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Cover: michigan football series: wide receiver footwork, stance & drills
Michigan Football Series: Wide Receiver Footwork, Stance & Drills

with Josh Gattis,
University of Michigan Offensive Coordinator; 2015 Big Ten Recruiter of the Year;
has coached 14 All-Conference and 5 All-American wide receivers;
former Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach at the University of Alabama;
also coached wide receivers at Penn State, Vanderbilt and Western Michigan
2x All-ACC as a player (safety) at Wake Forest University;
drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2007 and played for the Chicago Bears

Wide receivers are an integral part of any offense in modern day football. Having receivers that possess elite level footwork and body positioning can help your football team produce an explosive offense.

Using progressive warm-up drills and scenarios, the University of Michigan's Josh Gattis shows you nine wide receiver drills to help build stance, footwork and body positioning. Some of the drills include Stance and Start, Head Eyes Hips, Shuffle Transition, Chutes and Circle Drill. Coach Gattis uses on-field drill film and offensive skeleton film demonstrations to show you how to develop the complete wide receiver.

Stance and Start

Learn the 80-20 stance for wide receivers. Coach Gattis breaks down how he teaches receivers at the University of Michigan in terms of technique to start their routes. You'll see how to:

  • Get a receiver's pointer foot in the direction they are going.
  • Get pad level low and have the receiver drive out low.
  • Get wide receivers to not false step out of their stance.
  • Close the distance on defenders with stride frequency and stride length.

Chutes and Pop Ups

Using football chutes and stand-up pop-ups, Coach Gattis gives two drills that help with getting receivers' positioning low to help fight off defensive arm bars.

You will see how to create a second level release for receivers and muscle memory on route running in the Pop-up drill. Within the Chutes drill, you'll see how to keep receivers low to the ground on transitions and how the drill relates to game-like situations. Coach Gattis also shows:

  • How to get foot placement to come back to the football on routes.
  • The benefits of keeping your foot and heel even in your route running.
  • How receivers can gain releases at the line of scrimmage.

Footwork Drills

Using drills like Foot Fire- Single Jab, Short Stair BIG Stair and Lean and Break Drills, you will see different techniques such as releasing through the defender, top of the route shake and extend step to a pivot step. You'll also see how to teach receivers to keep their knees inside their ankles, how to get in-route cuts to be sharp/tight, how to teach receivers to learn their shoulders away from their defender, and how to get receivers into a rhythm/flow.

Coach Gattis gives you the tools to be able to teach your wide receivers to have the best footwork and body positioning within your league. With film demonstrations of individual and skeleton drill situations, you will see how to get your receivers to an All-American level.

63 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: how to build the ultimate high school receiver
How to Build the Ultimate High School Receiver

with Blair Hoenk,
Zeeland East High School (TX) Pass Game Coordinator;
2017 1st Round Playoff Appearance (9-1 record in 2017)

Many position coaches are in need of updating or even improving their drills and coaching points to develop players. Teaching receivers to catch the ball, use proper route running technique and block in the screen and run game can be a challenging task. In this video, Zeeland East High School wide receivers coach Blair Hoenk shares the 29 drills he uses to help build 'the ultimate high school receiver!'

Coach Hoenk's drills aren't scheme-specific and can be used in any offensive system. He covers how to catch the football, footwork, how to teach players to run routes, and finally, how to get players to perimeter block.

Catching the Football

You will see seven in-season and off-season drills that help teach players how to catch the football at the high school level. Coach Hoenk shows you how to use three tennis ball drills to improve hand-eye coordination, as well as how to get players to improve their ability to catch the ball over their shoulder.

Also shown are techniques for receivers to become a "hands catcher" instead of letting the ball hit their body. Hoenk covers what he wants players to do in order to become more natural at receiving the ball and avoiding having their hands come out too early.

Footwork Drills

Coach Hoenk gives you seven footwork drills for the developing wide receiver. You will see:

  • How to get arms and feet moving at the same speed.
  • How to teach proper body position so you can get players at the right pad level.
  • How to get players to drive their knee to their chest on 135 degree cuts.
  • How to teach 45, 90 and 135 degree cuts.

Route Running

Nine drills to teach route running are included. Hoenk gives you his three phases of route running, which include the beginning, mid-route, and top of the route. His Hoop Drill is a great exercise to use with receivers that need help getting off better against press coverage. Additionally, you'll learn how to teach your players to run routes against a zone and the importance of the 'chicken wing' technique so your players don't called for a push off.

Perimeter Blocking

Six drills are included that will help your high school wide receivers embrace perimeter blocking. You'll see:

  • How to teach players to be strong with their outside arm.
  • How to teach players to use smaller steps when going to engage an opposing player.
  • How to use basketball elements to teach blocking techniques.
  • How to teach players to block so the ball carrier has two path options.

This video is simple and can be a tremendous benefit to any wide receivers coach, regardless of offensive system. Coach Hoenk provides great drills that your players will enjoy as they perfect their craft.

62 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: wide receiver drills, tactics & techniques
Wide Receiver Drills, Tactics & Techniques

with DelVaughn Alexander,
University of Notre Dame Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers Coach;
former Arizona State passing game coordinator/wide receivers coach;
former University of Wisconsin Wide Receiver Coach - Part of two Big Ten championships & five bowl appearances, including back-to-back Rose Bowls in '10 and '11; In 2011, Wisconsin passed for 3,280 yards the highest total in school history

Are you frustrated because your receivers can't get off the press? Is the opposing team's defense holding your offense back? This video is the answer to helping your receivers break the press and get open.

