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Cover: champcoach football membership
ChampCoach Football Membership

Featuring over 420 full-length football coaching videos from an amazing collection of Hall of Fame, FBS, Conference & High School Championship-winning coaches such as: J.T. Curtis, Brick Haley, Ed Thomas, Paul Chryst, Dave Warner, Ed Warinner, Rick Stewart, Tony Alford, Mike Leach and many, many more!

Every Topic Covered!

Whether you're looking for adjustments to a new offensive or defensive system or scheme, tweaks to your players' skills and technique, or, in-depth ideas for practice planning and drills, ChampCoach contains all the valuable X&O's you need!

From the Unrivaled, Award-Winning Championship Productions Studios in Ames, Iowa!

If you are familiar with football coaching videos, then you are familiar with Championship Productions!
Championship Productions invented the instructional sport video in the 1970s and has been on the cutting-edge, featuring the most successful coaches on film, ever since! As wehave transitioned from VHS to DVD to instant stream videos, hundreds of thousands of football coaches all over the world have benefitted from the skills instruction, from in-depth demonstrations of systems, technique, drills and position-training concepts, and, from seeing how the best coaches in the world run their practices and enjoy consistent, hard-earned success.

Championship Productions has been long recognized as the world's leader in sport instructional videos and has been showered with numerous Telly Awards (the highest award in video programming) but most importantly, with praise and gratitude from coaches of football teams, atall levels of play, for all that we have allowed them to learn and subsequently, teach, to their teams for the past 40 years!

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Cover: jim harbaugh's michigan football championship coaching series
Jim Harbaugh's Michigan Football Championship Coaching Series

with Jim Harbaugh,
University of Michigan Head Coach;
2018 Big Ten East Division Co-Champs;
former San Francisco 49ers (NFL) Head Coach;
2012 NFC Champion; 2011 NFL Coach of the Year;
former Stanford University Head Coach;
2010 Woody Hayes Trophy, awarded to the top collegiate coach;
2x NCAA Division 1 FCS Mid-Major National Champions (2005, 2006);
starred as a quarterback for Michigan as a player;
in 1986, finished 3rd in Heisman Trophy voting and was the Big Ten's Most Valuable Player;
drafted by the Chicago Bears (1st round) and was in the NFL for 14 years;
in 1995, was a Pro Bowler & the AFC Offensive Player of the Year

and Ben McDaniels,
University of Michigan Quarterbacks Coach;
15+ years of coaching experience at the high school, college (Minnesota, Columbia, Rutgers), and pro levels (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears)

The quarterback position is often thought of as the most important position in all of sports. Having players who not only can grasp the physical, but mental and leadership part of being a quarterback is what all football coaches strive to have.

2011 NFL Coach of the Year and current University of Michigan Head Football Coach Jim Harbaugh, along with Michigan Quarterbacks Coach Ben McDaniels, share 13 drills that they use to help develop quarterbacks within their football program. Harbaugh and McDaniels share concepts such as how to throw on the run, how to evade defenders, how to take multiple types of snaps, and training a quicker release.

Quarterback Fundamentals

Teaching quarterbacks proper throwing motion, RPO handoffs, and how to present yourself as a quarterback are all fundamentals that are shared in this video. You will see the "100 reps" rule for developing good habits, how to teach proper elbow positioning on throws, and how to teach footwork on QB drop backs. You will also see:

  • How to teach the quarterback and center exchange.
  • The "drive through fake" action.
  • Three different quarterback cadences.
  • What equipment quarterbacks need.
  • The ABC's of coaching a quarterback.

Quarterback Drills

Using film footage, you will see 13 on-field drills to help develop a quarterback, including exercises such as the Anticipation drill, Naked Fast Decision drill, and Hitch-Hitch Go or Throw drill. You'll also see:

  • The Ken Cote drill to help QBs develop good decision outside the pocket.
  • Two competitive drills in the Quick Release Competition and the Goal Post Challenge.
  • The Circle drill to teach throwing while on the run.
  • The Flush drill, which teaches four different ways to leave the pocket.

