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Cover: coaching the wide receiver
Coaching the Wide Receiver
with Kevin Gilbride,
former NFL coach and offensive coordinator for six NFL teams - spent over 20 years in the league;
earned two Super Bowl rings as the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Giants

This video presentation puts you on the field in a coaching session with long time NFL offensive coordinator, Kevin Gilbride. He presents the fundamentals every receiver must learn to become a more effective pass catcher. Coach Gilbride's focus is on developing the complete receiver from stance, take offs and releases, to route running and reading and understanding coverages to create a better target for the quarterback. You will learn how to get quick separation and adjust to defensive coverages to improve the success of your passing game.

Stance and Release

Starting with the proper stance and how to get off the ball explosively in order to run the most effective routes, Coach Gilbride demonstrates successful release techniques against the hard press, soft press and lunge techniques commonly utilized by defensive backs. He discusses the importance of being violent with the arms, the pros and cons of swim and rip techniques, and foot patterns to counter the defensive back's strategy.

You'll learn the speed, jab, half diamond, drive and lunge release techniques to improve receivers' leverage and separation. Coach Gilbride explains the importance of the rip and crossover moves while staying low to the ground and maintaining balance. He illustrates the importance of moving inside and outside the frame of the defender and making cuts with proper timing and angles.

Route Running

Coach Gilbride explains how to make adjustments in response to defensive back positioning for the hitch, fade, slant, curl, and speed routes. You'll see players demonstrate when to convert, flatten, crossover, collapse a cushion, and use leverage to improve the success of the passing game. Coach Gilbride also pinpoints poor route running habits and what to do to correct them.

The techniques and skills contained in this video will improve your receivers' ability to create space and get open against multiple coverages. Practicing the explosive starts, separation and leverage techniques shared in this video will develop players into elite receivers.

77 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: the best of championship productions: 45 wide receiver drills
The Best of Championship Productions: 45 Wide Receiver Drills
featuring Del Alexander, Brent Brennan, Ron Dugans, Curtis Johnson, Reggie Moore, Todd Norman and Terrence Samuel

Seven of the nation's top coaches provide detailed analysis and step-by-step breakdowns of 45 game-tested drills that you can easily integrate into your daily practices. These drills will help you train your receivers to get off the ball, run precise routes, and catch passes in tight windows.

Position Specific Training for Receivers and Running Backs

Segment one covers several key factors, including maximizing foot speed, balance, core strength and overall physical conditioning. These drills help develop explosiveness, core development, and vertical explosion. The video also reviews tips on small hurdles and resistance bands. Incorporation of catching the football within the drills is used to develop precision and focus, both physically and mentally.


These drills focus on the stance, body position, and footwork designed to allow your receiving corps to line up and see the weakness in the secondary. From there, your receivers will learn to explode off the line and seamlessly transition into routes, making them more likely to get open.

Drills and Routes

Coach your players on proper route running and spotting the open passing windows in the coverage. Your players will also learn how to fight for the ball when it's in the air.

Quick Feet, Violent Hands and Separation Techniques

This segment offers drills that help wide receivers improve foot speed, hand-eye coordination and separation techniques to make your receiving corps lethal and dynamic. Develop the full potential of your athletes with this incredible presentation that reinforces football intelligence by mastering separation techniques and learning leverage positions, with emphasis on the Half-Man Rule.

Techniques and Drills for Creating Championship Wide Receivers

An elite wide receiver must understand what the defense is giving up, as well as what the defense is trying to take away.

Using the drills in this section in sequence, your wide-outs will learn how to create more separation and develop better timing with the quarterback. Results from these drills will lead to more completions and open up additional possibilities for your offense.

The video covers the intricacies of several different release techniques against bump man coverage, which will improve players' catching technique as they learn to fight for the ball when it's in the air. You'll receive detailed analysis of the six types of catches, the best time to use each one, and several drills to practice catching under different circumstances.

Regardless of the coverage your wide receivers face, they will be able to execute by leveraging the techniques used in this video. They will learn to take advantage of what the defense has given them by getting off the ball quicker, as well as how to catch the football in traffic. The sequencing of drills and skills provides you with an effective teaching methodology to ensure your players use the proper techniques.

62 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: ron dugans: quick feet to violent hands -- keys to wide receiver success
Ron Dugans: Quick Feet to Violent Hands -- Keys to Wide Receiver Success
with Ron Dugans, University of South Florida Assistant Coach;
former University of Louisville Assistant Coach; former WR for the Cincinnati Bengals (NFL) and at Florida State

Former NFL wide receiver Coach Ron Dugans, who has been a part of the extremely productive passing offense at Louisville, brings his wealth of route running knowledge to this dynamic presentation. Coach Dugans focuses on how to "play fast'" using concepts and techniques that made him a top receiver at Florida State and later an NFL threat at Cincinnati. His strategies and techniques will make any receiver a viable threat.

