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Cover: the performance challenge "all-in-one"conditioning and skill workout
The Performance Challenge "All-in-One"Conditioning and Skill Workout
with Jen Uselton,
UCA Cheer Instructor for 17 years, 6x UCA Head Instructor of the Year,
former American Association of Cheerleading Coaches & Administrators Coaches (AACCA) Education Coordinator

Veteran cheer coach Jennifer Useltonpresents an instructional video that will help cheer squads learn newconditioning skills or improve existing ones.

Utilizing all four corners of apractice mat, Uselton takes viewers step-by-step through a uniquesystem of skill-specific activities, synchronization drills,transitions and other strategies for developing strength andflexibility. She also shares a number of straightforward coachingtips designed to maximize the effectiveness of various exercises.

Here are just a few of the techniquesUselton shares as she walks viewers through her one-of-a-kind,four-corner program:

  • Corner 1 - In the toe-touch corner, Uselton works the lower half of the body using 30-second jump-training drills to increase flexibility, height and strength.
  • Corner 2 - Tumbling is the focus of this corner. Uselton offers skill- and confidence-building drills for inexperienced tumblers along with strategies for synchronizing tumbling routines.
  • Corner 3 - The drills presented in the "Lemon Squeezer" corner are designed to build overall endurance and develop stronger breathing techniques that will help squad members yell louder.
  • Corner 4 - Drawing on techniques presented earlier in the video, the dance/motion corner introduces a higher level of synchronization for stunting, tumbling and dance routines.
Whether you're building a new squador working with a team of experienced athletes, Uselton's uniqueconditioning program will help you maximize workouts, develop moreconfident athletes and enhance the quality of cheer routines.

This detailed, easy-to-follow video ispacked with drills and tips presented by one of the nation'sleading cheer coaches is a must-have for all cheer squads.

27 minutes. 2011.

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