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Cover: developing a dominant pass rush
Developing a Dominant Pass Rush

with Darryl Blackstock,
College of William & Mary Defensive Assistant;
seven-year NFL linebacker/defensive end with the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders, and Baltimore Ravens;
played linebacker at the University of Virginia - 3x All-ACC honoree and Sporting News ACC Defensive Freshman of the Year

Darryl Blackstock's seven-year career in the NFL provided him with a wealth of experience that he's since brought with him to the coaching staff at the College of William & Mary. You'll see much of his knowledge brought to life in this video covering all angles of an effective pass rush. Blackstock gives you his keys to controlling the pass game, playing as a unit, and developing players with high IQ before presenting drills that you can adopt to train your own pass rushers.

Pass Rush IQ and Point System

Pass rush IQ centers around having in-game awareness and an understanding of the opposing quarterback's mechanics according to Coach Blackstock. Players must also know the pass protectors and protection scheme. You will learn to train your athletes to be aware of the in-game situation and apply what they learned in film study leading up to the game to make big plays when the lights are on. Additionally, Blackstock covers what to look for from the offense in order to set up your pass rush for success before the ball is even snapped.

Next, Coach Blackstock breaks down his pass rush point system, which is comprised of five parts:

  • A - Alignment & Stance
  • B - Get Off
  • C - Move
  • D - Countermoves
  • E - Finish

He goes in-depth on each of the five components of his point system in order to make it easier for you to adopt with your own program.

Film Room and Drills

One of the great attributes of this video is it includes a film room section where Blackstock walks you through exactly what to look for regarding pass rush during games. A number of tactics and results are addressed, both good and bad, to help you understand keys to the pass rush.

Finally, Coach Blackstock includes some of his favorite drills that reinforce the desirable skills in elite pass rushers. Drills covered include multiple Hoop Drills, the Mirror Hand Up Drill, the Hip Turn Drill, and Hand Combat Drills.

Unleash a fierce pass rush on your opponents this season using the strategies and drills of Coach Blackstock!

45 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: running routes vs. coverages & passing tree
Running Routes vs. Coverages & Passing Tree

with Mike London Jr.,
College of William & Mary Wide Receivers Coach;
former Howard University Wide Receivers Coach;
in 2018, helped Howard rank 4th nationally in yards per catch and 16th in passing offense

Mike London Jr. grew up around football and has experienced success at the high school and collegiate levels so far during his coaching career. He coached 21 high school student-athletes who went on to compete at the Division I level, in addition to helping Howard University rank fourth nationally in yards per catch (17.27) and 16th in passing offense (278 yards per game) in 2018.

Now, London brings his expertise on receiver play to you. In this video, you'll get techniques that will take your receivers to the next level, as well as the routes and adjustments your offense needs to move the ball consistently.

Crucial Elements of Receiver Play

Coach London starts with an overview of some of the most important factors of wide receiver play. He demonstrates how he teaches stance and start against both press and off-coverage looks. You'll get several drills that reinforce the footwork, posture, and catching technique required to be an outstanding receiver. Additionally, London provides insight as to how he teaches his receivers to complete their route breaks to put themselves into position to make a great catch.

Routes Against a Variety of Coverages

Next, you will learn several of the routes that are used in conjunction with William & Mary's pass game concepts. Several common routes such as the hitch, slant, quick out, deep out, comeback, post, and fade are covered. Conversions to routes that are used against certain coverages are also detailed by Coach London. Finally, you'll see practice film of each route against cover 2, 3, and 4, as well as press man, and off-man coverages.

This is a great addition to any football coach's library. Coach London gives a detailed overview of route running and wide receiver play.

64 minutes. 2020.

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Cover: run blocking drills
Run Blocking Drills

with Steve Loney,
over 40 years of coaching experience at the high school, college and NFL levels;
coached with the Dallas Cowboys, the Minnesota Vikings, the Arizona Cardinals as well as at Iowa State University, Minnesota and Drake;
was an offensive lineman at Iowa State University ('70-'73)

If your team has a great run blocking offensive line, chances are you're going to win your fair share of games. In this video from 40-year coaching veteran Steve Loney, you'll get some of the tried and true methods that he's used to help offensive linemen clear space on the ground. Loney covers all aspects of run blocking, including drills, techniques and coaching points.

