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Cover: developing cornerbacks to play multiple coverage techniques
Developing Cornerbacks to Play Multiple Coverage Techniques

with Aaron Henry,
Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Defensive Backs;
Secondary Graduate assistant at Arkansas;
played at Wisconsin for Chris Ash (3x Rose Bowl, 2x All-Big Ten)

The spread offense presents problems to defenses with its tempo and multiple formations. However, now the defense can fight back by appearing to play press coverage before every snap, confusing the quarterback and making him throw into coverage with the bait and bail technique or the cover 2 hinge technique. Rutgers defensive back coach Aaron Henry teaches you these techniques and more in this video.

Press Technique

Train your cornerbacks to dictate angles for the wide receiver to take. Coach Henry explains the press technique that is specific to Rutgers and how it differs from the way press is taught by most other coaches. Using simple, everyday drills, he shows you his teaching progression for the press technique that begins with the proper alignment and stance, and focuses on eye progression and footwork for the corner

Coach Henry believes in pressing with the feet by staying in front of the receiver as long as possible before using a kick step to go with any vertical release. In his footwork progression, Henry covers the:

  • Mirror step
  • Kick step
  • Switchback
  • Off hand jam

After teaching footwork, Henry shows how to coach the corner in playing the route by the receiver. Using the Fly-by and Stutter drills, you will see how to coach the corner to be in phase with the receiver and lean and locate the ball. When out-of-phase, the corner is taught to go chest to chest and play through the receiver to the ball. Coach Henry then shows how the hands are used as a bonus in press coverage, and explains how focusing on the hands too much is a major flaw in many cornerbacks that play press coverage.

The Finish

Coach Henry stresses that defensive backs must be able to make plays. He describes the techniques for the defensive back to use whether he is in phase or out of phase with the receiver. Using practice footage, Coach Henry shows how the finish should be coached against a fade route and against short and intermediate routes. You'll see the Hook & Swat drill that is used at Rutgers to knock the ball loose from the receiver while securing the tackle with the off hand. Using Coach Henry's techniques and drill progression, you will be able to teach your players to make plays and breakup passes no matter if they are in perfect position or not.

Bait and Bail Technique

Coach Henry concludes the video by showing you how the corner can appear to press, but in reality is dropping into zone coverage. See how the bait and bail techniques should be used to counter offenses that use deep routes to attack press coverage. Also, an explanation of the catch technique is included. The catch technique is typically used in the red zone where the defensive back must not allow a receiver to catch the ball in front of him.

Cornerback play is essential in the modern game. Coach Henry's coaching points and drill progression will enable coaches to teach their cornerbacks to dominate the competition.

51 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: best of the best football series
Best of the Best Football Series
FD-04853: featuring Del Alexander, Brent Brennan, Ron Dugans, Curtis Johnson, Reggie Moore, Todd Norman and Terrence Samuel

Seven of the nation's top coaches provide detailed analysis and step-by-step breakdowns of 45 game-tested drills that you can easily integrate into your daily practices. These drills will help you train your receivers to get off the ball, run precise routes, and catch passes in tight windows.

Position Specific Training for Receivers and Running Backs

Segment one covers several key factors, including maximizing foot speed, balance, core strength and overall physical conditioning. These drills help develop explosiveness, core development, and vertical explosion. The video also reviews tips on small hurdles and resistance bands. Incorporation of catching the football within the drills is used to develop precision and focus, both physically and mentally.


These drills focus on the stance, body position, and footwork designed to allow your receiving corps to line up and see the weakness in the secondary. From there, your receivers will learn to explode off the line and seamlessly transition into routes, making them more likely to get open.

Drills and Routes

Coach your players on proper route running and spotting the open passing windows in the coverage. Your players will also learn how to fight for the ball when it's in the air.

Quick Feet, Violent Hands and Separation Techniques

This segment offers drills that help wide receivers improve foot speed, hand-eye coordination and separation techniques to make your receiving corps lethal and dynamic. Develop the full potential of your athletes with this incredible presentation that reinforces football intelligence by mastering separation techniques and learning leverage positions, with emphasis on the Half-Man Rule.

Techniques and Drills for Creating Championship Wide Receivers

An elite wide receiver must understand what the defense is giving up, as well as what the defense is trying to take away.

Using the drills in this section in sequence, your wide-outs will learn how to create more separation and develop better timing with the quarterback. Results from these drills will lead to more completions and open up additional possibilities for your offense.

The video covers the intricacies of several different release techniques against bump man coverage, which will improve players' catching technique as they learn to fight for the ball when it's in the air. You'll receive detailed analysis of the six types of catches, the best time to use each one, and several drills to practice catching under different circumstances.

