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Cover: daily practice structure + 14 drills for any team
Daily Practice Structure + 14 Drills for Any Team

with Ben Jacobson,
University of Northern Iowa Head Coach;
4x Missouri Valley Coach of the Year (2009, 2010, 2015, 2020);
3x Missouri Valley Conference regular season champions (2009, 2010, 2020),
4x Missouri Valley Conference tournament champions

One of the best ways to stimulate your approach to basketball practice is by observing other successful programs and coaches conduct their own practices. In this video, you will see a practice run by the University of Northern Iowa's Ben Jacobson. Jacobson's teams are well known for their grit and defense, often taking down power conference giants. You'll get an inside look at how practices are organized from start to finish, and steal some drills and ideas from one of the best coaches in the country!

Building Fundamentals and Intensity

Coach Jacobson shows how a three-stage rotating warm-up can help players establish solid fundamentals at the start of every practice. These drills build better ball handlers, better finishers and better passers at every position. Teams with these kinds of fundamentals can make great strides in player development.

In addition to demonstrating how to layer progressions of different drills, Jacobson details innovative constraints you can use to help keep your team's intensity high throughout practice. You'll see how an accomplished coach who averages over 20 wins per season enhances player learning by alternating between on-air drills and drills that feature one or more defenders.

Improving Offense and Defense

Coach Jacobson continually challenges players both mentally and physically as he illustrates various ways to transition between half-court and full-court work. He shows how to build multiple actions into your transition game to help your team become better at scoring and attacking the basket before the defense has a chance to adjust.

This video will help you improve your coaching by:

  • Showing four different options off a transition attack that maximize scoring chances.
  • Giving you defensive drills with a competitive structure that encourages player communication.
  • Presenting key metrics that players can shoot for in each drill to keep player development on an upward path.

Opportunities like this are great for coaches to see how the best programs in America run their practices without having to travel hundreds of miles! Jam-packed with ideas on both drills and pacing of practice, this video from Coach Jacobson is an indispensable addition to your coaching library.

71 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: making the squad: high school cheer tryouts
Making the Squad: High School Cheer Tryouts

by Dana Logan,
Ames (IA) High School Head Winter Cheer Coach (Basketball & Wrestling);
Championship Productions' Cheerleading Director

Prepare for high school cheerleading tryouts by learning cheer terminology and skills from current varsity cheerleaders! Coach Dana Logan breaks up the entire tryout process into easy-to-follow categories and provides the "do's and don'ts" along the way.

The included categories are as follows:

  • Basic Cheer Motion Technique
  • Cheers/Chants
  • Jumps
  • Tumbling
  • Spiriting
  • Fight Song/Dance

Each component is fully demonstrated and explained to make learning these new skills a fun and easy task. You'll also receive strategic tips on how you can increase your chance of being chosen for the team from the coach's point of view!

This presentation is ideal for newcomers to the sport of cheerleading that wish to join a high school cheerleading squad. No previous cheer or dance experience is required to benefit from the instruction provided!

39 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: basketball conditioning: 1-on-1, big men and team competition drills
Basketball Conditioning: 1-on-1, Big Men and Team Competition Drills

with Robert Ehsan,
former University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Head Coach;
2019 College Basketball Invitational Tournament appearance;
was an Assistant Coach under Jerod Haase at UAB, Seth Greenberg at Virginia Tech, and Gary Williams at Maryland

Coach Robert Ehsan has developed an extraordinary conditioning program that every basketball coach needs to examine. This series of competitive drills will have your players getting in shape while simultaneously working on their basketball skills. It will challenge your players to push themselves harder than they ever would through generic running activities. If you want to build mental toughness, reinforce basketball concepts and physically prepare your athletes for competition, then this is the video for you!

Core Competitive Drills

With the Knockout series of 1-on-1 drills, your players will battle through the entire workout as they attempt to drive their teammates to total exhaustion. Coach Ehsan demonstrates five 1-on-1 games that will work different elements of your athletes' skill sets. The "4, 3, 2" drill helps players tighten up their triple threat attack by limiting the number of dribbles they are allowed. The "Earn Your Dribbles" drill positively rewards great technique on defensive slides. Additionally, the "50 Point Game" incorporates 3-point shooting plus attacking in transition. You will also see how the drill can be modified to accommodate different gym settings with a half-court variation.

Finally, the "1-on-1 Full Court" drill simulates applying pressure and ball handling in the open court. You will learn how to emphasize defensive priorities throughout the workout by modeling Ehsan's system for tracking breakdowns.

