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Cover: michigan football series: movement training for changing direction, sprinting & more
Michigan Football Series: Movement Training for Changing Direction, Sprinting & More

with Ben Herbert,
University of Michigan Football Director of Strength & Conditioning;
has worked with 71 NFL draft picks, including eight first round selections;
certified member of the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA);
in 2015, was named a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach (MSCC) by the CSCCa (youngest coach to earn the honor at age 35)

Your athletes could be the strongest in your league, but it doesn't mean anything if they're all slow and unable to react quickly on the field! To ensure your team is full of players who are strong AND mobile/quick, Michigan's Director of Strength & Conditioning, Coach Ben Herbert, is here to give you plenty of exercises that train fast and fluid movement.

Mobility Exercises

Coach Herbert begins by demonstrating some of the mobility and preparation work that he does with his athletes in training. Mobility of the foot, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows are discussed and several exercises and techniques are shown that will help your athletes develop enhanced mobility and stability in their joints, as well as address tightness in any particular area that would limit their potential for improvement through a training program. Herbert then demonstrates several of the warm-up drills that he uses with his athletes that get them ready for training, but teach and reinforce proper running and movement mechanics.

Speed and Quickness Drills

Next, you'll get an explanation of the plyometric exercises that are used at Michigan and what they are designed to improve. Coach Herbert demonstrates several of these exercises, including box jumps, hurdle jumps, low cone jumps, and multiple box jumps. He also discusses how to make these exercises more difficult once your athletes become proficient in each one.

Several speed and quickness improvement exercises are shown as well, which include implements such as parachutes, sleds, hills, and various other resistance devices. Coach Herbert explains how starts and acceleration can be greatly improved by using any of those devices and devoting proper time and effort to training. In all, you'll learn:

  • Plyometric exercises that will help develop explosive power in your athletes.
  • Acceleration exercises and drills that will improve the quickness of your athletes in a short area.
  • To teach your players the most efficient way to run the 5-10-5 shuttle, which is a popular test at combines and prospect camps.

This excellent video from Coach Herbert will give you several exercises and drills to improve the mobility, explosiveness, and speed of your football team!

52 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: bryan miller: speed and agility training for football
Bryan Miller: Speed and Agility Training for Football
with Bryan Miller, Oregon State University Football Strength and Conditioning Coach; (CSCS),
a Specialist in Sports Conditioning and a Level I Club Coach (U.S. Weightlifting)

The mantra that football teams are built in the off-season always holds true no matter who the team is. Being able to mold your athletes into bigger, faster and stronger players is a key to success year after year.

In this clinic talk, Bryan Miller takes you through the steps you need to take in the area of speed and agility for your team this upcoming off-season. Coach Miller takes you through content that can be easily implemented into your speed and agility workout, including:

  • How he analyzes, applies and adapts every workout for every player
  • Discusses his year round training cycle for developing speed and agility
  • Lists his strength exercises, Olympic lifts and plyometric program for increasing speed
  • Goes through his entire speed workout as well as his agility workout showing you the proper sequence of each drill

Using video footage, Coach Miller breaks down his warm-up activity showing each of the mechanics and the importance of each movement.

When breaking into speed development, Coach Miller teaches drills that can develop a very quick first step. He discusses technique and vital movements needed in order to elevate the speed of your athletes. Miller's speed development is structured on squatting, bounding, heel to butt running, actual sprinting and getting lean. He lists his 12 lifts and six plyometric drills for creating speed, stressing quality of movement versus quantity all times. His yearly training cycle will show you how to train your athletes from season to season taking the guess work out of developing a quality training program.

Speed kills and here is your chance to help develop the speed and agility on your team. The easy to follow development programs displayed in this video will help any coach push their athletes to the next level.

Produced at the 2013 Portland Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

56 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: 25 time-tested agility drills for football conditioning
25 Time-Tested Agility Drills for Football Conditioning
with Al Fracassa,
Birmingham Brother Rice HS (MI) Head Coach,
6 State Championships, All-time wins leader in Michigan HS FB;
and featuring Dave Sofran

Year-round strength training has become a standard in high school football. Dave Sofran presents a time-tested and innovative program used at the legendary Brother Rice High School football powerhouse. The program centers around a workout called the "maintain lift," which focuses on maintaining strength and preventing injury. The agility portion of the program is a four-week session that takes place in March and is where agility and speed are developed. Summer conditioning includes a balance of running, lifting and season preparation. A rigorous workout of running in place, core stretches, leg stretching, leg lifts, partner-leg stretches, jumping jacks, partner-back stretches and neck exercises are a demonstrated over the course of this program. A series of 6-second drills are done with partners and include leg-lift drills, triple jumps, jump-overs and leap-frogs. You'll also get a bonus session called "full-court conditioning." In all, 13 drills make up this intense, challenging workout. This is the perfect DVD for coaches at all levels who are looking to add some new life to their strength and conditioning program!

33 minutes. 2007.

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Cover: bryan miller: speed and agility training for football
Bryan Miller: Speed and Agility Training for Football

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