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Cover: pass blocking drills
Pass Blocking Drills

with Steve Loney,
over 40 years of coaching experience at the high school, college and NFL levels;
coached with the Dallas Cowboys, the Minnesota Vikings, the Arizona Cardinals as well as at Iowa State University, Minnesota and Drake;
was an offensive lineman at Iowa State University ('70-'73)

Steve Loney has put together an impressive coaching career, including numerous stops at the collegiate and professional levels that includes a season as the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings. However, Loney has predominantly been an offensive line coach in his travels and in this video, he brings his knowledge of O-line play to light as he gives you the best pass blocking drills and techniques that he's learned over the years.

Important Factors in Pass Protection

Coach Loney begins with an explanation of the most important factors in pass protection for offensive lineman, which he calls the "Ten Commandments of Pass Protection". He stresses that players should understand that pass protection starts with the feet and that the hands only counter the defensive player.

In all, you'll learn:

  • What to stress to your players to make them effective pass blockers.
  • To teach your players how to maintain their base and where the pressure should be in their feet.
  • How Coach Loney teaches different pass sets based on the QB's launch point on 3-step, 5-step, and 7-step pass plays.

Drills to Teach Pass Protection Fundamentals

Loney continues by taking his players through several drills that teach pass protection fundamentals. Proper base, footwork, strike, and posture are stressed as each drill progresses. You will receive several drills that teach counters to common pass rush moves, as well as how to pick up twists and pass rush games. Additionally, Coach Loney explains how he teaches offensive lineman to work from a disadvantaged position to avoid giving up sacks and hits on the QB.

If your O-line needs work, this is your chance to add several drills that will help you develop more complete offensive linemen. Keep your quarterback's jersey clean and your offense humming with improved pass protection!

69 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: michigan football series: techniques & drills for defensive position play
Michigan Football Series: Techniques & Drills for Defensive Position Play

with Shaun Nua,
University of Michigan Defensive Line Coach;
former Defensive Line Coach at Arizona State and Navy;
played at BYU; drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2005 NFL draft

Michigan football has a rich tradition of success on defense and much of that is thanks to a defensive line that stuffs up the run game and consistently gets pressure on opposing passers. In this video, you'll get a look at some of the drills and techniques that Michigan Defensive Line Coach Shaun Nua uses with his own players in order to make sure they are some of the best in college football.

Defensive Line Fundamentals

Coach Nua begins this presentation with a description of his philosophy of coaching in terms of creating the right environment for players to reach their potential. He also emphasizes that 'one-size does not fit all' in coaching. Therefore, coaches need to be flexible and able to adapt to meet the needs of their players and team.

Next, Nua demonstrates, using practice footage, the stance and alignments that he teaches his players at Michigan. Several drills are shown that teach the get-off and hand placement required for elite players. In all, you'll learn:

  • Stance and alignments.
  • How to coach the get-off in several unique ways that will carry over to games.
  • Hand placement, strike, and shed in several competitive drills.

Teaching the Pass Rush

Coach Nua continues by detailing the pass rush techniques and skills used at the University of Michigan. He details how defensive linemen must attack the offensive lineman they are rushing, then adjust their path based on the OL's movement. Nua also shows several drills that teach the finer points of footwork and pass rush moves that both interior and edge rushing defensive linemen can use to defeat blocks and attack the QB. You'll get several examples of "counter" moves that defensive linemen must be able to execute when their initial pass rush move doesn't work.

Overall, this is an excellent video presentation of defensive linemen technique. Coach Nua shares several great drills and many excellent coaching points that will help any defensive line coach become a better teacher of the game!

66 minutes. 2019.


with Don Brown,
University of Michigan Defensive Coordinator;
helped Michigan's defense rank among the top four in the NCAA in total defense his first three seasons in Ann Arbor;
3x AFCA Region I Coach of the Year (1994, 2002, 2006);
5x Conference Coach of the Year (1993, 1994, 1995, 2002, 2006);
35+ years of coaching experience

If you have a great group of linebackers, they can help make your defense look so much better - even if your defensive line or secondary isn't the strongest. In this video, University of Michigan Defensive Coordinator Don Brown dishes on what he looks for in his linebacking corps, as well as some of the drills that Michigan uses to create championship linebackers.

