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Cover: coaching football successfully
Coaching Football Successfully
As coach of the powerhouse Jenks (OK) High School Trojans, Allan Trimble has amassed an amazing number of victories, state championship titles, and national rankings. And he's done it with a carefully planned and executed game plan that promotes the positive development of athletes and teams.

Trimble shares the specifics of his system in Coaching Football Successfully. This meaty coaching manual covers it all: sideline communication, teaching fundamentals, practice drills, scouting and game planning, and postgame analysis and adjustments. Whatever your offensive and defensive schemes may be, you'll find the concepts applicable to your own program.

Loaded with detailed diagrams of plays and advice for handling off-the-field challenges, this book is of great benefit to both head coaches and assistants. Coaching Football Successfully is more than a worthwhile addition to your library; it's a proven game plan to building a championship-caliber football team.

243 pages. 2005.

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Cover: usa track & field coaching manual
USA Track & Field Coaching Manual
The USA Track & Field Coaching Manual is the official coaching guide of the sport's national governing body. The manual covers every major event and includes comprehensive, ready-to-apply information from 33 leading American coaches and experts.

Included among the valuable materials are:

  • proven predictive testing procedures
  • detailed event-specific technique instruction
  • carefully crafted training programs
  • preparation and performance tactics for success in competition

Contributing authors to the The USA Track & Field Coaching Manual are among the best coaches and experts in the sport of track and field. Many have worked with national, world, and Olympic champions. Each is an event-specific expert who has demonstrated the effective use of coaching art and science to train and inspire their athletes to achieve maximum performance.

The The USA Track & Field Coaching Manual is an essential part of any serious track and field coach's library.

316 pages. 2000.

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Cover: sports illustrated lacrosse: fundamentals for winning
Sports Illustrated Lacrosse: Fundamentals for Winning
Lacrosse, a game of speed, complexity, and nuance, is fast becoming one of the most popular sports nationwide. In this thoroughly updated edition of a Sports Illustrated bestseller 10-time national championship coach David Urick shows players and coaches the pathways to lacrosse success. With this book you can learn:

  • 10 fundamental stick skills every player should know
  • The rules of lacrosse: penalties, play, and positions
  • How you can dodge, shoot, feed, cut, pick, and screen like a champion
  • Individual defense: the art of the check and the hold
  • 15 team offensive formations and how to make them work for you
  • How your team can play quality defense
  • 18 skills and drills for becoming a better goalie
  • Extra-man defenses, man-down-defense, fast breaks, team practice, equipment, and more!
  • 233 PAGES. 2008.

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Cover: basketball: multiple offense and defense
Basketball: Multiple Offense and Defense
by Dean Smith,
legendary University of North Carolina head coach;
879 career wins; 2x NCAA Championship Coach;
4x National Coach of the Year; Basketball Hall of Fame ('83)

and Bob Spear

This book contains the secrets, strategies, and techniques that produced the greatest winning tradition in college basketball and will produce results and successes for coaches and players at all levels. This book is a brilliant distillation of the game. The reader will learn the thoughts, insights, techniques, and strategies that guided the University of North Carolina to victory after victory over a span of thirty years. This book is timeless, tested, and proven to be the playbook of a winning coach.

304 pages. 1999.

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Cover: little things that win big games
Little Things That Win Big Games
by Larry Gabe
with Ed Nielsen

Little Things Win Big Games is a unique, one of a kind book. It is the only baseball book that discusses all of the baseball fundamentals by position and by skill set, including pictures (145) that illustrate the many points discussed. The book will be instructive to coaches at all levels, players (10+ years of age to major League Level) who are interested in improving their teams or individual performance. You will learn how to play baseball the "RIGHT WAY". Many of these fundamentals are no longer taught by today's volunteer coaches. This is impacting the level of knowledge of our players moving up to high school or as they enter college or professional levels.

PLAYING MENTALLY ALERT gives you the competitive edge. You will capitalize on your opponents mistakes and weakness, not making the mental errors for your team. The team that performs the fundamentals (the little things) best will win the game. You don't give extra outs to your opponent. Watch your opponents during warm up, note the strong arms, weak arms, quickness/slowness, note the opportunities for your team. However, to play mentally alert you must fully understand the game and rules of baseball. Little Things Win Big Games will prepare you to play 100% mentally alert.

Chapters cover:

  • Mental alertness and the competitive edge
  • Infield play
  • First baseman
  • Second baseman
  • Shortstop
  • Third baseman
  • Catcher
  • Pitcher
  • Rundowns and pick off plays
  • Outfield play
  • Hitting
  • The art of bunting
  • Base running
  • Stealing bases
  • Sliding
  • Strength and conditioning

186 pages. 2015

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