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Cover: hurricane gun option offense: installation & game planning
Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Installation & Game Planning

with Will Orbin,
Leesville Road High School (NC) Offensive Coordinator;
former Christopher Newport University Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
former Louisburg College Offensive Coordinator

Coach Will Orbin's Hurricane Gun Option offensive system has been terrorizing defenses no matter where he's traveled. This video gives you an inside look at how Orbin sets up his players to succeed in the offense with three days of installation instruction. Additionally, Orbin dishes on game planning strategies and provides a few wrinkles that are sure to help your team rip off chunks of yardage.

Personnel, Formations, and Offensive Philosophy

Coach Orbin begins by giving an overview of his offensive philosophy with an emphasis on option football, which includes the double option, triple option, and RPOs. He explains the philosophy behind his offensive scheme, beginning with always keeping concepts and plays simple and using formations and personnel groups to "dress it up."

Orbin goes on to give a detailed explanation of all the various personnel groups and formations used out of each grouping. You'll get alignment rules for each player in every formation he uses in the Hurricane Gun Option.

Learning the Offense

The majority of this presentation is spent outlining each play concept that Coach Orbin utilizes with his offense. He diagrams each play and gives key coaching points for the offensive line, running backs, and quarterbacks. Additionally, Orbin gives a detailed explanation of how he incorporates both pre-snap and post-snap RPOs that read one of the three levels of the defense. Adjustments for troublesome fronts and common defensive tactics are also covered.

Game Planning

Orbin concludes by explaining how his staff approaches game planning for individual opponents. He describes how film watching responsibilities are broken down and how he and his staff determine which plays fit into a weekly plan, depending on what they learn through film study of the upcoming opponent. Also, Coach Orbin gives an overview of his weekly practice plan that ensures his team is prepared for that week's game.

Overall, this is an excellent video presentation designed to give you Coach Orbin's entire offensive scheme in a convenient package. You'll see exactly how he and his staff prepare their team during the season.

137 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: hurricane gun option offense: run game (the 'duo' play)
Hurricane Gun Option Offense: Run Game (the 'Duo' Play)

with Will Orbin,
Leesville Road High School (NC) Offensive Coordinator;
former Christopher Newport University Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
former Louisburg College Offensive Coordinator

In order to implement the full version of Will Orbin's Hurricane Gun Option Offense, you must ensure your team can run the ball effectively when it needs to. This video covers Coach Orbin's "Duo" play, which is a versatile look that works against many kinds of defense, and also touches on blocking techniques and assignments for the offensive line.

The "Duo" Play

Coach Orbin starts by giving an explanation of the "Duo" play, which is a gap scheme similar to power, but without a pulling guard. He then diagrams the play against a variety of different defenses, including 4-3, 4-2, 3-4 and Bear defenses.

Additionally, you'll get a detailed explanation of quarterback footwork and mechanics, plus running back footwork, aiming points, and reads.

Learn Several Blocking Drills

Orbin spends a considerable amount of time detailing the finer points of offensive line play and how it relates to any gap blocking scheme. You'll see him explain how he teaches the post man and drive man on all combination blocks using a progression that includes:

  • Steps on air
  • Sled work
  • 2 vs 1 drills
  • 2 vs 2 drills

Coach Orbin also diagrams various combination blocks that are used for both the front side and back side lineman and fullback. Several drills are shown that teach these techniques in a linear fashion for maximum carryover by your players.

Protecting the "Duo" Play

Finally, you'll see how to protect the "Duo" play by having your quarterback read a specific defender for a run keep, as well as how Coach Orbin incorporates RPOs to keep the defense off balance. This section includes instruction on how to make the play work against a variety of defensive looks, including fronts where the defense has the offense outnumbered. It's in these scenarios that Coach Orbin demonstrates how the offense avoid running a bad play that has no chance for success.

This is an excellent video that not only covers run play, but also provides a comprehensive look at offensive line play in modern offensive football. Allow Coach Orbin to give you what you need to succeed on the ground!

127 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: hurricane gun option offense: the wide zone
Hurricane Gun Option Offense: The Wide Zone

with Will Orbin,
Leesville Road High School (NC) Offensive Coordinator;
former Christopher Newport University Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
former Louisburg College Offensive Coordinator

Will Orbin provides an in-depth explanation of how to install, drill, and run the wide zone lead play. The wide zone works perfectly as part of his Hurricane Gun Option offensive system, and you'll learn every tip and trick from Coach Orbin himself through key coaching points and game footage.

Philosophy of the Wide Zone

Coach Orbin gives an overview of his philosophy regarding the wide zone play. He describes how the wide zone play is the perfect play to call when the defense loads the box to stop the run. By running the wide zone with an H back as a lead blocker, the offense can account for all defenders without having to read an unblocked defender.

