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Cover: pass protection techniques, slide concepts and drills
Pass Protection Techniques, Slide Concepts and Drills
with Brent Key,
University of Central Florida Assistant Coach/Offensive Line;
2010 Conference USA Champions

Install and drill slide pass protections that allow your players to "take it to the game" when it matters most. In addition to the X's and O's, you will learn how to develop proper technique and how to recognize and correct breakdowns in technique.

Brent Key presents a detailed look at slide pass protections and the drills that will help your players master slide schemes and techniques. Coach Key shows you 3- and 4-man slide schemes and a simple "triangle read" that is used in both schemes. Each scheme is discussed, diagrammed, and then shown using practice and game video. The rules for each protection are covered along with the techniques that are required in slide protection.

In addition, Coach Key includes four pass protection evaluation keys. You will learn how to evaluate the technique and performance of each rep in practice and each play in the game. What makes this video so effective is that Coach Key not only shows the successful reps, but he also shows reps with breakdowns in technique and explains how and why the breakdown happened.

You will receive great insight into the development of proper technique through these drill progressions. Key starts with nine practice principles that outline a plan of what he wants to get out of individual drills. Using an overhead and practice and game footage, he provides five daily drills with the philosophy and techniques behind the drill progression. Practice video is used to show 1-on-1 drills and half line drills that allow players to progress to game day situations.

Offensive line play is important to any offensive system, using these drills UCF had 27 rushing touchdowns in 2011 4th most in school history as well as one lineman named to All C-USA second team and another named C-USA all freshman team. Incorporate this into your practice and dominate up front.

51 minutes. 2012.

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Cover: spread offense: pass blocking fundamentals & drills
Spread Offense: Pass Blocking Fundamentals & Drills
with Ed Warinner,
University of Notre Dame Offensive Line Coach;
With 26 years of coaching experience Coach Warinner has led offensive line units at Army, Air Force (led the nation in rushing in 2002), Kansas (second in the nation in scoring in 2007), and Illinois (led the Big Ten in rushing in 2006).

Ed Warinner presents a very detailed and thorough instructional video that will help your lineman become better pass blockers.

  • Beginning with stance fundamentals, Warinner coaches and teaches his way through:
    • Pass blocking fundamentals
    • Footwork
    • Hand work
    • Blitz protection
    • Slide protection
    • Sprint out protection
    • Vertical sets
    • And much more!

    Using the combat zone system, he shows why moving the defense outside and over the quarterback is essential for keeping the defense out of the quarterback's "launch zone" and creating throwing lanes underneath.

    Descriptions and drills showing the significance of the post foot and kick foot positions are a key instrument to ensure your linemen stay square and force the defender to the outside. Other points of emphasis in Warinner's drills include proper steps, punch placement and blow delivery, defeating the spin move and passing off a defender in a twist move.

    Every drill shown can be used every week during the season, as well as in the off season to keep your quarterback on his feet and healthy.

    Warinner also touches on a unique weight room session that shows how the drills used during practice are also effective weight training workouts.

    Warinner does a fantastic job of incorporating video, on-field demonstration and the whiteboard into his presentation to give you a specific and thorough understanding of his spread passing game concepts. His drills will help you fine tune blocking assignments for the spread pass game versus different defensive fronts and blitzes you will see on the field.

    This pass blocking approach has been very successful for Warinner, producing some of the most effective offenses in recent college football.


  • DVD
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    Cover: spread offense: run blocking fundamentals & drills
    Spread Offense: Run Blocking Fundamentals & Drills
    with Ed Warinner,
    University of Notre Dame Offensive Line Coach;
    With 26 years of coaching experience Coach Warinner has led offensive line units at Army, Air Force (led the nation in rushing in 2002), Kansas (second in the nation in scoring in 2007), and Illinois (led the Big Ten in rushing in 2006).

    Maximize the explosiveness of your spread offense with superior run blocking fundamentals.

    Ed Warinner delivers the fundamental drill progressions that have proven successful everywhere he's coached: Army, Air Force, Illinois, Kansas and now Notre Dame. These fundamentals and progressions provide key techniques for athletes and coaches at every level; from peewee ball up to the college level.

    Warinner teaches and demonstrates:

    • Board and chute progressions
    • Warm up bag drills
    • Stance, punch, fit position and angle blocking fundamentals
    • Base reach technique
    • Combination blocking
    • Cut blocking
    • And more!

    He explains and demonstrates how these blocking techniques should look at the first level and the second level.

    Warinner incorporates on-field demonstration, practice video and marker board into his presentation. The on-field demos are an excellent tool your athletes can use to model their technique. As a coach, you will see how these drills are used in a practice setting with a large group of athletes.

    Warinner's approach, fundamentals and techniques will provide you and your team the tools you need to run the ball effectively out of any spread offense.


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    Cover: inside/outside zone blocking technique
    Inside/Outside Zone Blocking Technique
    with Ken Wilmesherr,
    Grossmont College Offensive Line Coach;
    former Southwestern College (CA) Assistant Coach

    Zone blocking provides cutback lanes and double teams on the inside zone. This blocking is designed to get vertical movement on the line. Outside zone blocking is designed to stretch the defense allowing for more horizontal push by offensive linemen and seams for running backs. Coach Wilmesherr teaches six steps in the blocking progression for inside and outside zone coverage against the 4-3 and eagle weak defenses. He teaches stance with power producing angles, the five-finger bridge, and toe-to-instep foot position. The four-step progression is taught to insure proper stance. Wilmesherr uses 2 x 4 boards to teach visual landmarks to his linemen. Step progression includes the jab step, drive step, and up field step. Wilmesherr also describes thick and thin calls, which involve communication between linemen regarding the position of linebackers. Drills include Duck walk demeanor drill, wide base run and the pipe drill.

    62 minutes. 2007.

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