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Cover: the simplified unstoppable fast break
The Simplified Unstoppable Fast Break

with Eric Bridgeland,
Whitman College Head Coach;
led Whitman to a 104-14 record (.881) from 2014-15 through 2017-18;
back-to-back unbeaten conference records in 2017 & 2018;
2018 Basketball Times D-II Men's Coach of the Year;
2018 D-III Men's Coach of the Year;
2018 NABC West District Coach of the Year

With over 300 career wins at the Division III level, Eric Bridgeland has proven he has the coaching chops to develop high-achieving teams. A run of successful seasons under Coach Bridgeland has placed Whitman as one of the top programs in the country that also focuses on developing off the court relationships and leaders in today's world. His fast-paced system has made for a fun style of play that your players will love to play within themselves.


In Coach Bridgeland's unstoppable fast break, all bets are off. Players are taught to get to the paint - no matter what. If you can keep your dribble and attack in the open court, do it! If you can hit the wings flying up the court, do it and attack middle! If you can hit a rim runner for an easy score at the rim, do it! By attacking mid-line defenders, your opponent will quickly find themselves in foul trouble and frustrated due to allowing easy buckets at the rim.

You'll see how to teach your athletes to draw two defenders to open up the floor and create more driving lanes once the ball is in the half court. This style of play makes it tough for defenses to deny or take away any one player, as all athletes on offense are looking to attack the paint. You'll put constant pressure on the defense to stop you at the rim.

Spacing and Rules

In order to open the floor, Bridgeland incorporates a traditional setup: two wings, an inbounder, a post runner, and a ball handler. The ball handler looks to advance the ball as quickly as possible by dribbling or hitting the open wing ahead. Coach Bridgeland gives his point guard three rules to remember at all times:

  • Get the ball inbound quickly
  • Get to the paint as soon as possible
  • Make sure you have a trail inbounder


4v0 Transition will allow your players to get used to sprinting to their spots. Players start out at a 75% pace and move up and down the floor, creating proper spacing and positioning. In this pace, athletes are able to visualize where the defense will cut them off and how to reverse the ball quickly in order to create another driving angle to score.

Using traditional fast break drills, Coach Bridgeland helps his players develop the speed and passing skills necessary to play at a fast pace and also attack the paint. Guards work in a 2v2 format, focusing on getting open off the inbound pass and attacking the middle third of the floor. They also work to get open to split their defenders and create separation.

Rounding out the video, Bridgeland finishes with 5v0 and 5v5 situations where players have to put everything together in a set amount of time. This teaches athletes to be aware of time and score and helps them get an idea of how quickly they need to move up and down the floor in transition.

This video from Coach Bridgeland is a great resource for any program. Your players will have fun running and attacking the basket aggressively while collecting easy transition buckets.

61 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: offensive individual musts
Offensive Individual Musts

with Eric Bridgeland,
Whitman College Head Coach;
led Whitman to a 104-14 record (.881) from 2014-15 through 2017-18;
back-to-back unbeaten conference records in 2017 & 2018;
2018 Basketball Times D-II Men's Coach of the Year;
2018 D-III Men's Coach of the Year;
2018 NABC West District Coach of the Year

Since taking over as head coach at Whitman College, Eric Bridgeland has produced three players who have captured Northwest Conference player of the year honors. In this video, he includes a closer look at how he develops players' individual skill sets and gets them ready for the next level of competition.

Foundational Drills

Beginning with form shooting, Coach Bridgeland has his athletes use a low squat stance to collect power from their legs, hold their fingertips out, and over-exaggerate their follow-through to develop shooting technique.

In the Attacking Defenders drill, your players will play 1v1 and use Bridgeland's direct drive concept: players throw the ball out in front of them and chase after it to get to the paint in as few dribbles as necessary. It's here that athletes practice getting low and clipping the hip of their defender to separate themselves from the defense.

