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Cover: charli turner thorne's favorite drills
Charli Turner Thorne's Favorite Drills

with Charli Turner Thorne,
Arizona State University Head Women's Coach;
2x Pac-12 Coach of the Year ('01, '16);
2x NCAA Tournament Elite Eight appearances ('07, '09);

Successful teams need to be well-rounded in all the fundamentals of the game. In this video, Arizona State women's head coach Charli Turner Thorne shares a diverse collection of her favorite practice drills that cover many of the areas your team needs to work on to have a winning season. These 12 drills will improve your players' communication, passing, rebounding, defense, shooting, and more.

Drills to Get Started

Two practice drills will help your squad work on its full court offense and defense. The "Progression" drill builds up from a 2-on-1 fast break to 4-on-4 full court play to teach your players how to get matched up in different full court situations. The "Three Across Passing" drill will help your players work on the fundamentals of breaking any kind of full court pressure. Special rules are in place to so players learn how to break pressure in the back court and then attack in the front court when they have the advantage.

Four other drills contribute to multiple parts of your team's improvement. The "100 Layups" drill can function as a great warm-up to focus your players and improve their communication with full court passing and finishing at the rim. Teach players how to quickly find match ups to block out with Turner Thorne's "3-on-2 Rebounding" drill. This is a great way to work on rebounding principles while minimizing contact.

Coach Turner Thorne shows how to help your players win in critical moments with the "3-on-3-on-3 End Line" drill. This is a great way to focus on both the offensive and defensive side of your out of bounds plays or to scout an upcoming opponent with a little competition in practice. Utilize a multi-purpose defensive drill that teaches several components to your man-to-man system with the "Double Deny" drill. This all-in-one drill will teach defenders how to deny passing lanes, support teammates with help side defense, and play great on-ball defense.

Shooting-Specific Drills

A collection of six shooting drills will challenge your players to become floor-spacers with improved shooting. The "Thirty-Five" drill is a great way to involve your whole team with passing, shooting, and rebounding in a competitive environment. The other drills that Turner Thorne demonstrates are perfect for motivating your players in individual skill sessions. These shooting drills provide benchmarks that will help you identify the shooters on your team that can be trusted with taking the big shot when the game is on the line.

This insightful video will allow you to observe some of the practice staples that have helped Coach Turner Thorne find success in one of the most competitive leagues in women's college basketball!

59 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: offensive system: high-low motion offense, 3-out/2-in offense, 4-out/1-in offense
Offensive System: High-Low Motion Offense, 3-Out/2-In Offense, 4-Out/1-In Offense

with Chantal Vall��e,
Hamilton Honey Badgers (Canadian Elite Basketball League) Head Coach & GM;
University of Windsor Head Women's Basketball Coach;
Five straight Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) Women's Basketball National Titles (2011-2015);
2x CIS Women's Basketball Coach of the Year;
ATHENA International Leadership Award, 2012

Chantal Vall��e provides a unique opportunity to see how she installs the two motion offenses that comprise her half court offensive system. Coach Vall��e pulls no punches with the information she shares in this video. You will fill your notebook with her unparalleled commitment to explaining the offenses through whiteboard diagrams, on-court teaching, and player demonstration. Elements of the offense are shown through breakdown drills as well as all together in 5-on-5 scrimmages. This video has something for any coach who utilizes a motion offense with their team.


Learn how to pound the ball inside through the power game of the high-low motion offense. Coach Vall��e breaks down the offense through position-specific drills. You'll see critical teaching points for using the L-cut to get open at the wing and score. Posts demonstrate how to play off each other to get open at the high post or low post with v-cuts and screens.

A 2-on-2 drill will teach your low posts how to create angles with proper footwork to seal their defender and score at the rim. Coach Vall��e also shows an effective way to post your point guard with a back screen entry into the high-low offense. You'll get the progression of reads a high post needs to make as they play through the triangle created with their teammates.

