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Cover: mike rhoades' full court pressure defense system with breakdown drills
Mike Rhoades' Full Court Pressure Defense System with Breakdown Drills

with Mike Rhoades,
VCU Head Coach;
former Head Coach at Rice University (2014-17), leading the Owls to their first 20 win season;
was Associate Head Coach under VCU's Shaka Smart for five years, including the 2011 Final Four;
former Head Coach at Randolph-Macon (D-III), compiled a 197-76 record (.722 win percentage),
x NCAA tournament appearances and 2x Final Fours; ODAC Coach of the Year from 2001-03

Creating havoc for the offensive game plan of opponents has long been a staple for the VCU basketball program. In this video, head coach Mike Rhoades takes the full court style of play that Shaka Smart brought to the national spotlight and breaks it down for you to install in your program. You'll learn simple breakdown drills that emphasize little techniques to help your players be in the right place at the right time to wear down opponents.

Fist Cover Press

To teach the beginnings of the full court havoc system, Rhoades breaks down the rules of the press and the responsibilities of each player. Simple tactics shown help players understand how they should create pressure on the ball handler while staying between them and the basket.

In 3v3 stunting, Coach Rhoades lays out the foundation of getting teams to play at your pace. Your players will learn how to jump to the ball, see both ball and man, and jump back toward the offensive player. Rhoades also explains why strong communication is a must within the press.

Double Fist Press

In the Double Fist Press, you'll see how VCU creates an element of surprise when they trap. Unlike an aggressive trap that forces players to trap immediately, Rhoades teaches how to be aggressive playing man-to-man defense while forcing opponents out of the middle of floor toward the sideline. As the ball handler dribbles up the floor looking to turn the corner, Rhoades brings a trapping player over once the ball handler turns their head away from the defense.

In order to train a players' ability to recognize when to trap, Rhoades uses a series of build-up drills, starting with 2 on 1 Corral. In this drill, athletes learn to force sideline and speed up the ball handler. It's important that all players know how to trap so teams cannot use a post player to dribble up the floor. From there, Rhoades progresses to 2v3 Corral, 3v3 Trap the Turn with an Interceptor, and 4v4 Trap Interceptor to teach full court rotations. The goal is not to force or get turnovers right away, but to wear down your opponent and force them to turn the ball over late in the game.

Diamond Press

Rounding out Rhoades' instruction is the Diamond Press. This press isn't your typical Diamond Press that forces the opponent into corners and chases all over the floor looking for traps. Instead, this version of the Diamond Press uses a series of stunts to get opponents out of the middle of the floor and into a third of the court closest to the sideline.

Using a 4v4 drill, Rhoades demonstrates how to rotate out of a trap and get into an intercept spot. Once there, players must square up and stunt at the ball handler, allowing them to swing the ball and get into another trap.

This is a fantastic video to add to your collection, especially if you're looking for a video that will kick your full court pressing defense up a notch!

"This video stands above other press videos because of the breakdown drills. I'm looking forward to using them with my team for the upcoming season. Highly recommend this video for all coaches!" -Customer Review

100 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: mike white: team skill development
Mike White: Team Skill Development

with Mike White,
University of Florida Head Coach;
2017 SEC Coach of the Year;
former Louisiana Tech Head Coach, back-to-back-to-back conference champions (2013-15);
2015 Conference USA Coach of the Year, 2013 WAC Coach of the Year

Fresh off of a run deep into the 2017 NCAA Tournament's Elite Eight, Coach Mike White of the University of Florida uses this on-court presentation to demonstrate skill development drills for you and your team. These drills can be utilized for a variety of skill groups and will help take your team's skill level to even higher levels.

Coach White covers a lot on developing your team skill-wise. The drills focus on building your team offensively, and, there's a big emphasis on being strong with the basketball.

Dribbling and Passing

Being able to handle the ball, regardless of position, is so crucial in today's game. At the start of many of Coach White's practices, Team Two-Ball Handling is done to develop dribbling with both the right and left hand.

For passing development, Camp Passing is introduced as a way to get players engaged into practice in its early stages. An emphasis is placed on working on increasing speed as the drill progresses, working on different types of passes and alternating hands. The drill can be easily implemented with players of any skill level.

Shooting Fundamentals

To become a better shooting team, White demonstrates his Shot Prep Drill. This drill is designed to help younger players train their feet and minds to be ready to shoot the basketball. The utilization of this drill develops footwork with players to eliminate traveling and to have players ready to shoot on the catch.

Another drill, Disadvantage Shooting, can be used with younger players or in a morning shoot-around. This drill encompasses working on the whole process of the shot as well as communication. Players make game passes to a teammate, who then works on the same fundamentals that are taught in the Shot Prep Drill.

To develop competition, Four Spot Shooting has teams competing to make three shots in a row from four different spots. In four groups, two are placed on each basket with the requirement that they make three shots in a row from one spot before moving to the next spot. Three consecutive made shots from the corners and the slots must be made in two minutes or less to successfully complete the drill.

Majerus Drills

As a kid, Coach White was taught a drill by legendary coach Rick Majerus to develop ball-handling for guards. A simple yet effective drill, Team Majerus Handling helps add a pull-back dribble to players' games.

