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Cover: developing defensive backs 2-pack
Developing Defensive Backs 2-Pack
FD-04856A: with John Neal,
University of Oregon Assistant Coach (Passing Game Coordinator/Secondary)

Long-time University of Oregon assistant coach John Neal shares strategies and insights for developing and improving your secondary. Coach Neal has developed one of the leading secondaries in the nation, including seven NFL draft picks in the last seven years.

In this unique presentation, Coach Neal lays out a blueprint aimed at making you a better coach, teacher and mentor. You will discover the building blocks for establishing "competitive greatness" in defensive backs and learn how to develop a player's spirit and will, prior to teaching them technique and systems.

Coach Neal shares an organized approach having an effective defensive backs meeting. You will learn how to organize meetings so players have a complete understanding of their responsibilities and roles on the team.

You will learn strategies for goal setting, practice work habits, depth charts, how to organize your practice time and more. Neal reveals his "5 Fingers of Progression" and the "5 Fingers of Action" that cover the sequence and responsibilities of his players before and after every snap.

You will also see how Neal breaks down practice film using Hudl, how he chooses which segments to to show and what's emphasized during the sessions.

This video will make you think about your coaching philosophy and challenge you to become a better coach, teacher and mentor.

64 minutes. 2015.

FD-04856B: with John Neal,
University of Oregon Assistant Coach (Passing Game Coordinator/Secondary)

John Neal delivers a video packed with game-like practice drills to help your defensive backs develop the skills they need to succeed on the field. No gimmicks or gadgets are needed for these drills, and players are taught how to "finish" every drill to ensure maximum benefit.

Agility Drills

Train your players to quickly change direction and react to the football. Coach Neal teaches proper stance, driving to the ball, backpeddling, man turns, zone turns, and footwork in these purposeful drills.

Ball Drills

Once your athletes take the field, their goal is to get the ball back. The goal of these drills is to finish with a fumble recovery, interception or knockdown. You will see techniques for recovering fumbles, breaking on the ball, knocking down passes, and covering the deep ball.

Block Protection

Improve your players' ability to quickly get off stalk blocks and kick-out blocks and position themselves to make tackles. The "Fit", "Fit-Close" and "Fit-Close & Release" drills will teach your players how to get off blocks so they can be more effective at stopping the run and quick screens. Using a punch-and-push method, Coach Neal's players demonstrate how to attack the blocker and drive them back to create problems for your opponent's running game.


The secondary is your last line of defense, so they need to be sure tacklers. Coach Neal demonstrates 10 tackling drills that teach every aspect of tackling players will use in a game. Open field tackling is demonstrated, as well as tackling drills that can be used without pads.

Coaches of all levels will benefit from the teaching of one of the nation's best secondary coaches. With more than 30 years of experience and the results on the field to back it up, Coach Neal's instruction will help your defensive backs refine their technique and improve their game performance.

70 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: will muschamp: secondary coverages & defensive back drills
Will Muschamp: Secondary Coverages & Defensive Back Drills
with Will Muschamp, University of Florida Head Coach;

Coach Muschamp goes into great detail first using PowerPoint slides before showing film to cover every aspect of playing great secondary coverage. The "T" step allows for the defender to put all his cleats into the ground and break on balls quickly. First a defender must understand the concept of being "in faze" with the receiver, next the defensive back is taught how to play the receivers eyes and hands when he is "out of faze."

Playing off of blocks is emphasized and Coach Muschamp covers his perimeter drill that teaches the defensive backs to attack the receiver and run through the ball carrier with the near leg and near shoulder. Four different drills are shown in his tackling progression before Muschamp details the use of the Angle and Pad Tackling Drills.

Using game and practice footage, Coach Muschamp discusses his "Rip and Liz" calls used when defending 2-by-2 formations, as well as the importance of reading the number two receiver in the secondary. Next, Muschamp discusses how to defend 3-by-1 sets with the use of the "Skate" call.

All coaches will benefit from the experience of an SEC coach who teaches fundamentals and hard work in this video.

Produced at the 2014 Louisville Nike Coach of the Year clinic.

75 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: next level training: ultimate defensive back skills and drills
Next Level Training: Ultimate Defensive Back Skills and Drills
with Donovin Darius, founder and CEO of Next Level Training; former defensive back for the Jacksonville Jaguars; first round NFL draft pick (25th overall); 1998 NFL All Rookie Team; 1997 Big East Defensive Player of the Year; 2x All Big East selection while at Syracuse

Donovin Darius, a 10-year NFL veteran safety, brings a wealth of experience to the defensive back position. In this detailed DVD he teaches you the skills and drills that helped him become the Big East Defensive Player of the Year during his college playing career and ultimately a first round draft pick.

