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Cover: high energy practice drills
High Energy Practice Drills

with Chris Jans,
New Mexico State University Head Coach;
WAC Coach of the Year 2018 & 2019; 2018 & 2019 WAC regular season and tournament champions;
long-time, successful JUCO coach with several NJCAA Tournament appearances, including the 1998 NJCAA National Championship (Kirkwood)

New Mexico State's Chris Jans presents seven different practice drills that you can easily implement into your practice routine. These are drills that Jans uses daily to improve his players' fundamentals, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.

Closeouts and Defense

Coach Jans introduces two simple, yet detailed closeout drills to begin practice. His unique take on closeouts can be implemented at any level. The skills covered in these drills must be mastered by any athlete who wants to become a quality defensive player. Each exercise has progressions that allow players to run through a high volume of quality closeouts in a variety of situations.

After a highly efficient passing drill, Jans teaches his "2v2 Skinny" drill, which is one of his favorite exercises for working on defensive skills. This drill will help players learn to communicate with each other on defense and teaches them a valuable technique in guarding down screens.


Coach Jans concludes with three different advantage/disadvantage drills in both full court and half court settings. All three drills are highly competitive and force players to talk a lot in order to get stops on defense, while also training how to score quickly and efficiently on offense.

If your practices have become mundane and routine, this is a great video to help show a different take on some popular drills, as well as some unique drills that can be used at intermediate levels and higher. Coach Jans' attention to detail is a great example for all coaches.

70 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: foundations for winning softball: pitching & catching
Foundations for Winning Softball: Pitching & Catching

with Randy Schneider,
former Ankeny Centennial (IA) High School Head Coach (coached to best record in school history);
also coached at Iowa State University (Assistant Coach), University of Wisconsin (Associate Head Coach - 2013 Big Ten Tournament Champions), Valparaiso University (Head Coach; all-time wins leader, 2008 Horizon League Co-Coach of the Year)

with Tom Drohner,
Stevens Point Area Senior High;
NFCA WI Coach of the Year (2004, 2008, 2009 & 2011); Wisconsin Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association - Hall of Fame (2018); 8x WI State Champions (2001- 2004, 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2016); won 19 consecutive Wisconsin Valley Conference (WVC) Championships, 18 Regional Championships and 14 Sectional Championships; coached 50+ first team All-State players, coached 2 Gatorade Players of the Year; National Fastpitch Coaches Association WI; Owns an overall record of 495-67 (through 2018)

with Todd Merical,
Johnston High School (IA) Head Coach;
3x State Champions, 2x State Championship Runner-ups; Iowa Girls Coaches Association (IGCA) Hall of Fame (2017); 800+ wins; 3x State Coach of the Year (IGCA)

Help your pitchers take the mound with confidence using the same skills and drills taught by championship coaches Randy Schneider, Todd Merical, and Tom Drohner! These coaches will show you a pitching progression and drills, as well as a catching progression and drills to equip your battery with the skills they need for success.

Pitching Concepts

Teach your pitchers the art of their craft - not just the skills involved in throwing a pitch - to help them reach their potential on the mound.

It is said that hitting is all about timing, while pitching is all about upsetting timing. You will learn about effective velocity and changing speeds, as well as how understanding these ideas can help your pitchers dominate batters.

Pitching Progression and Drills

Coach Schneider introduces a 12-step pitching progression to help pitchers master the fundamentals and warm up their arms properly. You'll also get four challenge drills that will put pressure on the pitcher and simulate the feelings and emotions they may encounter during a game.

In the Fast Five drill, the pitcher must do a tiring pitching-conditioning drill for five pitches, then execute whatever pitch the coach calls out. Having to execute under pressure and while fatigued will help players execute during a game.


A good catcher can turn a good pitcher into a great pitcher. Take your catchers to the next level with 12 drills to improve their throwing, blocking, and framing abilities.

This video includes 29 drills in total that you can add to your coaching toolkit. Randy Schneider, Todd Merical, and Tom Drohner show how to build your battery to dominate opposing youth batters.

