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Cover: michigan football series: linebacker technique & drills
Michigan Football Series: Linebacker Technique & Drills

with Don Brown,
University of Michigan Defensive Coordinator;
helped Michigan's defense rank among the top four in the NCAA in total defense his first three seasons in Ann Arbor;
3x AFCA Region I Coach of the Year (1994, 2002, 2006);
5x Conference Coach of the Year (1993, 1994, 1995, 2002, 2006);
35+ years of coaching experience

If you have a great group of linebackers, they can help make your defense look so much better - even if your defensive line or secondary isn't the strongest. In this video, University of Michigan Defensive Coordinator Don Brown dishes on what he looks for in his linebacking corps, as well as some of the drills that Michigan uses to create championship linebackers.

Defensive Philosophy

Coach Brown begins by giving an explanation of the major philosophical beliefs that guide the Michigan defensive unit. He touches on the importance of stopping the run and how to accomplish it. Additionally, Brown gives his general philosophy on defending the pass and provides some specifics on how he accomplishes putting his players in the best positions to defend the pass.

Finally, Coach Brown shares his overall philosophy of coaching athletes and speaks about his beliefs in terms of the coach's role in developing character and being a positive influence in the lives of his players.

Drills for Linebacker Play

Next, you'll be taken through several drills that Brown uses on a daily and weekly basis to teach the finer points of linebacker play. Using practice and game film, Coach Brown demonstrates several drills, including basic footwork, reads and keys, tackling, and block defeat techniques. You'll also see drills that teach pass drop techniques and man to man coverage tactics that will help your linebackers execute in both man to man and zone defensive calls.

Brown also gives an exhaustive overview of the drills that he uses to teach his linebackers to blitz against both the pass and the run. The Michigan defense under Coach Brown is widely regarded as one of the most aggressive units in the country, and he gives you a detailed look at how he teaches his players to operate in his scheme.

This video from one of the most respected defensive coaches in America is sure to be a gold mine for your program. It's a must-have for all defensive coaches and especially linebacker coaches that want to teach their players the best techniques and fundamentals.

75 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: michigan football series: sam, viper, and nickel linebackers
Michigan Football Series: Sam, Viper, and Nickel Linebackers

with Anthony Campanile,
University of Michigan Defensive Assistant Coach;
former Assistant Coach at Boston College and Rutgers

Outside linebackers need to be versatile players with a wide-ranging skill set in modern football. Anthony Campanile, the Linebackers Coach at the University of Michigan, covers all the essentials of his Sam, Viper, and Nickel backer positions in this informative instructional video.

Daily Drills for Linebacker Play

Coach Campanile starts by showing examples of several footwork drills that he uses with his linebackers every day. He presents drills using agility bags and without agility bags and demonstrates teaching linebackers how to move their feet while keeping their body in proper position to react.

Additionally, Campanile demonstrates how block defeat and ball drills can be incorporated with footwork drills. Several tackling drills are demonstrated that teach defenders when to "shimmy" to a ball carrier. Several great coaching points are shared by Coach Campanile during the course of the presentation, and in all, you'll get:

  • Several daily footwork drills that teach and reinforce good posture and body control.
  • The approach to tackling at Michigan.
  • Several drills that teach tackling for linebackers in a number of situations.

Pass Coverage

Coach Campanile continues by explaining how pass coverage techniques are taught in both man and zone coverage. Drill footage is shown in which the linebackers are taught how to drop to a zone then react to the quarterback's motion. Also, Campanile shows several examples of drills that teach man coverage for the outside linebackers on a slot receiver using a "scooch" technique. Coach Campanile goes into detail describing the footwork and eye progression of a defensive player playing man coverage against a receiver. Finally, several pass rush drills are shown that teach a blitzing linebacker to defeat blocks and rush the quarterback.

This video not only shows several drills that teach the finer points of linebacker play, but gives tons of great teaching and coaching points too. With this video from Coach Campanile, you will have your linebackers ready to dominate the opposition on game day!

71 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: the best of championship productions: 40 linebacker drills
The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Linebacker Drills
  • Bryan Collins
  • George Ricumstrict
  • Hunter Hughes
  • Kirk McBride
  • Mike Dewitt
  • Mike Tressel
  • Neal Neathery
  • Rick Stewart
  • Tim Murphy
  • Todd Norman
  • Vernon Hargreaves

The heart of any defense starts with the linebackers, and Championship Productions has complied 40 of the best drills from some of the top college and high school coaches in the nation. Each coach uses practice video and explains critical teaching points that will help make your linebackers into run-stuffing machines.

