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Cover: offensive line development plan
Offensive Line Development Plan

with Trevor Miller,
University of St. Francis Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
2016 NAIA National Champions, 3x NAIA National Runner-Up (2004-06)

Each season, coaches focus on the importance of offensive line play and establishing physicality at the line of scrimmage. Trevor Miller is no different.

Over the past 10 seasons, Coach Miller has played a significant role in the development of the offensive line at the University of St. Francis, having had three of his linemen named AFCA All-America in the last four seasons. In this video, he focuses on the fundamental approach every coach should have in preparing their unit for physical and mental success.

Development Plan

Coach Miller provides a highly effective development plan for all offensive linemen. He begins by focusing on the lineman's football I.Q. and understanding of the opponent's defensive scheme and the opposing players attributes. He also explains how to:

  • Evaluate your lineman in a manner that allows them to improve their overall performance.
  • Explain your strength and conditioning plan so that players understand why they must excel at squatting and power cleans.
  • Use off-season meetings to improve understanding of every play.
  • Use technology to maximize the time allotted for football.

He moves throughout the presentation in order to develop a strong strike off the ball and making a strong initial step while following through with the second and finishing steps. Being able to execute the base blocks of your scheme and creating strong fundamentals are key to success. Coach Miller will give you a strong foundation on how you can approach this season.

Use this simple process for evaluating your offensive lineman individually and as a group to make them better athletes!

55 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: open practice: offense - skill development & position drills
Open Practice: Offense - Skill Development & Position Drills

featuring Matt Campbell,
Iowa State University Head Coach;
2017 Big 12 Coach of the Year;
former University of Toledo Head Coach;
2015 MAC Coach of the Year; 2x MAC West Division Champions;

and, the Iowa State University Football Coaching staff

For anyone who has ever wanted to be a guest at a big-time football program's practice sessions, this video "opens the door" to some of the drills, the set-up, the energy and the messages and motivation delivered daily in the trenches!

Watch quarterbacks and running backs work through the read option as well as the quarterback's daily warm-up progression. The running backs coach emphasizes ball security while taking players through several drills. The quarterback coach takes the quarterbacks through warm-up drills to get them ready for a rigorous day of throwing, and through a series of footwork drills.

As you watch the practice unfold, you'll quickly observe the energy emanating from the coaching staff as they look to build a championship program from the ground up. The practice is structured to build winning fundamentals at each position as you witness old-school drills such as the "gauntlet" incorporated with new, innovative equipment and concepts based on the tempo and speed of today's game.

With extra focus on the quarterback position, you will see a sampling of what has gone into creating one of the most heralded, game-ready, back-up quarterback line-ups in the college game today!

"The concepts in this video are very exciting! Some of these drills will definitely make our offense better next season. I love the intensity of the practice and will show my high school players this video to motivate them to work harder in practice." - Customer Review

214 minutes. (2 DVDs). 2017.

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Cover: building an up-tempo offensive line
Building an Up-Tempo Offensive Line

with AJ Blazek;
Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Offensive Line;
former Western Illinois Offensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator for Western Illinois;
Graduate Assistant at the University of Iowa (where he was a 2x All-Big Ten Lineman)

The traditional way of running an offense has changed; it's a lot of no-huddle, fast pace and signaling-in plays. Getting each position group to play at this tempo can be difficult. If you want an offense that can push the pace and wear a defense down, your offensive linemen have to be sharp and in shape. See how AJ Blazek gets his offensive lineman ready, both mentally and physically, to play and practice at an up-tempo pace.

Blazek explains what he implements during the off-season and preseason to help build for the regular season. Using video, he illustrates how he conditions his players without making it seem like conditioning. He uses competitions and different ways to move the body to get his players into the required shape for top-notch performance. You'll see 12 drills, including the mat drills that teach toughness, competitiveness, and the mental approach to the game.

Why Run Up-Tempo Offense?

You will learn the benefits of playing up-tempo offense as opposed to a traditional offensive system. Benefits include:

  • Keeps your opponent in a base defense
  • Allows you to get plays off quicker
  • Everyone on your team gets signaled the plays

Good Lineman Technique - The Difference

Coach Blazek talks about "the difference" and how he can tell if an offensive lineman has good technique or not. You will see how having thumbs up, elbows in and wrists together is such an important part of developing your offensive line skills. Additionally, Coach Blazek discusses:

  • How using a 2x4 piece of wood can help teach "the difference"
  • How to progress to various teaching tools to teach "the difference"
  • On-field game footage and practice footage of how to correct players not using "the difference"

Drills and Mentality

Coach Blazek gives you 12 drills that create offensive lineman who use their hands well and utilize drive techniques while playing up-tempo. He builds on all the key elements for an offensive lineman, starting with stance, hands, and drive. You'll see:

  • The Plus 2 finish to get players to play through the whistle
  • How to incorporate injured players into practice so they don't lose their edge
  • How to create competition in drills, such as tug of war and bone dummy drill, to teach the mental and physical part of the game
  • How to execute a base block, wide reach and tight reach block

Once linemen have the blocking basics learned, Coach Blazek covers the different types of runs they use.