A wide receiver must understand what the defense is giving up and what the defense is trying to take away. Coach Dugans shares his insight into movement keys, stance mechanics and the ability to eliminate extra motion that give the receiver an advantage over the defender regardless of defensive scheme. He also discusses the intricacies of several different release techniques against bump man coverage.

Coach Dugans breaks down a receiver's technique into easy fundamentals and then shares drills to work those techniques. Using the "Five Cone Foot Fire Drill," "the Prong Drill," "Cone Drills" and "Release Drills," Coach Dugans gives a comprehensive tutorial on how to develop each member of your receiving corps into an explosive offensive threat.

Continuing from his explanation of releases, Coach Dugans covers several more practice drills that he uses to make his players game-day ready. Emphasizing such things as take off, releases and breaking routes, he shows the application of these drills with game tape. Through the use of game footage, you see the end product that you're trying to emulate.

Coach Dugans presents an informative presentation that will improve any receiving corps. This DVD has something for players and coaches, regardless of age or experience. From concepts to drills, from chalkboard to video, from practice field to gridiron, this is a presentation that every coach should see.

Produced at the 2013 Louisville Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

43 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: wide receiver fundamentals: releases and route running
Wide Receiver Fundamentals: Releases and Route Running
with Brent Brennen, Oregon State University Wide Receivers Coach;
finalist for the FootballScoop Wide Receiver Coach of the Year; Oregon State finish second in the Pac-12 in pass offense per game in 2012

The spread offense is exploding across the nation and understanding wide receiver play has never been more important. Oregon State University's Brent Brennan offers techniques for all skill levels to help receivers create the space necessary to be successful against the press defense.

Coach Brennan starts with a simple "jab step" release and builds six releases off of it. The double fake incorporates an in-out-in progression or an out-in-out release. The "speed and fire slant" releases use quickness while the "beast" release is a physical counter to very tight press coverage defenders. A receiver who can't get off the line of scrimmage is an ineffective receiver and often allows coverage sacks on his quarterback. Coach Brennan shows you how to avoid that trap.

Nine different separation techniques that give receivers countless ways to destroy man coverage are demonstrated. Once the receiver has developed a foundation with the "jab step" and "double fake," he can advance to more advanced techniques like the "change of pace" and the "nod step" or "staircase." Coach Brennan also presents the "speed turn shoulder roll" techniques when route running and more!

Using video footage, Coach Brennan discusses key points of each technique so that coaches know what each one looks like. He also shows examples of how it is not supposed to look, which is helpful because it provides information on mistakes that are commonly made while learning the technique.

This video is a great choice for any coach or player who wants to improve wide receiver skills and knowledge of the game.

Produced at the 2013 Portland (OR) clinic.

52 minutes. 2013.

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Cover: championshp wide receiver techniques
Championshp Wide Receiver Techniques
with David Kelly,
former Assistant Head Coach and Wide Receiver Coach University of Central Florida

David Kelly brings decades of coaching experience to the wide receiver position. As a head high school football coach he compiled a record of 80-36-1 and won a Georgia High School AAAA State Championship. He has coached at the NCAA Division 1 level for over 10 years at perennial powerhouses such as LSU, Georgia and Georgia Tech. As a coach and educator, Kelly understands successful coaching is based on effective teaching. Throughout this DVD Kelly covers every aspect of the wide receiver position and offers coaches a blueprint for developing young receivers.

Position progression is explained so that coaches understand the need to begin coaching in the classroom. Using an overhead and practice video, Coach Kelly takes you through his progression of fundamentals for playing receiver.

The next step in position progression is moving to the field to demonstrate the drills required to teach the fundamentals. Kelly gives you key teaching points and strategies in the following areas.

  • Four key wide receiver elements of stance, release, top of the route and finishing the route
  • Develop the receivers blocking skills and how this leads to big plays in the running game
  • Understand the importance of the first four steps in the pass route
  • Read the triangle in route running
  • How to catch low, high and back shoulder passes
  • Deal with the distractions of catching a ball in traffic
  • Attack the ball in flight, make the catch, explode up field and finish
  • Multiple releases (such as a speed, stutter and diamond) versus press coverage and cover 2 corners
Kelly also covers the 16 key fundamentals of stalk blocking, which he identifies as the number one element of the wide receiver position. Coaching points include explaining where coaches should position themselves during stalk blocking drills to ensure the fundamentals are executed properly.

This DVD offers drills and techniques that will help coaches establish efficient and effective wide receiver play.

73 minutes. 2012.

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