The drill is utilized in practice with the whole team on the floor and spaced out appropriately. A point of emphasis is to push off with the front leg when executing the pull-back dribble. The drill progresses to add a counter move to the crossover dribble with an inside out dribble.

On defense, White utilizes Majerus Closeouts. This drill allows for the defense and the offense to develop their individual skills. Three defensive players along the baseline begin the drill by passing to an offensive player and closing out on the ball. The offensive player then works the defender for three or four seconds using ball fakes and jab steps before working on fundamentals from Team Majerus Handling. On the whistle, the offensive players with the ball execute a post pass to a player on the baseline.

If you're looking to build your overall team skill level, this workout gives you options to pull from all season long. This video is a must-have for your collection!

Produced at the Spring 2017 Chicago (IL) Nike Championship Basketball Clinic.

56 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: open practice with ryan mccarthy: creating mayhem
Open Practice with Ryan McCarthy: Creating Mayhem

with Ryan McCarthy,
University of Alaska-Anchorage Women's Head Coach;
2016 NCAA D-II Runners-up;
124-12 overall record from 2015-2018;
Back-to-Back-to-Back-to-Back Great Northwest Athletic Conference Regular Season Champs (2015-2018);
3x NCAA D-II West Region Coach of the Year;
2x GNAC Coach of the Year

The University of Alaska-Anchorage women's basketball team has taken the country by storm with their brand of "Mayhem" on the court!

This look into how the Seawolves practice builds upon head coach Ryan McCarthy's first two instructional videos that detailed his "Amoeba" 1-1-3 zone defense and "Shark" 2-2-1 press. You will learn how to adjust the zone to different offensive tactics, the 1-2-1-1 "Loco" press, and how to sustain the attack on both sides of the floor with McCarthy's 4-out ball screen offense.

Amoeba Zone Defense

Coach McCarthy begins by answering some of the most common questions that you might have about his zone defensive system. Through whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstration, you'll see how his defense can be modified based on scouting reports to shut down various offensive strategies. This segment is especially helpful if you've watched his previously-released, wildly popular Mayhem 2-2-1 and Amoeba-Style Defense videos.

Additionally, McCarthy shows how to defend the corner with stunts or rotations depending on your opponent's shooting ability. Players demonstrate how to dig on the high post or play wide based on nearby shooting threats. Double teams in the low post, as well as rotations out of the trap, are broken down in detail.

Using the "Five Stops" drill, Coach McCarthy teaches the ins and outs for defending offensive concepts such as perimeter player movement, baseline runners, high post dives, handling dribble penetration and more.

Full Court Pressure

The attack never lets up in the Mayhem system thanks to two types of full court pressure.

You'll see how to prevent elite ball handlers from taking advantage of your press with the "Jump Switch" breakdown drill. This will help your players recognize how to rotate in "fix-it" situations and even pick up easy turnovers!

McCarthy adds a wealth of knowledge through breaks in the "3 Stops" drill to refine the 2-2-1 "Shark" press. The principles to the "Loco" press are also explained in a detailed walk-through in which McCarthy discusses the roles of each player. You'll also learn a great principle for helping your athletes read trapping situations to intercept passes.

Motion Offense

The Seawolves have implemented a simple ball screen offense that spreads the floor and allows players to be constant scoring threats. McCarthy shows how to read defenders helping on the roll in order to maximize the effectiveness of the play. A secondary motion is shown that opens up driving lanes for athletes.

Two drills are revealed that will improve your transition offense. The "Champions" drill will help your players clean up their technique in 2v1 and 3v2 situations to cut down on turnovers.

Additionally, you'll see two set plays that you'll definitely want to add to your playbook. "Rocket" gives you a strategy versus aggressive hedging teams by freeing up the ball screener. "Gator" provides an option for posting up an athletic guard while occupying defenders with off-ball screening action.

If you were a fan of Coach McCarthy's previous releases, this video is a must-purchase! He does a ton of teaching throughout the practice, which is helpful to coaches looking to dive deep into the Mayhem system.

114 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: greg mcdermott: special situations & offensive sets
Greg McDermott: Special Situations & Offensive Sets

with Greg McDermott,
Creighton University Head Coach;
2013 MVC Regular Season and Tournament Champions,
3x MVC Tournament Champions; led team to a school record 29 wins in 2012.

Get out your notebook and sharpen a few extra pencils, because this video is loaded with plays that you'll want to install with your team!

In this on-court instructional video, Greg McDermott covers a ton of areas that are sure to help your team with getting necessary buckets, as well as working on essential defensive concepts.

McDermott provides a toolbox of quick-hitting plays against a zone, baseline out of bounds plays, a variety of end-game plays (including some based on limited time on the clock), his favorite transition defense drills, his favorite rebounding drills, and the shell drill he uses each practice. He opens by discussing the need to prepare your team for anything, especially injuries to key positions.

