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Cover: michigan football series: how to build & package rpos
Michigan Football Series: How to Build & Package RPOs

with Josh Gattis,
University of Michigan Offensive Coordinator; 2015 Big Ten Recruiter of the Year;
has coached 14 All-Conference and 5 All-American wide receivers;
former Co-Offensive Coordinator and Wide Receiver Coach at the University of Alabama;
also coached wide receivers at Penn State, Vanderbilt and Western Michigan;
2x All-ACC as a player (safety) at Wake Forest University; drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2007 and played for the Chicago Bears

Run-Pass-Options are becoming increasingly popular at various levels of football due to the pressure they put on the defense to make a decision. If you're wanting to start running RPOs on your own team, or simply want to add more ideas to your current RPO package, then this video featuring Michigan's Josh Gattis is a great resource.

How and Why Michigan Runs RPOs

Coach Gattis begins his presentation by giving an overview of the Michigan philosophy regarding RPOs. He explains that the RPO is a way for the offense to keep the defense from overloading the box to defend the run. At Michigan, the RPO is a way to help the offense be able to run the football against favorable numbers in the box. Gattis also explains the importance of being able to protect the quarterback against pressure looks that the defense will run. You'll see several examples of how Michigan protects the QB against the 7th and 8th man on the defense if they try to pressure the QB. In all, you'll get:

  • Michigan's favorite run scheme to tag an RPO to.
  • Ideas for how to keep the QB protected against pressure looks.
  • Michigan's method for keeping the numbers in their favor on run plays with the use of the RPO.
  • How Michigan teaches their QBs to identify the "conflict" player that is controlled by the RPO.

Michigan's Main RPO Scheme

Coach Gattis continues by diagramming the main RPO used at Michigan with both 6-man and 7-man run schemes. He then shows several examples, using practice video, of the main RPO concept that Michigan uses. Route running mechanics as well as QB read progression are explained in great detail against several defensive looks.

During the course of the presentation, Gattis shows several examples of the most common ways teams try to defend their RPO scheme. He also covers adjustments that can be made to the RPO concept that allows the offense to have a favorable match-up.

This is a valuable video presentation of Michigan's base RPO concept. Coach Gattis does a thorough job explaining what you need to know to implement this scheme and always have an advantage over the defense!

80 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: michigan football series: quarterback technique & drills
Michigan Football Series: Quarterback Technique & Drills

with Jim Harbaugh,
University of Michigan Head Coach;
2018 Big Ten East Division Co-Champs;
former San Francisco 49ers (NFL) Head Coach;
2012 NFC Champion; 2011 NFL Coach of the Year;
former Stanford University Head Coach;
2010 Woody Hayes Trophy, awarded to the top collegiate coach;
2x NCAA Division 1 FCS Mid-Major National Champions (2005, 2006);
starred as a quarterback for Michigan as a player;
in 1986, finished 3rd in Heisman Trophy voting and was the Big Ten's Most Valuable Player;
drafted by the Chicago Bears (1st round) and was in the NFL for 14 years;
in 1995, was a Pro Bowler & the AFC Offensive Player of the Year

and Ben McDaniels,
University of Michigan Quarterbacks Coach;
15+ years of coaching experience at the high school, college (Minnesota, Columbia, Rutgers), and pro levels (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears)

The quarterback position is often thought of as the most important position in all of sports. Having players who not only can grasp the physical, but mental and leadership part of being a quarterback is what all football coaches strive to have.

2011 NFL Coach of the Year and current University of Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh, along with Michigan Quarterbacks Coach Ben McDaniels, share 13 drills that they use to help develop quarterbacks within their football program. Harbaugh and McDaniels share concepts such as how to throw on the run, how to evade defenders, how to take multiple types of snaps, and training a quicker release.

Quarterback Fundamentals

Teaching quarterbacks proper throwing motion, RPO handoffs, and how to present yourself as a quarterback are all fundamentals that are shared in this video. You will see the "100 reps" rule for developing good habits, how to teach proper elbow positioning on throws, and how to teach footwork on QB drop backs. You will also see:

  • How to teach the quarterback and center exchange.
  • The "drive through fake" action.
  • Three different quarterback cadences.
  • What equipment quarterbacks need.
  • The ABC's of coaching a quarterback.

Quarterback Drills

Using film footage, you will see 13 on-field drills to help develop a quarterback, including exercises such as the Anticipation drill, Naked Fast Decision drill, and Hitch-Hitch Go or Throw drill. You'll also see:

  • The Ken Cote drill to help QBs develop good decision outside the pocket.
  • Two competitive drills in the Quick Release Competition and the Goal Post Challenge.
  • The Circle drill to teach throwing while on the run.
  • The Flush drill, which teaches four different ways to leave the pocket.

Using their college and professional coaching and playing experience, Harbaugh and McDaniels give you the tools to develop quarterbacks at any level. The knowledge packed into this video will help develop any quarterback into a more efficient, well-rounded player.

70 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: developing a championship-caliber quarterback
Developing a Championship-Caliber Quarterback

with Patrick Donley,
University of St. Francis Co-Offensive Coordinator / Outside Receivers Coach;
2016 NAIA National Champions, 3x NAIA National Runner-Up (2004-06)

Today's successful high-powered spread offenses that use deadly modern passing concepts all have one essential element in common: the precision quarterback. Talent may be God-given, but precision and execution require practice and proper coaching.

Providing in-depth instruction to the viewer, Patrick Donley shows the key elements of Saint Francis' quarterback development regimen, including the needed mental attributes, reading defensive "tells," and fundamental drills that develop a quarterback's key skills for game day.