Modified for Personnel

In addition to his primary drills, Coach Ehsan explains how you can modify drills to work out your post players. Two post-specific drills are demonstrated to teach new concepts such as duck-ins at the rim. The "Ball Screen Game" reinforces ball screen defense while also allowing your players to simulate a post-up after rolling to the rim.

These workouts can also be modified to include larger numbers in the same session. Ehsan details how you in can incorporate up to 12 players with the "2-on-2 Full Court" drill. This adaptation will improve your team's ability to full court press and handle pressure. You'll also see how to keep your players continuously working with the addition of a workstation. This concept allows athletes to stay engaged and improve while waiting for their next opportunity to compete in a game.

Motivate your players to push past their limits and get in great shape for next season with the drills and concepts in this video from Coach Ehsan!

47 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: inside gap scheme runs
Inside Gap Scheme Runs

with A.J. Blazek,
North Dakota State University Offensive Line Coach;
helped NDSU rush for a school-record 4,601 yards in 2019 en route to a perfect 16-0 record;
led NDSU to the 4th-ranked FCS rushing offense (287.6 yards per game) in 2019; NDSU also led the FCS in tackles for loss allowed (3.56 per game);
former Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Offensive Line;
former Western Illinois Offensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator;
as a player, was a 2x All-Big Ten Lineman at the University of Iowa

A-Gap Power is the base play for the seemingly unbeatable NDSU Bison. Coach A.J. Blazek, a "self-professed zone guy", has embraced the NDSU gap scheme culture and is now an enthusiastic gap convert ready to share his system. Highlighting the similarities and differences between the zone blocking scheme and the gap blocking scheme, Blazek provides a thorough breakdown of responsibilities and execution of the A-Gap Power play.

A-Gap Principles and Rules

Defining four A-gap principles, Blazek puts in place the template for every player in the NDSU offense. Reviewing game film, he shows you how to apply these principles to any defense, formation, or scheme your opponent might run against you.

Next, Blazek outlines three gap scheme rules for the offensive line and defines a simple template that can be applied to every situation. His philosophy is to "rep it, rep it, rep it" so that his offensive linemen are used to seeing the chaos of game day and can respond appropriately within his gap scheme rules.

Power Read

In the final 10 minutes of this video, Coach Blazek touches on the Power Read play and demonstrates how effective the one/two punch of A-Gap Power and Power Read can be. These plays have two different points of attack, yet the blocking is the same for the offensive line, making it a scheme your athletes can pick up quickly. Coach Blazek says, "If you do the same play all the time, as a staff you learn to know all the answers."

Upon watching this video from Coach Blazek, A-Gap Power will be your 'bread and butter' play that you run "anytime, anywhere, any field, any alley" as your team makes its way to a championship.

70 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: elite player development: movement and shooting skills
Elite Player Development: Movement and Shooting Skills

with Phil Beckner,
Player Development Coach & Consultant;
has worked with NBA All-Star Damian Lillard and 2018 NBA 1st Round Draft Pick Chandler Hutchison;
former Boise State University Assistant & Associate Head Coach;
former Oklahoma City Blue Staff Member (Oklahoma City Thunder G-League Affiliate);
10+ years of collegiate coaching experience

In this video featuring Phil Beckner, you'll learn some of the key elements that go into molding players who can compete at the next level. The techniques and attention to detail that Coach Beckner brings to this video are applicable at all levels of player development. Many of these strategies have been used with some of Beckner's past development clients, who include Chicago Bulls 2018 first round draft pick Chandler Hutchinson and NBA All-Star Damian Lillard.

Understanding Player Movement

Starting with a basic template for player movement, Coach Beckner shows how spacing and floor balance can make your team harder to defend and put players in the best positions to maximize their skills. He shows you how these fundamentals are key to the development of multi-positional players and are designed to develop athletes who can perform at a high level in any type of program.

The drills presented in this video focus on what has become the most important part of player development - building good shooters. By emphasizing, "being great at the things that happen a lot," Coach Beckner helps you construct time-efficient workouts that lead to rapid player improvement.

Rapid Development Methods

Some of the key areas of player development Coach Beckner focuses on include:

  • How posture and footwork contribute to helping improve your shot
  • Why it's important to accelerate through all of your cuts
  • Different combinations of skills that accelerate learning and skill acquisition
  • How personal development of the player impacts overall success

Coach Beckner demonstrates how to improve player performance and skill level through an emphasis on speed, precision and positioning throughout all of the drills shown. Shooters are challenged to focus on key aspects of basic athleticism, as well as specific, repeatable shooting techniques. The drills presented enable athletes to shoot a higher percentage from multiple positions on the floor in a variety of game situations.

For coaches looking to boost the performance and skill level of players at every position, this video is an invaluable tool to build that base!

56 minutes. 2020.

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