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Cover: michigan football series: techniques & drills for defensive position play
Michigan Football Series: Techniques & Drills for Defensive Position Play

with Shaun Nua,
University of Michigan Defensive Line Coach;
former Defensive Line Coach at Arizona State and Navy;
played at BYU; drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2005 NFL draft

Michigan football has a rich tradition of success on defense and much of that is thanks to a defensive line that stuffs up the run game and consistently gets pressure on opposing passers. In this video, you'll get a look at some of the drills and techniques that Michigan Defensive Line Coach Shaun Nua uses with his own players in order to make sure they are some of the best in college football.

Defensive Line Fundamentals

Coach Nua begins this presentation with a description of his philosophy of coaching in terms of creating the right environment for players to reach their potential. He also emphasizes that 'one-size does not fit all' in coaching. Therefore, coaches need to be flexible and able to adapt to meet the needs of their players and team.

Next, Nua demonstrates, using practice footage, the stance and alignments that he teaches his players at Michigan. Several drills are shown that teach the get-off and hand placement required for elite players. In all, you'll learn:

  • Stance and alignments.
  • How to coach the get-off in several unique ways that will carry over to games.
  • Hand placement, strike, and shed in several competitive drills.

Teaching the Pass Rush

Coach Nua continues by detailing the pass rush techniques and skills used at the University of Michigan. He details how defensive linemen must attack the offensive lineman they are rushing, then adjust their path based on the OL's movement. Nua also shows several drills that teach the finer points of footwork and pass rush moves that both interior and edge rushing defensive linemen can use to defeat blocks and attack the QB. You'll get several examples of "counter" moves that defensive linemen must be able to execute when their initial pass rush move doesn't work.

Overall, this is an excellent video presentation of defensive linemen technique. Coach Nua shares several great drills and many excellent coaching points that will help any defensive line coach become a better teacher of the game!

66 minutes. 2019.


with Don Brown,
University of Michigan Defensive Coordinator;
helped Michigan's defense rank among the top four in the NCAA in total defense his first three seasons in Ann Arbor;
3x AFCA Region I Coach of the Year (1994, 2002, 2006);
5x Conference Coach of the Year (1993, 1994, 1995, 2002, 2006);
35+ years of coaching experience

If you have a great group of linebackers, they can help make your defense look so much better - even if your defensive line or secondary isn't the strongest. In this video, University of Michigan Defensive Coordinator Don Brown dishes on what he looks for in his linebacking corps, as well as some of the drills that Michigan uses to create championship linebackers.

Defensive Philosophy

Coach Brown begins by giving an explanation of the major philosophical beliefs that guide the Michigan defensive unit. He touches on the importance of stopping the run and how to accomplish it. Additionally, Brown gives his general philosophy on defending the pass and provides some specifics on how he accomplishes putting his players in the best positions to defend the pass.

Finally, Coach Brown shares his overall philosophy of coaching athletes and speaks about his beliefs in terms of the coach's role in developing character and being a positive influence in the lives of his players.

Drills for Linebacker Play

Next, you'll be taken through several drills that Brown uses on a daily and weekly basis to teach the finer points of linebacker play. Using practice and game film, Coach Brown demonstrates several drills, including basic footwork, reads and keys, tackling, and block defeat techniques. You'll also see drills that teach pa

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Cover: michigan football series: quarterback technique & drills
Michigan Football Series: Quarterback Technique & Drills

with Jim Harbaugh,
University of Michigan Head Coach;
2018 Big Ten East Division Co-Champs;
former San Francisco 49ers (NFL) Head Coach;
2012 NFC Champion; 2011 NFL Coach of the Year;
former Stanford University Head Coach;
2010 Woody Hayes Trophy, awarded to the top collegiate coach;
2x NCAA Division 1 FCS Mid-Major National Champions (2005, 2006);
starred as a quarterback for Michigan as a player;
in 1986, finished 3rd in Heisman Trophy voting and was the Big Ten's Most Valuable Player;
drafted by the Chicago Bears (1st round) and was in the NFL for 14 years;
in 1995, was a Pro Bowler & the AFC Offensive Player of the Year

and Ben McDaniels,
University of Michigan Quarterbacks Coach;
15+ years of coaching experience at the high school, college (Minnesota, Columbia, Rutgers), and pro levels (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears)

The quarterback position is often thought of as the most important position in all of sports. Having players who not only can grasp the physical, but mental and leadership part of being a quarterback is what all football coaches strive to have.

