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Cover: mind and body: the reality of winning
Mind and Body: The Reality of Winning
by Sue Humphrey, University of Texas

Learn the secrets behind the scenes of the Texas program, including unique routines in weight training, flexibility, plyometrics, etc. By learning about motivation and teaching cues, coaches will learn to work effectively with athletes of all abilities.

60 pages. 1982. ISBN 0-932741-04-5.

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Cover: the power of double-goal coaching
The Power of Double-Goal Coaching
by Jim Thompson, founder of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)
foreword by Phil Jackson

The playing field is an ideal place to teach life lessons. Youth and high school sports offer an endless procession of teachable moments, but these are too often sacrificed in the headlong pursuit of winning at all cost.

The Power of Double-Goal Coaching helps coaches build winners on, and more importantly, off the field. Weather coaching pee-wees or varsity, Double-Goal Coaches prepare their teams to win on the scoreboard but know the second goal of sports - using competition to teach life lessons - is the source of lasting impact for coaches, parents and athletes alike.

In this book, you learn how to:

  • Create a coaching legacy that will live on through the lives of players.
  • Improve athletes' performance by focusing on effort rather than results.
  • Elevate athletes' emotional state so they can perform at their peak level and have more fun.
  • Teach athletes to compete fiercely and with class.
  • Deal effectively with common coaching challenges, such as managing parents, planning effective practices, allocating playing time, coaching their own child, handling a losing season, and deploying assistant coaches.
  • Become part of a national movement to transform youth sports so sports can transform youth.

70 pages. 2010.

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Cover: youth strength training
Youth Strength Training
with Avery D. Faigenbaum, EdD, CSCS;
professor in the department of health and exercise science at the College of New Jersey
andWayne L. Westcott, PhD, CSCS;
fitness research director at the South Shore YMCA and adjunct professor of exercise science at Quincy College (MA)

The benefits of strength training for youth are clearly documented. Yet teachers, fitness instructors, and youth coaches are often not sure how to proceed, and they end up watering down adult versions of strength-training programs.

That is definitely not the way to go. But authors Avery Faigenbaum and Wayne Westcott, with their 50 years of combined experience in teaching youth strength-training classes and coaching, can tell you the way to go-and back it with the most current research on instructional techniques and program design for youth.

Long recognized as leading authorities on strength training, Faigenbaum and Westcott guide you in designing efficient, enjoyable, and productive programs for kids of varying abilities in elementary school (ages 7 to 10), middle school (11 to 14), and high school (15 to 18). You will focus first on broad-based, balanced muscle development, and then move into comprehensive, sport-specific strength-training programs.

In addition, Youth Strength Training will teach you;

  • productive protocols for warming up and cooling down;
  • procedures for enhancing joint flexibility;
  • innovative ways to incorporate resistance exercises into physical education classes, sport practice sessions, and exercise facilities;
  • proper exercise technique for 111 resistance exercises using weight stack machines, free weights, medicine balls, elastic bands, and body-weight resistance.
Much has changed since the authors first wrote a book on strength training for youth, and those changes-including information in the areas of nutrition, hydration, and recovery to maximize the effects of strength training and minimize the risks of overtraining-are incorporated in this book. Additional changes, based on the authors' studies, are reflected in workout frequency, exercise repetitions, related training components, and other factors that affect program design and conditioning results. All programs were fashioned with the latest NASPE standards in mind.

Faigenbaum and Westcott have included new information on periodization and long-term planning, perceived exertion scale for youth, overtraining and undertraining, dynamic warm-ups and static stretches, new exercises, effective instruction of youth, and plyometrics.

Through strength training, kids as young as 7 can safely develop a strong musculoskeletal system that can help them improve their health and fitness and also withstand the rigors of sport participation.

Youth Strength Training is the definitive source to guide you in designing and overseeing the programs of the kids you work with, whether you're in a school, fitness center, or home setting. If you want to see high rates of strength development and spark a lifelong interest in strength-building activities, rely on Youth Strength Training.

248 pages. 2009.

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Cover: winning kids with sport!
Winning Kids With Sport!

Does WINNING IN SPORT matter? Does winning the game matter? Does Character matter? Does Character contribute to a person being a better competitor, or is being an athlete just physical?

Does Confidence matter? Or Composure ... Concentration ... Courage ... Commitment ... Communication ... Consistent ... Self Control ... Right Choice Making ... Motivation ... Respect ... Integrity ... Pride ... Humility ... Trust ... Trustworthy ... Loyalty ... Compassion ... Gratitude ... Accountability ... Responsibility ... Focus ... Mental Toughness ... and TEAM?

Do these matter when the GAME is on the line? Do these matter in COMPETITIVE PERFORMANCE? OF COURSE! They all matter in playing your best, in delivering your very best performance when it is needed, and they can make all the difference in WINNING or LOSING any game or athletic contest.

If Winning the Game matters, then "Winning the Kid" ... FIRST ... really matters!!

In WINNING KIDS WITH SPORT, Dr. Rick McGuire, one of the most distinguished practitioners in the field of coaching and sport psychology, presents his philosophy, perspectives and the plan to build a coaching model for sport where the intention is to "Win" in the life of every athlete ... BECAUSE KIDS MATTER! Coach McGuire uses construction models to guide coaches in developing practice plans, focused on building these essential mental and psycho-emotional skills and attributes, simultaneously with the physical skills necessary to develop great athletes, performers and teams.

Why WINNING KIDS WITH SPORT? BECAUSE WE CAN WIN KIDS WITH SPORT. Sport is huge in our lives! Sport is innately good and fun! It is fun to try to win the games of sport. The whole process of developing everybody in the best way to give the best chance of winning the game is an interesting challenge, actually a very fun challenge. Winning Each Kid ... FIRST ... gives us the best chance to win the "games" we'd like to win.

Finally, when we Win Kids With Sport, whether or not we win all of the games, we will at least have WON IN THE LIVES OF THE KIDS, for their futures, that they may FLOURISH and be filled with SuCCCCCCCess and HAPPINESS!

WINNING KIDS WITH SPORT Matters! It DOES MATTER that WE WIN..because it absolutely DOES MATTER that WE WIN in the life of every athlete with whom we have the opportunity to serve as their COACH!

228 pages. 2012.

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Cover: coaching wisdom
Coaching Wisdom
with Mike Harrit, Associate Athletics Director of Student-Athlete Development and Community Programming at the University of Notre Dame.

Based on the author's firsthand interviews with legendary coaches and players, Coaching Wisdom reveals their leadershipprinciples that apply to sports, business, and life. Author Michael Harrity, an associate athletics director at the University of Notre Dame,shows how these top coaches have inspired their players to fulfill their peak potential. This illuminating book provides an up close look atthe motivational styles of such coaching greats as Brad Stevens, Tony Dungy, Sue Enquist, Don Shula, John Wooden, Anson Dorrance,Lou Holtz, and many more.

194 pages. 2012.

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