on offense and defense wins.

Scramble and Full Court Defense

In 5 on 4 Scramble, players start in the half court and must deny the offense from scoring easy buckets within 10 seconds. Defense transitions to offense with the rebound, which will allow you to instruct your athletes on both transition offense and defense. This drill helps players develop a shadowing mentality of keeping attackers in front of them and allowing teammates to get back into help position.

Rounding out this defensive-minded video, Coach Oats puts everything together in 5 on 5 continuous games. By playing to a small point target, players must focus on getting stops on every possession and pushing the ball in transition.

Coach Oats demonstrates how he creates a culture of competition in his practices. Every drill has a purpose, focus, and emphasis on getting stops and being in gaps to prevent easy buckets. If your team has traditionally struggled to grasp gap defense concepts, this video is your solution!

73 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: open practice with john calipari
Open Practice with John Calipari

with John Calipari,
University of Kentucky Head Coach;
2012 NCAA National Champions; 2014 NCAA Championship Runner-Up;
Distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2015);
3x Naismith National Coach of the Year ('96, '08, '15); 3x NABC Coach of the Year ('96, '09, '15);
AP College Coach of the Year (2015); 2x Basketball Times Coach of the Year ('96, '15);
2x Adolph Rupp Cup ('10, '15);
30x Conference (SEC, C-USA, A10) Championships (15x regular season, 15x tournament)

Hall of Fame coach John Calipari has a long history of taking players with immense offensive talent and turning them into multifaceted team-oriented players who have the ability to player multiple positions and make an impact on defense.

Coach Cal has coached some of the highest performing teams in the history of the game thanks to an ability to recruit a high level of talent and potential and his top-tier development methods. In this 'Open Practice' video, Calipari brings in an audience of coaches and slows down his practices and details how he teaches each drill to help players develop into true professionals.

Defensive Drills

In session 1, Coach Calipari guides you through his defensive breakdown. He begins with simple footwork within his players' stance. Athletes focus on "big stepping" so they can stay in front of a ball handler and level a drive. Building on the basic stance, Calipari demonstrates how he wants his players to closeout to a shooter and force them to become a mid-range player. The ability to closeout and recover to an open shooter leads into working in disadvantage 4 on 3 closeout situations. Your players will learn to communicate and fly around the floor while protecting the basket and preventing open drives.

The Transition Build Up drill tasks athletes to apply four basic principles: get back, no 3-pointers, sprint on offense, and dive on the floor to make reads on offense and force the play on defense. Starting with 2-on-1 and building into 3-on-2, 4-on-3, 5-on-4, and 5-on-5 transition, you'll see the pace and play they use to control the speed of each game.

Rounding out the defensive segment, players apply their defensive principles in 5v5 pick & roll coverage. Coach Cal slows down the offense and demonstrates how they defend different actions off of a pick & roll situations. This is an excellent time for your players to learn how to defend a pick & roll while protecting the basket.

Zone Coverage - featuring Tony Barbee, Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach Tony Barbee demonstrates five ways an offense can look to beat a zone defense and how Kentucky counters to defend those actions. Starting with the top of your zone, Barbee demonstrates how you can show strength with your top guards. Players should be aggressive and have their hands up to deflect passes, which will lead to easy turnovers and buckets going the other way. When coaches try to counter with a big, mobile post in the middle, you can take your 5-man and have them play in man-to-man principles. Meanwhile, wing players work to take away easy post passes.

This is an excellent video that allows you to get in an inside look at the practice methods Kentucky uses year in and year out. Coach Calipari is a fantastic teacher and developer of skills, and his drills will be sure to help you raise the talent level of your own team.

170 minutes. 2019.

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