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Cover: elite player development: movement and shooting skills
Elite Player Development: Movement and Shooting Skills

with Phil Beckner,
Player Development Coach & Consultant;
has worked with NBA All-Star Damian Lillard and 2018 NBA 1st Round Draft Pick Chandler Hutchison;
former Boise State University Assistant & Associate Head Coach;
former Oklahoma City Blue Staff Member (Oklahoma City Thunder G-League Affiliate);
10+ years of collegiate coaching experience

In this video featuring Phil Beckner, you'll learn some of the key elements that go into molding players who can compete at the next level. The techniques and attention to detail that Coach Beckner brings to this video are applicable at all levels of player development. Many of these strategies have been used with some of Beckner's past development clients, who include Chicago Bulls 2018 first round draft pick Chandler Hutchinson and NBA All-Star Damian Lillard.

Understanding Player Movement

Starting with a basic template for player movement, Coach Beckner shows how spacing and floor balance can make your team harder to defend and put players in the best positions to maximize their skills. He shows you how these fundamentals are key to the development of multi-positional players and are designed to develop athletes who can perform at a high level in any type of program.

The drills presented in this video focus on what has become the most important part of player development - building good shooters. By emphasizing, "being great at the things that happen a lot," Coach Beckner helps you construct time-efficient workouts that lead to rapid player improvement.

Rapid Development Methods

Some of the key areas of player development Coach Beckner focuses on include:

  • How posture and footwork contribute to helping improve your shot
  • Why it's important to accelerate through all of your cuts
  • Different combinations of skills that accelerate learning and skill acquisition
  • How personal development of the player impacts overall success

Coach Beckner demonstrates how to improve player performance and skill level through an emphasis on speed, precision and positioning throughout all of the drills shown. Shooters are challenged to focus on key aspects of basic athleticism, as well as specific, repeatable shooting techniques. The drills presented enable athletes to shoot a higher percentage from multiple positions on the floor in a variety of game situations.

For coaches looking to boost the performance and skill level of players at every position, this video is an invaluable tool to build that base!

56 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: 2-3 zone defense breakdown + man-to-man strategies & special situations
2-3 Zone Defense Breakdown + Man-to-Man Strategies & Special Situations

with Muffet McGraw,
University of Notre Dame Head Women's Coach;
2x NCAA National Champions (2018, 2001);
2018 AP Coach of the Year (4X recipient);
2017 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame;
Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (2011);
2017 John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching Award;
3x Naismith College Coach of the Year;
3x USBWA Coach of the Year;
3x WBCA Coach of the Year

Legendary Notre Dame women's coach Muffet McGraw has twice guided the Fighting Irish to the pinnacle of college basketball. A two-time NCAA Tournament champion, McGraw knows what it takes to lead her program to success.

In this video, Coach McGraw discusses and demonstrates how her program utilizes a 2-3 zone defense. She breaks down the zone and shows several drills to help teach your players the required movements and responsibilities. Additionally, you'll receive tips for late-game situations that will help your team be prepared to get a late game bucket, or run some time off the clock if you're up a few points.

2-3 Zone Basics

Beginning with basic alignment and movements, McGraw guides you through zone responsibilities. She talks about each player's movement and how they should guard their area of the floor. As the ball moves around the perimeter, Coach McGraw demonstrates how your wing players can step up and take away the easy reversal shot until the top of the zone can bump them down to help any baseline runners or low post players.

Traps & Handling Screens

To take your zone to the next level, you can trap several different areas of the court from your base alignment. Trapping the post is effective if you're going against an elite post player. Using the top part of the zone, you can force the post to kick out and limit their ability to turn and get to the rim. Additionally, trapping the short corner will take away a baseline runner and open shooter. By trapping short corner, you can force your opponent to keep the ball on the perimeter.

Teams often like to use screens to create advantages against a zone defense. McGraw outlines how she prefers to defend various screening actions. Against a screen set at the bottom of the zone, you'll learn how your players can rotate and fight around the screen.

Drills & Q&A

Coach McGraw demonstrates how she breaks down and teaches zone movements. With the top part of the zone, she uses four offensive players so the defense knows how quickly they need to move and fly around to get to each spot. In the bottom part of the zone, she has two players work on sprinting from block to wing and back to the block again, working on a bump action.

Rounding out this video, McGraw provides you with a few late game situations prompted by a Q&A session with coaches attending the clinic presentation. If you need a bucket late in a game, she gives you a sideline out-of-bounds set for a quick 3-point shot. If you need to stall and take some time off the clock, she gives a late game set that will run down time and give you an easy look at the basket.

Coach McGraw has plenty of insight and knowledge to share. This video features great instruction on the 2-3 zone and extends beyond that to cover addition topics as well. Add this one to your coaching library today!