The drills in this video are demonstrated by youth, middle and high school players. Coach Darius starts with the basics for both the corner back and safety positions and progresses to more advanced techniques.

Stance and Start
A defensive back must have the ability to explode out of his stance and engage and lock onto a receiver in space. This all begins with the stance and start. Discover why your front foot is important and what to do and not to do with your back foot. You will learn all of the footwork you need to neutralize fleet-footed wide receivers.

Build Momentum When Back Pedaling
The Pace Drill will develop a defensive back's internal clock by helping him recognize short routes, medium routes and deep routes. Your defensive back will learn why the first three steps are important and why a 15 yard back pedal is vital.

The Defensive Back Route Tree
Learning the Defensive Back Route Tree will help neutralize the physical skills of any explosive wide receiver. This drill will teach your defensive backs to plant, break, and drive while using the correct angle. These drills emphasize how to read a route, what to do with your eyes and catching the ball at its highest point.

Train Your Eyes
The ability to train your eyes will prevent your defensive backs from becoming victims of double moves and out-and-up routes. You will learn when to turn your eyes to the quarterback as you break on the wide receiver.

Outside and Slot Receivers
There is different footwork used for each wide receiver. You will learn how to finish to the wide receiver, attempt to strip the football and then secure the tackle.

Coverage Keys, Cover 1 and Cover 2
As a defensive back you must understand Alignment, Assignment, Run/Pass Key, Technique and Finish. Coach Darius explains how outside versus inside receiver coverage varies and what players must do to cover both effectively. He explains run and pass keys and provides drills to help you understand how to engage receivers in zone and man coverages.

Also included in this video is a variety of ways to strip the ball from the wide receiver.

Coach Darius provides just the right amount of information on fundamental techniques, secondary coverage and drills so that coaches and players can easily absorb the information. Coaches at the youth, middle and high school levels will find this video invaluable to improving their performance on game day.


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Cover: techniques & drills for creating championship defensive backs
Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Defensive Backs
with Harlon Barnett,
Michigan State University Secondary Coach,
played seven seasons in the NFL

Defensive backs are the reaction squad of the defense usually asked to make super human plays to save touchdowns.

Coach Harlon Barnett's DVD is a coaching crash course in coaching DBs. The DVD includes 20 drills to improve footwork, reaction times, tackling, defeating blocks, and to increase interceptions.

Coach Barnett's presentation is a hands-on tutorial of the techniques needed to combat the run and air raid style offenses.

Barnett highlights key drills and techniques to help your defensive backs develop their footwork to improve reaction times in coverage. He presents ball drills to develop your DBs cut off and shoulder position against opposing receivers positioning them to score, not just intercept.

Coach also presents his tackle progression so your secondary stops whiffing running backs and puts them on the ground. Lastly, Coach Barnett reviews two drills that will help your DBs attack blockers and get into position to make the big tackles.

Barnett's D-Back training is relevant for any defense that wants to build a championship secondary.

Order now turn your defensive backs into champions.

54 minutes. 2011.

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Cover: tackling fundamentals & drills for defensive backs
Tackling Fundamentals & Drills for Defensive Backs
with Chris Ash,
University of Wisconsin Defensive Backs Coach

Limit big plays and missed tackles by improving your tackling fundamentals.

Coach Ash's five-part instruction focuses on the basics of being a great tackler: Eyes on the target, coming to balance, "shimmy" the feet, holster the hands, and club and wrap up.

Ash provides a detailed explanation of each of these areas and supports the teaching of these elements with drill footage. He shares over 15 drills to work on:

  • Open field tackling
  • Angle tackling
  • Sideline tackling
  • 2-on-1 tackling

These drills include objectives, cue words, and coaching points to maximize the benefit to you and your team.

The most important ingredient to being a great tackling team is having relentless team pursuit on every play. Great pursuit results in less space for the ball carrier to make cuts and it leads to more turnovers, as most of the balls recovered come from the player pursuing the play.

Ash takes you through his team pursuit drill for the run and pass that will create good pursuit angles, will prevent long runs and help keep your opponent off the scoreboard. This drill can also be used to set up blocking when there is a return on a turnover.

Tackling is an important ingredient to every defense and can be the key to winning and losing games. This DVD will give you the necessary fundamentals to teach proper tackling but also an array of drills to incorporate into your team defensive system.


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