Defensive Philosophy

Coach Brown begins by giving an explanation of the major philosophical beliefs that guide the Michigan defensive unit. He touches on the importance of stopping the run and how to accomplish it. Additionally, Brown gives his general philosophy on defending the pass and provides some specifics on how he accomplishes putting his players in the best positions to defend the pass.

Finally, Coach Brown shares his overall philosophy of coaching athletes and speaks about his beliefs in terms of the coach's role in developing character and being a positive influence in the lives of his players.

Drills for Linebacker Play

Next, you'll be taken through several drills that Brown uses on a daily and weekly basis to teach the finer points of linebacker play. Using practice and game film, Coach Brown demonstrates several drills, including basic footwork, reads and keys, tackling, and block defeat techniques. You'll also see drills that teach pa

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Cover: developing defensive line technique & fundamentals
Developing Defensive Line Technique & Fundamentals
with Ricky Coon,
Southeast Missouri State University Assistant Coach/Defensive Line

An Arena Football veteran, Ricky Coon is quickly making an impact in the coaching profession. Prior to coming to Southeast Missouri State, Coon served as the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator at Ellsworth Community College, where 18 of his players received all-conference recognition and three were named National Junior College Athletic Association All-Americans. He helped lead the Panthers to the 2009 NJCAA Region XI Championships, two Midwest Football Conference Playoff titles and two NJCAA bowl game appearances. In 2009, Coon's defensive unit set a school record for fewest yards allowed in a bowl game. He also served as defensive coordinator at Highland Community College, where his defensive units finished in the Top 20 in the NJCAA in each of his two seasons.

With the spread offense taking over high school and collegiate football, coaches need a defensive system that will not only adapt to the traditional pro style offense or Wing-T system, but one that can easily adjust to the spread offense, as well.

It all starts up front - most football games are won in the trenches. Ricky Coon stresses the importance of having the right mindset and proper technique. He demonstrates drills that will improve defensive line play and teach athletes the mentality, stance and alignment needed for elite level D-lines.


Coach Coon discusses how defensive linemen should approach every game and the principles they should use on the field. You will learn four aspects that are expected of top tier defensive lineman. Coach Coon preaches the three R's for success: relax, rehearse, and react. Defensive linemen have to believe they can stop any team from running the ball. You'll see how to develop goals for your defensive line positions in order for your unit to perform and compete at a high level.

Stance and Alignment

The development of a lineman focuses on the big three: eyes, hands and feet. Having the right stance provides power and eliminates mistakes. Coach Coon explains how being in the proper stance, as well as having eye control on the near knee of the offensive lineman, can give a lightning quick read and path to the man with the ball. Next, hand placement is covered, as well as alignment adjustments to various calls. By using proper hand placement and alignment, a defensive lineman can eliminate costly off-side penalties and put themselves in position to make a play.


Improve your defensive line play with 10 drills used by Coach Coon. Each drill is designed to build on each other to improve your defensive line. Coach Coon uses the T Drill to enhance a defensive lineman's ability to read the inside knee and scrape down the line of scrimmage to make a play. He discusses how each drill works, and provides video examples of every one. You'll learn why he uses these drills at almost every practice and how they translate to production on the field.

Coach Coon will help you develop your defensive linemen into consistent play makers. Wreak havoc on your opponents this season!

60 minutes. 2016.

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Cover: the best of championship productions: defense drills 2-pack
The Best of Championship Productions: Defense Drills 2-Pack
FD-04855A: featuring Paul Creighton, Dave Doeren, Brick Haley, Don Johnson, Greg Mark and Charlie Partridge

Championship Productions has pulled 40 of the best drills in its video library and assembled them into one product. This video provides numerous drills and techniques you can use to mold your athletes into productive pass rushers and run stuffers.