79 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: 2020 nabc online basketball clinic - myrtle beach
2020 NABC Online Basketball Clinic - Myrtle Beach


Man-to-Man Defense-vs-Personnel
Bruce Weber, Kansas State

Switching Man Defenses
Joe Mihalich, Hofstra

Spacing & Relocation
Kelvin Sampson, Houston

Running the Princeton 2-Guard Offense
Josh Loeffler, Johns Hopkins

High/Low Motion Offense Sets with Special Situations
Steve Forbes, East Tennessee State

Competitive Practice Drills
Scott Drew, Baylor

Pressing Options Out of a 1-2-1-1
Cliff Ellis, Coastal Carolina

Full Court & Shooting Drills for the Dribble Drive Motion
Vance Walberg, Clovis West (CA)

Ball Line Defense
Tubby Smith, High Point

Drills for Defensive Mastery
Bob Hurley, former St. Anthony's HS

Green Light Shooting: Determining Shot Selection and Shot Distribution
Mike Neighbors, Arkansas

5-Man Open Post Offense
Jerry Petitgoue, Cuba City HS (WI)

Warm-Up & 1-on-1 Drills
John Calipari, University of Kentucky

Characteristics of a Championship Culture
Dan Hughes, Seattle Storm (WNBA)

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Cover: maximize every minute of practice: drills to build intensity and effort
Maximize Every Minute of Practice: Drills to Build Intensity and Effort

with Fran Fraschilla,
ESPN Basketball Analyst (since 2003 - Big 12, NBA Draft, International Basketball);
former head coach at Manhattan College, St. John's and New Mexico;
1995 MAAC Coach of the Year; 2x MAAC regular season champions;
2000 NABC Literacy Pioneer Award;
Chairman of the NABC Committee on Academics ('94-'02);
Basketball Oldtimers of America Hall of Fame (2019)

ESPN basketball guru Fran Fraschilla draws from his extensive history as a coach and from studying the game of basketball to share 11 practice drills that will improve the performance of any team, regardless of playing style. In addition to an excellent collection of drills, Fraschilla also provides numerous ideas to enhance your coaching through better practice organization, offensive and defensive concepts, and more.

Defensive Drills

Six drills will sharpen your defense with greater intensity and excellent communication. Fraschilla uses the overload principle to make these drills more challenging than your players will ever see in games. The Change Drill implements random signals to scramble up defenders and provide the offense a temporary advantage. The 4-on-4 No Hands drill will force your defenders to play with their feet and constantly adjust their positioning as the offense moves to avoid getting beat on cuts.

The 4-on-3 Contest drill demands your players communicate and hustle to challenge the shot. It also serves a dual purpose by encouraging athletes to move the ball in search of the open jumper on the offensive end. The Hustle Drill is a perfect way to bring an end to your practices while instilling a tough mindset to win every battle for loose balls.

Fraschilla also shows how to introduce defensive switching concepts with the 4-on-4 Screen Down drill that will help your players to recognize switch opportunities and execute proper technique on the switch. You will also see how to improve upon a classic layer to the Shell Drill that will motivate your defenders to fly around with maximum intensity.

Offensive Drills

Prepare for the double teams around the rim with the Post Trap drill, which will teach your big men to use the pullback dribble and handle pressure. The drill also features an additional benefit of teaching your post players to relocate on dribble penetration. The Five Plus One drill is perfect for learning how to handle full court pressure and attacking with an advantage once you've beaten the front line of the press defense.

Fraschilla also explains two more drills that will improve your team's effectiveness in the full court: the 4-on-2 Plus 2 drill and the Lay it Out Front drill. These transition drills will help your players score in advantage situations and improve technique when quickly executing an outlet to ignite a fast break. Lastly, the Three Spots to Seven drill is a fantastic drill that will get your entire team competing while shooting a high volume of jump shots in practice.

These drills from Fran Fraschilla will be valuable additions to any team's practice regimen. Get this video and implement them with your own team immediately!

86 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: 2020 nabc online basketball clinic - las vegas
2020 NABC Online Basketball Clinic - Las Vegas


Man-to-Man Transition Offense Sets
T.J. Otzelberger, UNLV

Cornerstones of Team Culture & Practice Drills
Lon Kruger, Oklahoma

Championship Man-to-Man Defensive System
Matt Painter, Purdue

My All Time Favorite Practice Drills
Bob Hurley, former St. Anthony's H.S.

Off-Season Skill Development Workout
Jerod Haase, Stanford

Special Situations & Offensive Sets
Greg McDermott, Creighton

Stealing Points by Mastering Special Situations
Phil Martelli, Michigan

Full Court Trapping Systems for Controlling Tempo
Dana Altman, Oregon

Spread Offense
Brad Underwood, Illinois

3-Out or 4-Out Ball Screen Offense
Ryan Moody, Benedictine College

A Point Guard's Command of the Pick & Roll
Damon Stoudamire, Pacific

Intangibles for Building a Successful Basketball Program
Frank Allocco, San Francisco

Characteristics of a Championship Culture
Dan Hughes, Seattle Storm (WNBA)

Innovative Late Game Sets
Jay Wright, Villanova

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