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Cover: michigan football series: safeties technique & tackling system
Michigan Football Series: Safeties Technique & Tackling System

with Chris Partridge,
University of Michigan Safeties Coach/Special Teams Coordinator; 2016 National Recruiter of the Year, 247Sports 2017 National Recruiter of the Year;
former Paramus Catholic High School (NJ) Head Coach; while there, the Partridge-coached program went from a football high school program rank of 4,250th nationally to #4 nationally (USA Today)

This video featuring the University of Michigan Safeties Coach Chris Partridge will help you learn the Michigan philosophy for playing safety and all the drill work that contributes to athletes developing into top-tier college players. In addition to safety-specific drills, Coach Partridge also includes a breakdown of Michigan's tackling manual, which is their go-to set of rules for tackling.

Safety Drills

Partridge covers four dynamic agility drills that teach defenders how to move and flip their hips in every conceivable direction. Two break drills that teach safeties how to break downhill and adjust to different angles by the ball carrier are included, as well as 13 pass break drill that allow defensive backs to gain confidence on any route they need to defend. You'll also get six drills that work on ball hawking skills and eight block destruction concepts.

Tackling Manual

Next, Coach Partridge covers the Michigan tackling manual. He wants his players to "learn to play on the very edge of being out of control." He believes each player should understand who they are athletically in order to put themselves into proper strike position.

You'll learn about:

  • The Approach Phase - Aggressively tracking the ball and understanding the relationship between your momentum and the ball carrier's path.
  • The Contact Phase - Using "quartering" and the "power foot" in every tackle by maintaining leverage and compressing to the ball carrier's near hip as you stay square.
  • The Finish Phase - Includes contact with near foot, near shoulder with a body-to-body collision in which you wrap, squeeze and "drive for 5".

Partridge uses both practice and game film to demonstrate each type of tackle that is discussed, including:

  • Hawk Tackle
  • Roll Tackle
  • Body to Body
  • Sweep Tackle

Players must understand the proper tackle technique and angle in every single drill, every single day.

If you're seeking a no-filler, drills-heavy video that hits on safeties and tackling, this presentation from Coach Partridge will be a great asset to your football team!

57 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: fundamental and advanced techniques for blow delivery and rugby style tackling
Fundamental and Advanced Techniques for Blow Delivery and Rugby Style Tackling

with Jay Niemann,
Rutgers University Defensive Coordinator;
former Northern Illinois Defensive Coordinator

Football offenses today have become scoring machines based on spreading out defenses and forcing defenders to tackle in open space. Traditional tackling techniques have been ineffective and even dangerous as the game becomes faster and quicker than ever before.

Using a variety of recognizable tackling drills, modified to use open-field shoulder tackling, Jay Niemann gives you numerous drills to teach you the latest tackling techniques you need to shut down opponents on game day.

Rugby-Style Tackling

The most effective way to tackle in the open field, rugby style tackling, is a safer technique that keeps the head out of contact. Through a variety of drills and stations that can be used by all defensive units on a team, Niemann shows you how to build confidence in players and become dominant rugby-style tacklers. Drills include:

  • Fit Drill
  • Left/Right Tackling Drill
  • Box Rugby Tackle Drill
  • Crash Pad Tackle Drill
  • Angle Tackle Drill
  • Wrap & Roll Drill
  • Track Tackle Drill

The Drills

Using video footage of live drills and practices, Coach Niemann gives you all the coaching points and drills needed to train your players to be better tacklers. This includes emphasizing the target area, proper leverage, and leg drive to bring even the toughest opponents to the ground.

These drills can be used by all defensive units, including defensive backs, lineman, and linebackers. Niemann will help you teach your defenders how to:

  • Be in the best leverage position to stop a ball carrier
  • Wrap and roll as necessary to bring open field opponents to the ground
  • Track speedy opponents attempting to escape to the perimeter
  • Avoid unnecessary ejections by emphasizing the "strike zone" on defenseless players

Along with drills and video footage, Coach Niemann uses white board diagrams to teach you the necessary coaching points to get the most out of your drills.

The game is evolving, offenses are getting faster and defenses are getting creative. Don't be left behind by teaching outdated and unsafe tackling. By using these proven drills and techniques from Coach Niemann, you will have aggressive and confident players ready to shut down even the most athletic opponents.

58 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: the shoulder leverage tackling method
The Shoulder Leverage Tackling Method
with Mike Alexander,
Grapevine High School Defensive Coordinator

Tackling will always be the foundation of any championship defense. Without proper tackling skills, the best defensive schemes are useless. The shoulder leverage tackle taught at Grapevine High School gives players of all sizes the ability to bring down a physical football player. Shoulder leverage tackling provides players with a focus area during each tackle. The use of the shoulder as the primary contact point allows undersized players to make tackles effectively when facing larger players

Mike Alexander provides effective coaching tools to help defensive coaches teach their athletes how to effectively tackle to eliminate explosive plays. He uses practice and game video to demonstrate the proper techniques in each of the five types of tackles executed in a game: Hawk, Compression, Profile, Tracking and Strike Zone. He preaches focus on tackling skill over defensive scheme. This allows athletes to deliver on the field once they commit to the scheme.

