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Cover: drills & skills for a high-scoring offense
Drills & Skills for a High-Scoring Offense

with Steve Trimper,
Stetson University Head Coach;
coached Stetson to the 2018 NCAA DeLand Regional - the first in school history;
2018 Atlantic Sun regular season and tournament champions; 2018 ASUN Coach of the Year;
has won Coach of the Year honors in three different D-I conferences (Atlantic Sun, American East, MAAC);
former University of Maine head coach (11 years)

Every coach continuously looks for ways to help their team score more runs. Moving from the batting cage to the diamond, Stetson University head coach Steve Trimper gives you a way to help your players score more runs in this team offense instructional video. Cage drills, hitting philosophy, bunting skills, baserunning skills and a team batting practice are all explained by Coach Trimper and then executed by players on field.

Cage Drills

Stetson's hitting coach, Joe Mercadante, leads players through a series of 11 drills to help hitters build sound swings. The drills start off on the tee and progress to front toss and live toss formats. Mercadante gives an explanation of a fundamentally correct launch position for hitters and then shows how to drill for this with two versions of the Static Launch Position Drill. Hitter adaptability is developed through the Changing Speeds and Multiple Plate Drills so players can learn how to make adjustments.

Bunting Techniques

Coaches at all levels of the game can benefit from executing "small ball." Trimper demonstrates bunting techniques for the sacrifice, base hit, squeeze, and slash bunts. Starting with when and how to square around and building to bat angles, using your elbows correctly and bunt placement, Coach Trimper shows how each type of bunt should be executed. Stetson players wrap things up in this portion by demonstrating each type of bunt live on the field in the Cone Drill.

Baserunning Skills

Coach Trimper takes you "around the horn" by demonstrating how to correctly run the bases at each base. Primary and secondary leads, base stealing and tag plays are all covered. An explanation on how to be a better 3rd base coach is also included. Trimper lets you see how everything is put together on the practice field in his baserunning circuits.

The First and Third Batting Practice Scrimmage wraps up the video and gives you a look at how to organize a drill that works on a variety of offensive skills. This will help your players execute both offensive and defensive situations in a fast-paced and competitive environment, making your practice more "game-like" and enjoyable for your players.

Offense is about more than just hitting, it's about scoring runs. Coach Trimper teaches you how to build the skills needed to score runs without having to rely on hitting alone to do so in this comprehensive video.

147 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: the best of championship productions: 35 baseball drills for outfielders
The Best of Championship Productions: 35 Baseball Drills for Outfielders


  • Andy Lopez - former University of Arizona Head Coach
  • Barry Davis - Rider University Head Coach
  • Brandon Buck - former Mountain Pointe High School (AZ) Head Coach
  • Dan McDonnell - University of Louisville Head Coach
  • Ed Servais - Creighton University Head Coach
  • Dirk Baker - Worcester State University Head Coach
  • Gino DiMare - University of Miami Head Coach
  • Mark Brew - Lee University Head Coach
  • Jim Gantt - Catawba College Head Coach
  • Jim Morris - former University of Miami Head Coach
  • Jim Schlossnagle - Texas Christian University Head Coach
  • Marc Rardin - Iowa Western Community College Head Coach
  • Mike Fox - University of North Carolina Head Coach
  • Mitch Thompson - McLennan Community College Head Coach
  • Randy Mazey - West Virginia University Head Coach
  • Scott Jackson - Liberty University Head Coach
  • Scott Stricklin - University of Georgia Head Coach
  • Steve Johnigan - Baylor University Director of Athletic Facilities & Operations
  • Tom Riginos - Winthrop University Head Coach
  • Mark Brew - Lee University Head Coach
  • Dr. Dirk Baker - Worcester State University Head Coach

The outfield is the last resort of defense for any team. The key to winning championships is having a consistent outfield that can cover a lot of ground, make strong throws, and consistently complete putouts.

Using a progression of defensive outfield drills, this video will give you a plethora of exercises, coaching points, and intellectual capital necessary to enhance your outfielders. You'll get 35 drills in total that cover important skills like throwing, drop steps, fielding fly balls and ground balls, fly ball communication, cuts and relays, playing balls off the fence and more.


