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Cover: go-go offense
Go-Go Offense

Current William & Mary Offensive Coordinator Brennan Marion, takes you through the ins-and-outs of his Go-Go Offense that has lit up defenses and scoreboards from the high school to collegiate levels. The Go-Go Offense gives you the philosophy, formations and staple plays of the most explosive offensive scheme in football. Coach Marion even goes into what personnel you should look for to fit within the offense. It's a great read for coaches, analysts and fans alike!

68 pages. 2019.

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Cover: the "i" back offense
The "I" Back Offense
with Jerry Campbell

An excellent comprehensive manual for installing the I, Stack I, and Offset I Offense. This manual is divided into terminology, formations, backfield sets, tailback and fullback game, complete option game with reads, offensive line installation, receivers routes and terms, and full descriptions with full passing game.

346 pages. 2002.

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Cover: how to install the complete passing game
How To Install The Complete Passing Game
by Jerry Campbell

This manual will take you from the general philosophy of installation and into the play action passing game, sprint out passing game, and then but not least the straight dropback game for the three and five-step attack. As with any passing attack, whether it be from under center or gun, the key is to make it simple for your athletes to learn but complex enough to cause your opponents difficulty during the week to prepare for you.

The pass protection structure for the complete passing game has been built around concepts that makes an easy transition into the running game.

The following information is designed to give you the necessary mechanics for installing the passing game. Multiple formations and motion shifts have been illustrated to gain a strategy advantage, always keep one more offensive threat available then defenders have to stop on any given pass or run play.

190 pages. 2011.

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Cover: taking the option game to the next level
Taking The Option Game To The Next Level
with Jerry Campbell

"Taking The Option Game To The Next Level' is a manual dedicated to 287 pages on how to install multiple options from multiple formations. This manual includes both the running game, passin and play Action game. This manual will also show and illstrate how to pair best option on the line of scrimmage. This manual features a historic background of the option game as well a true addition for anyones football library.

287 pages. 2010.

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Cover: the big 5 for the "i"
The Big 5 for the "I"
by Todd Smith, West Windsor Plainsboro South (NJ) High Schooll Head Coach; West Windsor has been among the state's top-10 rushing/passing teams several times throughout Coach Smith's tenure, producing a 1,000-yard rusher in each of the past 8 seasons along with two 2,000-yard passers.

The I Offense offers a consistent approach to the game. Its primary function is to run the football; however, its drop back and play-action capabilities are endless. But perhaps the best feature of the I Offense is its adaptability. The blocking schemes I teach for my offense are man schemes, specific assignments that take advantage of angles and leverage. By applying these blocking schemes to various formations, you will be able to create the illusion of a diverse offensive system that will keep defenses on their toes.

In this book, Coach Smith shares his Big 5 - ISO, POWER, TREY, STRETCH and TRAP. It is downhill running at its finest and a very effective way to move the chains. You'll learn the blocking schemes for his Big 5 run plays versus both a 4-3 and 4-4 defensive scheme. He details the individual assignments and techniques that will allow you to run these plays efficiently and productively. In addition to the run plays, he shares the play-action compliments. A great run scheme opens up even better play-action opportunities off of it.

Coach Smith's Big 5 in the I provides a balanced no nonsense approach to high school football. His offenses have put up huge numbers over the years to prove that. His Big 5 run plays are the core of it all and serve as the foundation for his offensive system.


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