These drills will help your players develop the flexibility, hand movement, speed, quickness, strength, and leverage they need to plug the gaps in the run game and attack the quarterback in the passing game.

You'll see world-class instructors break down stance and start techniques, as well as innovative drills to make your athletes' first two steps quick and violent.

You'll learn a variety of ways to enhance sled work, as well as gain ideas on how to utilize shoots and agility bags. Train your players to create leverage and separation from the offensive line enabling them to get into space consistently and make more plays.

This video contains everything a defensive line coach needs to kick their unit up a notch. With drills and tips appropriate for all levels, there's not a more complete product on the market. Improve your team today!

104 minutes. 2015.

FD-04855B: featuring Ron Cooper, Dave Doeren, Chris Merritt, Mark Stoops, Robert Tucker and Seth Wallace

This video features a collection of 40 game-tested drills compiled from Championship Productions' videos.

You will learn proven drills that are well-suited for daily practice and be able to apply them to improve the skills and techniques of your team's defensive backs. Some of the skills covered include: footwork, block destruction, tackling, creating turnovers and coverage concepts.


This segment details key footwork drills that any coach can use when teaching key concepts from basic stance to change of direction.

Block Destruction, Tackling and Turnovers

Block destruction, tackling and turnovers are the most critical component to any defensive strategy.

Included in this segment are the requisite steps in "Turning Over the Ball" - an approach that will teach your players how to recognize and leverage turnover opportunities.

In a step-by-step format appropriate for individual, group, and team instruction, the last half of this segment explains and demonstrates the fundamentals involved in sound tackling. These drills will help your players understand the importance of body position and leverage, while ensuring they are safe, aggressive tacklers.

Ball Skills and Man Defense

This segment helps develop your players' natural instincts to the ball. Players will learn to fight for the ball when it's in the air and not wait for the receiver to make the first move. You'll also assist your players with interception and batted ball production by implementing these practical drills.

For man defense, these drills help you control the wide receiver whether he's running an In, Out or Vertical route.

Zone, Scheme, Reads

Footwork, change-of-direction, and fundamental techniques involved in playing both man and zone coverage are all key factors included in this segment. You'll get tips on playing the fade and slant routes, as well as techniques that defensive backs can employ to read the three- and five-step drop.

Also reviewed are tips on how defensive backs can train their eyes to cover the field in halves and deep-third coverages.

This video is the definitive source for defensive back instruction at all levels. It provides you the necessary tools and knowledge-base to coach secondary players, whether you're facing a pass or run dominant offense.

63 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: defensive position drills and skills for the youth player
Defensive Position Drills and Skills for the Youth Player
with Mike Pope, Wingate University Assistant Coach;
Director of the Hawg Tuff Camps and Challenges; 40 year coaching veteran at the collegiate and high school levels.

A 40-year coaching veteran, Mike Pope provides detailed instruction for any youth level coach. His experience and development of young athletes is second to none.

In a youth football camp format, Mike Pope breaks down the techniques that are essential in developing effective young players at each defensive position.

  • Defensive Line - Coach breaks down stance and start and provides moves to get off a block and be explosive to the quarterback or ball carrier. He stresses the importance of training the defensive lineman to react to movement.
  • Linebackers - Pope covers the fundamentals of the stance and the first step of linebacker play. He touches on playing both the run and the pass from the linebacker position.
  • Defensive Backs - Pope demonstrates a variety of aspects of defensive back play from man coverage to making interceptions. He teaches the proper technique for back pedaling and breaking on the football.

Each position breakdown is detailed from stance and start to the essential tackling techniques and includes a number of drills to reinforce the techniques.

This is a great video for any coach who is looking to coach youth league football or just improve their knowledge of the fundamentals of the game. Start developing your young players into championship players today!

27 minutes. 2014.

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