Regardless of your defensive scheme, this video covers drills that are essential for success at the linebacker position. You'll find drills that cover every scenario needed to succeed in today's game: footwork drills, read & flow drills, pass & break drills, goal line tackling drills, shed block drills, can drills, cut back drills, gap responsibility drills and more. Additionally, you'll learn how to teach proper stance and angles to your players. Multiple drills on each skill are shown, making it easy to develop a well-rounded linebacker.

A few examples of the drills include:

  • Goal Line Tackling Drill - Coach Hunter Hughes talks about how to create a proper attack angle to get up field and stunt the ball carrier in a tight space. He points out the most common mistakes linebackers make and how to fix them to achieve greater tackling success, which will prevent ball carriers from advancing into the end zone or spinning out of tackles.
  • Angle Read & Flow Drill - Coach Vernon Hargreaves dissects how to get your linebackers going downhill while maintaining a power angle, move face across, square up & explode through the ball carrier with continuous feet. He also shows multiple variations and how to implement different strategies if your athletes struggle with certain aspects of getting downhill and angled tackling.
  • Pass Re-Route/Match Drill - Coach Mike Tressel breaks down how to teach linebackers the fundamentals for reacting to various route combinations as well as matching the route. This teaches players a few things: how to sit on a route, not fall for the initial moves and keep receivers from coming inside and clearing underneath. He also highlights tactics for teaching linebackers how to defend the wheel route by boxing out the receiver/back, then looking back for the incoming pass. Another important situation to defend is not panicking if your linebackers loses leverage and gets into a chase angle. Coach Tressel will help you teach your linebackers how to play the receiver or back's hands to defend the deep pass.

    Instead of getting one video and information from one coach, this video allows you to pick up techniques and coaching points from a variety of great coaches. It's like getting a personal invitation to sit in on a variety of staff meetings with some of the nation's brightest coaching minds at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels!

    52 minutes. 2016.

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Cover: paul rhoads: program building and linebacker play
Paul Rhoads: Program Building and Linebacker Play
with Paul Rhoads, Iowa State University Head Coach

Coach Paul Rhoads delivers insights into program building and team building and covers the fundamentals and drills used to teach linebacker play. Rhoads' teams are built around three key concepts: smart play, accountability and trust. Using overhead diagrams and practice, Rhoads teaches the fundamentals of linebacker play as well as the drills he uses to coach them. He covers various bag drills, a change of direction box drill, defeating blocks, tackling, and much more.


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Cover: linebacker fundamentals, techniques and reads
Linebacker Fundamentals, Techniques and Reads
with Al Seamonson,
former University of Central Florida Assistant Coach; 2010 Conference USA Champions;

One of the more versatile coaches in college football today, Al Seamonson brings tremendous experience to the linebacker position. He has coached at the NCAA Division 1 level for over 25 years. Seamonson has prepared a number of defensive players for the NFL over the years, including All-Pro Shawne Merriman. As a former Division I player, he understands the skill and technique needed to be successful at the linebacker position.

Coach Seamonson creates a complete outline for playing linebacker in the 4-3 defense. He covers everything from preparation, drills, reads, recognition to actually playing the game. Through the use of illustrations and game video, he covers formation keys and coverage's for the Sam, Mike and Will linebackers.

Beginning with the mental side of linebacker play, you will learn his "musts for success." He covers topics such as effort, communication and mental toughness. These points, among others, are important because they are the basis for developing quality football players.

Moving to the techniques, Coach Seamonson reveals six keys to pre-snap success for the linebacker followed by progressive teaching at the position. Items include knowing the calls for the defense as well as understanding all of the positions on the field. Alignment, assignments and proper physical technique are discussed along with execution, pursuit defeating blocks and tackling among others.

Zone pass coverage responsibilities to include proper drop angles are explained. Keys for level one and level two linebackers are explained to include proper alignments of 10, 20, 30, and 40 linebackers. Receiver assignments for multiple formations are described so that coaches have an easy plan for teaching coverage responsibilities.

Coach Seamonson covers angle tackling and the drills that are needed daily to ensure effective linebacker open field tackling. Fundamentals of tackling are taught so that coaches understand how proper technique is critical to player safety. Coach Seamonson explains how the eyes are the key to good tackling and where your linebackers should fix their eyes to prevent missed tackles. He covers the shimmy tackle and how it is used in open field tackling. Coaching points for goal line tackling are included.

Video footage on stopping the run is shared from multiple games. Seamonson follows the run footage up with general points on pass concepts, zone progressions and game film on the passing game. Blitz pass rush technique is highlighted and several key points to blitzing are shared along with blitz video footage.

Coach Seamonson provides an effective guide for coaches to develop the tools of the trade for the linebacker position to use when teaching linebacker play in the 4-3 defense that will make your backers a cut above.

121 minutes. 2012.

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