Learn the skills and drills necessary to prevent opposing runners from taking extra bases or scoring runs. You will see how to get in a good throwing position behind the ball to make a strong and accurate throw to gun down a runner trying to score. Outfielders must make the longest throws on the field, so they must learn to use their bodies in a way that provides maximum arm strength.

Cuts and Relays

Making a strong throw is important, but knowing where to throw the ball is just as critical. You'll discover how to set up your defense to allow your fielders to be perfectly positioned to cut off and redirect an incoming throw. No matter the situation or the baserunners, the coaches in this video will show you positioning for every conceivable situation you may encounter during a game.

Fly Balls and Ground Balls

Outfielders must make a drop step to get a good angle on a ball hit behind them, to the side, or over their head. Those first few steps towards the baseball can be the difference between making a web gem catch or having the ball fall for a hit. You'll see drills that will improve your athletes' footwork, then progress to more advanced drills incorporating a ball hit live off the bat. The '27 out fungo team drill' from Texas Christian University head coach Jim Schlossnagle is great because it allows you to incorporate game-like pressures with your fielders to better prepare them for game day.

This video will give you everything you need to know about developing effective outfielders. You'll learn the mindset, techniques and abilities that put players in positions they can be successful.

148 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: building a 1-3-2 motion offense
Building a 1-3-2 Motion Offense
with Dan Keating,
St. Joseph's University Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator;
Back-to-Back undefeated conference regular season marks (2014-15);
Offense led Northeast Conference in scoring and man-up production in 2015;
Produced back-to-back NEC offensive players of the year (2014-15)

Dan Keating is helping turn the St. Joseph's men's lacrosse team into a Northeast Conference power. In 2015, St. Joseph's ranked 12th in the nation in scoring margin and man-up offense, and 24th in scoring offense - which also led the Northeast Conference in all three categories.

Take advantage of the many opportunities and options created by each dodge position.

In this two-disc package, Dan Keating goes through the implementation of the 1-3-2 offense, teaching you the part-whole method and building up from small group instruction to a settled 6v6 offense. He covers the different styles and options; then, using principles built into the offense, he has players demonstrate each drill. Finally, he goes over game film and analyzes each principle in action.

The second disc features 11 drills that create game-like shots out of typical 1-3-2 offensive scenarios. Each drill is explained in a whiteboard segment to detail the game situation that creates it - as well as the individual skills required of not only the shooter, but the dodger/feeder who sets up the shot.

Disc 1: Key Principles & Drills

Building from Up Top in 1-3-2

Coach Keating covers the following options of building the 1-3-2 offense from the top: throwing forward, reversing the ball and turning the corner. Beginning with a split dodge into a step away from an oncoming slide, Coach Keating incorporates supporting players and off-ball motion that help teammates understand how to play off each other's movements. An initial "throw forward" to an X attackman becomes supplemented with a crease J-cut, then a rollback and throwback to a following midfielder. Finally, a secondary dodge by the X attackman occurs as the players above the goal continue their motion patterns.

Building from Behind the Goal in 1-3-2

With the 1-3-2 principles in place, Coach Keating translates them to off-ball team play during a dodge from behind the goal. Motion, cutting down the pipeline, and looking for the three midfielders from below goal-line extended are covered. Using drills and motions, off-ball attackmen are taught how and where to clear through and follow. Midfielder play is added to the mix in the form of the aggressive "money cut" for a goal, as well as a rotation of players that create multiple threats for scoring feeds or ball transfers.

Implementing the Offense

After reviewing the part-whole building of the 1-3-2 offense, Coach Keating runs through how to practice it as a settled offensive unit, building up to a full six-player offensive skeleton that completes the drill cycle.

Coach Keating finishes the disc by reviewing game film from the 2014 and 2015 seasons, showing where the principles were followed and missed in the St Joseph's offense.

Disc 2: Fundamental Shooting Drills for a 1-3-2 Motion Offense

Level up your team shooting drills with this practice package that emulates not only the shots generated by a 1-3-2 motion offense, but the cuts, dodges and feeds necessary to create them.

To teach the shooting drills, Coach Keating introduces the key points for shooting, such as entire body movements, hand placement, core strength, and economy of movement. He then takes these strategies and applies them to two warm-up shooting drills:

  • The Kamikaze Drill: emphasizes the split dodge. Coach Keating points out the need to vary speed and direction while keeping your head and eyes up.
  • The 2 Cage Shooting Drill: allows players to focus on their overhand shooting to build the proper fundamentals in shooting over the first cage and down into a second cage.

