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Cover: andrea hudy's training female athletes 2-pack
Andrea Hudy's Training Female Athletes 2-Pack
GVD-04195A: with Andrea Hudy,
University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance;
Only female strength and conditioning coach in Men's DI Basketball (Labeled as Kansas' "secret weapon" during the 2011-12 Men's Basketball Season)

"Andrea Hudy was instrumental in a lot of the success that we enjoyed during her time with our program. It is not a surprise that success has followed her with any program with which she has worked. There are not very many, if any, better strength and conditioning coaches in the country. -- Geno Auriemma

ESPN and the Wall Street Journal call Andrea Hudy "KU's secret weapon!" Hudy has been part two final fours while overseeing the men's basketball strength and conditioning program at Kansas and was part of eight national titles while at UConn in men's and women's basketball and men's soccer.

Now, Hudy offers a wealth of drills to enhance your athlete's speed, agility and overall quickness. To ensure your athletes gain benefits from these drills and avoid injury, Hudy takes the time to discuss proper technique for each drill.

This DVD includes:

  • A speed development warm-up progression using an agility ladder and speed hurdles to familiarize athletes with proper footwork.
  • A series of plyometric jumping drills that feature 1-foot and 2-foot jumps, designed to increase explosiveness. The drills progress from the floor, to mini hurdles, to medium hurdles, to track hurdles, so you can tailor the progression to any level of athlete.
  • Acceleration drills that focus on first-step quickness, reaction time, and change-of-direction speed. Coach Hudy demonstrates how the drills can be used to train individuals or a group competition.
  • Areas of focus for improving forward, lateral, and backward speed.
  • Sport-specific drill adjustments, with ideas on how to maximize results for basketball, volleyball, and tennis.
Recognizing that not every athlete is able to perform at the same level in plyometric and agility drills, Hudy demonstrates how to adjust a drill's intensity to encourage success then raise the standard to grow the athlete's performance.

Learn the frequency at which you should take your athletes through these drills and how to progress them safely and effectively. You will also learn how to make some drills competitive by pitting two athletes against each other.

Adding speed and agility drills to your training program will make your team more agile, more explosive and prepare them for the long season ahead. Use this DVD in combination with Coach Hudy's Strength Training for the Female Athlete (GD-01495B) for the ultimate 1-2 punch!

53 minutes. 2013.

GVD-04195B: with Andrea Hudy,
University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance;
Only female strength and conditioning coach in Men's DI Basketball (Labeled as Kansas' "secret weapon" during the 2011-12 Men's Basketball Season)

"Andrea Hudy was instrumental in a lot of the success that we enjoyed during her time with our program. It is not a surprise that success has followed her with any program with which she has worked. There are not very many, if any, better strength and conditioning coaches in the country. -- Geno Auriemma

Andrea Hudy lays out a strength training plan and exercises to help you build a better conditioned athlete who can stay powerful for longer periods of time. Hudy has been called KU's "secret weapon," as she is the only female strength and conditioning coach in men's Division I basketball.

Coach Hudy takes the time to discuss proper technique for each individual exercise in the workout and recommends exercise prescriptions for many movements. She explains the importance of the triple extension - the coordinated extension of the hip, knee, and ankle joints - which can occur vertically (jumping), linearly (running), and laterally (shuffling/skating).

Her goal is to "increase the amount of ground reaction forces a player generates in the weight room while performing the triple extension, which will transfer to the court in the form of better mechanical efficiency when the athlete is no longer under resistance."

Some of the 45 drills used include box jumps, walking lunges, Romanian dead lift, plate up chop, dumbbell curls, alternate sit ups, and swiss ball hamstring curls--resisted and un-resisted. The drills are broken up into five programs: Muscle Endurance, Work Capacity Circuit, Power Output and Strength, Strength, and Speed Strength, each with the specific sets/reps indicated for optimum results!