Hawk Tackling

Leverage on the ball is the key to tackling, and the Hawk tackle taught by the Seattle Seahawks is shown first. The Hawk shoulder leverage tackle keeps a player's head out of the play, resulting in fewer concussions and making the game safer for the players. Coach Alexander breaks down the specifics for putting the near side shoulder on the near side thigh board of the offensive player to bring them down to the ground. The Hawk Roll tackle allows a smaller defender to bring down a big running back without the fear of contact and injury.

Profile Tackling

Improve tackling inside the box and reduce blows to the head using this shoulder leverage tackling method. The profile tackle helps defenders to be more physical and aggressive when taking down offensive players. The objective of profile tackling is to get the near side shoulder into the armpit of the ball carrier, then stand them up, wrap and squeeze and run their feet.

Compression Tackling

Compression tackling is the nuts and bolts for the majority of the game. The compression tackle teaches two or more defenders how to work together to properly converge on the ball carrier to quickly get them to the ground. You'll also see how leverage is the key in defending an elusive ball carrier.


Tracking will enhance your team's ability to pursue the ball carrier quickly as players run horizontal to the sideline, not allowing the cutback, all while maintaining their leverage.

Implementing the techniques Coach Alexander teaches will help propel your team's defensive play ability by improving their tackling skills. Teaching your athletes how to become great tacklers will help you build your squad into a defensive force.

60 minutes. 2016.

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Cover: drills and progressions for building safe and physical tacklers
Drills and Progressions for building Safe and Physical Tacklers
with Steve Fex, Coppell (TX) HS Assistant Coach;
member of 2001 University of Washington coaching staff (2001 Rose Bowl Champions)

Concussions and the liabilities that go with them are putting a high demand on proper tackling techniques in today's game. The good news is that you can be a physical team without going full contact in your practices.

In this DVD, Steve Fex does an exceptional job of showing coaches how to teach the basic principles of tackling without full contact. Using his techniques and drills, coaches can be confident they will not lose the physical nature of the game. Inside this video you will discover:

  • Techniques to develop a physical, effective defense without bringing ball carriers to the ground in practice
  • Seven drills to minimize practice injuries and maintain aggressiveness
  • A "bread and butter" drill that develops the key components of a great tackle
  • Tackling drills that are relevant to game-like situations and put players in position to achieve success

Coach Fex uses the "Butt and Press" drill to teach defenders how to come off a block. The drill shows players how to snap the defender down and away before "punching a hole in the cloud." Coach Fex also shares a progression of six tackling drills that teach players to shimmy their feet and get chest-to-chest with their heads up. On impact, they club up and grab cloth while driving their feet through the ball carrier.

Fex uses game situations as the source of his tackling drills and techniques. With live demonstrations using high school players, he covers the shimmy drill, target tackling, shimmy to the man, inside out tackle, the bag tackle and the cut back tackle. He also teaches an inside-out tackling technique to help defenders make tackles when they are running toward the sideline.

Cutback tackling is vital as more offenses are creating constant cutback lanes using the zone scheme. Teaching players to pace the hip of the ball carrier teaches them how to prevent cutback lanes that can result in big plays (especially on special teams).

All coaches understand the importance of creating a sound tackling team. With the help this progressive drill package, you can develop tremendous tacklers and, more importantly, minimize severe head and neck injuries.

62 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: next level training: mastering open field and leverage tackling
Next Level Training: Mastering Open Field and Leverage Tackling
with Donovin Darius, founder and CEO of Next Level Training; former defensive back for the Jacksonville Jaguars; first round NFL draft pick (25th overall); 1998 NFL All Rookie Team; 1997 Big East Defensive Player of the Year; 2x All Big East selection while at Syracuse

Tackling is one of the most important skills when it comes to playing great defense. In addition, it is critical to keep your players and team safe.

Focusing on the fundamentals of shoulder tackling, Coach Darius takes you step-by-step, through tackling position drills that will ensure your players are secure in their fundamental tackling techniques and consistently making tackles.

Using drills to simulate game situations, Darius shows you two types of tackles, open field tackles and leverage tackles. Open field tackles may be inside out or outside in, while leverage tackles are head on.

Coach Darius breaks down tackling technique into four areas:

  • Speed zone
  • Come to balance
  • Shuffle
  • Pull the trigger
He reinforces the importance of staying square in your shuffle so as not to get beat by a counter move or overextend yourself due to speed. His drills will train your athletes to tackle leading with the same foot and shoulder, which allows leverage to be maintained on contact and reduces the chance of getting "run-over."

You'll also learn to deliver the "upper cut" while tackling, which reinforces the proper use of the arms on contact - essential to good tackling. He breaks it down with specific coaching cues and steps that can be used in-season with pads or as an off-season drill dressed in t-shirts and shorts.

While most of the video is based on solo tackling, Coach Darius demonstrates an alley drill that uses two tacklers while still utilizing all of the techniques taught in the video. Paying attention to the teaching points of the drill, he develops his players' techniques and confidence through repetition, repetition, repetition.

Observation and interjection are the foundations of Coach Darius' coaching. His drills are basic and to the point. His teaching points are easy to understand and observe. His philosophy of building confidence in the player while they learn tackling technique is strategic. His drills for improving tackling techniques are applicable to any age group. This is a must have video for any program or any player!

Using these techniques will help you not only be great at tackling but also help protect your players from injury.


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