4-Out Motion

You will also see a secondary motion offense that emphasizes attacking the rim with drives. This offense utilizes four perimeter players to create great spacing. Coach Vall��e explains the simple rules that provide a basic structure while creating a variety of scoring options. You will see how players can score through drives, back door cuts, off-ball screens, and pick & rolls.

Players demonstrate four methods for how to attack with momentum from blast cuts. The 4v0 Perimeter Movement drill puts a special emphasis on integrating post flashes into the offense. This option creates numerous screening opportunities while opening up the rim.

Coach Vall��e's offensive system will work for any team - no matter whether you prefer to play with size or speed. Add to your team's versatility and become more efficient on offense today!

113 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: defensive system - pack line & sparta defense
Defensive System - Pack Line & Sparta Defense

with Chantal Vall��e,
Hamilton Honey Badgers (Canadian Elite Basketball League) Head Coach & GM;
University of Windsor Head Women's Basketball Coach;
Five straight Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) Women's Basketball National Titles (2011-2015);
2x CIS Women's Basketball Coach of the Year;
ATHENA International Leadership Award, 2012

Allow Chantal Vall��e to show you exactly how she led the University of Windsor to five straight Canadian national titles! This inside look into a training camp setting run by Coach Vall��e will give you an unparalleled chance to learn her defensive system. You'll see how to squeeze the space your opponent can utilize while preventing the drive with the pack line defense. Vall��e also details her "Sparta" man-to-man style that prioritizes eliminating the opportunity for 3-point shots.

Coach Vall��e provides an in-depth explanation for both of her defenses through detailed lecture and diagrams as well as on-court walk through with her players. You will learn how to warm up your players with a 1-on-1 closeout drill series that teaches athletes to adjust their coverage based on whether they are trying to contain the drive or prevent the perimeter shot.

Pack Defense

The Pack defense places a huge emphasis on forcing players to their weak hand and providing help support on dribble penetration. See how Vall��e builds this strategy from 2-on-2 breakdown drills to full 5-on-5 play. These drills will teach your players proper defensive positioning to force the ball toward the weak side of the floor. You'll also learn how to rotate defenders on baseline drives with a two or three-player switch. Coach Vall��e explains how rotations adjust based on the position of the post defender.

Sparta Defense

The Sparta defense changes the focus to preventing 3-point shots. With this strategy, less help is provided by defenders as they deny their match-ups. Coach Vall��e explains how the on-ball defender takes responsibility for forcing their match-up into a low percentage shot through proper close outs, creating a cushion on the drive, and challenging the shot with the "Ghosting" technique.

If you love playing man-to-man defense, this system taught by Coach Vall��e will provide unique tactics that you can easily begin using with your own team.

91 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: practice drills to ramp up defensive pressure
Practice Drills to Ramp Up Defensive Pressure

with Rodney Terry,
University of Texas El Paso Head Coach;
2016 Mountain West Conference Tournament champions (Fresno State, head coach);
20-win seasons in '14, '16, '17, and '18;
2003 NCAA Tournament Final Four (University of Texas, assistant coach);

Coach Rodney Terry shares his experiences from rising up the coaching ladder; from a high school freshmen coach to now rebuilding the program as the head coach at the University of Texas El Paso. In addition to insights and ideas for improving the foundation of your team's culture, you will get eight practice drills to sharpen your defensive execution. These drills will help your players extend their pressure into the full court, contain the dribbler with tough on-ball defense, and more.

Essential Program Elements

Learn the essential elements for building a successful basketball program through the experiences and reflections shared by Coach Terry. These anecdotes and insights provide ideas for strengthening player relationships, constructing a more cohesive coaching staff, and creating an identity that reinforces and places value on hard work and grit.

Core Drills

Improve your team's pressure in the full court with three drills that will develop the fundamentals necessary for any press defense. The "3-Man Transition" drill challenges your players to deter the opponent's fast break by slowing down the ball and taking away advance passes. The "2-on-2 Convert" drill will teach your athletes to quickly convert from offense to defense while also enhancing their on-ball defense and help support in the backcourt. The "Corral" drill tasks your defenders with controlling the dribbler in the open court. These exercises will help you create the type of ball pressure that forces opponents into giving up the ball.

