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Cover: michigan football series: running back technique & drills
Michigan Football Series: Running Back Technique & Drills

with Jay Harbaugh,
University of Michigan Running Backs/Co-Special Teams Coordinator;
coached Jake Butt to the 2016 John Mackey Award during his time as Tight Ends Coach at Michigan;
coached at Oregon State and with the Baltimore Ravens

Teams that possess quality running backs have quite the luxury - they can grind out yards on the ground, provide added pass protection for the quarterback, and catch balls out of the backfield as a pressure release. This video featuring Running Backs Coach Jay Harbaugh, provides coaching tips and drills designed to help you mold your running backs into versatile, all-around threats on every play.

Ball Security Drills

Harbaugh begins his presentation by giving an explanation of his coaching and recruiting philosophy for running backs. Then, he gives an explanation of how he categorizes drills so that they closely mimic game situations while focusing on specific skills that running backs will need.

The first, and possibly most important category, is ball security. Harbaugh goes over several drills that teach ball security, including how he teaches correct ball positioning, mesh mechanics, and techniques to counter the defender's attempts to strip the ball such as the "lawnmower spin" drill, and many more.

In all, you'll learn:

  • How to construct drills that ensure carryover to game situations.
  • How to teach running backs to secure the ball to avoid fumbles.
  • Unique drills that teach the running back to maintain correct pressure, as well as how to secure the ball when being tackled and when in traffic.

Making Complete Running Backs

Coach Harbaugh continues with a demonstration of drills that teach running game skills, including how his University of Michigan backs are taught to cut and avoid both first-level and second-level defenders. Additionally, multiple drills are demonstrated that teach route running, catching, and the transition from receiver to runner that are so important for running backs in modern offenses.

Finally, you'll see drills that teach the finer points of pass protection against second- and third-level rushers, as well as down lineman. Harbaugh includes several coaching points and techniques for defeating the most common types of rushes running backs will encounter.

This video will give you several great drills that teach and reinforce the fundamentals of running back play in a manner that closely mimics the actual game. Coach Harbaugh does a fantastic job providing specific coaching points that help fully explain each drill and the individual techniques that are being practiced.

91 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: complete running back
Complete Running Back

with Tim Horton, Auburn University Running Backs Coach for Auburn University;
2013 SEC Champions

Under Coach Horton's guidance, the Auburn led the nation with 328.3 yards rushing per game in 2013 and earn a BCS Championship berth. Horton-coached running backs Tre Mason, Cameron Artis-Payne, Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, and Knile Davis have rushed for 1,000-yard seasons. As finalists for the Heisman Trophy, both Mason and McFadden were recognized among college football's finest players. McFadden, the Heisman Trophy runner-up, won the Doak Walker Award as the nation's top running back.

There is nothing more exciting than watching a skilled running back sidestep a tackler, hit an open hole in the line, pivot, turn, and accelerate up the field for a huge gain. It's a position that many have played but few have excelled in. And not one has succeeded alone.

Complete Running Back will help you step onto the field with the skills to thrill and knowledge to succeed. Tim Horton, running backs coach to Tre Mason, Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, and Knile Davis, shares his expertise, insights, and advice for becoming an every-down threat.

You'll learn to think, move, and play with a purpose. With 81 drills and coaching tips, you'll master the intricacies of these skills:

  • Ball protection
  • Open-field running
  • Short-yardage running
  • Blocking
  • Pass catching

Complete with mental strategies, game preparation, in-game adjustments, and programming for increasing strength, power, speed, and agility, Complete Running Back is your guide to maximizing potential and performance of the sport's most important positions.

216 pages. 2016

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Cover: developing the complete running back in a spread offense
Developing the Complete Running Back in a Spread Offense

with Zak Kuhr,
Texas State University Co-Offensive Coordinator;
former Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Running Backs,
coached running backs at Ohio State University for 2 years as an intern under Urban Meyer

The spread tempo offense is on the rise, and the need to develop the running back in all facets of the game is paramount.

Zak Kuhr takes you through a teaching progression incorporating drills that teach the skill set needed by a running back in the spread offense. Backs must learn blocking, running downhill, and how to make decisive cuts and moves with the ball while being physical.

Running Back Drills

Using practice and scout team video, Coach Kuhr sets out his development plan in an orderly fashion. The drills begin with mesh security, then advance to reaction drills that teach running backs how to respond to openings that will occur along the line. His methods teach the running back to be as quick and decisive as possible, preaching low pad level, one step or jump cuts and ball security.

Coach Kuhr works drills that teach the running back to `puncture' the line vertically. He reps the four different holes that the Inside Zone Run can open. You'll get drills for `low drive' running, developing power angles, breaking down the triple move and coiling the spring. Coach Kuhr uses six unique drills that work on protecting the ball and teach how to finish the run.

Inside Zone and Power Game

Preaching `inside out' philosophy for power, Coach Kuhr believes in having "guidelines" for the back, not in setting rules that limit the back in live action. Backs are taught to read angles and work inside-out in both the running and passing game. The inside zone is taught up front with a dominating double team at the point of attack, allowing the back to attack downhill from A gap to A gap.