61 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: bryan petersen: half court offensive principles and actions
Bryan Petersen: Half Court Offensive Principles and Actions

with Bryan Petersen,
Kirkwood Community College Head Coach;
2019, 2016 NJCAA DII National Championships;
2016 Spalding National Coach of the Year;
3x ICCAC Champions (2016, 2018, 2019);
NJCAA All-American at Kirkwood;
Petersen is the first in NJCAA DII National Tournament history to win the Championship as a coach and play in the National Championship game;
former player at Iowa State and graduate assistant under Greg McDermott and Fred Hoiberg

In today's game, there's a major emphasis on up-tempo style of play. As you extend your season of play, opposing teams will plan to take away your transition game and force you to beat them within the half-court.

NJCAA National Championship coach Bryan Petersen breaks down the finer points of his half court offense that have been influenced by offense masterminds Greg McDermott and Fred Hoiberg. He shows you how to incorporate principles of spacing, ball movement, screening, timing, and shot selection into an effective half court offense. With quality spacing comes quality shots, and Coach Petersen will help you locate those sweet spots on the floor for your team with technique and drills.

Basic Motion Offense

Petersen explains the right distance for great spacing in the half court as 15 feet or more between teammates. He covers the areas and spots on the floor within his half-court attack from a 4-Out 1-In or 3-out 2-In alignment.

To maintain maximum spacing, players need to understand how to react to penetration. You'll see athletes walk through dribble penetration movements while reacting to drives from the wing to the baseline and from wing to the middle.

Spacing Drill

Spacing in any offense is important, but you rarely see communication being emphasized within an offense. Petersen streamlines spacing within the offense by having players working certain areas of the floor. Athletes will flash to open areas or cut through while communicating. Great teams communicate, and Petersen's teams incorporate plenty of talking in his offense.

Wing Continuity Ball Screen Offense

As you build your offense, cutting through and filling open areas is important. Petersen builds off those concepts and incorporates ball screens on the wings. Ball screens are within the flow off the offense and are always used when a side of the floor is isolated by the two offensive players involved.

You'll see Petersen's "20" wing ball screen continuity offense. This offense is built in a 3-Out 2-In set, looking to create hard closeouts and produce middle penetration at the rim. He explores the simplicity of the offense while creating multiple options based upon defensive adjustments. This offense is built for back-to-the-basket inside post players, while providing options for pick & pop post players.

Eventually, opposing teams will pick up on the pattern, and for this reason Petersen shows two counters for wing and corner denials.

Breakdown Drills

Petersen moves into various 3-on-0 breakdown drills to help create a strong continuity for the ball screen motion with various adjustments. He incorporates more post touches and reactions in this breakdown series. Players work on getting open versus pressure and working 3-on-0 in different spots on the floor.

Set Plays

You'll get five set plays that can be used to counter defensive adjustments within the 20 offense.

  • 1 - Gets your best shooter a shot.
  • 25 - Uses a back screen for your best finisher and is a good counter for teams that hard hedge.
  • Thumbs Up - For a shooter with a hot hand, especially good against teams that switch ball screens.
  • Thumbs Down - Designed to get a post touch.
  • "Cyclone" and "Cyclone Slip" - A late game full-court set for a 3-point shot.

If you're looking for more ways to dissect opposing defenses in the half court, this video from Coach Petersen is a great option. The breakdown of floor spacing into his ball screen motio

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Cover: my all time favorite practice drills
My All Time Favorite Practice Drills

with Bob Hurley,
former St. Anthony's High School (NJ) Basketball Coach;
45 year career as head coach of St. Anthony's - from 1972 until the school's closing in 2017;
Distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2010);
3x USA Today National Coach of the Year ('89, '96, '08);
4x High School National Champions; 28x State Champions;
back-to-back MaxPreps National Champions in 2010 & 2011;
2017 ESPY Award for 'Best Coach';
83-game win streak (2010-13); Compiled an astounding career record of 1,184 - 125 (90.5)

One of the best coaches to ever teach the game, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame member Bob Hurley shares his wealth of knowledge from his 45+ year career. Coach Hurley is known for his plethora of basketball drills to work on every skill and every facet of the game, and in this terrific presentation he shares not only his all time favorite drills, but also, how he likes to organize practices.

Coach Hurley opens by sharing valuable knowledge and tips on coaching, practice planning, and drill work. No coach should ever be finished learning, and you will definitely learn a few things that you can immediately implement with your own team from this presentation.

Pre-Practice and Warm-Up Drills

Hurley provides his favorite pre-practice and warm-up drills that work on three foundational skills: dribbling, passing, and shooting. You'll get full and half-court drills that challenge players mentally and physically. Among the many drills, Coach Hurley shows the Fire Passing Drill that forces players to concentrate and communicate while practicing valuable fundamentals.