Identifying Defensive Coverages

Unlike other videos that are full of whiteboard X's and O's regarding theoretical match-ups, Donley takes you through multiple game scenarios from past seasons using film footage to demonstrate the critical skills a precision quarterback requires to put-up huge point margins on the scoreboard.

Discover the necessary defensive "tells" that allow your quarterback to exploit pass defenses. Coach Donley teaches you three essential "pre-snap" reads, versus various coverages, that are a must before every play. He examines defensive coverages and typical formation adjustments in those particular coverages, including:

  • Cover 2 (identifying flat defenders)
  • Cover 3
  • Cover 4
  • Cover 6

The next focus is on identifying defensive pressure looks. This helps build quarterback progressions and hot reads based on the play call.

Developing Quarterback Fundamentals

In addition to game footage, you'll also get in-depth demonstrations of the essential "every-day drills" Saint Francis' quarterbacks use to strengthen their muscle memory and keep their passing game deadly. Drills include:

  • Grip and Ball Drills
  • Upper Body Mechanics
  • Footwork Drills
  • Drops
  • Figure 8 Drill

This video will give the aspiring spread offense coach a huge leg up on the competition by providing them with key information to teach championship-level quarterback skills to their field generals on game day.

48 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: building quarterback mechanics in the spread offense
Building Quarterback Mechanics in the Spread Offense

with Drew Mehringer,
University of Texas Pass Game Coordinator & Wide Receivers Coach;
former Rutgers University Offensive Coordinator
was Wide Receivers Coach at Houston under head coach Tom Herman and also coached with Herman and Rutgers Head Coach Chris Ash at Ohio State and Iowa State University

Shotgun spread offenses have become the mainstream offensive attack in collegiate and high school football. The quarterback position, now more than ever, requires not only raw athletic ability, but also sound mechanics and techniques to allow the spread offense attack to be lethal to opposing defenses.

Using practice video from spring drills at Rutgers, Coach Mehringer shows the you the plan in action that he utilizes to develop quarterbacks into effective scoring machines. In this video, you'll see four unique elements of training that you can begin implementing right away from spring practice or even mid-season. You'll be provided with detailed outlines and practice and scrimmage footage that demonstrate the techniques in action.

Quarterback Drills

Currently, conventional quarterback warm-ups serve only the limited benefit of getting a player's arm "warm." With the warm-up drills offered by Coach Mehringer, you'll be able to improve a quarterback's skill in what would otherwise be "time-consuming" drills during individual periods. These drills look how to correct balance imperfections and movement inefficiencies while in the pocket. Get key coaching points that work on quarterbacks' skill set for proper bubble screen mechanics, RPO reads, and drop-back pass footwork.

Ladder drills warm the body temperature of the players and train them to keep their hip and eye level in balance. Arm isolation drills make the quarterback focus on the release and finish of each throw before progressing to drop back drills, such as the drift back and crossover, which are designed to allow the quarterback to throw for accuracy while focusing on the release.

Bag drills are shown and are designed to reinforce footwork while moving within the pocket. Coach Mehringer puts a rush on the quarterback, making him move while reading the free safety and throwing away from his movement.

Create "Game-Like Stimuli"

Get your quarterback used to thinking on his feet. In a spread offense, the player you can least afford to have waste practice is your quarterback. Coach Mehringer demonstrates how to create "reactionary drill work" for your QB. This means your drills will have game-like stimuli, such as proper key reads, which will force your player to think in a game-like mindset. These drills can be adjusted to add elements as you see fit, based on your particular opponent and/or game plan.

With this video, you'll learn the crucial elements to an effective practice session that will allow you to develop phenomenal spread offense quarterbacks!

42 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: quarterback skills and attacking coverages
Quarterback Skills and Attacking Coverages

with Tom Lombardo,
St. Edward (OH) High School Head Coach; 2015 Ohio Division 1 Champions

Coach Lombardo opens up his QB practice and playbook to improve your team's success in the passing game.

He shares strategies for teaching, measuring and developing fundamental skills, as well as the drill work necessary for great QB play. Included is a detailed instruction of 20 plays using white board and game film to show how to make QB reads on cornerbacks, safeties and linebackers while attacking multiple coverages in the passing game.

Quarterback Evaluation

Lombardo's presentation about quarterback fundamentals includes discussion about measurable objectives to focus on in order to play at a high level. From a detailed approach to throwing the long ball accurately to creating opportunities for the QB to acquire leadership skills, there is an accountability system put in place for growth and development.

Practice Progressions

The quarterback practice includes a progression of six drills designed to build precision, timing and confidence with execution of the passing game. Decision-making ability is challenged by making the QB read and make adjustments to multiple coverages.

Lombardo breaks down his practice progression for his passing game. The areas he focuses on include:

  • Routes thrown on air
  • Long ball drill
  • Half field route drills
  • 1-on-1
  • 2-on-2
  • 7-on-0
  • 7-on-7

Attacking Coverages

Being able to attack and identify coverages is vital to any passing success on offense. The major key in identifying coverages is understanding player attributes on the defense. Lombardo breaks down the following areas:

  • Press and non-press coverage
  • Speed of each corner
  • Aggressiveness of each corner
  • How DBs flip hips
  • How DBs match to the tight end
  • Split safeties

Coach Lombardo helps you learn to read and adjust to defensive alignments, and gives you the philosophy to take advantage of what the defense gives you. This video will help you improve the skills, leadership and confidence of your QBs with decision-making using Lombardo's passing system.

56 minutes. 2017.

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