Notre Dame's Del Alexander discusses how receivers can get off the press, then uses practice and game footage on how these techniques allow a receiver to get open. He does an excellent job describing the key fundamentals of releases against press corners and blocking fundamentals for wide receivers.

Release Progression

Alexander begins this presentation by detailing the teaching progression used at Notre Dame to teach the release against press coverage, which is one of the most difficult techniques for receivers to master. He thoroughly explains the finer points of the release and shows drills that teach and reinforce each skill. You'll learn:

  • The stance that Coach Alexander teaches his receivers to use against a press corner.
  • How to identify three different techniques used by press corners and the best way to attack the technique the defender prefers.
  • Release mechanics, including footwork and violent hands with four types of finishes.
  • A variety of drills that are used at Notre Dame to teach the four finishes.
  • How to "stack" the defender and how to close the distance, which is especially crucial for defenders playing off or a "catch" technique.
  • How Coach Alexander teaches his receives to use many of the same techniques to defeat a defender that squats near the red zone or first down marker.

Some receivers feel that all they have to do is run fast. Coach Alexander illustrates that feet are more than just speed. The feet of the receiver play as big of a role in getting open as the hands.


Receivers' blocks can be the difference between an eight yard gain or a blockbuster touchdown run. Coach Alexander presents key coaching points that he uses with his receivers. Additionally, he shows several drills used to teach various elements of blocking to the receivers at Notre Dame.

You'll see how to:

  • Teach the blocking fit that is crucial for receivers to master.
  • Teach hand placement using the one-man sled drill.
  • Block against press corners to help the receivers release from the line of scrimmage on pass plays.
  • Use seven different drills to teach receivers of all levels how to block.

This comprehensive video from Coach Alexander will give your receivers the tools they need to overcome press coverage and excel in many different game situations!

"This is without a doubt the best video I have seen addressing, teaching and utilizing great examples for wide receivers to be physical in releases and blocking. I will use all of these drills this upcoming season and am going to make all of my WR coaches watch this." - Customer Review

57 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: developing wide receivers
Developing Wide Receivers

with Jafar Williams,
Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers;
former Assistant coach at Purdue, Kent State and Northwestern

In the spread offense, it's critical for your receivers to understand how to get off of press coverage, get open and catch the ball. Jafar Williams helps you learn to teach these concepts, as he covers everything it takes to play and excel at wide receiver.

Coach Williams takes you from the stance and start to:

  • Press release & second level release techniques
  • Route running & break points
  • Catching the ball
  • Blocking

Loaded Stance

Williams begins by demonstrating the stance and alignment that is taught at Rutgers. Using a loaded stance, Williams explains how he teaches his wide receivers to defeat press cornerbacks with several release techniques. He also demonstrates how he teaches his receivers to attack underneath defenders by attacking their leverage before using one of five different releases to get into the route. Each drill shown is reinforced with key coaching points that help you understand the technique.

Break Points

Coach Williams describes the "pressure step" concept, which allows his players to change directions in order to get in and out of their breaks in a fast and effective manner. You'll learn several drills that teach and reinforce proper deceleration and acceleration fundamentals to get players in and out of route breaks, along with technique for defeating defenders at those break points. Williams also describes several drills that incorporate catching and footwork fundamentals.

Wide Receiver Blocking Techniques

Blocking for receivers is 90% effort and 10% technique. Williams describes the approach to contact, hand placement, and how he teaches players to finish blocks. He uses practice footage to demonstrate a variety of drills that he utilizes with his receivers.

Coach Williams does an excellent job in this thorough video demonstrating techniques and the Rutgers coaching progression for developing wide receivers. Overall, this is an excellent video and would be a great investment for any football coach looking to improve their wide receivers.

76 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: coaching the wide receiver
Coaching the Wide Receiver
with Kevin Gilbride,
former NFL coach and offensive coordinator for six NFL teams - spent over 20 years in the league;
earned two Super Bowl rings as the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Giants

This video presentation puts you on the field in a coaching session with long time NFL offensive coordinator, Kevin Gilbride. He presents the fundamentals every receiver must learn to become a more effective pass catcher. Coach Gilbride's focus is on developing the complete receiver from stance, take offs and releases, to route running and reading and understanding coverages to create a better target for the quarterback. You will learn how to get quick separation and adjust to defensive coverages to improve the success of your passing game.

Stance and Release

Starting with the proper stance and how to get off the ball explosively in order to run the most effective routes, Coach Gilbride demonstrates successful release techniques against the hard press, soft press and lunge techniques commonly utilized by defensive backs. He discusses the importance of being violent with the arms, the pros and cons of swim and rip techniques, and foot patterns to counter the defensive back's strategy.

You'll learn the speed, jab, half diamond, drive and lunge release techniques to improve receivers' leverage and separation. Coach Gilbride explains the importance of the rip and crossover moves while staying low to the ground and maintaining balance. He illustrates the importance of moving inside and outside the frame of the defender and making cuts with proper timing and angles.

Route Running

Coach Gilbride explains how to make adjustments in response to defensive back positioning for the hitch, fade, slant, curl, and speed routes. You'll see players demonstrate when to convert, flatten, crossover, collapse a cushion, and use leverage to improve the success of the passing game. Coach Gilbride also pinpoints poor route running habits and what to do to correct them.

The techniques and skills contained in this video will improve your receivers' ability to create space and get open against multiple coverages. Practicing the explosive starts, separation and leverage techniques shared in this video will develop players into elite receivers.

77 minutes. 2015.

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