2011 NFL Coach of the Year and current University of Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh, along with Michigan Quarterbacks Coach Ben McDaniels, share 13 drills that they use to help develop quarterbacks within their football program. Harbaugh and McDaniels share concepts such as how to throw on the run, how to evade defenders, how to take multiple types of snaps, and training a quicker release.

Quarterback Fundamentals

Teaching quarterbacks proper throwing motion, RPO handoffs, and how to present yourself as a quarterback are all fundamentals that are shared in this video. You will see the "100 reps" rule for developing good habits, how to teach proper elbow positioning on throws, and how to teach footwork on QB drop backs. You will also see:

  • How to teach the quarterback and center exchange.
  • The "drive through fake" action.
  • Three different quarterback cadences.
  • What equipment quarterbacks need.
  • The ABC's of coaching a quarterback.

Quarterback Drills

Using film footage, you will see 13 on-field drills to help develop a quarterback, including exercises such as the Anticipation drill, Naked Fast Decision drill, and Hitch-Hitch Go or Throw drill. You'll also see:

  • The Ken Cote drill to help QBs develop good decision outside the pocket.
  • Two competitive drills in the Quick Release Competition and the Goal Post Challenge.
  • The Circle drill to teach throwing while on the run.
  • The Flush drill, which teaches four different ways to leave the pocket.

Using their college and professional coaching and playing experience, Harbaugh and McDaniels give you the tools to develop quarterbacks at any level. The knowledge packed into this video will help develop any quarterback into a more efficient, well-rounded player.

70 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: michigan football series: running back technique & drills
Michigan Football Series: Running Back Technique & Drills

with Jay Harbaugh,
University of Michigan Running Backs/Co-Special Teams Coordinator;
coached Jake Butt to the 2016 John Mackey Award during his time as Tight Ends Coach at Michigan;
coached at Oregon State and with the Baltimore Ravens

Teams that possess quality running backs have quite the luxury - they can grind out yards on the ground, provide added pass protection for the quarterback, and catch balls out of the backfield as a pressure release. This video featuring Running Backs Coach Jay Harbaugh, provides coaching tips and drills designed to help you mold your running backs into versatile, all-around threats on every play.

Ball Security Drills

Harbaugh begins his presentation by giving an explanation of his coaching and recruiting philosophy for running backs. Then, he gives an explanation of how he categorizes drills so that they closely mimic game situations while focusing on specific skills that running backs will need.

The first, and possibly most important category, is ball security. Harbaugh goes over several drills that teach ball security, including how he teaches correct ball positioning, mesh mechanics, and techniques to counter the defender's attempts to strip the ball such as the "lawnmower spin" drill, and many more.

In all, you'll learn:

  • How to construct drills that ensure carryover to game situations.
  • How to teach running backs to secure the ball to avoid fumbles.
  • Unique drills that teach the running back to maintain correct pressure, as well as how to secure the ball when being tackled and when in traffic.

Making Complete Running Backs

Coach Harbaugh continues with a demonstration of drills that teach running game skills, including how his University of Michigan backs are taught to cut and avoid both first-level and second-level defenders. Additionally, multiple drills are demonstrated that teach route running, catching, and the transition from receiver to runner that are so important for running backs in modern offenses.

Finally, you'll see drills that teach the finer points of pass protection against second- and third-level rushers, as well as down lineman. Harbaugh includes several coaching points and techniques for defeating the most common types of rushes running backs will encounter.

This video will give you several great drills that teach and reinforce the fundamentals of running back play in a manner that closely mimics the actual game. Coach Harbaugh does a fantastic job providing specific coaching points that help fully explain each drill and the individual techniques that are being practiced.

