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Cover: improving players' athleticism: balance & stability
Improving Players' Athleticism: Balance & Stability

with Jason Papalio,
Athletic Recovery Training Specialist;
staff consultant for Manhattan College's 2014 and 2015 MAAC Champion basketball teams;
Has worked with high school, college and professional athletes

Every season, coaches explore various techniques to help their players improve. Oftentimes, the focus is on skill-based techniques and many people overlook how to build their athletes' balance and athleticism within the game.

In this video, Jason Papalio shows you ways to improve your athletes' athleticism on the court, utilizing various pieces of equipments such as rearrange harness and balance rings in order to build strength, power, balance and speed. Your off-season and in-season pre- or post-practice routines can be positively affected by implementing some of these training methods.

CoreVYO Harness

Papalio begins by showing a tool that engages the core. He combines breathing techniques with the harness to help improve performance. The harness will allow you to work toward preventing injuries, but with the resistance it also boosts overall performance. With a CoreVYO harness, you'll get effective, low-impact exercises that will pay dividends with your team's improved athleticism during the season.

Balance Pad

The next tool Papalio shares focuses specifically on balance and stability. A balance pad engages the core, makes you be 'in the moment' and can strengthen the joints. Additionally, it will improve the energy consumption and mental focus of your athletes by creating the same environment that players will experience in a game. The balance pads also allow coaches and trainers to see how a player naturally moves, which allows you to see, and address, imbalance.


Coach Papalio can change the resistance when using a harness to match the needs of each individual athlete. He shows multiple drills that you can do using both the harness and balance pad including conditioning, ball handling, shooting, defense, and other skill-building drills.

This video covers improving athlete performance by building a solid foundation of balance and stability. As you progress from dynamic stretching, you can improve a player's core and strength with low-impact exercises. Papalio's techniques are effective year-round and you'll observe a noticeable increase in their overall performance as you begin to implement these into your program.

41 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: improving players' athleticism: recovery techniques
Improving Players' Athleticism: Recovery Techniques

with Jason Papalio,
Athletic Recovery Training Specialist;
staff consultant for Manhattan College's 2014 and 2015 MAAC Champion basketball teams;
Has worked with high school, college and professional athletes

After a game or hard practice, it might seem normal to immediately pack up and head to the locker room. However, what you're missing out on may be one of the most important components to your team's longevity over the course of a season.

Athletic recovery training specialist Jason Papalio explains the importance of using recovery techniques in this video. You'll learn why it's essential to warm-down to prevent injuries and ensure that your athletes can bounce back quickly for the next game or practice.

Cat Cow Pose

Yoga has proven to be a beneficial tool in building strength, improving flexibility and better breathing. Injuries can occur when players lack flexibility, which makes building flexibility and strength two points you should address every day.

Core strength is important. However, players must also be flexible and not focus only on building the core. In Cat Cow Pose, athletes create space within the spine, flexibility of the spine, build muscles and incorporate proper breathing techniques.

Dynamic Lunge

Papalio showcases the dynamic lunge advanced exercise, which builds core and arm/leg muscles, incorporates balance, and strengthens the body. Body weight exercises are low-impact and can be used to help build muscles in the glutes, quads and hamstrings. Lunges are an excellent way to improve hip stability, overcome muscular imbalances and strengthen the quads to run faster and jump higher.


This section is part of Papalio's cool-down routine. These techniques help players relax after doing poses that may be challenging. The stretching helps lengthen the muscles and open the hips. It can also help flush the lymphatic system.

Coach Papalio covers a wide array of techniques that improve recovery in this video. If you want to make sure your team stays healthy and always competes at its optimal level, you need to emphasize recovery every day.

41 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: multiple set plays for the swing offense
Multiple Set Plays for the Swing Offense

with Bo Ryan,
member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame (2017);
former University of Wisconsin Head Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA Final Four ('14 & '15);
4x Big Ten Coach of the Year;
7x Big Ten Championships (three tournament & four regular season);
2008 Jim Phelan National Coach of the Year;
2007 Adolph Rupp Cup Award;
2007 Clair Bee Coach of the Year Award;
former UW-Platteville Head Coach - 4x NCAA DIII National Champions

Bo Ryan, the architect of the Swing offense, breaks down the ins and outs of the system that catapulted his teams to multiple deep runs in the NCAA Tournament. This offense is known for creating high percentage shots in areas where your team can take advantage of favorable match-ups.

Along with insights on the Swing offense, Ryan passes on some fantastic set plays that he has used through the years. These plays complement the Swing offense and easily fit in with its formation and function.

Offensive Philosophy

Oftentimes during his coaching career, Coach Ryan's offenses were thought of as slow and methodical, but in this video he shows why that's not entirely true, and shares the secrets of why the Swing offense has been so successful. Some of the key points that Ryan stresses during this video include:

  • Spacing the floor
  • Preventing turnovers
  • Getting more shots
  • Offensive rebounding
  • Fundamentals

While most coaches preach these concepts, Ryan lives by them. Because of this, his teams have always been some of the most efficient in the country. In particular, Ryan highlights the importance of getting a good shot every time down the court - which is why his offense is so effective.