Using their college and professional coaching and playing experience, Harbaugh and McDaniels give you the tools to develop quarterbacks at any level. The knowledge packed into this video will help develop any quarterback into a more efficient, well-rounded player.

70 minutes. 2019.


with Jay Harbaugh,
University of Michigan Running Backs/Co-Special Teams Coordinator;
coached Jake Butt to the 2016 John Mackey Award during his time as Tight Ends Coach at Michigan;
coached at Oregon State and with the Baltimore Ravens

Teams that possess quality running backs have quite the luxury - they can grind out yards on the ground, provide added pass protection for the quarterback, and catch balls out of the backfield as a pressure release. This video featuring Running Backs Coach Jay Harbaugh, provides coaching tips and drills designed to help you mold your running backs into versatile, all-around threats on every play.

Ball Security Drills

Harbaugh begins his presentation by giving an explanation of his coaching and recruiting philosophy for running backs. Then, he gives an explanation of how he categorizes drills so that they closely mimic game situations while focusing on specific skills

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Cover: handling tempo through practice planning, game planning & one word calls
Handling Tempo through Practice Planning, Game Planning & One Word Calls

with Drew Sanders,
Vandegrift (TX) High School Head Coach;
Texas 6A Div. II Regional Semi-Finalists, 12-1 final record (2018); Undefeated District 13-6A Champions;
#1 Ranked Defense in 13-6A; Most interceptions in school history (12)

With offenses operating faster than ever, how do you prepare your defense to keep up and get off the field? Drew Sanders, Vandegrift High School's (TX) head coach, breaks down his approach to combating up-tempo offenses and gives you some of the calls that he uses with his own team to quickly get them into position even when the opponent goes no-huddle.

Philosophy of Up-Tempo Defense

Sanders starts with an explanation on his philosophy of defending tempo offenses. He believes that preparing your team for tempo takes a specific approach that is different than what most veteran coaches have done for a number of years. You will see examples of how Coach Sanders structures each day of practice with an emphasis on the pace necessary for defending tempo. Additionally, he shows examples of his unique wristband system for his scout teams, which allows the scout team to simulate the pace of a tempo offense.

Defensive Calls

The presentation continues with Sanders explaining several calls that he uses when defending tempo offenses. You'll learn why it is important to have one-word calls that your team can execute in the event of defending tempo offenses. Coach Sanders explains why it's essential to have calls for a base defense, a run stopping defense, a pressure package, and an all-out blitz. Finally, you'll see Sanders diagram each of these calls and show game footage examples to illustrate his coaching points.

This video should be required viewing for all defensive coordinators. In the age of fast-paced spread offenses, defensive teams must be willing to adapt. With the help of Coach Sanders, your team will be better prepared to dominate the opposition this fall!

63 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: derek pennington's football 4-pack
Derek Pennington's Football 4-Pack

with Derek Pennington,
Zeeland East High School (TX) Head Coach;
2017 1st Round Playoff Appearance (9-1 record in 2017)

If you've ever wanted to run the power read in your offense, or enhance the version of the power read you're currently running, then this video from Zeeland East High School head coach Derek Pennington is exactly what you need!

Coach Pennington begins by going over the basic power read play. The blocking scheme is diagrammed against several common defensive alignments and includes key coaching points and adjustments against specific defenses.

Pennington also spends considerable time on the footwork of the running back and the read progression of the quarterback. You'll get the blocking scheme, alignments, and reads for every player. Additionally, you'll learn the read progression for the quarterback and see how to run the power read from various formations and personnel groupings.

Complementary Plays

Coach Pennington diagrams two complementary plays that feature the same backfield action, but are designed to take advantage of how a defense attempts to defend the power read scheme. These plays also help protect the base power read from an overcompensating defense. You'll learn:

  • The QB Slam play that blocks the defensive end rather than read him. This gives the defense a different twist on a similar look.
  • The quarterback counter play that features similar backfield action as the power read, but a kickout block on the defensive end and a seal block by the H back.
  • Why these plays are an excellent way to get an athletic quarterback more involved in the run game.