Regardless of the coverage your wide receivers face, they will be able to execute by leveraging the techniques used in this video. They will learn to take advantage of what the defense has given them by getting off the ball quicker, as well as how to catch the football in traffic. The sequencing of drills and skills provides you with an effective teaching methodology to ensure your players use the proper techniques.

62 minutes. 2015.

FD-04854A: featuring drills from James Burk, Steve Greatwood, Dan Roushar and Ed Warinner,

This video showcases a variety of essential drills used by offensive line coaches from some of the best programs in the nation including Oregon, Notre Dame and Michigan State.

Collected from Championship Productions' video library, these drills and schemes will provide you with a blueprint for success in the trenches. Each coach adds their own coaching style to the video, which makes it a unique combination of instruction from differing philosophies.

You'll learn 30 drills that teach skills such as stance, get-off, hand placement and footwork for drive, reach and cutoff blocks. Drills for pulling and trapping are covered, as well as zone blocking strategies. All blocks eventually turn into a drive block, which is a key technique that your players need to master to be successful.

Chutes, boards and sled drills are included as well. The importance of coaching linemen to finish the block is not overlooked, as the best teams in the country excel at playing through the whistle.

Developing a fundamentally sound offensive line will give any team the ability to run the football, opening up numerous options for the rest of your offense. Coaches and players of all levels looking to become dominant on the offensive line will find this video to be a valuable resource.

74 minutes. 2015.

FD-04854B: featuring Steve Greatwood, Brian Hughes, Dan Roushar, Ed Thomas and Ed Warinner

Championship Productions has compiled all the best run game concepts for offensive linemen into one video delivering the ultimate tool kit for your offensive line. Whether your linemen are in the development phase or just need a refresher, this collection of high level drills will provide quality instruction and reps.

Every lineman needs great first step technique to create explosion and power. The coaches in this video teach those initial steps and share drills for executing them properly and getting to the right spot off the snap. After development of the first step, you'll see drills that focus on executing different steps from various stances.

You'll also learn how to teach athletes to play through double teams, down blocks, reach blocks, pulls, skip pulls and short pulls. By conquering defensive stunts, your linemen will open up more holes for your backs to get up the field.

If you're looking to fine-tune your line this season, look no further than this compilation of the best offensive line skills and drills ever assembled. Whether you're coaching youth players or even a collegiate team, you'll find something in this video to help your run blocking.

119 minutes. 2015.

FD-04854C: featuring James Burk, Steve Greatwood, Brent Key and Ed Warinner

Championship Productions has raided their library of instructional videos and to create the ultimate tool kit for offensive line coaches who want to shore up their pass protection.

This video will help coaches at all levels quickly find specific areas they need to target to develop explosive and strong pass blockers. Even if you're at the top of your conference or division, refining technique with these high level drills will give your players the quality instruction and reps they need to keep improving.

The 40 drills included cover all schemes and styles and will provide a direct benefit to your players this season. If your players aren't trained correctly, they will fatigue quicker and be more susceptible to faltering in the second half of games.

This video is loaded with mirror drills, punch drills for hand-eye coordination, and lateral movement drills for molding your linemen into the best pass blocking group in your league. Powerhouse programs at the college and high school level have used these drills to maintain a high level of success on the field.

Every championship team starts and ends with a great offensive line. The drills in this collection will help any coach interested in improving and solidifying his pass protection.

91 minutes. 2015.

FD-04855A: featuring Paul Creighton, Dave Doeren, Brick Haley, Don Johnson, Greg Mark and Charlie Partridge

Championship Productions has pulled 40 of the best drills in its video library and assembled them into one product. This video provides numerous drills and techniques you can use to mold your athletes into productive pass rushers and run stuffers.

These drills will help your players develop the flexibility, hand movement, speed, quickness, strength, and leverage they need to plug the gaps in the run game and attack the quarterback in the passing game.

You'll see world-class instructors break down stance and start techniques, as well as innovative drills to make your athletes' first two steps quick and violent.

You'll learn a variety of ways to enhance sled work, as well as gain ideas on how to utilize shoots and agility bags. Train your players to create leverage and separation from the offensive line enabling them to get into space consistently and make more plays.

This video contains everything a defensive line coach needs to kick their unit up a notch. With drills and tips appropriate for all levels, there's not a more complete product on the market. Improve your team today!

104 minutes. 2015.

FD-04855B: featuring Ron Cooper, Dave Doeren, Chris Merritt, Mark Stoops, Robert Tucker and Seth Wallace

This video features a collection of 40 game-tested drills compiled from Championship Productions' videos.