Advanced Skills

After laying out the foundation moves for his players, Bridgeland kicks things up a notch. In 2 Ball Shooting, players use a variety of actions to attack the paint and get to the rim. In Rip and Go, athletes play 2v1 and work on reading the attacker as the defender makes them pull up or stop in the middle of the paint. If a player can finish around the rim, Bridgeland requires them to do so. Meanwhile, if an attacker needs to kick the ball out, the offensive player creeps and swoops around the NBA 3-point line to maximize their spacing on the floor. Bridgeland finishes the drill using the jab & fake and separation moves to equip players with the tools they need to succeed.

In ASE Jump Shot, players relocate off of a baseline drive and work on rising into their shot. They also practice combining moves as they move around the floor, working on step backs, the rip and go, or using any other separation move they feel necessary.

This is an excellent individual skill development video taught by a coach who has sent six players overseas to play professionally in the last 10 years. His attention to detail and emphasis on attacking the rim are universal skills that will benefit any basketball player in any system.

58 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: flex offense reads & counters
Flex Offense Reads & Counters

with Ed Cooley,
Providence College Head Coach;
2014 Big East Tournament Champions;
2011 MAAC Coach of the Year;
2010 Ben Jobe National Coach of the Year

You can't beat experience! With better scouting going on at almost every level of basketball, it's imperative to know the ins and outs of your offense and have solutions to any scenario. Providence head coach Ed Cooley has over 20 years of experience running the flex offense and has seen nearly every conceivable move to take down the flex. In this video, he gives you many of the solutions that he's come up with to ensure his flex offense continues to carve up opponents. You'll see the tried and true flex offense that basketball coaches have become accustomed to; however, Coach Cooley shares some advanced-level wrinkles, adjustments, and counters for all kinds of defensive adjustments for those who already know the basics of the Flex.

Transition Offense Review

Cooley begins by reviewing his transition offense and how it can flow seamlessly into the flex. He goes over inbounding the ball, player positions, and how to get your athletes to buy in with different names for their spots in transition.

As he does throughout the presentation, Cooley discusses the many reads that players should learn to make in order to maximize scoring possibilities, such as the "double drop, tap and go" progression within his transition set.

The Flex Offense

Once in the half court, Coach Cooley details his flex offense progressions, giving rules and structure to an offense that can have all five players be interchangeable. He takes you through his flex sequence, in which he details both strong side and weak side action to keep players cutting and screening with a purpose.

As with any continuity offense, a good defense will pick up on the movements and deny and pressure certain players and options. Cooley discusses several pressure release options that are sure to give defenses a headache!

Flex Adjustments

From switching screens to player bumps, Cooley covers it all. With multiple adjustments and plays, you will see how to put your players in position to thrive against any defensive change up with nine different variations/adjustments.

Versus Zone Defense

Finally, Coach Cooley runs through some of his favorite plays versus zone defenses and how to attack from inside and outside the 3-point line.

Coach Cooley knows the flex offense well and shares his insights from years of experience in a manner that is both informative and humorous. This video is ideal for teams that run the flex a few variations to frustrate defenses and win more games!

75 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: foundations for winning softball: offense
Foundations for Winning Softball: Offense

with Randy Schneider,
former Ankeny Centennial (IA) High School Head Coach (coached to best record in school history);
also coached at Iowa State University (Assistant Coach), University of Wisconsin (Associate Head Coach - 2013 Big Ten Tournament Champions), Valparaiso University (Head Coach; all-time wins leader, 2008 Horizon League Co-Coach of the Year)

with Tom Drohner,
Stevens Point Area Senior High;
NFCA WI Coach of the Year (2004, 2008, 2009 & 2011); Wisconsin Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association - Hall of Fame (2018); 8x WI State Champions (2001- 2004, 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2016); won 19 consecutive Wisconsin Valley Conference (WVC) Championships, 18 Regional Championships and 14 Sectional Championships; coached 50+ first team All-State players, coached 2 Gatorade Players of the Year; National Fastpitch Coaches Association WI; Owns an overall record of 495-67 (through 2018)

with Todd Merical,
Johnston High School (IA) Head Coach;
3x State Champions, 2x State Championship Runner-ups; Iowa Girls Coaches Association (IGCA) Hall of Fame (2017); 800+ wins; 3x State Coach of the Year (IGCA)

