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Cover: michigan football series: punt return strategies
Michigan Football Series: Punt Return Strategies

with Chris Partridge,
University of Michigan Safeties Coach/Special Teams Coordinator; 2016 National Recruiter of the Year, 247Sports 2017 National Recruiter of the Year;
former Paramus Catholic High School (NJ) Head Coach; while there, the Partridge-coached program went from a football high school program rank of 4,250th nationally to #4 nationally (USA Today)

Punt returns serve as great opportunities for your special teams unit to flip the field position and get your offense set up for a quick scoring drive. This video featuring University of Michigan Special Teams Coordinator Chris Partridge dishes on everything you need to know to run a more effective punt return scheme.

Hold Up and Blocking Technique

Coach Partridge begins by showing examples of the stance and alignments that he teaches to members of his punt return unit. He then goes into detail, using game footage as well as practice video, about how he teaches the initial hold up technique including footwork, hand placement, and positioning after the initial strike. Partridge also demonstrates how he teaches his players to block the punt coverage players down the field. You'll get several techniques that help players make blocks using proper leverage when they are at a disadvantage without getting a penalty for clipping or targeting.

Coaching Punt Returners

You will see several excellent coaching points on how Coach Partridge coaches punt returners at the University of Michigan. He covers punt fielding techniques, as well as tips for the returner that helps them anticipate the type of ball flight before the punter kicks the ball. Additionally, Partridge goes over the types of ball flight that returners will see and how the returner should prepare to field each type of kick. Finally, Partridge shows examples of when the returner should fair catch a punt and when they should not attempt to field a kick.

Punt return situations can often be taken for granted, but putting more focus on them can help your team out tremendously. With this video featuring Coach Partridge, your team's punt return unit will be a weapon come this fall!

63 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: darrell hazell: returning the short kickoff
Darrell Hazell: Returning the Short Kickoff
with Darrell Hazell, Purdue University Head Coach;
former Kent State University Head Coach, 2012 MAC Coach of the Year

A kick return can change momentum within a game in the blink of an eye. Fair catching a sky kick or pooch kick typically establishes the line of scrimmage around the 25 yard line and reduces your chances of scoring. When the ball is returned beyond the 40-yard line, the offense scores 40% of the time (2 out of 5 possessions). Darrell Hazell has designed a kickoff return aimed at maximizing field position when returning sky kicks and pooch kicks. Coach Hazell explains how to run the return and uses multimedia slides and practice footage to break down his simple rules.

Coach Hazell begins with his philosophy of the short kick, which involves timing and spacing for success. The simple rules for this kickoff return system can be easily implemented, and coaches may find it matches many of the man return schemes they use today. You will learn:

  • six simple rules to running a kick return
  • indicators you can steam from your opponent's kick off team to give your return team a clue where the ball is being kicked
  • The important elements of the kick return game by position in order to keep effective timing and spacing
  • Tips and strategies to win your third of the field in order for an effective return, rather than worrying about the whole field
  • a drill he uses to identify players he thinks will have a knack for doing well on special teams
  • how to use a kickoff scrimmage to show your players the impact of great special teams play can have on the outcome of a game

Effective blocking techniques are covered in depth. Coach Hazell discusses four steps associated with great return blocking. The two-step punch drill will help teach your players to effectively initiate and stay on blocks. It focuses on how to use a violent hand strike and maintain leverage on a player once they engage them.

Take this philosophy and key strategies in the kick return game to your team this season. Become more efficient on offense by giving your team a chance to get the ball beyond the 40-yard line each kick return.

Produced at the 2014 Orlando Nike Coach of the Year clinic.

47 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: al golden:  winning the punt return and kick return
Al Golden: Winning the Punt Return and Kick Return
with Al Golden, University of Miami Head Football Coach

Known for his discipline and commitment to fundamentals, Al Golden develops teams that consistently finish in the Top 10 nationally in the kick return game. In this presentation, he shares the fundamentals of a successful return. Using both practice and game footage, he teaches the techniques used in the right, left and middle returns.

In the return game, Coach Golden teaches a cuff hand that will be on the leverage side of the defender with the off hand on the breastplate, steering him away from the return man. The "Dog Fight Drill" teaches players to widen their base, take the charge, trail and harass before the high screen and lockout are performed. These same techniques are used in punt and kickoff returns.

Coach Golden explains the "flight line" for the backside of the kickoff return and the importance of covering up the man in the next line as you set firm on a 45-degree angle. This technique is learned in the "One-Third Drill" that can also be used by smaller groups.

As multiple returns are shown, an enthusiastic Coach Golden shows how proper technique impacts the effectiveness of the return team.

Coaches at every level will benefit from this approach to the punt and kick return game. Incorporate these fundamental drills and skills into your special teams this season.

Produced at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

91 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: frank beamer: punt return and kickoff coverage packages
Frank Beamer: Punt Return and Kickoff Coverage Packages
with Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech Head Coach;
7x Conference Champions (3 Big East and 4 ACC titles); 5x Conference Coach of the Year (3 Big East and 2 ACC awards); 1999 AP and AFCA National Coach of the Year; led Virginia Tech to an undefeated season in 1999; over 250 career wins; longest tenured football coach in FBS

Make Special Teams important in your program! Frank Beamer Beamer and Virginia Tech have long been known for their special teams' excellence. Coach Beamer has become the winningest active and longest tenured football coach in FBS by holding true to his principals and beliefs that the fastest way to win is winning through special teams.

Special Teams Philosophy
In this DVD, Coach Beamer shares his special teams philosophy and shares the ways that special teams have been successful for him and his teams. Beamer believes that the punt return team is the most important part of his team. He portrays this in practice, so his team understands it's importance.

Punt Return
One of the most explosive plays in football is the punt return. Coach Beamer shows multiple punt return and punt block schemes against the popular shield spread punt. However, these concepts can be adapted to any scheme you will see this fall.

Kickoff Coverage
Coach Beamer's kickoff coverage will enable your best athlete's to make plays while minimizing return yardage. He discusses how he sets up his kickoff team and its base responsibilities and rules and how to maintain proper leverage at all times. Beamer then goes on to explain how to adjust the kickoff alignment based on what the kickoff return team is trying to do.

Coaches at all levels can improve their special teams by incorporating elements "Beamer Ball" into their program.

Produced at the 2013 Louisville (KY) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

55 minutes. 2013.

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Cover: winning with the kickoff game
Winning with the Kickoff Game
with J.T. Curtis,
John Curtis Christian School (LA) Head Coach,
2006 USA Today National HS Coach of the Year;
21 State HS Football titles

Coach Curtis believes that special teams are essential for winning football. Kickoff coverage drills make up the first segment of this DVD. The three ways to beat blocks are speed, back door and two gap. Players must decide which technique to use in each situation. The first drill is set up in an area 17-foot wide. Curtis teaches to always pursue with a proper angle to defend against a cutback. Alignment and positioning are the next skills taught. Three kickoff return plays are middle, right and left. Keys to kickoff return presented by Curtis are the angle of the block and the timing of the block. Another strategy is to preset your keep players to the tendencies of the kicker. The fullback should position himself about 5-8 yards from the ball. The side return is an option for successfully returning the ball on kickoffs.

28 minutes. 2007.

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