You will learn proven drills that are well-suited for daily practice and be able to apply them to improve the skills and techniques of your team's defensive backs. Some of the skills covered include: footwork, block destruction, tackling, creating turnovers and coverage concepts.


This segment details key footwork drills that any coach can use when teaching key concepts from basic stance to change of direction.

Block Destruction, Tackling and Turnovers

Block destruction, tackling and turnovers are the most critical component to any defensive strategy.

Included in this segment are the requisite steps in "Turning Over the Ball" - an approach that will teach your players how to recognize and leverage turnover opportunities.

In a step-by-step format appropriate for individual, group, and team instruction, the last half of this segment explains and demonstrates the fundamentals involved in sound tackling. These drills will help your players understand the importance of body position and leverage, while ensuring they are safe, aggressive tacklers.

Ball Skills and Man Defense

This segment helps develop your players' natural instincts to the ball. Players will learn to fight for the ball when it's in the air and not wait for the receiver to make the first move. You'll also assist your players with interception and batted ball production by implementing these practical drills.

For man defense, these drills help you control the wide receiver whether he's running an In, Out or Vertical route.

Zone, Scheme, Reads

Footwork, change-of-direction, and fundamental techniques involved in playing both man and zone coverage are all key factors included in this segment. You'll get tips on playing the fade and slant routes, as well as techniques that defensive backs can employ to read the three- and five-step drop.

Also reviewed are tips on how defensive backs can train their eyes to cover the field in halves and deep-third coverages.

This video is the definitive source for defensive back instruction at all levels. It provides you the necessary tools and knowledge-base to coach secondary players, whether you're facing a pass or run dominant offense.

63 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: individual and team defense drills & techniques
Individual and Team Defense Drills & Techniques
with Jon Torpey,
High Point University Head Coach;
2015 Southern Conference champions
Former associate head coach at Dartmouth and assistant at Denver University

The High Point men's lacrosse program started in 2010 with Jon Torpey as the program's first head coach. In just three season he led the program into the NCAA Tournament. One of the rising coaching stars in collegiate lacrosse, Torpey became the youngest person to be named Associate Head Coach when he was named to the position at the University of Denver. Prior to Denver, he coached at Division III Goucher College, taking their defensive unit from unranked to #13 in the country in three years.

High Point University head coach, Jon Torpey, provides techniques and drills that are designed to improve defensive stickwork in addition to working on defensive skills, individual on-ball and off-ball defense and team defense.

Wide-Grip and Open Field Ground Balls

Discover drills you can use to further develop a defenseman's most important skill: the ground ball. Wide-grip ground balls work on the scoop of a ground ball in traffic, while open field ground balls help out with clearing and in transition. Coach Torpey uses his players to demonstrate the drills and show how to incorporate passing and shooting into these drills.

On-Ball and Off-Ball Defense

Improve on approaching the ball carrier as Coach Torpey demonstrates several holds such as the V-Hold, Cross-Check hold, and defending areas around the field. He also works on off-ball defense, such as sliding to the help, helping on-ball side and off-ball side. You'll learn various drills that demonstrate these principles and show different situations to use these skills.

Building Team Defense

Coach Torpey puts these skills together to help build your team defense and your transition defense. He uses drills such as 3v2 and 4v4 Push-Pull, 4v4 Y and 4v4 Hub drills to practice these skills in a more team-oriented setting against different dodges on the field.

Coach Torpey will show you how to develop your defensemen and help them get the most out of their abilities!

61 minutes. 2016.

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Cover: kevin gilbride's drills and skills for the passing game 3-pack
Kevin Gilbride's Drills and Skills for the Passing Game 3-Pack
FD-04875A: with Kevin Gilbride,
former NFL coach and offensive coordinator for six NFL teams - spent over 20 years in the league;
earned two Super Bowl rings as the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Giants

To develop the complete player, you must be able to teach the complete technique. Long time NFL quarterback coach, Kevin Gilbride, does just that in this comprehensive look at the quarterback position.

Coach Gilbride takes you through various fundamentals that he has used to help quarterbacks such as Eli Manning and Warren Moon. His focus is on teaching the four most important considerations for building a successful quarterback: judgment, accuracy, vision and arm strength. He not only offers instruction for developing players' physical qualities, but also the mental aspects of the game.

Building the "Ultimate Throwing Machine"

Coach Gilbride demonstrates his vast experience and knowledge in coaching up quarterbacks as he dissects every aspect of the QB position, starting with the proper stance and grip of the ball. Several key throwing mechanics are covered, as well as proper footwork and how to throw from the ground up to maximize power.