Power Read Play Action

The last concept covered in this video is play action passes that utilize similar backfield action to the power read. Coach Pennington includes various protection schemes as well as individual routes and the quarterback read progression. He describes when he likes to call certain play action passes and the defensive looks that he thinks each particular play is best against. You'll see:

  • The H wheel play out of a 3x1 formation.
  • The running back wheel play which is very difficult for the defense to recognize.
  • The X Slant play that takes advantage of a defense that spins their safeties to adjust to motion.

Coach Pennington does an excellent job of diagramming the power read play, including complementary running plays and several play action passes. This video is an excellent resource for any coach that wants to utilize the power read scheme.

70 minutes. 2018.


with Derek Pennington,
Zeeland East High School (TX) Head Coach;
2017 1st Round Playoff Appearance (9-1 record in 2017)

Utilizing your athletic quarterback as a runner in your offense will create headaches and serious problems for even the most elaborate defensive scheme.

Many coaches put their best athlete at the QB position to take advantage of all of their skills. In this video, Zeeland East High School head coach Derek Pennington shows you many ways to take advantage of an athletic QB, including plays like the:

  • Trey Read
  • GT Read & GT Read with an H Back
  • Midline
  • Veer without motion
  • Veer with Orbit motion

Pennington uses a PowerPoint to share diagrams and discuss each play before using extensive game video to show you the plays versus several looks. Additionally, he gives you different reads that the QB may encounter running the offense.

Whether you're facing a six, seven, eight, or nine man box, Coach Pennington shows how to effectively move the ball on the ground. His scheme is designed to leave a read man unblocked on each play, allowing for better blocking angles on the remaining defenders.

Also shown is a dual read veer into the boundary with the H back, as well as a QB read on the weak side defensive end. This scheme allows for an extra blocker at the point of attack,

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Cover: 'filling the bucket' - building a championship football program
'Filling the Bucket' - Building a Championship Football Program

with Kevin Donley,
University of St. Francis Head Coach;
2016 & 2017 NAIA National Champions, 3x NAIA National Runner-Up ('04-'06);
4x NAIA National Coach of the Year ('91, '04, '16, '17);
10x Mid-States Football Association Mideast League Coach of the Year;
back-to-back AFCA NAIA Region 4 Coach of the Year ('16 & '17); 12x MSFA Champions;
distinguished member of the NAIA Hall of Fame ('13);
winningest coach in NAIA history - over 300 career wins (30 winning season, five 13-win seasons)

Developing a football program in a coach's image can be a never-ending task. Kevin Donley - the winningest coach in NAIA history - presents his "Filling the Bucket" approach that has produced over 300 wins, 30 winning seasons, five NAIA National Championship game appearances and the 2016 NAIA National Title.

It all starts with developing a great culture within your program. Donley shares insight into how the relationship between a coach and player can be strengthened while developing players into the best they can be.

All successful programs have a philosophy that players and coaches buy into. Coach Donley focuses on his "Filling the Bucket" approach. You will learn how to get max effort out of players, how develop a physical football program, and how to develop integrity. You will also get 11 key points when dealing with change and potential.

Additionally, Donley explains what he expects in the weight room and how this helps develop culture in a football program.

Filling the Bucket

Coach Donley shows you how to fill a player's bucket so that they reach their fullest potential. You will learn eight key points on how to fill players' buckets, including how to:

  • Make players with unlimited potential maximize their abilities.
  • Reward players with limited potential, but a high work ethic.
  • Develop a physical team in all environments.
  • Demand maximum effort while still creating a fun environment.
  • Use specialty coaches like a passing game coordinator and defensive run coordinator.
  • Create a positive learning environment.
  • Limit player distractions.
  • Use peer pressure to motivate your players.

Dealing with Change

Learn how to effectively handle things you as a coach cannot control within the school structure. You will see how to overcome program budget cuts as well as dealing with negative attitudes from other coaches.

Coach Donley gives you key pieces to building a championship caliber football program. His interactive "Filling the Bucket" approach gives you the building blocks to create a successful team.

47 minutes. 2018.

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