If you're getting frustrated because your team doesn't score many runs, this video featuring Randy Schneider, Todd Merical, and Tom Drohner has exactly what you need to reverse that trend. You will learn hitting mechanics and drills that will improve the swing of your hitters and generate more solid contact. Then, once your players have gotten on base, you'll see how to increase run production by learning how and when to be aggressive on the base paths.


Start by learning the key mechanics for the swing and the drills to perfect them. Coach Schneider touches on the stance, load and separation, and attacking the front heel and why these mechanics will help your players become better hitters. 10 drills are included that will help build your athletes' fundamental, mechanical base.


Need more hitting drills? Look no further! From how to set-up team batting practice to breaking down the swing, coaches Schneider, Merical, and Drohner offer drill after drill to build your batters' offensive skills.

In one particular tennis racket drill, learn how to use transfer learning to better teach the softball swing. The batter uses the racket to hit a ball just like they would hit a backhand in tennis or racquetball. This transfers to the softball swing as it helps the hitter stay inside the ball and attack with the back hip.


Aggressive baserunning will help your team score more runs. You'll learn how to take several types of leads and attack the next base. The coaches offer seven different drills for baserunning that will have your players applying pressure on the opposing defense and dominating the base paths.

This video includes 41 drills in total that you can implement with your program right away. Build your players' swings and score more runs with aggressive baserunning to turn your team into an offensive force!

105 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: todd phillips: skills & drills for a winning program
Todd Phillips: Skills & Drills for a Winning Program

with Todd Phillips,
Salt Lake Community College Head Coach;
2016 NJCAA Division I National Champions;
2016 Spalding NJCAA Division I Men's Basketball Coach of the Year

This video from 2016 National Junior College Coach of the Year Todd Phillips will get your creative juices flowing as you consider future practices, seasons and teams!

Coach Phillips has fine-tuned his philosophy from some of the best in the game of basketball. You'll see him break down how a practice can develop players and the details that coaches need to emphasize to make sure players develop not only skills, but the confidence and positive culture to build a successful team.

Pre-Practice: 7 Minutes of Skill

The most important aspect in today's game is developing your players day after day; working to improve their overall game will only make your team better. Coach Phillips demonstrates several drills that he utilizes on a daily basis to develop athletes within his offensive system.

Every player will get the opportunity to work on both perimeter and post skills. They must be able to execute proper footwork and change directions. Example: The 'pro hop' focuses on players' ability to change speed and direction while attacking the rim.

Practice Sessions

Phillips explains how his practice sessions are organized to better serve his athletes. Through a variety of full- and half-court drills, players get moving and motivated; attacking the rim, competing at a high level and refining their outside shot.

You'll get three team shooting drills that contain a lot of reps with timed goals. Players are 'put to the test' and given a shooting license, allowing them to better understand their role on the team and how they can improve.

X-Men Drill

In this drill, Phillips is able to teach multiple concepts and skills at once. He demonstrates how his team uses the drill and provides examples for how you can creatively change the drill to fit your program's needs. Using the entire court, players apply speed dribbling, dribble hand-offs, backdoor cuts and pick & roll situations - all while improving the ball handling skills needed to break down opponents.

Coach Phillips knows and understands how enthusiasm and energy can help build confidence in players. Learn how Coach Phillips prepares his teams to take the next step in their development at every practice!

Produced at the Nike Championship Basketball Coaches Clinic in Indianapolis (IN) Fall 2016.

70 minutes. 2018.

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