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Cover: basics of the go-go offense
Basics of the Go-Go Offense

with Brennan Marion,
College of William & Mary Offensive Coordinator & Quarterbacks Coach;
former Howard University Offensive Coordinator & Quarterbacks Coach;
Howard achieved the biggest upset in college football history in 2017 under Coach Marion when they defeated UNLV 43-40 in a game UNLV was 45.5 point favorites;
under Marion in 2018, Howard ranked 15th nationally in total offense, 16th in passing offense, 21st in scoring offense, and 4th in yards per completion;
invited to the 2019 NFL Quarterback Coaching Summit;
invited to the AFCA '35 Under 35' Leadership Institute;
in 2014, led Waynesboro Area HS (PA) to a division title and its first winning season in 22 years just one year after posting a winless record;
in 2013, led St. Patrick-St.Vincent Catholic HS to a playoff appearance following a 1-9 record the year prior to his arrival;
played two seasons at Tulsa and finished his career averaging 28.7 yards per reception (FBS record among players with at least 75 career receptions)

"Brennan Marion is the creator of the 'Go-Go Offense,' which he has run to success at every one of his coaching stops. In short, the Go-Go Offense is an uptempo one, specifically designed to run the ball downhill. It's about tempo and spacing, using multiple formations to get favorable match-ups to run the ball. Its main formation is aligning the QB in the shotgun with two backs on the same side of the QB. Contrary to popular belief, it's a big play offense predicated on chunk plays, which come from teams over-committing to stop the run." - Emory Hunt in The Athletic

The Go-Go offense has attracted the attention of football gurus around the country because of how Brennan Marion has used it to quickly turn around the programs he's coached during his budding career. In this video, Coach Marion teaches the fundamentals necessary to build the Go-Go offense as well as the coaching methods he has used in concert with the Go-Go in order to lead his teams to offensive success.

Go-Go Philosophy

Marion begins with an explanation of what the Go-Go offense is and how it has evolved through the years. He then goes into detail explaining the culture that he and his fellow coaches at William & Mary have worked to establish that helps each student-athlete develop not only as football players and athletes, but as a team. You'll get several excellent tips for team building, such as accountability partners, and hear Coach Marion give an overview of how a game week is designed to ensure players are ready to perform their best come game day.

Setting Up the Go-Go + Marion's Journey

Next, you'll observe the basic structure of the run and pass schemes that make up the Go-Go offense. Marion explains the advantages of the Go-Go and goes into detail about incorporating an option run scheme in the offense, which makes preparation very difficult for the opposing team. As an added bonus, Coach Marion gives pointers on transitioning from being a player to being a coach, as well as what it takes to be successful as a coordinator.

If you're interested in implementing the Go-Go offense, this video contains necessary program development insights and base concepts. Coach Marion shares excellent ideas on what it takes to build a championship offense!

48 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: five man puck recovery
Five Man Puck Recovery

with Tyler Krueger,
UW-Stevens Point Head Coach;
2019 NCAA Division III National Championship;
led UWSP to the first undefeated season in Division III Hockey history;
awarded the 2019 Edward Jeremiah Award as the National Coach of the Year by the American Hockey Coaches Association (ACHA);
2019 National Coach of the Year;
was Associate Head Coach in 2016 (NCAA National Championship)

In a possession-style approach to the game, you want to regain possession as quickly as possible when it's lost. This video featuring UW-Stevens Point head coach Tyler Krueger will teach you how to train your team to regain possession deep in the offensive zone and generate more high quality scoring opportunities as a result.

Offensive Zone Tactics Against the "Swarm"

Coach Krueger begins by discussing why teams deploy a "swarm" defense. He explains how to effectively counter this defensive tactic by collapsing the zone and not becoming out-numbered. You and your team will learn the concept of "squashing" defenders to limit the effectiveness of the opponent's wingers.

Recovering Pucks in the Offensive Zone

You'll see how to get your forwards into proper position in the offensive zone to pressure the swarm defense into creating loose pucks, which will provide your players opportunities to recover them. Through a set of three drills, Coach Krueger displays how to train your team to be active with constant movement so your athletes can anticipate the D play, be on time with pressure, and jump on the loose puck.

Getting Pucks into the Critical Scoring Area

Krueger's final three drills work on re-expanding the zone and getting the puck back into the critical scoring area after winning possession from the defense. You will observe how to train your team to quickly open, and get into, both the "Half Wall" and "Goal Line" seams in order to generate opportunities in the "Grade A" area. Additionally, Coach Krueger provides a low-to-high reset drill that will train your team how to respond to a defense that has quickly closed up the seams you're trying to exploit.

Coach Krueger emphasizes the importance of having a 70/30 offensive/defensive split in order to be successful with a possession-style approach to the game. Winning the puck back in the attack zone is a critical component in this style of play. The concepts and drills in this video will help you train your team to quickly get back on the attack and increase your shot count.

58 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: all access wisconsin hockey practice
All Access Wisconsin Hockey Practice
with Mike Eaves,
St. Olaf College Head Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Head Coach;
2006 NCAA Champions; 2010 NCAA Runners-Up; over 200 career wins

Spend three full days with University of Wisconsin Head Coach Mike Eaves and the staff of the Wisconsin Badger men's hockey program. Coach Eaves shares strategies, tips and techniques taken from 25 years coaching experience in Europe, the NHL and now with the Badgers , which he led to a national championship title in 2006.