Drop Back Techniques

Each type of drop back is covered, including the 3-, 5- and 7-step drop, as well as how to throw on the move either rolling out or moving within the pocket.

You'll learn how to train your quarterbacks to:

  • find throwing windows
  • make reads
  • tie in footwork with route depth to improve throwing accuracy
  • adjust their weight distribution to create the optimal release

Mental Side of the Quarterback

Successful quarterbacks understand the mental aspect of the game just as much as the physical. Coach Gilbride lists the order of thoughts a quarterback should use every time he approaches the line of scrimmage. The quarterback must recognize the time, the front and the coverage before the snap. Following the snap, the quarterback will learn how to look off the coverage before taking their eyes to their primary key.

Coaches and players at any level will benefit from the experience and teaching from this two-time Super Bowl champion.

60 minutes. 2015.

FD-04875B: with Kevin Gilbride,
former NFL coach and offensive coordinator for six NFL teams - spent over 20 years in the league;
earned two Super Bowl rings as the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Giants

Go on the field with long-time NFL quarterback coach, Kevin Gilbride, as he takes you through drill progressions that teach the quarterback position from the ground up. You'll learn all the tools that quarterbacks need to improve their mechanics, footwork, accuracy and decision making from the former coach of NFL players like Warren Moon and Eli Manning.

Footwork Drills

The entire foundation of improving quarterbacks is built on training them to be more confident on their feet. Coach Gilbride preaches the importance of footwork and believes throwing the ball starts from the player's base. The drills included work on foot speed, agility, hip movement and flexibility.

Multiple drop drills are shown as Gilbride coaches up the quarterbacks on the 3-, 5- and 7-step drops. Your players will learn why keeping their feet and body pointed in the right direction will help them throw accurate passes with more zip.

Movement Drills

Quarterbacks won't have the luxury of a clean pocket on every drop back, which is why learning to step up in the pocket and scramble to find open receivers is essential in the development of elite passers. Movement drills train the quarterback to move up in the pocket with a tight base, which allows for a quicker release of the ball. By training your quarterbacks to keep their eyes down field, they'll be able to scan the defense and spot teammates while evading pressure.

Throwing Drills

Coach Gilbride demonstrates a progression of drills to create the proper release at the end of the throwing motion. Quarterbacks are taught to push the ball away from the front shoulder and pick out a target on every release of the ball.

You'll also learn a vision drill that challenges quarterbacks to throw accurately and on time as a receiver races across the field between windows of defenders. As passers become more comfortable threading the needle in practice, they'll get more confident during crunch time in games.

This video is the perfect resource for any QB that desires to take their game to the next level. The drills and techniques taught by Coach Gilbride are certain to give quarterbacks the skills they need to successfully lead their team to victory.

65 minutes. 2015.

FD-04876: with Kevin Gilbride,
former NFL coach and offensive coordinator for six NFL teams - spent over 20 years in the league;
earned two Super Bowl rings as the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Giants

This video presentation puts you on the field in a coaching session with long time NFL offensive coordinator, Kevin Gilbride. He presents the fundamentals every receiver must learn to become a more effective pass catcher. Coach Gilbride's focus is on developing the complete receiver from stance, take offs and releases, to route running and reading and understanding coverages to create a better target for the quarterback. You will learn how to get quick separation and adjust to defensive coverages to improve the success of your passing game.

Stance and Release

Starting with the proper stance and how to get off the ball explosively in order to run the most effective routes, Coach Gilbride demonstrates successful release techniques against the hard press, soft press and lunge techniques commonly utilized by defensive backs. He discusses the importance of being violent with the arms, the pros and cons of swim and rip techniques, and foot patterns to counter the defensive back's strategy.

You'll learn the speed, jab, half diamond, drive and lunge release techniques to improve receivers' leverage and separation. Coach Gilbride explains the importance of the rip and crossover moves while staying low to the ground and maintaining balance. He illustrates the importance of moving inside and outside the frame of the defender and making cuts with proper timing and angles.

Route Running

Coach Gilbride explains how to make adjustments in response to defensive back positioning for the hitch, fade, slant, curl, and speed routes. You'll see players demonstrate when to convert, flatten, crossover, collapse a cushion, and use leverage to improve the success of the passing game. Coach Gilbride also pinpoints poor route running habits and what to do to correct them.

The techniques and skills contained in this video will improve your receivers' ability to create space and get open against multiple coverages. Practicing the explosive starts, separation and leverage techniques shared in this video will develop players into elite receivers.

