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Cover: stalk block & tight end conversions
Stalk Block & Tight End Conversions

with Matt Johns,
College of William & Mary Wide Receivers/Tight Ends Coach;
was a four-year letterwinner at the University of Virginia as a player;
finished his career ranked 11th on the program's career passing list and sixth in passing touchdowns

An underrated component of any team's passing game is its ability to block and run effective routes. You won't have much luck moving the ball if you can't create space on the field!

This video featuring, College of William & Mary's Receivers/Tight Ends Coach Matt Johns, dives into drills and skills that will make your pass catchers better at blocking and getting open down the field.

Stalk Blocking

Coach Johns provides a demonstration using practice and game footage of how stalk blocking is taught at William & Mary. He demonstrates the approach, posture, initial strike, and finish that are necessary to be an excellent blocker as a receiver or tight end. Johns also includes several drills that teach and reinforce the fundamentals of stalk blocking.

You'll learn how to coach your receivers to finish their blocks and avoid penalties, how to counter what defenders do to defeat stalk blocks, and get the Four Cone Mirror drill that ties all the elements of the stalk block together.

Pass Game Concepts and Individual Routes

Coach Johns continues by getting into some of the route concepts, releases, and individual routes used by the William & Mary coaching staff. You'll see several "conversion" concepts that allow receivers to adjust their routes based on what coverage they see. Johns diagrams each concept and gives key coaching points relative to how each read is taught, in addition to showing game footage of each concept to illustrate coaching points. Finally, Johns explains how he teaches receivers to release and get into their routes against a variety of defensive looks.

Tight end and receiver play is an art. This video featuring Coach Johns contains the stalk blocking and route running techniques your receivers will need to elevate their game to the next level!

58 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: running backs: inside zone read progression
Running Backs: Inside Zone Read Progression

with EJ Barthel,
College of William & Mary Recruiting Coordinator & Running Backs Coach;
former Howard University Running Backs Coach;
under Barthel in 2018, Howard led the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference in rushing with 192.8 yards per game

In order to run the ball well, mastering the inside zone is paramount for your offensive approach. Additionally, your running backs must possess great vision in order to get the most out of each play.

William & Mary running backs coach, EJ Barthel, takes you through his approach to the inside zone in this video. Coach Barthel includes pre- and post-snap reads, film room breakdowns, and drills that you can adopt to turn your backs into game breaking players.

Aiming Point, Reads, and Film Room

Barthel begins by discussing the aiming point for his running backs in the inside zone. He wants his players to capture the midline, which allows the back to be in position to attack all three areas of the field. Additionally, players must press the aiming point until the last second to get opposing linebackers committed.

Next, you'll discover what Coach Barthel instructs his runners to look for pre- and post-snap. His pre-snap reads include the Fast, Stack, and Slow reads based on where the linebacker aligns. Post-snap reads include Fast Fast Flow, Fast Slow Flow, and Slow Flow. After defining what each read means, Barthel goes in-depth in the film room to provide you specific examples of these reads being utilized in games.

Running Back Drills and Philosophies

Coach Barthel showcases 11 drills that are great for training your running backs to make correct reads while also conditioning them physically to capitalize on making correct reads. Drills included are:

  • Aiming Point Path
  • Read & React
  • Jump Cut Vertical
  • Obstacle Drill
  • Bag Drill
  • Serpentine Drill
  • Jump Cut Drill
  • Palm Up Drill
  • Combo Drill
  • 4-Corner Cut Drill
  • Bad Ball Drill

In the midst of these drills, Barthel dives into William & Mary's running back philosophy and also throws in some tips for improving ball security while carrying the pigskin.

Your running back could have all the talent in the world, but if they never make the correct read, then their potential will always be suppressed. This video from Coach Barthel will ensure you and your backs know what reads to make while running the inside zone.

43 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: running routes vs. coverages & passing tree
Running Routes vs. Coverages & Passing Tree

with Mike London Jr.,
College of William & Mary Wide Receivers Coach;
former Howard University Wide Receivers Coach;
in 2018, helped Howard rank 4th nationally in yards per catch and 16th in passing offense

Mike London Jr. grew up around football and has experienced success at the high school and collegiate levels so far during his coaching career. He coached 21 high school student-athletes who went on to compete at the Division I level, in addition to helping Howard University rank fourth nationally in yards per catch (17.27) and 16th in passing offense (278 yards per game) in 2018.

