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Cover: michigan football series: tight end technique & drills
Michigan Football Series: Tight End Technique & Drills

with Sherrone Moore,
University of Michigan Tight Ends Coach;
AFCA 35 Under 35 Coaches Leadership Institute participant;
former Central Michigan University Tight Ends Coach

The tight end position takes a special individual. In today's offenses, tight ends must master the necessary skills to be effective run blockers, pass protectors, and route runners. In this video featuring University of Michigan Tight Ends Coach Sherrone Moore, you'll get a comprehensive overview of Moore's individual period practice philosophy, favorite drills, and key coaching points for all phases of tight end play.

Coach Moore offers detailed discussion and practice film of tight end fundamentals in both the run game and pass game. You will learn how to organize and run drills to maximize practice time with technique-focused drill progressions for tight ends at all levels. Every coach faces the same challenge of limited practice time with players - learn how to make the most of group periods to improve your offensive production on Friday nights and Saturdays!

Stance and Run Blocking

Learn Coach Moore's favorite spring ball and fall camp drills to teach tight ends how to run block. You'll see how to coach stance and initial footwork so that tight ends can play fast out of 2-point and 3-point stances. Moore provides insights into how to set up drills to minimize false steps so players gain ground and are always in a position to win a block.

Next, you'll get the proper footwork, aiming points, and hand placement for tight ends when executing combo blocks with offensive tackles. Coach Moore also includes a comprehensive board progression drill series that ensures tight ends learn down and drive block techniques against 1st and 2nd level defenders. A 2nd step timing drill will teach your players why their hands should make contact with a defender at the same time that their 2nd step (with their back foot) hits the ground. This contributes to better drive-block form, which produces sound technique and aggressiveness when firing off the ball.

Pass Protection Fundamentals

Moore covers plenty of body positioning and movement techniques that will ensure your tight ends become great pass blockers. He includes a mirror shuffle drill that teaches players to use great footwork in order to stay in front of a defender without unnecessary contact.

Releases, Route Footwork, and Yards After Catch

You'll learn how to coach misdirection footwork for both inside and outside releases to ensure your tight ends can quickly get into their route tree. Coach Moore also shows a swipe technique that is effective at defeating a defender's hands in press coverage. You will walk away with a better understanding of how to attack a defender's leverage to increase separation and improve the chances of a successful catch.

Additionally, a 4-cone top of the route drill is included that teaches tight ends to quickly practice break point footwork, acceleration, and body positioning for common routes. A yards after catch sideline drill will teach players to read and cut upfield based on the leverage of a chasing linebacker.

This video will provide you with the tools you need to teach the fundamentals of tight end run blocking, pass protection, and route running skills. Coach Moore also calls out the importance of consistent group time with offensive tackles to practice combo blocks. By the end of this video, you will be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your individual practice sessions.

68 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: diverse blocking assignments for tight ends in the spread offense
Diverse Blocking Assignments for Tight Ends in the Spread Offense

with Vince Okruch,
Rutgers University Assistant Coach/Tight Ends;
with 35+ years of coaching experience, Okruch has worked with some of the legendary names in college football, including Lou Holtz, Bill McCartney, Gary Barnett and Urban Meyer.

The spread offense has evolved over the past decade, and one of the most important developments is the use of the tight end position. The tight end must possess a unique skill set, and more importantly, must be well coached in order to help the offense succeed.

In this video, Vince Okruch solves the problem of what a modern era tight end needs to know in the spread offense run scheme. Using diagrams, game film and practice film, Coach Okruch defines the "Eight Musts" of a tight end:

  • Alignment
  • Assignment
  • Get off
  • Hand Placement
  • Face Placement
  • On the Run Adjustments
  • Sustain
  • Finish

He then breaks down each `Must' to give you the tools to fully execute the technique according to different situations.

Laws of Combat

Coach Vince Okruch begins the video by explaining the "Laws of Combat" that are taught to each player at Rutgers. These "Laws" are points of emphasis that the coaching staff at Rutgers believe are important to winning football, and include key elements of posture, stance, movement, toughness, ball security, and what is called "The Difference" at Rutgers. Coach Okruch explains how "The Difference" forms the framework for coaching, making contact for all positions, and shows practice drill footage of the techniques that make up "The Difference."

Alignment and Assignments

Coach Okruch explains the different alignments and motions that tight ends use in the Rutgers spread offense. These alignments include being split out wide, being in a slot or "Y off" position, and also in a traditional tight end alignment. There are several variations of each alignment that are used and explained by Coach Okruch. Next, he gives a detailed explanation of each individual block that the tight ends are asked to execute at Rutgers.

Blocking Technique

Coach Okruch guides you through more than 10 styles of blocks necessary for tight ends. These blocks include: base, cut off, reach, mini arc, sift, slice, slip, insert, and the sting and dog combination blocks. Coach Okruch explains the technique of each block and uses practice footage to illustrate key points of emphasis that will help you use your tight ends more effectively in the spread run game. He also explains the technique and key coaching points of the perimeter blocks tight ends will use when they are split out wide. These blocks are the stalk block and the crack block.

The tight end position has changed the spread offense dramatically, and this excellent video will help you take advantage of these advancements in the spread run game. If you have a superior athlete who is football smart, incorporating Coach Okruch's tight end techniques will give opposing defensive coordinators nightmares!

70 minutes. 2017.

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Cover: techniques & drills for creating championship tight ends
Techniques & Drills for Creating Championship Tight Ends
with Mark Staten,
Michigan State University Offensive Line Coach

Mark Staten has packaged nearly a decade of college coaching experience at all levels into an easy-to-follow, well-organized tutorial on developing championship tight ends. Now the Offensive Line Coach at Michigan State University, Coach Staten describe the qualities to look for in a prospective player and then launches into basic concepts like proper stance, position responsibilities and the role of the tight end in the game today.

Coach Staten demonstrates blocking drills that will help your tight end dominate the line of scrimmage while developing his potential to play more aggressively and effectively. Each drill is demonstrated with field-level practice footage and followed by game footage showing the blocks in action.

The section on pass blocking highlights the key techniques and strategies to effective pass blocking. Staten uses a half line drill to highlight essential blocking techniques and follow it with game film.

Hand/eye coordination, route running and protecting the football are emphasized in the final segment of this straightforward, instructional presentation. Staten shares coaching tips throughout the presentation that both complement and enhance the drills, tactics and techniques included in the DVD.

Players and coaches will all benefit from the content and concepts in this DVD given by on the most esteemed offensive coaches associated with the game.

77 minutes. 2011.

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