Daily Individual Drills for OL Fundamentals

Coach Loney starts with an explanation of the most effective way to organize individual drills that teach specific skills relative to offensive line play. During this on-field presentation, Loney gives tips that you can use to maximize practice time while giving your players specific feedback during each drill. Several drills are demonstrated that teach stance and start, as well as proper strike and hand placement. You'll get Coach Loney's "two-step drill" that teaches aiming points and strike, as well as his "leverage drill" to train regaining pad level if a lineman gets in a bad position.

Drills to Teach Individual Blocks

Next, Loney demonstrates several drills that teach offensive linemen proper hand placement and aiming points on the base block, cut off block, and reach block. He also covers how he teaches linemen to pull and kick out a first level defender, or block a second level defender. All together, you'll learn:

  • The "Base drill" that teaches the first two steps, aiming point, base, and hand placement.
  • How Coach Loney teaches the reach and cut off blocks.
  • How to execute combination blocks commonly used in zone blocking schemes.
  • The "Leverage lock up" drill that teaches linemen to maintain position on a reach block when the defender tries to fall back on the cut of the running back.

This is a fantastic video that will give you several drills and ideas to help you develop more complete offensive linemen. With the help of Coach Loney, your offensive line will run block like a well-oiled machine next season!

47 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: michigan football series: techniques & drills for offensive position play
Michigan Football Series: Techniques & Drills for Offensive Position Play

with Jim Harbaugh,
University of Michigan Head Coach;
2018 Big Ten East Division Co-Champs;
former San Francisco 49ers (NFL) Head Coach;
2012 NFC Champion; 2011 NFL Coach of the Year;
former Stanford University Head Coach;
2010 Woody Hayes Trophy, awarded to the top collegiate coach;
2x NCAA Division 1 FCS Mid-Major National Champions (2005, 2006);
starred as a quarterback for Michigan as a player;
in 1986, finished 3rd in Heisman Trophy voting and was the Big Ten's Most Valuable Player;
drafted by the Chicago Bears (1st round) and was in the NFL for 14 years;
in 1995, was a Pro Bowler & the AFC Offensive Player of the Year

and Ben McDaniels,
University of Michigan Quarterbacks Coach;
15+ years of coaching experience at the high school, college (Minnesota, Columbia, Rutgers), and pro levels (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears)

The quarterback position is often thought of as the most important position in all of sports. Having players who not only can grasp the physical, but mental and leadership part of being a quarterback is what all football coaches strive to have.

2011 NFL Coach of the Year and current University of Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh, along with Michigan Quarterbacks Coach Ben McDaniels, share 13 drills that they use to help develop quarterbacks within their football program. Harbaugh and McDaniels share concepts such as how to throw on the run, how to evade defenders, how to take multiple types of snaps, and training a quicker release.

Quarterback Fundamentals

Teaching quarterbacks proper throwing motion, RPO handoffs, and how to present yourself as a quarterback are all fundamentals that are shared in this video. You will see the "100 reps" rule for developing good habits, how to teach proper elbow positioning on throws, and how to teach footwork on QB drop backs. You will also see:

  • How to teach the quarterback and center exchange.
  • The "drive through fake" action.
  • Three different quarterback cadences.
  • What equipment quarterbacks need.
  • The ABC's of coaching a quarterback.

Quarterback Drills

Using film footage, you will see 13 on-field drills to help develop a quarterback, including exercises such as the Anticipation drill, Naked Fast Decision drill, and Hitch-Hitch Go or Throw drill. You'll also see:

  • The Ken Cote drill to help QBs develop good decision outside the pocket.
  • Two competitive drills in the Quick Release Competition and the Goal Post Challenge.
  • The Circle drill to teach throwing while on the run.
  • The Flush drill, which teaches four different ways to leave the pocket.

Using their college and professional coaching and playing experience, Harbaugh and McDaniels give you the tools to develop quarterbacks at any level. The knowledge packed into this video will help develop any quarterback into a more efficient, well-rounded player.