Now, London brings his expertise on receiver play to you. In this video, you'll get techniques that will take your receivers to the next level, as well as the routes and adjustments your offense needs to move the ball consistently.

Crucial Elements of Receiver Play

Coach London starts with an overview of some of the most important factors of wide receiver play. He demonstrates how he teaches stance and start against both press and off-coverage looks. You'll get several drills that reinforce the footwork, posture, and catching technique required to be an outstanding receiver. Additionally, London provides insight as to how he teaches his receivers to complete their route breaks to put themselves into position to make a great catch.

Routes Against a Variety of Coverages

Next, you will learn several of the routes that are used in conjunction with William & Mary's pass game concepts. Several common routes such as the hitch, slant, quick out, deep out, comeback, post, and fade are covered. Conversions to routes that are used against certain coverages are also detailed by Coach London. Finally, you'll see practice film of each route against cover 2, 3, and 4, as well as press man, and off-man coverages.

This is a great addition to any football coach's library. Coach London gives a detailed overview of route running and wide receiver play.

64 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: pro-style quarterback: skills & drills
Pro-Style Quarterback: Skills & Drills

with Kris Hogan,
Grapevine Faith High School (TX) Head Coach & Athletic Director;
has coached teams to multiple state championships;
6x Coach of the Year at the district or regional level;
70% career winning percentage in 17+ years as a head coach

Does your offensive system set up best to be run by a pro-style quarterback? Do you have an athlete or two whose QB skills are best suited for a pro-style approach? If so, this video featuring Grapevine Faith High School head coach Kris Hogan will be a huge benefit to you and your developing QB. Coach Hogan breaks down his best drills tailored to pro-style quarterbacks and gives many coaching tips that will help your players improve at a rapid pace.

Drills for Drop Back Mechanics and Ball Handling

Hogan kicks things off with an explanation on his philosophy in terms of developing young QBs and the importance of not trying to get every athlete to throw the ball with the exact same delivery. He goes into detail about how to teach ball handling for taking a snap, hand-offs, play action passes, and toss plays. Next, he covers a series of drills that teach 3-step drops, 5-step drops, and drops from the shogun. Included are drills that teach pass rush escape, boot and sprint out mechanics.

Complete Throwing Development Program

Coach Hogan continues by demonstrating several drills that help develop passing skills. Multiple general and specific warm-up drills are shown that help minimize the risk of throwing injuries.

Additionally, Hogan demonstrates exercises that teach QBs to make several of the most common throws from both a drop and when they are flushed from the pocket. Special emphasis is placed on training quarterbacks to escape the rush and reset their feet to make a variety of throws. Finally, you'll get drills that teach reads and movement keys.

If you need a complete QB development system that is presented in a specific and functional manner, with minimal "fluff," then this video from Coach Hogan is just what the doctor ordered!

44 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: quarterback play: intangibles + thinking like a pro
Quarterback Play: Intangibles + Thinking Like a Pro

with Kris Hogan,
Grapevine Faith High School (TX) Head Coach & Athletic Director;
has coached teams to multiple state championships;
6x Coach of the Year at the district or regional level;
70% career winning percentage in 17+ years as a head coach

A quarterback could possess all of the physical tools in the world, but if they don't have equally impressive mental capabilities in regards to football, then their ceiling (and your program's) will be lowered considerably.

Kris Hogan, Grapevine Faith High School head coach, addresses the mental side of elite quarterback play in this informative video. You'll learn what it takes between the ears to become a complete QB that can lead a program to a championship.

Defining and Training the "IT" Factor

Hogan starts this whiteboard presentation by explaining what the "IT" factor is. He explains that the qualities needed to be a successful quarterback are difficult to measure by traditional tests. Coach Hogan further elaborates about the need of the player to have a clear understanding of his responsibilities and his own abilities. Finally, he covers how to create the conditions for each player on your roster to develop their own "IT" factor.

Mental Approach & Habits

Next, Coach Hogan explains the process of training his players to have the correct attitude to be successful. You'll learn the importance of helping your players understand what good habits are and how to avoid developing bad habits. Hogan also goes into detail about how the communication process takes place, and why coaches need to be aware of how the mind works so they can best communicate with modern student-athletes.

In all, you'll learn how:

  • Communication correlates to subconscious behavior.
  • Your player's subconscious mind directs their behavior both on and off the field.
  • To construct a program that places emphasis on the process over results.

This video from Coach Hogan is an excellent resource for any coach that is looking for the extra things that coaches and athletes can do to achieve their goals!

73 minutes. 2019.

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