The Power Game works hand in hand with the Inside Zone in the Rutgers offense. Using a pulling guard at the point of attack, the Power is still a downhill demeanor for the running back, and physicality is emphasized just as it is in the Zone running game.

Passing Game

The other half of the spread offense is the passing game. The quarterback needs extra time to take shots down the field, which will help the running game even more. Coach Kuhr teaches backs the technique for striking a defender in pass protection and the importance of staying inside-out to the launch point of the quarterback. You'll see four drills that focus on footwork and firing of the hands.

If you're looking to build complete running backs for the spread offense, Coach Kuhr's instruction is second to none!

76 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: the best of championship productions: 40 running back drills
The Best of Championship Productions: 40 Running Back Drills
  • Brad Salem - Michigan State University Running Backs Coach
  • Brian White - Boston College University Assistant Coach / Receivers; former University of Florida Assistant Coach/Running Backs
  • Philip Montgomery - University of Tulsa Head Coach; former Baylor University Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach
  • Todd Norman - M.S. Kinesiology; founder The Cutting Edge - Athletic Performance Enhancement;Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • Tony Alford - University of Notre Dame Running Backs Coach; former University of Louisville Running Backs Coach

Having an elusive running back at any level makes it difficult for opposing defenses to slow down your offense. This video collects 40 of the best running back drills from some of Championship Productions' top running back coaches. It gives you a blueprint on developing not only an elusive back, but one that will also be physical and run downhill with authority.

Agility Drills

These agility drills will develop improved balance and control of the center of gravity to allow you to develop explosiveness and bursts of speed toward holes or past defenders. Blocking bags and shields, hurdles, agility ladders, agility poles and cones are utilized to demonstrate methods for improving quickness and acceleration with changes in direction. Drills for speed cuts, jump cuts and slalom runs are illustrated to simulate game-like moves that will improve your elusiveness and cause defenders to miss tackles.

Ball Security Drills

Ball security drills demonstrate how to improve your running back's ability to maintain control of the ball with pressure placed on it from multiple directions. You'll also see how to utilize the stiff arm with the free hand and "dip & rip" on the ball side when approaching defenders. Various game-like scenarios are presented for practicing ball security skills, such as goal line and sideline runs.

Strength, Catching & Blocking Drills

Resistance belts and bungee cords are utilized to improve motor memory, strength and power with simulated running and pass routes. Your running backs will practice catching footballs away from their body with their hands at multiple angles. Improve your running back's ability to engage their hips to generate forceful blocks.

The running back must demonstrate physical and mental toughness on every down and situation. These situations, techniques, and skills must be drilled daily to build a consistent down to down back. Regardless of your offensive philosophy or scheme, this video features many drills that will help your running backs be at their best.

61 minutes. 2016.

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Cover: baylor offense: running back play & play-action passing
Baylor Offense: Running Back Play & Play-Action Passing
with Philip Montgomery,
Baylor University Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach; 2013 Big 12 Champions;
2013 Offensive Coordinator of the Year (FootballScoop); coach of Bryce Petty, Big 12 Player of the Year; Robert Griffin III, Heisman Trophy winner; Nick Florence, All American; Kevin Kolb, Conference USA MVP; and Houston standout Case Keenum

The two most important aspects of a balanced offense are the quarterback and the running back. In this presentation, Baylor Offensive Coordinator and 2013 Offensive Coordinator of the Year Philip Montgomery shares specific drills to develop your running back. Reinforcing the concept that "you have to be able to apply your drills to what you are doing on the field," he teaches each drill and then uses game film to demonstrate how each drill shows up in a game.

Running Back Technique & Drills:

Coach Montgomery begins by working the mesh of the running back and quarterback. The mesh is the most fundamental component of the Baylor running attack. Everything is built from this foundation. Stressing specific steps and angles, he still leaves room for differing types of running backs. Using chutes, bags and personnel, he creates a game-like situation that can be controlled and critiqued in all phases. Uncomplicated drills are used as learning exercises to help running backs improve and develop their techniques.

After working the mesh, Coach Montgomery focuses on lowering the running back's pads and defining their footwork. These drills teach running backs to stay square before they make their cut. The longer the running backs stay square, the longer linebackers have to wait before they can commit to the gap. Using game simulation drills, Coach Montgomery develops the running back's technique by isolating each segment of the play so that it can be controlled and critiqued.

Properly defined techniques allow you to focus on what is necessary in this offense for running backs. This allows you to personalize and individualize drills needed to improve defined segments of the running backs' game.

Play Action Passing:
Help your run game succeed by keeping the defense honest and off-balance using Coach Montgomery's boots and "nakeds." Coach Montgomery uses game film to showcase play action out of the spread and eleven personnel with tight ends on the field. When a style of play or philosophy is broken down as thoroughly as it is in this presentation, it becomes easy to emulate the final product. This method of working with running backs is one you'll use again and again. It solves many problems regarding height of pads, mesh, power and making only one cut.

Produced at the 2014 Dallas-Fort Worth Red River Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

53 minutes. 2015.

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