Swing Offense

Coach Ryan begins with positioning, then explains the fundamental movements behind the offense. Creating a triangle on one side of the floor is a key foundation behind the Swing offense.

Ryan also breaks down five post moves that his players work on every day. Every player in the Swing offense needs to learn how to be a threat from the post. Next, you'll learn how to implement back screens, flex cuts, and great looks for 3-pointers from inside-out.

Another great component to this offense is its ability to go after opposing players who are in foul trouble. By isolating these players in the post, defenses must figure out ways to help, which often opens up opportunities elsewhere.

After running through the offense, Ryan shares several plays that can easily be run out of the Swing set. These plays will give your team looks from the post, from the 3-point line, off of ball screens, fade screens, and other actions.

With great screening actions, fantastic looks in the post, and the highest percentage 3-pointers available, the Swing offense will give your team the tools necessary to have tremendous success on the court!

69 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: steve smith: transition & dribble drive offense
Steve Smith: Transition & Dribble Drive Offense

with Steve Smith,
Oak Hill Academy (VA) Head Coach;
Over 1000 career wins;
4x USA Today National Coach of the Year;
9x National High School Champions

Playmakers are more effective than 'play runners.' What happens when the offensive play breaks down? You'll need a player ready to break down the defense!

Legendary Oak Hill Academy head coach Steve Smith is a master at teaching his athletes how to play the game. He does an excellent job preparing players for the next level, both athletically and by raising their basketball IQ.

In this video, Smith makes the case for crafting fewer plays and building more playmakers. Through on-court demonstrations, he shares:

  • Transition offense and how to read the game based on ball position.
  • How to run and make basketball decisions out of the dribble drive motion offense.
  • Five simple and effective out of bounds plays that can be run at any level of basketball.

Dribble Drive

The dribble drive is becoming one of the most popular offenses in the country. It allows players freedom to attack the rim and their defender. It's also hard for other teams to scout and prepare for. Most opponents end up playing a zone against it because they cannot stop quick, athletic guards. Spacing is critical and must happen in order for your team to shoot layup after layup.

Coach Smith breaks down how he teaches the dribble drive offense and demonstrates three basic formations and actions, such as screening and pitch backs, to create scoring opportunities. If you're looking to get post players involved, he shows you an isolation play with a hard step in and a flat screen option where your post can roll or pop for an open look.

Transition Scrimmage

A complete team must have a transition game. Smith demonstrates how he teaches his transition offense through a competitive scrimmage game. Starting with a free throw break and pushing the ball up the floor, he teaches three basic sets that he never has to yell out during a game. Your players will learn how to read the defense and use the concepts taught in dribble, dribble 2, and dribble 3 sets.

Out of Bounds Sets

Giving you the complete offensive package, Smith demonstrates five easy to use baseline sets and one sideline set. Within the baseline sets, your team will utilize pick the picker options to give your post players uncontested layups and screening actions where your guards can look to attack the rim or pull up for a short jumper.

Over the course of 30 years of coaching, Coach Smith has recognized that players need to learn how to play the game. In this video, you'll get a great look at how to teach your athletes to read the defense and take their game to the next level.

Produced at the Nike Championship Basketball Coaches Clinic in Minneapolis (MN), Fall 2017.

65 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: 4-out ball screen continuity offense
4-Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense

with Brian Field,
Providence Day School (NC) Head Coach;
2016 USA Today North Carolina Coach of the Year; 2016 North Carolina (NCISAA) 3A State Championship

Providence Day School head coach Brian Field has created a top-tier 4-out ball screen continuity offense that emphasizes reversals and ball screens. In this video, you'll learn how to implement Field's offense and see how it creates high-percentage scoring opportunities for your players by utilizing your guards' playmaking abilities while pulling defending post defenders away from the basket.

With seven quick-hitter plays designed to be used within the 4-out ball screen continuity offense, your players will learn how to pick & pop, pick & roll, slip screens, set flare screens, and run dribble hand-offs - all actions that are difficult to defend.

Gator Shooting

Learn the primary shooting and finishing drill used by Coach Field. He incorporates all potential shots that are taken by players when running the offense, and since the drill has multiple players getting shots up, it will lead to more reps for each player. You'll see how to run the drill on both sides of the floor with each action so you can incorporate your own philosophies into the drill.

"Inside" + Quick Hitters

Coach Field includes seven quick-hitters that can be used when running the 4-out ball screen continuity offense. With a 4-out offense, many guards will dominate the ball. However, Field has created a way to get your best post player a chance at scoring as well.

Opponents may attempt to make adjustments to guard the your ball screen continuity offense, but with several plays covered, Coach Field gives you counters for every adjustment possible.

This video will help any coach looking to implement a simple, continuous offense for their team. Field does an excellent job of explaining how pieces within the offense move together to build continuity. If you're looking for an easy-to-learn offense that provides many scoring opportunities, you will want to install Coach Field's 4-out offense!

60 minutes. 2018.

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