77 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: phillip montgomery: baylor offense 2-pack
Phillip Montgomery: Baylor Offense 2-Pack
FD-04744A: with Philip Montgomery,
Baylor University Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach; 2013 Big 12 Champions;
2013 Offensive Coordinator of the Year (FootballScoop); coach of Bryce Petty, Big 12 Player of the Year; Robert Griffin III, Heisman Trophy winner; Nick Florence, All American; Kevin Kolb, Conference USA MVP; and Houston standout Case Keenum

Baylor Offensive Coordinator Philip Montgomery shares insights into a offense that has dominated college football for several years. Utilizing pace and offensive balance, Coach Montgomery's offenses have been lighting up scoreboards and racking up yards by the hundreds. In this presentation, he shares playbook-related drills to use in the step-by-step development of quarterbacks.

Quarterback Technique & Drills
With a balanced offense, you can ill afford to have a quarterback suffer through an off day. Coach Montgomery shows individual keys to correct performance and enable your quarterback to function at his highest potential. Learn small refinements like how to hold the ball in a way that disguises plays and makes quarterback movements more efficient.

Starting with the quick release, Coach Montgomery shares practice drills that he uses daily to train some of the top quarterbacks in college football:

  • Feet Parallel
  • Open Stance (easy way and hard way)
  • Walk Away (easy way and hard way)
  • Back Pedal
  • Walk Forward
  • Shuffle in Pocket
  • Lateral (easy way and hard way)

Coach Montgomery talks about eliminating steps in the quarterback's throwing motion and ensuring they are balanced when they throw the ball.

To demonstrate how these drills translate to game day, Montgomery shows game footage of Baylor's quick passing game. Throughout each play, he teaches the key points, timing and concepts for each throw.

Shallow Passing Game
Coach Montgomery also shares the philosophy and detailed coaching points of the Baylor passing game. You'll see:

  • subtle adjustments that go along with the shallow crossing passing game that will help the offense create explosive plays.
  • quick screens that are a major component of the Baylor offense to stretch the defense from sideline to sideline.
  • pass concepts to attack cover 0 pressure schemes to beat the blitz.

Regardless of the type of offense that you run Coach Montgomery's ideologies, simple rules and drills can be implemented to gain a leg up in the offense versus defense war.

Produced at the 2014 Dallas-Fort Worth Red River Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

71 minutes. 2015.

FD-04744B: with Philip Montgomery,
Baylor University Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach; 2013 Big 12 Champions;
2013 Offensive Coordinator of the Year (FootballScoop); coach of Bryce Petty, Big 12 Player of the Year; Robert Griffin III, Heisman Trophy winner; Nick Florence, All American; Kevin Kolb, Conference USA MVP; and Houston standout Case Keenum

The two most important aspects of a balanced offense are the quarterback and the running back. In this presentation, Baylor Offensive Coordinator and 2013 Offensive Coordinator of the Year Philip Montgomery shares specific drills to develop your running back. Reinforcing the concept that "you have to be able to apply your drills to what you are doing on the field," he teaches each drill and then uses game film to demonstrate how each drill shows up in a game.

Running Back Technique & Drills:

Coach Montgomery begins by working the mesh of the running back and quarterback. The mesh is the most fundamental component of the Baylor running attack. Everything is built from this foundation. Stressing specific steps and angles, he still leaves room for differing types of running backs. Using chutes, bags and personnel, he creates a game-like situation that can be controlled and critiqued in all phases. Uncomplicated drills are used as learning exercises to help running backs improve and develop their techniques.

After working the mesh, Coach Montgomery focuses on lowering the running back's pads and defining their footwork. These drills teach running backs to stay square before they make their cut. The longer the running backs stay square, the longer linebackers have to wait before they can commit to the gap. Using game simulation drills, Coach Montgomery develops the running back's technique by isolating each segment of the play so that it can be controlled and critiqued.

Properly defined techniques allow you to focus on what is necessary in this offense for running backs. This allows you to personalize and individualize drills needed to improve defined segments of the running backs' game.

Play Action Passing:
Help your run game succeed by keeping the defense honest and off-balance using Coach Montgomery's boots and "nakeds." Coach Montgomery uses game film to showcase play action out of the spread and eleven personnel with tight ends on the field. When a style of play or philosophy is broken down as thoroughly as it is in this presentation, it becomes easy to emulate the final product. This method of working with running backs is one you'll use again and again. It solves many problems regarding height of pads, mesh, power and making only one cut.

Produced at the 2014 Dallas-Fort Worth Red River Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

53 minutes. 2015.

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