70 minutes. 2019.


with Jay Harbaugh,
University of Michigan Running Backs/Co-Special Teams Coordinator;
coached Jake Butt to the 2016 John Mackey Award during his time as Tight Ends Coach at Michigan;
coached at Oregon State and with the Baltimore Ravens

Teams that possess quality running backs have quite the luxury - they can grind out yards on the ground, provide added pass protection for the quarterback, and catch balls out of the backfield as a pressure release. This video featuring Running Backs Coach Jay Harbaugh, provides coaching tips and drills designed to help you mold your running backs into versatile, all-around threats on every play.

Ball Security Drills

Harbaugh begins his presentation by giving an explanation of his coaching and recruiting philosophy for running backs. Then, he gives an explanation of how he categorizes drills so that they closely mimic game situations while focusing on specific skills

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Cover: ed warinner offensive line 2-pack
Ed Warinner Offensive Line 2-Pack

with Ed Warinner,
University of Michigan Offensive Line Coach;
former Ohio State University Offensive Coordinator and part of the Buckeyes' 2014 National Championship staff;
former University of Notre Dame Offensive Line Coach;
2x Footballscoop Offensive Line Coach of the Year;
With 25+ years of coaching experience, Warinner has also led successful offensive line units at Army, Air Force (led the nation in rushing), Kansas (second in the nation in scoring), and Illinois (led the Big Ten in rushing)

Put bluntly, you won't win many games without scoring touchdowns, and you won't score many touchdowns without good blocking. This video showcases 20 drills from Ed Warinner, one of the most experienced and accomplished offensive line coaches at any level of football, that will help your linemen block at a championship level. Coach Warinner includes essential coaching points that can make the difference between a key block and a busted play. You will also learn how to teach your players to power walk, combo block and set block like pros.

A unique quality of this video is that Warinner not only talks through drills and skills in front of a screen - he takes you inside a live spring practice session so you can see how he interacts with his players on the field!

Building Skills, Year Round

'Developing blocking skills' is the name of the game when it comes to the offensive line. With that in mind, you're going to need effective drill packages that simultaneously improve technique and conditioning levels. Thankfully, with the drills you learn from Coach Warinner, you'll be able to develop your linemen all year long.

You'll get the following drills:

  • Fit & Finish
  • Combo Fit
  • Square Pull
  • IZZO (Inside Zone)

In the drills, linemen will learn how to keep their hand tight on a defender, maintain a low pad level, and how to block with or without help.

On The Field

Warinner takes you on the field to get a first-hand look at his coaching style and tempo during spring practice. Fully mic'd up, you'll see and hear the practice as it unfolds:

  • Pass protection drills
  • Run fits
  • Goal line plays

This video is a terrific asset to any offensive coordinator or offensive line coach looking to dominate next season. Your players will enjoy Coach Warinner's drills, and your fans will appreciate the extra touchdowns thanks to your team's improved play on the offensive line!

61 minutes. 2018.


with Ed Warinner,
University of Michigan Offensive Line Coach;
former Ohio State University Offensive Coordinator and part of the Buckeyes' 2014 National Championship staff;
former University of Notre Dame Offensive Line Coach;
2x Footballscoop Offensive Line Coach of the Year;
With 25+ years of coaching experience, Warinner has also led successful offensive line units at Army, Air Force (led the nation in rushing), Kansas (second in the nation in scoring), and Illinois (led the Big Ten in rushing)

This video clocks in at over two hours of instruction from one of the best football minds the Big Ten Conference has to offer! Ed Warinner, a National Championship-winning OL coach, gives you valuable information on modern zone blocking and gap blocking schemes.

Answering the Essential Questions

This video is like going to offense graduate school. The "chalk talk" is amazing because of how thorough Warinner is in describing what many fans would recognize as the most productive plays seen on TV most Saturdays. From this video, you'll get detailed instruction on the concepts and philosophies of:

  • Inside Zone
  • Outside Zone
  • Run-Pass Options
  • Counter-Gap Scheme
  • Power-Gap Scheme
  • And more!

Blocking Schemes

You will view a valuable seminar on the top blocking schemes used by the elite teams in college football. Coach Warinner spends

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