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Cover: effective & efficient practice drills - maximizing every moment
Effective & Efficient Practice Drills - Maximizing Every Moment

with Jeff Boals,
Ohio University Head Coach;
former Stony Brook University Head Coach;
former Ohio State University Assistant Coach under Thad Matta;
recruited D'Angelo Russell and Jared Sullinger while at Ohio State

The best coaches are always looking to improve their craft and generate new ideas and drills to help their teams achieve. One way to do that is to keep things fresh and competitive with new drills during practice, which will keep players focused and motivated!

Coach Jeff Boals brings years of experience as an assistant at storied programs like Ohio State to share with you some of his favorite drills which will help address any need your team may face. This video includes:

  • Drills to improve shooting with multiple reps.
  • Transition defense drills that are competitive and game-like.
  • Drills that teach the importance of each possession.

Pre-Practice Drills

Coach Boals' philosophy is that the pre-practice drills you choose to use every day should reflect the emphasis you want for the day, whether it's shooting, passing, or rebounding. With that process in mind, Boals shows many fundamental pre-practice drills he's taught his players.

The 3-on-3 Shooting drill will force players to concentrate as they focus on getting a certain number of swishes from designated spots. Next, a box out drill is shown that emphasizes being physical and making first contact as a rebounder. Another good pre-practice drill that emphasizes defense and closing out gets players into groups of three to work on footwork, using active hands, and talking. Lastly, Coach Boals talks about how often players try to dribble a loose ball instead of picking it up to secure the possession. This is addressed in a simple loose ball drill.

Practice Drills

You probably want your players to talk more on defense, but do your players know how or what to say? The 3-on-3 Talking to the Basketball drill is a 3-on-3 Shell look that teaches players how to talk to their teammates and instills communication as a habit while improving defensive principles. 3-on-3 Baseline Closeouts is another great drill that starts players on the baseline with the offensive players on the perimeter. After the ball is passed along the baseline, players sprint to closeout and enter a Shell defense type of drill. In the same setup, you'll get another passing drill called 3-on-3 Baseline Passing, which is a great continuous passing drill to work on rip-throughs, pivots, and passing fundamentals.

Coach Boals covers many other drills too, including:

  • Tip, Rebound, and Run
  • Nets Transition D
  • 4-on-4 Shell
  • 3 on the Ball
  • 5 Possession Game

Lastly, Boals wants his players to understand the value of each possession and discusses the impact that a single possession can have on the outcome of the game. The 5 Possession Game drill is an awesome way to get players invested in playing hard each possession and is the perfect setting to practice special situations.

Keep things fresh and competitive in your practices with this great compilation of basketball drills from Coach Jeff Boals!

51 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: zone offense: sets & philosophy
Zone Offense: Sets & Philosophy

with Brad Underwood,
University of Illinois Head Coach;
former Oklahoma State University & Stephen F. Austin University Head Coach;
3x ('14-'16) Southland Conference Regular Season & Tournament Champions;
2x (2015 & 2014) Southland Conference Coach of the Year;
2014 Joe B. Hall Award Recipient (Nation's top first-year coach)

Quick and simple actions against a zone defense can force the zone to rotate, which allows open areas to be attacked.

Coach Brad Underwood provides you with a video for breaking down zone defenses through different looks. Analytics are covered at the beginning, detailing changes to the college game, and how Underwood has adapted to them. He then breaks down secondary offense off transition against a zone, and multiple looks against different types of zones.

Different Looks

Sets are interchangeable within Coach Underwood's zone offense. By adding cutters, short corner, and flashing high post, traditional sets can be switched up within his continuity. Underwood keeps defenses on their toes with cutters and different looks, finding soft spots within the zone through ball reversals. Zone defenses can get complacent, and the simple actions taught by Underwood force the zone to rotate, opening up driving lanes and shooting areas.

Zone Passing

Coach Underwood provides a simple and effective drill that works on internal and external passing, utilizing cutters and open areas within the zone. The Zone Passing drill uses cuts to the elbow, movement to short corners and cutting lanes, all of which force the defense to rotate. Zone Passing can be worked on daily at practice and only takes a few minutes. All of the following concepts can be worked on at practice while running the drill:

  • Spacing
  • Passing
  • Finding open areas in zone
  • Building your zone offense
  • Adjusting to your team's strengths

Coaches with older teams can benefit from this video tremendously due to the different looks and adjustments within Underwood's zone offense. Meanwhile, the Zone Passing drill can be utilized to build a zone offense from the ground up with younger players. No matter your team's skill level, if you need to improve on offense when facing a zone, the concepts in this video can help!

75 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: pistol option offense: 2-man game
Pistol Option Offense: 2-Man Game

with Chris Klenakis,
former University of Louisville, Iowa State University, and University of Arkansas Assistant Coach;
former University of Nevada Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach;
was the first Offensive Coordinator in D-I history to coach an offense that led the nation in rushing and passing during his career;
has developed over 20 NFL offensive linemen;
worked to develop Lamar Jackson and Colin Kaepernick into elite dual-threat quarterbacks;
the 2009 Wolf Pack squad featured three different 1000-yard rushers - the only school in NCAA history to do so

Coach Chris Klenakis was at the helm of the Pistol Offense that featured QB Colin Kaepernick at Nevada. Similar offensive principals aided Lamar Jackson's impressive college career that included a Heisman Trophy while Klenakis was on the Louisville staff. The advantage of the Pistol Zone Read is that it can be run from one back formations that spread the defense out. This allows the offense to attack the defense's weakest points!