Here's a closer look at how the workout is organized:

  • Mondays: Muscle endurance super setting box jumps and hip lifts followed by a total-body work capacity circuit.
  • Tuesdays: A high load, high intensity, and low volume power output and strength session. This includes super setting split box jumps with swiss ball hamstring curls, dumbbell squats with hip hickers, and three more super set exercises.
  • Thursdays: A total-body strength training workout.
  • Fridays: A speed/strength session with the super set focus on overcoming gravity as fast as you can.
Acknowledging that not every athlete is in top condition when beginning a strength training program, Hudy offers ways to lower the difficulty level of certain exercises until athletes are strong enough to properly perform the basic technique. As athletes continue to build strength, they can progress through various levels of challenge Hudy provides to continue getting stronger.

Andrea Hudy gives you the necessary tools to build and maintain your athletes throughout the whole year. Use this video in combination with Coach Hudy's Developing Speed, Agility and Quickness for the Female Athlete (GD-04195A) for the ultimate 1-2 punch!

66 minutes. 2013.

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Cover: how to inspire, empower and lead in sports: perspectives from athletes and coaches
How to Inspire, Empower and Lead in Sports: Perspectives from Athletes and Coaches
with Dr. Jerry Lynch,
internationally known expert in the field of applied sports psychology;
sport psychologist for teams at Duke, Maryland, Oregon State and Stanford

There is a new breed of leaders and coaches in the world of sports. They insist on cultivating healthy, strong relationships where deep caring, respect, integrity, trust, love and loyalty are forged. This requires teaching physical skills, tools and strategies while simultaneously inspiring and empowering athletes to "go the distance" on the journey of human development and capacity.

This journey not only helps the athlete discover greatness, it also helps coaches refine, improve and optimize the strong coaching skill-set he or she already possesses.

To help you adapt and adopt this approach, Dr. Jerry Lynch has produced this provocative, penetrating and practical presentation. It's a "game changer" in the shifting landscape of coaching in athletics. You'll learn about the power of caring, the magic of how soft is strong, the value of failure, the need for risk and the positive effects of a culture of oneness that encourages followers to be consistently loyal and dedicated to your system.

This presentation will also demonstrate and teach how the deeper virtues of respect, trust, compassion, belief and integrity are essential attributes of every truly successful coach and leader.

Dr. Lynch accomplishes this mission by bringing together the wisdom and experience of elite athletes and Hall of Fame coaches in a roundtable discussion about how athletes are best inspired and empowered to get the most from themselves.

As moderator, Dr. Lynch makes contributions and observations from 35+ years working with, talking to and watching athletes and extraordinary coaches like Phil Jackson, Pat Summit, Dean Smith, Bill Walsh, Anson Dorrance, Cindy Timchal, Bob Hansen, Tara VanDerveer, John Wooden, Missy Foote and many more. He draws much of his understanding about leadership and coaching from this illustrious pool of outstanding coaches who on the importance of developing deep bonds and relationships with their athletes.

To be an extraordinary leader, you must have much love in your heart. This creative presentation will help you to unlock the doors to a more relationship-directed and caring way to guide, lead and coach. Filled with practical, immediately useable and timeless gems, wisdom and strategies, it will help you to coach with heart so that your athletes will listen and buy in to your system as they compete with the heart of a champion.

143 minutes. 2015.

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Cover: own the game
Own the Game
with Dr. Chris Stankovich,
a national expert in athletic counseling and sport performance science, and an advocate for safe and healthy human development through sport participation

OWN THE GAME: Developing a Mind of Steel for Mental Toughness in Sports is a scientifically based, hands-on program designed to immediately improve mental toughness and help athletes reach their full athletic potential. Learn how to develop a holistic training approach that includes key mental toughness training techniques, including confidence development, focus, motivation, and resiliency. Additionally, Dr. Stankovich offers important insights to help athletes get "in the zone" more regularly, as well as stay calm in pressure situations. Finally, key bonus chapters on pre-game routines and eliminating "choking" are included so that athletes can develop a mind of steel and "Own the Game!"

