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Cover: evolution of the inside triple option offense
Evolution of the Inside Triple Option Offense

with John Lilly,
Independence High School (WV) Head Coach;
former Assistant Coach,
Spring League NFL Development Program

John Lilly provides a detailed overview of the Inside Triple Option offense in this jam-packed video. The triple option has been around for decades and has continued to evolve as the game has changed. Coach Lilly focuses on the main family of plays, as well as formations and motions to help adjust and exploit defenses.

Lilly's presentation begins by giving an overview of the offense and the schemes and concepts that are utilized. He explains the philosophy of the offense and how it has evolved into what it is today. Additionally, you'll receive procedural information that is necessary to install and run the Inside Triple Option.

You will learn:

  • The components that are necessary to make up a complete offensive system.
  • The philosophy of offense and coaching that revolves around being simple and multiple at the same time.
  • The terminology, play calling procedures, and various tags and checks used in the offense.

The "14/15" Option

Coach Lilly gives an exhaustive overview of the triple option play that he calls "14/15". He details the blocking schemes against various defensive fronts, as well as quarterback reads, footwork, and mechanics. Lilly also explains the running back's rules, footwork, and aiming points to the play.

In this section, you'll see:

  • The "14/15" play, including how Coach Lilly teaches the quarterback to identify and read the dive key and pitch key.
  • Blocking schemes and coaching points for each player, including perimeter blockers.
  • Examples of each coaching point with on-field drill examples.

The Inside Triple Option "Tool Box"

Coach Lilly concludes with a comprehensive overview of what he calls "the tool box," which is a set of adjustments and considerations that are necessary to make the offense work against any defense. You'll also see how he attacks certain defenses, as he goes through several reads that the QB must master so that the offense can be executed no matter what the defense tries to do.

Included are:

  • Perimeter blocking schemes and how to adjust them based on front and coverage.
  • Four different mesh reads the quarterback must master.
  • Quarterback pre-snap scheme reads.

As Coach Lilly emphasizes, don't be afraid of an offense that focuses on a few main skills - it can be more dominant than the offense that has thousands of skills not perfected. With this video, your team will be well on its way to running a threatening Inside Triple Option.

80 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: inside triple offense: rpos, play action passes
Inside Triple Offense: RPOs, Play Action Passes

with John Lilly,
Independence High School (WV) Head Coach;
former Assistant Coach,
Spring League NFL Development Program

The triple option is an offense that has benefited greatly with adaption of RPOs. In this video, John Lilly shows you how the RPO has helped revolutionize an offense that is already predicated on how the defense reacts to motions and shifts. Adding RPOs and play action to your Inside Triple offense will place defenders in tough spots, providing your team multiple ways to make them pay.

Inside Zone with RPOs

Coach Lilly begins by diagramming the basic inside zone running play that serves as a base for his RPOs. He covers the three basic RPOs (Spot, Spam, Stick) that he uses the most, including the quarterback's reads and mechanics along with the receiver routes. Additionally, Lilly talks about the "key" screen package that he uses as a way to get receivers involved in the offense when a running play is called.

Not only does Coach Lilly explain these concepts - you'll see several examples of them in action thanks to provided game footage.

Play Action Passes

Next, Lilly shares some of his most successful play action passes. A unique feature of his offense is that these routes can be called with different protections to make the teaching and installation easier. The routes can be used as part of the drop back passing game or as part of the play action passing game with a run fake.

Altogether, you'll learn:

  • How to teach the "Y cross" pattern, including QB reads and receiver route running mechanics.
  • How Lilly coaches and utilizes the 4 verticals route.
  • The "Honda" route that is the perfect counter to teams that like to play robber coverage to gain a numbers advantage against the run.

Varied Running Scheme

Lilly concludes with a look at some of the schemes he runs that change who the offense reads. These plays are especially useful to take advantage of an overaggressive player on the defense, or to allow the offense to read a dominant player rather than having to try to block him. The "16/17" read is featured, which allows the offense to read the middle linebacker against teams that over-pursue on perimeter run plays.

Coach Lilly does an excellent job presenting the RPO and play action passing game that he uses in his offense. These schemes are sure to keep your opponents off-balance on defense!

47 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: the dash: 2 plays in 1
The Dash: 2 Plays in 1

with Matt Nally,
Melissa (TX) High School, Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator

Melissa High School is a 4A school in the football-rich state of Texas. In 2017, the Cardinals enjoyed a 12 win season and scored over 600 points.

Playing fast is the goal many high school football coaches. Tempo on offense can reduce the defensive game plan and force the opposition to a limited scheme, allowing for more effective offensive production.

The Dash is a downhill run concept that has two runs built into one play, which allows multiple playmakers to touch the football. The Dash puts a well-coached defense in conflict with the ability of the play to attack downhill or outside as the quarterback reads his defensive key.

In this video, Matt Nally shows you his version of the Dash. He illustrates the simple blocking scheme for the Dash before showing game video illustrating the execution of the play.

Coach Nally begins with the basics of the Dash concept and the approach you need to take while installing this hard-to-defend concept. In the Dash, the quarterback is coached to "run to the read" and create conflict for the defensive end, forcing them to play the running back or the quarterback. If the defensive end is well coached, his initial key and read will tell him to collapse inside, allowing the running back to get out on the edge of the defense. If the defensive end works up the field to contain the back, the quarterback can becomes the ball carrier and will attack the defense.

