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Cover: michigan football series: offensive line technique & drills
Michigan Football Series: Offensive Line Technique & Drills

with Ed Warinner,
University of Michigan Offensive Line Coach;
in 2018, led the only offensive line in the Big Ten to see all five starters earn all-conference recognition;
former Ohio State University Offensive Coordinator (2014 College Football Playoff National Championship);
former University of Notre Dame Offensive Line Coach; 2x FootballScoop Offensive Line Coach of the Year (2012, 2014);
With 30+ years of coaching experience, Warinner has also led successful offensive line units at Army, Air Force (led the nation in rushing), Kansas (second in the nation in scoring), and Illinois (led the Big Ten in rushing)

Expand your arsenal of drills with instruction from a champion offensive line coach! Ed Warinner from provides you with over 30 drills and detailed instruction on how to develop the skills your linemen need to dominate on game day.

In just one hour, you'll be covered for keeping your linemen trained both in- season and in the off-season. Coach Warinner provides a wide range of low-intensity drills that can be run without pads. Even veteran coaches will find some great new drills to incorporate.

Drills include:

  • Medicine Ball Drills
  • Outside Zone Drills
  • Combo Drills
  • Pass Protection Drills
  • Pull Drills
  • And more!

Center/QB Exchange

Coach Warinner begins this excellent progression by demonstrating the stance that he teaches his linemen. Both 2-point and 3-point stances are demonstrated, as well as the stance the center is taught to use. Warinner then gives a detailed explanation on the center snapping mechanics used at The University of Michigan. Shotgun snapping technique as well as snapping to a QB under center is explained. Additionally, Coach Warinner explains how the QB is taught to receive a snap from under center to minimize ball security issues.

Drills to Teach Skills

Warinner continues by giving a detailed explanation of the combination blocks that are taught on both the inside and outside zone plays. He shows several drills in which players work combinations against a variety of defensive looks and reactions. Also, combination blocks for the outside zone play are shown, which require different aiming points and landmarks for the offensive line. Warinner also shows examples of the guard "square pull" technique that he teaches his players to use on the power play. Finally, several pass blocking drills and techniques are shown which help players learn to move their feet correctly as well as how to use their hands and arms.

Coach Warinner will help you maximize your individual practice periods with linemen, regardless of what offensive scheme you run. You'll get quick set and vertical set drills for passing teams, inside and outside zone drills for zone teams, center/guard power and pull drills for gap teams, and blitz pick-up drills for passing situations. It all starts with the fundamentals, and in this excellent video, Coach Warinner will show you how "linemen lead the way!"

65 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: developing dominating defensive linemen
Developing Dominating Defensive Linemen

with Shane Burnham,
Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Defensive Line;
former Iowa State University Assistant Coach

Learn how to develop a skill set in the off-season that will teach your linemen how to explode through contact and dominate the line of scrimmage.

Shane Burnham knows the dedication and devotion teams need in the off-season to build their players' technique. Coach Burnham takes you through non-padded off-season drills you can use in the months of January through August leading up to the season. Coach Burnham shows you drills and the role of the coach in order to build a strong defensive line unit.

Using practice and game film, Coach Burnham explains the techniques and drills necessary to develop average players into explosive defenders that uses violent hands, violent feet, and violent hips to strike and escape offensive linemen. These skills can be worked on by the defensive line year-round in small groups or on an individual basis. Drills include:

  • Agility drills with stunt footwork
  • Re-direct drills for getting linemen to the ball
  • "The Difference" - Teaching proper blow delivery using a small piece of wood such as a two-by-four
  • Sled drills for violent hands
  • Escape drills that teach the strike and snag technique

Your players will learn how to "set the edge" of the defender they're aligned on and develop the ability to attack the weak link of the offensive lineman to escape the block and get to the football to make plays.

Today's offenses play fast and use finesse to destroy the defense. The best way to beat a finesse team is with physical play; Coach Burnham shows you how to get your players to play in a violent manner that will destroy any finesse spread offense.