Half Court Defense

You will also gain insight into Coach Terry's half court defense with five breakdown drills that teach multiple phases of the game. "Three Line Closeouts" and "Continuous Closeouts" train players on the proper technique to contain dribble penetration in the half court. Terry also shows how to adjust your closeouts based on scouting reports to take away your opponent's strengths.

The "Jump to the Ball" drill progresses through several elements in a defensive possession such as on-ball defense, denying basket cuts, and help side defense. Learn how to support your teammates from the help side with the "Single Exchange" drill that teaches players how to deny weak side movement and help on baseline dribble penetration. You will also learn how to properly execute hard hedges and catches versus ball screens in the "Michigan State" drill. This drill is a great way to review how to defend ball screens from multiple locations on the court.

Build a strong defense, and gain valuable insight on improving your program's culture, with this insightful clinic from Rodney Terry!

66 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: "the system" - create more possessions, score more points
"The System" - Create More Possessions, Score More Points

with Dr. George Barber,
Greenville University Head Coach;
In 2019 season, set the NCAA Division III record in scoring offense (135.1 ppg);
also, in 2019, led the country in: assist per game, steals per game, turnover margin, total assists, 3pt FG attempts, 3pt FG made, total steals, offensive rebounds per game, turnovers forced, total rebounds per game;
in 2018, set the NCAA record for total points scored in a season (3528 in 28 games);
2016 SLIAC Coach of the Year; 2016 SLIAC regular season co-champions;
recipient of the Lee McKinney Distinguished Service Award in 2015;
part of Kentucky's 1996 National Championship team (Graduate Assistant coach)

Fast-paced style of play has become more and more popular with players; they love the pace, ability to get up and down the floor, and chance to create their own shots.

Dr. George Barber has replicated 'The System' at Greenville University, where his teams have consistently been ranked in the top five in scoring in all of college basketball across every level and have been breaking new scoring records each season. In this video, he details his system using whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstrations in an actual practice.


When Coach Barber decided to play and adapt this style, he was 'all-in' after getting reinforcement from his administration. You'll hear him detail the amount of time it will take to teach and get everyone within your program to adapt to his system. It isn't an easy style to play, but as he describes, it is a fun style to play. Using 12 -15 players each game, Barber creates more participation within his program and more interest from the community.

Each year it is important to set goals for your offense. With this system, you will generate an average of 25 more shots a game than your opponent. Setting a goal of 100 shots per game in a 40 minute game makes this a very competitive style to play. Coach Barber's teams average 50 3-pointers a game while shooting at a high percentage.

By forcing a quick pace of play, you will also create an off-balance style for your opponent. There's no way to prepare in practice for this style of play if you don't already play it.


Everything starts with a 12 second shot. The idea is to get a quick shot off, then attack your opponent with a smothering defense to get the ball back as quickly as possible. Once your opponent turns the ball over or scores, your players will need to use a three step method to get the ball out of the rim and look to attack right away in transition. By putting players in specific spots on the offensive end of the floor, your team will have multiple chances to get downhill to attack the rim. This offense can be combined with any other offense, but preferably one that attacks the rim and has lots of movement such as dribble drive or read and react.


Once you score in this style of play, you will want to attack your opponent right away. Using various trapping presses in the full court, you can speed your opponent up and make them play uncomfortably.

In the half court, Coach Barber describes how he wants his team to trap all over the floor. Using a defense that forces players towards the sidelines, your opponent will have nowhere go to.

Practice Planning

It's not easy to train your players to play at this pace, but setting up your practices will help them feel the pace of play. Barber sets his practices up so players shoot for at least 30 minutes everyday. Every drill he does in practice is geared toward making players get as many reps as possible in a short amount of time to simulate pace of play.

Coach Barber recommends players spend 30-40 minutes on defense during practice. Athletes have to be able to flip the switch and know where to trap and how to rotate out to continue putting pressure on your opponent. To finish practice, Barber uses his remaining time to scrimmage. He explains that this will help players adjust and a

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