Coach Eaves illustrates how to develop a successful practice using three critical elements for practice design and seven key "in practice" focus areas.

The presentation is filled with drills that demonstrate both individual tactics and team play concepts. The drills vary from simple to complex techniques and move into high tempo team play and competitive team play conditioning situations. Coach Eaves uses a variety of strategies to develop his players including flow, compete, small area games and team play combination drills. Most of the drills in the presentation are designed to accelerate the athlete's skill level and enhance his ability to think and perform "at pace" while maintaining or improving their overall conditioning level.

Follow the philosophy and approach to practice design in Coach Eaves' presentation and your players will develop at an exponential rate.

281 minutes (2 DVDs). 2014.

All Access videos are designed to allow viewers from all over the world to see how successful coaches run their practices in a "live" practice setting. All Access videos allow viewers to see the practices un-edited and in real-time. You will see how top coaches run their drills, interact with their team and staff, how they motivate their team, the cue words they use, the atmosphere of the practice and how practices are structured from day to day. Many coaches visit successful colleges and high schools to watch practice. But if you live out of state or out of the country, visiting another coach's practice can be costly. That's why we created the All Access Practice Series of videos -- to bring the practices to you!

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Cover: best of club swimming: technical progressions for successful backstroke
Best of Club Swimming: Technical Progressions for Successful Backstroke

with Kevin Zacher,
Scottsdale Aquatic Club (SAC) Head Coach & CEO;
American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Level 5 certified coach;
3x American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Arizona Age Group Coach of the Year (2007, 2014 and 2016 );
under Zacher's leadership, SAC was named a USA Swimming Gold Medal Club in 2013, won the 2014 Junior National title and in 2016 the Junior National overall team title;
Zacher-coached swimmers have: broken National Age Group Records, won Individual National Championships, attained National Top 10 rankings in respective age groups, earned Junior/Senior National Qualifying times, qualified for the Olympic Trials and won Olympic Medals

Most backstroke instruction focuses on drills performed at a high tempo without addressing how swimmers can make that tempo achievable and sustainable. In this video, Scottsdale Aquatic Club head coach Kevin Zacher will help you teach your swimmers the essentials required to swim their best backstroke.

This is not just a collection of drills - it is a complete backstroke program! Coach Zacher's exercises are presented in a logical order for teaching the backstroke. You'll also see how to order Zacher's drills and change their focus to build a great backstroke from the beginner to the elite level.

Kick Progression and Perfecting the Catch

Coach Zacher shows how you can develop the backstroke kick - the engine of the stroke - through a progression that ties the kick to the core for power and a drag-reducing body line at the water's surface.

Next, you'll learn how to help every swimmer find the right place to catch for a clean entry that minimizes transition time from recovery to pull. Zacher shows how to use drills to help even your most advanced swimmers hold more power through the mid-point of the pull, where many swimmers lose core connection. You will also learn pull patterns that end at the thigh near the surface of the water for a fast recovery that improves tempo.

Additionally, Coach Zacher teaches drills and includes sample practice sets to build hand and forearm strength as well as water feel. You'll discover easy-to-find or to-create tools that will help your swimmers boost their endurance, strength, water feel or body awareness.

Developing Starts and Turns

Zacher explains what to watch for as your swimmers set up their backstroke starts, with or without a backstroke start ledge. He includes how to drill your backstroke starts to drive the hips high and create an optimal entry angle. You'll learn how to get your swimmers to speed up their turns with instructions and drills specifically designed to help them turn strongly at the right time and rotate quickly.

Program Application for an Elite Swimmer

In the final segment, Coach Zacher interviews one of his athletes, NCAA Championship backstroker Amy Bilquist, as she describes how she uses these drills and practice sets to improve every aspect of her backstroke as she prepares for 2020 Olympic Trials. Coaches and swimmers who watch this segment may be surprised to learn how much top swimmers rely on basic drills done with focus and precision to create an elite backstroke.

Coach Zacher has created a backstroke teaching and training system that you can use to create a sustainable, high-tempo backstroke at any level!

54 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: champcoach football membership
ChampCoach Football Membership

Featuring over 420 full-length football coaching videos from an amazing collection of Hall of Fame, FBS, Conference & High School Championship-winning coaches such as: J.T. Curtis, Brick Haley, Ed Thomas, Paul Chryst, Dave Warner, Ed Warinner, Rick Stewart, Tony Alford, Mike Leach and many, many more!

Every Topic Covered!

Whether you're looking for adjustments to a new offensive or defensive system or scheme, tweaks to your players' skills and technique, or, in-depth ideas for practice planning and drills, ChampCoach contains all the valuable X&O's you need!

From the Unrivaled, Award-Winning Championship Productions Studios in Ames, Iowa!

If you are familiar with football coaching videos, then you are familiar with Championship Productions!
Championship Productions invented the instructional sport video in the 1970s and has been on the cutting-edge, featuring the most successful coaches on film, ever since! As wehave transitioned from VHS to DVD to instant stream videos, hundreds of thousands of football coaches all over the world have benefitted from the skills instruction, from in-depth demonstrations of systems, technique, drills and position-training concepts, and, from seeing how the best coaches in the world run their practices and enjoy consistent, hard-earned success.

Championship Productions has been long recognized as the world's leader in sport instructional videos and has been showered with numerous Telly Awards (the highest award in video programming) but most importantly, with praise and gratitude from coaches of football teams, atall levels of play, for all that we have allowed them to learn and subsequently, teach, to their teams for the past 40 years!

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