109 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: 40 drills for winning the line of scrimmage
40 Drills for Winning the Line of Scrimmage
with Steve Greatwood,
University of Oregon Assistant Head Coach - Running Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach

Steve Greatwood is one of the top offensive line coaches in the nation. In this instructional video, Coach Greatwood shares the entire offensive line drill package that makes the Oregon offense unstoppable.

Using practice video, Coach Greatwood presents drills for individual blocks, double teams, zone plays and pass protection. Each drill is covered in detail, which helps you to see both good and bad techniques so you will know what to look for when teaching the drills to ensure successful implementation.

The Oregon offense pressures every defense with its incredible fast-paced tempo. Coach Greatwood shows you the drills that make that possible, starting with rabbit drills to develop speed and balance and sled drills to develop power and explosiveness. He also shares a boards and chutes drill series to develop footwork, hand placement and pad level, and shows how to train linemen to finish a block.

A common problem for many offenses is how to stop the opponent from setting an edge on defense. Coach Greatwood has an answer for that. Using a point-by-point teaching method, he demonstrates how to use the Bracer Skip Step (aka Shuffle Drive Step) to neutralize a defensive player who sets up a step or two to the outside

Coach Greatwood also shares the "gallop" technique used on double teams as well as pulling drills to get linemen on second-level defenders. In the "Skip Pull" drill, linemen execute a pull around technique to get to a linebacker place side. He also covers his PODS drill working three linemen together with the tight ends as they pick up slants, angles and blitzes when running the zone play.

Multiple drills for developing pass protection are also shown making this one of the most complete drill packages available.

Coach Greatwood shares a repertoire of drills designed to develop players into outstanding prospects at the next level.

84 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: the best of championship productions: 30 offensive line drills for any system
The Best of Championship Productions: 30 Offensive Line Drills for Any System
featuring drills from James Burk, Steve Greatwood, Dan Roushar and Ed Warinner,

This video showcases a variety of essential drills used by offensive line coaches from some of the best programs in the nation including Oregon, Notre Dame and Michigan State.

Collected from Championship Productions' video library, these drills and schemes will provide you with a blueprint for success in the trenches. Each coach adds their own coaching style to the video, which makes it a unique combination of instruction from differing philosophies.

You'll learn 30 drills that teach skills such as stance, get-off, hand placement and footwork for drive, reach and cutoff blocks. Drills for pulling and trapping are covered, as well as zone blocking strategies. All blocks eventually turn into a drive block, which is a key technique that your players need to master to be successful.

Chutes, boards and sled drills are included as well. The importance of coaching linemen to finish the block is not overlooked, as the best teams in the country excel at playing through the whistle.

Developing a fundamentally sound offensive line will give any team the ability to run the football, opening up numerous options for the rest of your offense. Coaches and players of all levels looking to become dominant on the offensive line will find this video to be a valuable resource.

74 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: the best of championship productions: 40 offensive line drills for the run game
The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Offensive Line Drills for the Run Game
featuring Steve Greatwood, Brian Hughes, Dan Roushar, Ed Thomas and Ed Warinner

Championship Productions has compiled all the best run game concepts for offensive linemen into one video delivering the ultimate tool kit for your offensive line. Whether your linemen are in the development phase or just need a refresher, this collection of high level drills will provide quality instruction and reps.

Every lineman needs great first step technique to create explosion and power. The coaches in this video teach those initial steps and share drills for executing them properly and getting to the right spot off the snap. After development of the first step, you'll see drills that focus on executing different steps from various stances.

You'll also learn how to teach athletes to play through double teams, down blocks, reach blocks, pulls, skip pulls and short pulls. By conquering defensive stunts, your linemen will open up more holes for your backs to get up the field.

If you're looking to fine-tune your line this season, look no further than this compilation of the best offensive line skills and drills ever assembled. Whether you're coaching youth players or even a collegiate team, you'll find something in this video to help your run blocking.

119 minutes. 2015.

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