Shooting from Up Top in 1-3-2


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Cover: strategies & grips every pitcher should know
Strategies & Grips Every Pitcher Should Know

with Steve Smith,
Auburn University Assistant Baseball Coach;
coached Casey Mize, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2018 MLB Draft;
former Baylor University Head Coach; inducted into the Baylor Athletics Hall of Fame (2006);
5x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2012 Midwest Region Coach of the Year;
President of the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) in 2008;
over 740 career wins; USA Baseball National Team Head Coach (2005), USA Baseball Pitching Coach (1998)

Pitchers must have multiple weapons in their arsenal to fool opposing batters. In this video, Auburn's Steve Smith explains how to throw different pitches, as well as how to use each pitch for maximum effectiveness. You will also get the opportunity to see how several pitchers grip various pitches, as well as hear the mental cues used for throwing each pitch.


Learn more about the 4-seam and 2-seam fastball, change-ups, and breaking balls from Coach Smith. He explains the ingredients necessary to develop a dominant fastball and exactly how to disrupt a hitter's timing with a devastating change-up! Smith explains several ways to grip the ball to develop a nasty change-up, as well as different ways to throw breaking balls with a ton of movement.

Next, Smith goes deeper into the art of pitching. You will learn how to throw off the hitter's timing by varying the tempo of your motion, as well as how to make life difficult for hitters by hiding the ball longer with your motion. Opposing batters won't be able to hit what they can't see!

Pitcher Grips

Hear from a few of Coach Smith's pitchers as they explain how they grip various pitches, as well as cues for what they're thinking when they try to throw certain pitches. Then, watch the pitchers get in some flat ground work, which will allow them to get more reps without over-stressing their arms.

If you or your pitchers want to learn about the grips and mental cues needed to throw several key pitches, as well as the knowledge of how to use those pitches effectively, then this is the video for you. Coach Smith shows you exactly how to throw pitches that will leave opposing batters looking foolish!

61 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: drills to improve individual & team defense
Drills to Improve Individual & Team Defense

with Steve Trimper,
Stetson University Head Coach;
coached Stetson to the 2018 NCAA DeLand Regional - the first in school history;
2018 Atlantic Sun regular season and tournament champions; 2018 ASUN Coach of the Year;
has won Coach of the Year honors in three different D-I conferences (Atlantic Sun, American East, MAAC);
former University of Maine head coach (11 years)

Errors lose games - it's as simple as that. Cutting down on errors should be near the top of your priority list as a coach.

In this video, Stetson University head coach Steve Trimper gives you drills that will help your players improve their individual defensive skills. He also provides team drills that let players put those skills to work in game-like situations. Every drill is explained in detail by Trimper before being shown on the diamond.

Throwing Progression

Throwing is the number one area that isn't practiced enough according to Coach Trimper. He gives you a set of seven drills that will ensure your players are ready to throw and catch the baseball.

The progression starts with the Wrist Drill to help players improve their spin rate, which is key to throwing the ball harder. It also includes a Long Toss drill that can be adapted daily to meet your players' needs. This progression will help your athletes build good mechanics while also developing arm strength.

Infield and Outfield Drills

10 infield and three outfield drills are given so that your players can build their individual skills. These drills will help your players develop what they need to execute at their individual positions. Infielders will learn how to funnel ground balls and make quick transitions, while outfielders will learn how to play the fence, handle difficult adjustments on fly balls, and get the ball in quickly to limit extra bases.

Team Drills

Trimper provides a set of drills that will help your team learn how to deal with common situations they will encounter throughout the season. These drills are practical for any level of play since they can be run with just one coach, making them easy to implement for your team. Situations covered include double plays, bunt plays, cutoffs, rundowns, and tag plays at the plate. Each drill moves in an easy-to-follow sequence so that you can use your practice time efficiently and keep your players moving.

Coach Trimper provides a glimpse into what has made his teams successful at every stop in his coaching career. These drills will help you teach your players the skills they need to execute defensively and be more competitive next season.

81 minutes. 2019.

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