Coach Klenakis shows how to teach the Pistol Zone Read to attack various defensive fronts and coverages. He uses over 40 minutes of game film, as well as in-depth whiteboard illustrations to show the intricacies of a running play that can exploit the defense by using your running back inside, or getting your quarterback on the edge.

Tips for Running a Two Man Option from Pistol

Klenakis explains the teaching points that dramatically improve the success of the running game, including:

  • Adjusting your offense to read gaps, linebackers, and/or defensive linemen.
  • Offensive line calls Lock, Insert, and Lead.
  • Adjusting blocking angles to attack various defensive fronts.
  • Attacking the defense using 10 personnel formations (3x1 and 2x2).

Game Film

Coach Klenakis shows over 40 minutes of game film that illustrates how his offense spreads the field and limits the defense to a few options within the box. He then shows how to attack each of these defensive boxes by reading gaps, first level players, or second level players. He also details how to teach linemen to take advantage of angles that will help the running back gain yards with quick hitting, downhill runs. This opens up the QB run game by attacking the edges of the defense.

You will see Coach Klenakis use game film to break down the techniques necessary to run the Pistol Zone Read. This video is a must-have for any offensive coach who wants to learn various nuances that can make a simple running play the staple of a zone running attack!

75 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: open practice - station drills for offense
Open Practice - Station Drills for Offense

with Kevin Donley,
University of Saint Francis Head Coach;
2x NAIA National Champions (2016, 2017);
4x AFCA NAIA National Coach of the Year (1991, 2004, 2016, 2017);
2x VSN National Coach of the Year (2016, 2017);
10x MSFA MEL Coach of the Year;
13x MSFA MEL Championships;
over 330 career wins;
over 40 years of coaching experience at the collegiate level

Patrick Donley,
University of Saint Francis Co-Offensive Coordinator;
has helped 29 receivers earn all-conference and national honors while at USF

and Trevor Miller,
University of Saint Francis Co-Offensive Coordinator;
has helped five linemen be named AFCA All-America and 20 earn all-conference honors;
American Football Monthly 2006 Strength Coach of the Year

Does your team's offense need a boost?

In this video with Saint Francis University head coach Kevin Donley and co-offensive coordinators Patrick Donley and Trevor Miller, you will discover how to make your offensive players more effective at their respective positions, plus see how to make your offensive execution improve as a whole.

Practice Organization Philosophy

Coach Donley starts this presentation by explaining his basic philosophy regarding practice structure and focus during different phases of the year. He explains why your focus during spring practice and pre-season camp should be on fundamentals and building skill proficiency through repetition. Also, Donley explains how his program focuses on the pace and tempo of practice to get on and off the field in no more than 90 minutes. Altogether, you'll learn:

  • When is the best time to install scheme.
  • How to organize practice to get the most out of your time.
  • When to incorporate 1-on-1 drills to breed competition.

Drills for All Position Groups

Coach Donley, as well as several of his assistant coaches, spend the majority of the video describing various drills that they use in practice to build skills that are needed during games. You'll hear the coaches talk through the finer points of the drills and techniques that are demonstrated. Finally, you will see several great offensive line run blocking and pass blocking drills!

This video is a comprehensive look at how a championship level college football program practices to build an explosive and balanced offense. There's no doubt that Coach Donley and his staff will help your program get better on the offensive side of the ball.

89 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: organizing a lock-down man-to-man defense
Organizing a Lock-Down Man-to-Man Defense

with Kellie Harper,
University of Tennessee Head Coach;
former Missouri State University Head Coach;
2x MVC Tournament champions (2016, 2019);
2019 Kay Yow Coach of the Year; 2019 MVC Coach of the Year;
former North Carolina State University Head Coach;
former Western Carolina University Head Coach;
2x SoCon Tournament champions (2005, 2009);
2007 SoCon regular season champions;
3x NCAA champion as a player at Tennessee under Pat Summitt

The Tennessee Lady Vols have a rich history of success. Pat Summitt built a program with a foundation of doing things the right way. One of Summitt's most accomplished players, Kellie Harper, is following in her footsteps as the current head coach of the Lady Vols.

In this video, Harper breaks down her defensive philosophy that is a combination of what she learned under Coach Summitt and what she has picked up during her own career as a player and coach.

On-Ball Defense

While playing under Pat Summitt, Harper had a great ability to stop the player she was guarding in their tracks. She had a lock-down mentality that whoever she was guarding would not get past her.

In this section, Harper teaches her players how to use a push step and cut off the offensive player. In her 1-on-1 Drills, she has athletes work on the push step by closing out and having the offensive player take 1-2 dribbles in one direction. This helps build great defending technique and athlete confidence.

Off-Ball Defense and Philosophy

With the philosophy of playing on one side of the court, Coach Harper demonstrates how her team allows the first pass to be made while positioning help defense in the gaps. Once the ball moves to the wing, she demonstrates why wing defenders need to close out high side and while the top of key denies the reversal pass.

Using 5v5 Shell Drill, Harper shows how to teach your players technique, stance, and positioning. The Lady Vols' golden rule for half court defense is to, "Be where you're supposed to be on the catch."

Ball Screen Defense

Defending the ball screen has become a top priority in today's game. Coach Harper demonstrates how her players get physical with their ball screen defense using their "locking up" technique. In a 2v2 drill, post players jam the screener and push them higher up the line as the guards get under the screen and beat their man to the middle.

Much like the legendary coach Pat Summitt taught her while a player for Tennessee, Coach Harper, to this day and now as the coach at Tennessee, focuses on 'the details' and 'doing things the right way.'

Harper's aggressive style of defense is on display in this excellent video that will greatly benefit your own defensive philosophy and drills!

58 minutes. 2020.

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