OWN THE GAME will help you:

  • Develop a holistic, maximum production approach to sports training
  • Set effective goals for future success
  • Refine focus so that you reach your full potential
  • Minimize anxiety and maximize self-confidence
  • Get "in the zone" for games and practices
  • Strengthen resiliency and use mistakes as "teachable moments"
  • BONUS: Learn about pre-game routines that work and techniques to minimize "choking"

42 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: speed and agility drills for young athletes
Speed and Agility Drills for Young Athletes
with Wes Parker, CSCS, ATC;
Founder and Owner of Supreme Speed; Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Florida Tarpons (UIFL)

Speed and agility are essential in the development for youth athletes. Developing these areas at a young age enhance the probability of future success. Coach Wes Parker showcases a series of drills that can be implemented this season and in the off-season to help your athletes to become tomorrow's stars.

Coach Parker moves through over 20 drills that consist of lateral movement change of direction, speed acceleration, and more. His instruction covers how to:

  • Develop agility using cone drills with constant changes of speed and direction.
  • Build explosiveness off the start with the Ball Drop Speed drill. (The speed needed in many sports occurs only in short spurts that place a premium on explosiveness.)
  • Train foot quickness and agility with variations of Speed Hurdle drills. (These drills are great for developing quickness in many different types of body movements required in various game situations.)
  • Improve visual concentration and reaction time with the Card Catch and Four Cone Vision drills.

Each drill is explained in detail and demonstrated by young athletes, and each drill can be modified to fit the athlete's age and skill. Coach Parker gives you the tools to improve the skills of your athletes, giving them a greater advantage right out the gate.

32 minutes. 2014.

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Cover: weight room code: technique and safety protocols for success
Weight Room Code: Technique and Safety Protocols for Success
with Andrea Hudy,
University of Kansas Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance;
Only female strength and conditioning coach in Men's DI Basketball (Labeled as Kansas' "secret weapon" during the 2011-12 Men's Basketball Season)

Andrea Hudy of Kansas University teaches you how to organize your weight room in a safe and efficient manner, and how to establish a weight room culture stressing safety, achievement and a "result-oriented" culture. Using clear guidelines and expectations, Coach Hudy shows you how to make your weight room a place where athletes can reach their highest goals.

When developing an effective weight room environment, you need to develop what Coach Hudy believes is a practice atmosphere. Hudy as been essential for the success at Kansas University, most recognized her role with the men's basketball program and their success. She takes you through the essential standards that you should hold your kids to when holding a weight training session. Each session should be treated like a practice and each athlete should try to get the most out of each workout.

Appropriate rules will minimize injuries and create a culture where keep athletes are focused on their development. Coach Hudy begins by going through the areas that she believes need to be covered before any student athlete enters the weight room for training. She breaks down the importance of being oriented with the facility, signing off on their manual for training, and having passed a physical and adaptations that can be made based upon results. Coach and multiple student athletes take you through the weight room and show you all of the key areas and procedures of the weight room. From weights to platforms, they show the proper steps that need to be taken in order to have a safe operating weight training facility.

As you watch an athlete demonstrate the lift, Coach Hudy breaks down the difference between an Olympic lift and a weight room activity lift. lympic Lifts are a foundation to explosive athletic movement. Performing Olympic correctly will engage the proper musculature which will lend itself to producing a finely tuned athlete on the athletic field.

The finer points are stressed in order to execute the lift in a safe and discipline manner, which includes the proper way to spot your partner. A competent/well trained spotter will reduce possible injury and is an important safeguard in your weight room. Partners need to rely on each other to make strength gains, while also protecting each other, for the best results. Hudy shows various grips and accessories that she feels are essential and non-essential within a weight training practice.

Every coach who is taking over an athletic program knows the importance of the weight room for straining their student athletes. This video is essential in order to run a safe effective program as you continue to develop your athletes into a top level program.

It is appropriate for all levels of coaches, (our weight room coach here has been at it for 20 years and loved the film!) but would really be great for a beginning weight room coach!Kansas High School Coach

30 minutes. 2014.

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