Coach Blazek gives you the tools you need to make sure your offensive line is mentally and physically able to play in an up-tempo offense. Whether it be by using the difference mat or bag drills, everything shown will help you develop your offensive line into an elite group!

68 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: offensive line fundamentals for the read option
Offensive Line Fundamentals for the Read Option

with Dan Scanlon,
St. Edward (OH) High School Offensive Line Coach;
2015 Ohio Division 1 Champions

The biggest determining factor for a successful offense is its offensive line. The "no glory positions" may be the most important when it comes to putting points on the board. Coach Scanlon discusses the basic fundamentals for run and pass blocking. He also covers the zone blocking system he uses to gain rushing yards.

Scanlon uses charts and diagrams to explain the rules and techniques for his offensive lineman. His system is designed so that all players know who they need to block and how to reach the block. In this video, you will learn:

  • The difference between right side and left side stance
  • Different alignments in pass protection and run game
  • Aiming points for offensive linemen versus a head-up or shaded defender
  • Play-side and back-side blocking rules in the zone read option
  • How to handle blitzes and stunts
    • Blocking for the Zone Read Run Game

      One of the hardest running systems for defenses to prepare for is the zone read running game. When an offensive lineman gets fit and drive, multiple running lanes open up. Using practice and game footage, Scanlon lays out the general rules for zone blocking schemes and breaks down what each lineman should do.

      Additionally, you'll learn how to mix pulling linemen in the power and trap game, and how to combo block with illustrations and film footage.

      Pass Blocking

      Once a defense starts cramming the box with extra defenders, the passing game is ready to explode. Scanlon covers the fundamentals he teaches his lineman, such as the kick step without giving up too much ground. He also covers simple pass sets that can be used in every game

      This video is filled with a wealth of knowledge on how to make your offensive line a cohesive, dominating unit.

      91 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: the best of championship productions: offensive line drills 3-pack
The Best of Championship Productions: Offensive Line Drills 3-Pack
FD-04854A: featuring drills from James Burk, Steve Greatwood, Dan Roushar and Ed Warinner,

This video showcases a variety of essential drills used by offensive line coaches from some of the best programs in the nation including Oregon, Notre Dame and Michigan State.

Collected from Championship Productions' video library, these drills and schemes will provide you with a blueprint for success in the trenches. Each coach adds their own coaching style to the video, which makes it a unique combination of instruction from differing philosophies.

You'll learn 30 drills that teach skills such as stance, get-off, hand placement and footwork for drive, reach and cutoff blocks. Drills for pulling and trapping are covered, as well as zone blocking strategies. All blocks eventually turn into a drive block, which is a key technique that your players need to master to be successful.

Chutes, boards and sled drills are included as well. The importance of coaching linemen to finish the block is not overlooked, as the best teams in the country excel at playing through the whistle.

Developing a fundamentally sound offensive line will give any team the ability to run the football, opening up numerous options for the rest of your offense. Coaches and players of all levels looking to become dominant on the offensive line will find this video to be a valuable resource.

74 minutes. 2015.

FD-04854B: featuring Steve Greatwood, Brian Hughes, Dan Roushar, Ed Thomas and Ed Warinner

Championship Productions has compiled all the best run game concepts for offensive linemen into one video delivering the ultimate tool kit for your offensive line. Whether your linemen are in the development phase or just need a refresher, this collection of high level drills will provide quality instruction and reps.

Every lineman needs great first step technique to create explosion and power. The coaches in this video teach those initial steps and share drills for executing them properly and getting to the right spot off the snap. After development of the first step, you'll see drills that focus on executing different steps from various stances.

You'll also learn how to teach athletes to play through double teams, down blocks, reach blocks, pulls, skip pulls and short pulls. By conquering defensive stunts, your linemen will open up more holes for your backs to get up the field.

If you're looking to fine-tune your line this season, look no further than this compilation of the best offensive line skills and drills ever assembled. Whether you're coaching youth players or even a collegiate team, you'll find something in this video to help your run blocking.

119 minutes. 2015.

FD-04854C: featuring James Burk, Steve Greatwood, Brent Key and Ed Warinner

Championship Productions has raided their library of instructional videos and to create the ultimate tool kit for offensive line coaches who want to shore up their pass protection.

This video will help coaches at all levels quickly find specific areas they need to target to develop explosive and strong pass blockers. Even if you're at the top of your conference or division, refining technique with these high level drills will give your players the quality instruction and reps they need to keep improving.

The 40 drills included cover all schemes and styles and will provide a direct benefit to your players this season. If your players aren't trained correctly, they will fatigue quicker and be more susceptible to faltering in the second half of games.

This video is loaded with mirror drills, punch drills for hand-eye coordination, and lateral movement drills for molding your linemen into the best pass blocking group in your league. Powerhouse programs at the college and high school level have used these drills to maintain a high level of success on the field.

Every championship team starts and ends with a great offensive line. The drills in this collection will help any coach interested in improving and solidifying his pass protection.

91 minutes. 2015.

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