The Michigan State series of drills will get your players moving and finishing around the basket. To continue working with the basketball, you'll get drills like Up Two, Back Two and the Chill Drill that teach players how to attack a trap and also work on change of direction moves.

Rebounding and Closeout Drills

Your team can't play offense unless it can rebound! These drills from Coach Hurley will train your players to be instinctive around the basket when securing a rebound, as well as the ability to finish with touch around the rim. The Oregon Rebounding Drill will create toughness in your team as they compete to rebound and score the basketball.

One of the most difficult aspects of defense is the hard closeout. Hurley shares multiple drills to work on the technique of the closeout while incorporating extra things like ball screen defense with the 4 Line Passing Drill. The 3-on-3 and 4-on-3 Closeout Drills will add to your teams' defensive efficiency as they work through disadvantage situations.

Conversion Drills

Hurley also shares the drills that made his St. Anthony's teams so hard to score against in transition. With the 5-on-5 Conversion Defense Drill, your team will learn how to communicate and stop the ball in transition.

Shooting Drills and Half-Court 3 on 3

Players need to know how to play off of one another and how to play in the half-court. With Hurley's 3-on-3 half court drill, players get to practice and incorporate all the details that go into half-court offense and defense.

Of course, no practice is complete without shooting drills. Coach Hurley shares some of his favorite shooting drills that work on shooting off the catch and off the dribble, through multiple reps. He also shares a great drill to end practice that players will love called 30 Plus a Half.

As only one of three high school coaches to be inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, Coach Hurley has vast experience that is demonstrated through the way he runs his drills and his team. His 'old school' values still hold true to today's game, and he is truly one of the best coaches the game has ever seen. The drills in this video will immediately help improve your practices and help your team win more games!

99 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: all access practice: team lacrosse drills with mike pressler & staff
All Access Practice: Team Lacrosse Drills with Mike Pressler & Staff

with Mike Pressler,
Bryant University Head Coach;
5x Northeast Conference titles;
4x NCAA Tournament appearances;
2014 NCAA Tournament quarterfinals;
2005 F. Morris Touchstone Award

The beginning of the season is the time to set goals for your team and sketch out how you would like to schedule your practices to achieve those goals. As a coach, you need to have a plan of what your theme for each practice is (offensive play, defensive movement, stickwork, ground balls, etc.), otherwise both you and your players will be frustrated due to a lack of focus.

This video featuring Bryant's Mike Pressler covers how to reiterate your team culture and reestablish the core values that make up that culture. You'll also see how to reinforce that culture through engaging practice sessions full of worthwhile drills.

Practice Drills

A total of 18 drills are included in this video and are laid out in such a way to show the natural progression of a practice; starting small with stick work and then progressing to full field concepts. During the white board sessions, the Bryant coaching staff highlights coaching points, and cover how to incorporate more players into each drill, making sure your entire team is engaged with little down time. The coaches also explain how each drill is beneficial to the overall development of your team.

Coach Pressler and his staff show many variations of skill sets throughout the video. There are several ground ball drills, passing drills and small sided play drills. The small sided drills are especially useful for when your athletes need a fresh atmosphere that still stresses the fundamentals of the game.

Drill Examples

Pressler's Star Drill sets the tone for players by making them stay focused and engaged. It also emphasizes the most basic aspects of the game: accurate passing, being able to catch anything thrown your way, and handling your stick in traffic. If your athletes can't execute those skills, then your team won't be very successful. Adding to its versatility, the Star Drill can also be run against a defense and altered to throw using just one hand or the other.

Another great passing drill is Partner Passing with Footwork. This drill combines two of the most important aspects of lacrosse: stick skills and footwork. Without proper footwork, players are unable to set up for more powerful shots with accurate ball placement and have a tougher time defending because they lack good balance.

Coach Pressler's Spider drill is game-like in nature by preparing simulated man-up and man-down situations. There will be times in games where your team finds itself in both situations, and how your players handle it will determine how often you win. The ball moves quickly in this drill, requiring athletes to make decisions at a faster pace.

Setting up your practices correctly is one of the first steps to training a championship team. This video from Coach Pressler includes many of his preferred drills and viewpoints on practice that will be sure to aid in your effort to win more games.

179 minutes. 2019.

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