Transition Defense Drills

Coach McDermott is a strong believer in taking easy opportunities in transition away from the opposing team. He shares a couple of transition defense drills that he uses to ensure that his team doesn't give up easy baskets. These drills work on stopping the ball, loading up to the ball side, communicating, and making sure the defense coming from behind flows to the weak side. These drills always end with the defense converting to offense and coming back trying to score.

  • 5-on-3 Transition Defense - Communication is key in this drill. McDermott challenges the offense to get a shot off quickly by using a 12 second shot clock.
  • 5-on-4 Transition Defense - This simulates teams that don't send their 1 and 2 to the boards. The defense focuses on double-teaming or pinching out during the box out.
  • Circle Transition - A great drill for causing match-up issues for the defense. The unpredictable nature of this drill makes communication and purpose of action key.

One huge emphasis that McDermott stresses with all of his drills is they must be game-like. For transition defense, disadvantage drills are useful, but simply going with the disadvantage number isn't game-like. McDermott likes to limit the number of players, but then quickly add them so they eventually match-up evenly.

Quick-Hitters Against a Zone

Coach McDermott provides seven quick-hitting plays to use against a 2-3 zone. He covers ball movement, player movement, timing, screening, and how to seal. These plays contain options for getting a specific player open, 3-point shots from the top, shots from the corner, getting the ball to the high post, and generating low post opportunities. He explains that some of the plays' movements and actions are the same in order to help disguise the true intent.

Out of Bounds and Late Game Set Plays

McDermott shows a series of situational sets against zone and then a series of out of bounds plays to build efficiency out of timeouts and dead balls.

  • Baseline Out of Bounds Plays - McDermott shows three plays to get great looks at the hoop. Your bigs will be excited, as each of the plays include a lob option.
  • Sideline Out of Bounds - Four sideline out of bounds plays are included. These plays aren't only great for quick looks, but are fantastic for creating mismatches or when you're trying to score late in the game. Plays include slips, elevator screens, and 3-point shots.
  • Late Game Plays for 3 - McDermott details three plays that can be used efficiently late in the game, both out of a timeout or on the fly.

Coach McDermott also provides some thoughts and instruction on the standard Shell Drill. However, his additional tweaks and philosophy behind it keeps the action going. With McDermott's version of the Shell Drill, you can realistically review all of your defensive actions in just 5 minutes.

This video is based on the most common questions Coach McDermott gets from other coaches. From key defensive drills to offensive plays, this

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Cover: steve schmidt: competitive drills to improve your program
Steve Schmidt: Competitive Drills to Improve Your Program

with Steve Schmidt,
Mott Community College Head Coach;
4x NJCAA National Champions (with eight Final Four appearances);
Distinguished member of the NJCAA Coaches Association Hall of Fame (2010);
Over 575 career wins - the winningest active coach at the NJCAA level;
has developed 4 National Players of the Year

Being a four-time national champion, Steve Schmidt knows how to effectively and efficiently run a practice. Coach Schmidt provides a variety of practice ideas for you to integrate into your practices in order to amp up your player development and sustain/maintain your program.

In this video, Coach Schmidt shares over 15 of his favorite drills in five different areas.

Ball Handling Series

This segment contains four drills that work on being able to handle the ball with both hands. You'll get a simple warm-up drill that incorporates stretching, an explosion drill to simulate real game action, a conditioner to keep your players in shape, and a simple scissors action to work on ball handling skills.

Passing Series

Passing is usually the least-covered aspect in basketball practices today. These drills from Schmidt - such as diagonal passing to break a press, defensive slide passing, and full court layup passing - focus on the fundamentals of making good passes while also improving the catching and receiving of the basketball.

Rebounding Series

Controlling both offensive and defensive rebounds is an essential skill and is needed to become a competitive team. Schmidt shares four competitive drills to address rebounding, which is the skill that Coach Schmidt claims to be the most difficult to teach. The drills focus both on the fundamentals of rebounding as well as the physical aspect behind being a great rebounder.

Included in these drills is Coach Schmidt's "3 and Out" drill. This is a great drill that works on rebounding and offensive and defensive skills, but more importantly it teaches players to compete for extended periods of time.

Defensive Series

Learn three drills that train players to defend with sound footwork and technique, improving cardiovascular strength. The 50 Drill forces players to get down in a stance and work on their defensive footwork. This isn't a player favorite drill, but is sure to be a coach's favorite! H.I.T is another drill that challenges the players' Heart, Intensity and Toughness. Coach Schmidt ends the defensive series with a fundamental 2-on-2 drill that teaches positioning and builds on guarding 1-on-1.

Offensive Series

Coach Schmidt loves putting his players in game-like situations and in competitions against each other. With 7 and Out, you'll get a great drill that players will enjoy and will help them learn your offensive concepts. Southern Indiana is a great 1-on-1 drill because it brings teammates together for a united cause.

As a JUCO coach, Coach Schmidt only gets two years to develop players, so the drills and concepts he teaches must be effective and efficient. Have your players win each day and rep hard each day with this developmental series that contains passing, dribbling, rebounding, and offensive/defensive work!

Produced at the Spring 2017 Kansas City (MO) Nike Championship Basketball Clinic.

73 minutes. 2018.

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