Learn Rules for all 11 Players

Next, Orbin explains the rules for all 11 players in the wide zone play. Running back aiming points, reads and footwork are included as well as the quarterback's footwork and mechanics. The offensive line rules, technique, and combo calls are described in detail and further enforced by game footage. Additionally, Orbin includes H back rules and WR blocking rules.

Learn Several Blocking Drills

The final portion of this video includes several drills that Coach Orbin uses to help his players learn the blocking techniques and footwork required for a crisp wide zone. Several variations of board drills are shown that teach proper footwork and aiming points for the offensive line. Also, several drills that work the front side and back side individual techniques are demonstrated.

This is an excellent presentation of one of the most successful running plays in modern football. The wide zone play has stood the test of time, and with this video from Coach Orbin, you'll be well on your way to having a devastating running game!

99 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: hurricane gun option offense: rpos
Hurricane Gun Option Offense: RPOs

with Will Orbin,
Leesville Road High School (NC) Offensive Coordinator;
former Christopher Newport University Assistant Coach / Offensive Line;
former Louisburg College Offensive Coordinator

The beauty of the Hurricane Gun Option Offense is the defense never knows exactly what's going to hit them. In this video, Coach Will Orbin presents his best methods for utilizing the passing portion of RPOs in his offense.

Screen Run Combos

Coach Orbin gives an explanation of his RPO system, including his philosophy behind utilizing RPOs in his offense. He breaks down his team's RPO system into three categories:

  • Screen run combos
  • Pass run combos
  • Run pass combos

Next, Orbin diagrams all of the screen run combos that he utilizes while including specific information on identifying the leverage defender, route running, and quarterback reads. He also explains how to manage these calls so that your QB can execute them at game speed.

Pass Run Combos

Coach Orbin continues by diagramming his "pass run combos." In Orbin's scheme, the pass run combos are quick game concepts that are called along with a run play. This type of RPO is a very simple way for an offense to implement RPOs in their system as the post-snap read is eliminated. You'll get several quick game combinations, plus a QB read progression and route running coaching points that are supported by game footage examples.

Run Pass Combos

The video concludes with Orbin diagramming the run pass combos that he includes in his offense. These plays feature both a pre-snap and post-snap read to determine sides of the formation. Additionally, they require reading a third level defender to the leverage side post-snap, which is designed to make supporting the run difficult for the team on defense.

You'll see Coach Orbin diagram three concepts that his team utilizes, including the:

  • Coke concept
  • Pop concept
  • Sprite concept

This video will give you a comprehensive look at an outstanding RPO system. Coach Orbin provides everything you need to run these RPOs and dominate the opposition next season!

70 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: trap coverage in a 3-4 defense
Trap Coverage in a 3-4 Defense

with Cody Day,
West Hardin High School (TX) Head Football Coach;
rebuilt West Hardin HS, ranked at the bottom of 2A football in Texas, into: a playoff team, best win total in 7+ years; gave up over 120 fewer regular season points using Trap Coverage than the previous season

Cody Day, the head football coach at West Hardin High School (TX), brings you a complete look at the 3-4 scheme his team runs and specifically lays out how he utilizes trap coverage to stop his opponents. These concepts are fantastic for coaches at the high school level and if you already run a 3-4 look, then this video will give you some great wrinkles to throw into your system.

Match Quarters Concept

Coach Day begins with an overview of the match quarters concept that he utilizes with his defense. This coverage is a soft cover 2 concept that allows the defense to account for almost any route combination the offense can run. He also diagrams two separate adjustments to this coverage that can be utilized against 3x1 formations. You'll get Day's "Red" coverage, including pattern read rules for the corners and safeties. Additionally, points and rules for linebackers are covered.

Three Variations of Trap Coverage

Day diagrams three variations of his trap coverage concepts that are sure to keep opposing offenses off balance. You will see the trap, double, and spin coverages that utilize the trap defender in different ways. Coach Day diagrams each coverage against a variety of formations and gives rules for the trap defender and other defensive players against both run and pass plays. Also, as an added bonus, Day explains several common issues that come up with running trap coverage concepts and how to correct them.

Practice Drills

This video concludes with Coach Day leading several drills that he utilizes with his team to teach trap coverage concepts. Day demonstrates how he teaches the trap player to react to several different route combinations and many of the common plays that are seen in the game today. You'll also learn how to coach other secondary players to execute their assignments.

Coach Day's trap coverage scheme, which is an excellent counter against modern offenses, is a must-have for defensive coaches everywhere!

99 minutes. 2019.

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