You will see multiple variations to the Dash that include:

  • Counter Dash & (Spiller or Switch)
  • Power Dash & (Toe)
  • How the Tight Zone is tied with the Dash
  • Two Back Dash

The installation portion of this video is broken down position-by-position, making it easy for you to follow in order for a successful transition. Each play is demonstrated on the board and through game film. Additionally, drills are given to help break down each spot and fine tune the technique of your players. This is piggybacked with practice footage.

Learn the Dash from Coach Nally and force defenses to stop two plays in one!

59 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: inside triple offense: complementary run game and how to install the inside triple
Inside Triple Offense: Complementary Run Game and How to Install the Inside Triple

with John Lilly,
Independence High School (WV) Head Coach;
former Assistant Coach,
Spring League NFL Development Program

John Lilly provides complementary plays to add to your Inside Triple offense in this comprehensive video. You'll get outside zone, quarterback read, and speed option plays to add to your Inside Triple base package.

The triple option offense relies on great meshes, which need strong timing. The repetition and mastery of this is vital. That's why Coach Lilly has found success focusing on a small set of essential skills, rather than confusing players with a ton of rarely-used, specialized concepts.

Complementary Run Game

Lilly begins by diagramming three main running plays that serve as complements to the base inside zone play that is the backbone of the offense. He explains the "why" behind each play and shows them against a variety of defensive fronts. Included are reads and quarterback mechanics, as well as footwork and aiming points for running backs.

Among the plays you'll learn are:

  • The "28/29" sweep play and how to run it from a variety of formations with and without motion.
  • The "16/17" read play, which is a complement to the sweep play.
  • The "18/19" option, which allows the offense to change who the quarterback reads while forcing the defense to be more predictable.

Run Tape Drills

Next, you'll get the "run tape" series of drills that Coach Lilly uses to teach the mechanics of the offense to skill players. These drills work on many of the reps needed to successfully execute an option-based attack. Included in this segment are key coaching points for mesh and pitch mechanics, footwork and aiming points for running backs, and the specific reads for the quarterbacks on each play.

You'll see:

  • The mesh read that is utilized in "14/15" read that serves as the basis for the offense.
  • How Coach Lilly teaches the pitch read on the "14/15" option and on the "18/19" speed option.
  • The specific reads, routes and mechanics for the three main RPOs that Lilly uses with his offense.
  • The reads and mechanics for the "28/29" sweep and the "16/17" read play.
  • How to organize drills depending on the number of players available.

This is a great companion to Coach Lilly's other videos on the Inside Triple offense. If you're looking to fine tune your triple option system, add complementary plays to your system, or adapt the system as a whole, this resource is perfect for you!

37 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: run reliefs - always have an out
Run Reliefs - Always Have an Out

with Matt Nally,
Melissa (TX) High School, Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Coordinator

Melissa High School is a 4A school in the football-rich state of Texas. In 2017, the Cardinals enjoyed a 12 win season and scored over 600 points.

A well-coached defense will do its best to take away your top running plays. If you run the Dash, you have a built-in run relief to solve this problem and take advantage of defenses that load the box.

Run reliefs or RPOs are common in many spread offensive schemes. Matt Nally shares his version and shows you how simple it is for the quarterback to read. He teaches you how to tag either the fit or leverage side to counter how the defense tries to attack you. The '7 yard rule' allows you to get the ball out to your best receiver on a quick screen when the corner is 7 yards or deeper.

Inside Run Game

Coach Nally diagrams three inside run plays: the power, inside zone, and counter. These three run schemes are some of the most common and successful run schemes in today's modern spread offensive attack. Next, he uses diagrams and game footage to show these plays in action against several defensive looks. You'll learn:

  • The inside zone play, including the blocking assignments and quarterback/running back mechanics.
  • Coach Nally's power scheme, which is an extremely effective way to attack both even front and odd front defenses.
  • The counter play, which features a pulling guard and tackle.
  • Key coaching points for each play with game footage as examples.

RPO Concepts Tied to the Inside Run Game

Coach Nally describes the basic rules for the run reliefs that he uses with his offense. This scheme involves a built in pre-snap and post-snap read for the QB. The rules for this concept are simple and are the same for each inside run play. This concept will allow your offense to put specific defenders into a run/pass conflict where they can't be right, no matter what they do! You'll see:

  • How Nally teaches his players to identify the leverage or pre-snap side and the "fit" or post-snap side based on the position of the running back.
  • The route concepts that are used with both the leverage side and fix side, as well as the quarterback's read progression.
  • How Nally teaches his quarterback to read and react to edge blitzers and teams that play man to man coverage instead of zone coverage.

Tagging System

In this section, Nally shares his inside run game tagging system. This system allows him to change route concepts while maintaining the same basic play and blocking scheme. The tags allow the offense to read different defenders in order to create run/pass conflicts for opposing players. These concepts are shown from 2x2 and 3x1 formations.

  • The "A" level tags read a down lineman and perimeter defender post-snap. This turns each run play into a triple option play.
  • The "B" level tags allow the offense to change the fit side to opposite the running back, and vary the route concepts used while reading either an inside linebacker or outside linebacker.
  • The "C" level tags allow the offense to read either a safety or cornerback to the fit side of the play.

This comprehensive look at run reliefs from Coach Nally will have your offense zooming down the field in no time!

57 minutes. 2018.

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