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Cover: techniques & drills for creating championship linebackers
Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Linebackers
with Mike Tressel,
Michigan State University Linebackers / Special Teams Coach

Coach Mike Tressel presents proven techniques to developing championship-level linebackers in an incredible DVD packed with drills, demonstrations and more. These are the same drills Tressel used to develop two of the top linebackers in the nation in 2010 who combined for 796 tackles in their careers at Michigan State.

Tressel outlines these crucial fundamentals:

  • Stance, Alignment, and Key Reads
  • Block Defeat
  • Proper Tackling
  • Pass Defense
  • Blitz Techniques
In the DVD, Coach Tressel outlines five linebacker fundamentals that will teach your linebackers how proper stance and alignment is vital to getting leverage on the ball carrier and will put your LBs in position to defeat blocks with punch, dip, and rip techniques.

Defeating blocks with the proper leverage allows the inside-out angles to achieve the best tackling opportunities on opposing running backs. Blitzing is a cornerstone of playing linebacker and you will learn about snap indicators and timing keys to help your linebacker make big defensive plays. Linebackers also must cover receivers and this DVD covers how the hook-n-swat technique can help your linebackers as they cover the flats and other zones.

An interesting component of the presentation is Coach Tressel's use of film clips that show how not to execute various techniques. By presenting an ineffective way to cover a drill, Tressel actually underscores the proper way of doing it.

With great enthusiasm and passion, Coach Tressel emphasizes the need to play fast, play to the line of scrimmage and tackle hard.

This DVD is designed to help coaches at all levels teach linebackers the skills needed to achieve success on the field. Whether you're new to the coaching game, need a refresher course or just want to add new techniques to your coaching arsenal, this presentation has something for you.

78 minutes. 2011.

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Cover: reads & coverages for linebackers
Reads & Coverages for Linebackers
with Greg Jackson,
University of Wisconsin Linebackers Coach

Get your linebackers in position to makes plays. Greg Jackson gives you a thorough breakdown of the fundamentals and responsibilities of the fill linebacker and nickel backers versus the run and pass.

Jackson covers the essentials your linebackers need to know to stop the run:

  • Alignments
  • Keys & reads
  • Flow rules by the backs
  • Run gap responsibility

Jackson explains each area and then takes you through game footage to illustrate these areas in a cover 3 run fit, cover 4 run fit, and cover 2 run fit.

Jackson provides terminology for his run fit system that will ensure your entire defense is on the same page.

Moving to pass progression, Jackson talks about the fill linebacker and nickel back's alignments and the zone philosophy. He stresses protecting windows in the zone coverage and knowing your drop zone. By getting into those zones, your linebackers will get the quarterback to hold the ball longer, giving your defense a big advantage. In addition, he talks of the importance of pattern recognition in regards to a split formation, smash routes, and the trips formations, giving you examples through game footage for cover 3, cover 2, and cover 4.

Jackson finishes by discussing the importance of teaching the linebackers to read the quarterbacks front shoulder to determine the level of the passing attack. Level 1 is the 3-step drop or quick passing attack and level 2 is the 5-step or horizontal passing attack. He takes you through a quarterback shoulder read diagram which helps linebackers determine the front shoulder angle to see what lanes the quarterback is looking to throw the ball. That, in turn, will allow your athletes to break quicker on the ball, which can lead to finding the interception point.

Using these key reads and progressions will help your linebackers learn their responsibilities, break quicker to the play and ultimately be in the best position to support your defense.


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Cover: linebacker fundamentals - how to stop the run!
Linebacker Fundamentals - How to Stop the Run!
with Steve Tovar,
University of Kansas Linebackers Coach; 2X All American player at Ohio State

Building a defensive unit that can stop the run is the primary objective of Coach Tovar's linebackers. Tovar discusses how the linebacker's approach to meetings and practice can set the tone for a good practice. Other goals outlined in this excellent lecture-style presentation include: creating a competitive environment in meeting rooms, earning your way through and having fun in practice. Fundamentals are categorized by stance, feet, hands, alignment, starting point and ending point, movements and drills. Topics also covered in this coaches clinic presentation are practice format, drill preparation and fundamentals. Game footage helps to visually reinforce the value of fundamentals in solid linebacker play.

42 minutes. 2008.

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Cover: linebacker run fits/coverage fundamentals
Linebacker Run Fits/Coverage Fundamentals
with Steve Tovar,
University of Kansas Linebackers Coach; 2X All American player at Ohio State

Coach Tovar presents his 4/3 run fits in this excellent lecture-style presentation. Tovar shares his defensive overview, which is broken down into several categories. "Base attitude" must be developed during the course of the season; this is a mindset of stopping the run first - "the foundation of defense!" Key teaching strategies covered include: stance, base alignment, 2 x 2 alignments, basic zone read fits and backer technique versus zone read. The second half of this presentation uses diagrammed animation and game footage to illustrate run fits and coverage for linebackers.

54 minutes. 2008.

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Cover: creating the all-american linebacker
Creating the All-American Linebacker
with George Ricumstrict,
Indiana University Assistant Coach / Linebacker Coach

Coach Ricumstrict presents over 15 drills to improve the overall play of your linebackers. These drills work on such topics as the punch, lock out and separation sequence (fundamental to gap control in the 4-3 defense); to keep the ball inside while blitzing; spill, chase and pry skills teach; visual respect and focus on the blocker not the ball; keeps players from being cut (helps to enhance the zone blitz); block destruction and tackling technique; the counter rush and more. Detailed use of practice and game footage helps you understand each of these drills much better. These drills used by Coach Ricumstrict has produced All-American and all-conference performers at linebacker - and will produced excellent results for you.

55 minutes. 2007.

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