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Cover: summer speed camp
Summer Speed Camp
with Jake Moore, DPT;
APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor;
Physical Therapist/Strength and Conditioning Coach, Gilbert (IA) High School;
USA Weightlifting Club Coach;
Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified.

You don't need expensive gym equipment or a huge space to provide athletes with world class speed training. APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Jake Moore provides a comprehensive video on how to organize a speed camp with limited space and minimal equipment. His sequencing of drills and skills provides a safe environment and effective teaching methods to train athletes on the proper techniques for increasing speed and athleticism.

Whether on the court or playing field, Coach Moore will help you change direction more efficiently, jump and land safely, improve top speed running form, and accelerate and decelerate more effectively.

A multiple-station approach is used throughout the video. Using a three-station sequence, Coach Moore focuses on sport-specific warm-ups, body sprint mechanics, and athletic based movement principles.

Warm-ups start with foot speed drills designed to raise the athlete's core temperature to prevent injury and reinforce skill development. Dynamic movements are then performed that enhance flexibility, leverage athletic isometric holds, and increase movement efficiency. Next, the athlete runs through plyometrics, with an emphasis on learning proper landing techniques before learning how to generate explosive forces.

Over 20 drills are demonstrated to work on offensive and defensive strategies for anticipating and reacting to opponents' movements while improving speed and agility. Coach Moore provides detailed biomechanical feedback while demonstrating drills that improve acceleration, deceleration and top speed running form. Athletes will learn to improve their quickness from 2-point, 3-point, parallel stance and many other positions experienced during competition.

Coach Moore provides an insightful analysis on critical coaching points that enhance athletic speed. This allows coaches to critique running form and see how to jump and land safely to prevent lower body injuries. Feedback for techniques and biomechanics of drills is provided to decrease the risk for injuries such as ACL tears, tendinitis, shin splints, and foot, knee, and hip pain while improving efficiency or economy of movement.

This video is a blueprint for coaches and athletes at all levels to improve speed and agility. It can be utilized like a workout video for athletes to do on their own, or easily adapted to work with large groups of athletes administered by coaches at stations. Coach Moore provides world-class service that will give your players a competitive advantage in speed and agility.

94 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: doc kreis: how to improve your football team's speed
Doc Kreis: How to Improve Your Football Team's Speed
with Doc Kreis,
UCLA Strength & Conditioning Coach

Doc Kreis breaks down the area of speed like never before. His speed-strength training model is made up of four components: Absolute strength, explosive strength, starting strength and reaction strength. Each component depends on the other for maximum athletic performance. An athlete who is sound is all four components will progress in speed and in strength. Successful performance and survival in competition events requires all four components. The coach is responsible for setting the vision for your players. Key parts of the vision are plan, preparation, and execute. In this program, Speed days are Monday and Friday, while Tuesday and Thursday are for Change of Speed training. Speed training is broken down into the start, the run, and the finish. The "UCLA Football Field Setup" speed course is shown on the overhead and provides a detailed look at the drills and exercises used during the speed and change of speed days. In his enthusiastic style, Coach Kreis explains in detail his program that can be used to make great improvements in speed on the field.

110 minutes. 2007.

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Cover: developing explosive power!
Developing Explosive Power!
"Run Fast, Jump High"

with Chris Doyle,
University of Iowa Football Strength & Conditioning Coach
Certification: National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA),
'99 NSCA Big 10 "Strength Coach of the Year"

The harder an athlete pushes against the ground, the higher the athlete will jump and faster the athlete will run. This program is presented in three categories designed to develop explosive power; lifts, jumps and throws. Including teaching progressions for the Olympic Lifts, Jump training and Medicine Ball Throws from beginner levels through advanced levels. Excellent instruction!

38 minutes. 2006.

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Cover: winning with fast feet!
Winning with Fast Feet!
Foot Quickness and Agility Training

with Chris Doyle,
University of Iowa Football Strength & Conditioning Coach
Certification: National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA),
'99 NSCA Big 10 "Strength Coach of the Year"

Foot speed and agility are critical to success in all sports. Winning with Fast Feet will teach you how to incorporate quickness and agility for all levels of athletes. Doyle strives to make the training fun by utilizing a variety of drills that keep athletes interested. Learn about the agility ladder, jump rope training, dot drills and the Hexagon. Improve body control, reduce injuries and gain an edge over your competition with Fast Feet.

24 minutes. 2006.

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Cover: developing speed for football
Developing Speed for Football
with John Dettmann,
University of Wisconsin Director of Strength Training and Conditioning

During his tenure at the University of Wisconsin, John Dettmann's efforts have played a part in nine bowl games and three Big Ten titles. Strength and speed has played a major role in consistent success the Badgers have enjoyed. Coach Dettmann has put special emphasis into developing and manipulating speed. He is convinced that this program can add speed to any player regardless of position. The warm-up exercises include a dynamic lap, leg swings, runner stretch, and toe taps. Coach Dettmann believes in designing programs for the majority, not the minority. This philosophy guarantees the biggest impact on the greatest number of athletes. To develop increased speed, several excellent drills are displayed. Drills include Fast Hips, High Knee Fast Tempo, Quick Feet, Foot Fire and Seated Fast Arm drill. By using small hurdles, coaches teach the non-dominant side to be as efficient as the dominant side. Athletes improve because technique progresses from easy to complicated drills. Starting quickly is taught and enhanced by the Incline Starting drill, the Pit Start, Assisted Starts, and the Bullet Belt Start. Developing power through jumping is also a big part of Wisconsin's philosophy. The double leg jump for distance, double leg jump with small hurdles, double leg hops for heights, power skips and box jumps make up the power segment of the workout. Speed conditioning includes the tempo run, contrast speed with uphill resisted sprints and weighted vest sprint. This program gives any coach an advantage by developing speed throughout his program. The proof is in the results. Coach Dettmann's magic has turned 2nd or 3rd round draft picks into solid first- rounders. Players and coaches will immediately buy into this speed manipulation program and yield results on the field.

50 minutes. 2006.

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