91 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: michigan football series: wide receiver footwork, stance & drills
Michigan Football Series: Wide Receiver Footwork, Stance & Drills

with Josh Gattis,
University of Michigan Offensive Coordinator; 2015 Big Ten Recruiter of the Year;
has coached 14 All-Conference and 5 All-American wide receivers;
former Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach at the University of Alabama;
also coached wide receivers at Penn State, Vanderbilt and Western Michigan
2x All-ACC as a player (safety) at Wake Forest University;
drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2007 and played for the Chicago Bears

Wide receivers are an integral part of any offense in modern day football. Having receivers that possess elite level footwork and body positioning can help your football team produce an explosive offense.

Using progressive warm-up drills and scenarios, the University of Michigan's Josh Gattis shows you nine wide receiver drills to help build stance, footwork and body positioning. Some of the drills include Stance and Start, Head Eyes Hips, Shuffle Transition, Chutes and Circle Drill. Coach Gattis uses on-field drill film and offensive skeleton film demonstrations to show you how to develop the complete wide receiver.

Stance and Start

Learn the 80-20 stance for wide receivers. Coach Gattis breaks down how he teaches receivers at the University of Michigan in terms of technique to start their routes. You'll see how to:

  • Get a receiver's pointer foot in the direction they are going.
  • Get pad level low and have the receiver drive out low.
  • Get wide receivers to not false step out of their stance.
  • Close the distance on defenders with stride frequency and stride length.

Chutes and Pop Ups

Using football chutes and stand-up pop-ups, Coach Gattis gives two drills that help with getting receivers' positioning low to help fight off defensive arm bars.

You will see how to create a second level release for receivers and muscle memory on route running in the Pop-up drill. Within the Chutes drill, you'll see how to keep receivers low to the ground on transitions and how the drill relates to game-like situations. Coach Gattis also shows:

  • How to get foot placement to come back to the football on routes.
  • The benefits of keeping your foot and heel even in your route running.
  • How receivers can gain releases at the line of scrimmage.

Footwork Drills

Using drills like Foot Fire- Single Jab, Short Stair BIG Stair and Lean and Break Drills, you will see different techniques such as releasing through the defender, top of the route shake and extend step to a pivot step. You'll also see how to teach receivers to keep their knees inside their ankles, how to get in-route cuts to be sharp/tight, how to teach receivers to learn their shoulders away from their defender, and how to get receivers into a rhythm/flow.

Coach Gattis gives you the tools to be able to teach your wide receivers to have the best footwork and body positioning within your league. With film demonstrations of individual and skeleton drill situations, you will see how to get your receivers to an All-American level.

63 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: michigan football series: sam, viper, and nickel linebackers
Michigan Football Series: Sam, Viper, and Nickel Linebackers

with Anthony Campanile,
University of Michigan Defensive Assistant Coach;
former Assistant Coach at Boston College and Rutgers

Outside linebackers need to be versatile players with a wide-ranging skill set in modern football. Anthony Campanile, the Linebackers Coach at the University of Michigan, covers all the essentials of his Sam, Viper, and Nickel backer positions in this informative instructional video.

Daily Drills for Linebacker Play

Coach Campanile starts by showing examples of several footwork drills that he uses with his linebackers every day. He presents drills using agility bags and without agility bags and demonstrates teaching linebackers how to move their feet while keeping their body in proper position to react.

Additionally, Campanile demonstrates how block defeat and ball drills can be incorporated with footwork drills. Several tackling drills are demonstrated that teach defenders when to "shimmy" to a ball carrier. Several great coaching points are shared by Coach Campanile during the course of the presentation, and in all, you'll get:

  • Several daily footwork drills that teach and reinforce good posture and body control.
  • The approach to tackling at Michigan.
  • Several drills that teach tackling for linebackers in a number of situations.

Pass Coverage

Coach Campanile continues by explaining how pass coverage techniques are taught in both man and zone coverage. Drill footage is shown in which the linebackers are taught how to drop to a zone then react to the quarterback's motion. Also, Campanile shows several examples of drills that teach man coverage for the outside linebackers on a slot receiver using a "scooch" technique. Coach Campanile goes into detail describing the footwork and eye progression of a defensive player playing man coverage against a receiver. Finally, several pass rush drills are shown that teach a blitzing linebacker to defeat blocks and rush the quarterback.

This video not only shows several drills that teach the finer points of linebacker play, but gives tons of great teaching and coaching points too. With this video from Coach Campanile, you will have your linebackers ready to dominate the opposition on game day!

71 minutes. 2019.

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