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Cover: eagle eye rfid timing - ground mat antennas package (cross country and road race)
Eagle Eye RFID Timing - Ground Mat Antennas Package (Cross Country and Road Race)
Another Innovation from Eagle Eye -- an affordable CHIP Timing system, bringing RFID to the masses! Coaches, race directors and professional timers can now run their own events with easy to use RFID technology at an affordable price.

Package includes:

  • Eagle Eye RFID Advanced Timing Software
  • Laptop Computer & Carrying Case
  • Four-Port RFID Reader
  • Three RFID Ground Mat Antennas (12 ft/ 3.66m)
  • 500 Reusable RFID Tags

Eagle Eye's three antennae standard system provides the reliability Pro timers demand for large events, while giving small operators the simplicity they've been looking for. The system can also be paired with an unlimited number of readers (read zones) for your custom event or application.

Mounted on portable tripods, the RFID antennas eliminate the need for expensive overhead towers or dangerous ground mats. Athletes simply run past�the finish line while the timing computer captures the finishers in real-time. Specialized feature rich software, ranks, splits, scores, etc. and operates your event with efficiency and speed.� Also integrates with Hy-Tek, Race Tab and Excel.

The Eagle Eye RFID system is designed to read shoe tags, however can be used in numerous configurations. Operators can use Eagle Eye brand chips or third party tags to be worn on the shoe, bib or body of the athlete. Our UHF RFID Reader will read dozens of different type of EPC class 1 Gen2 tags (or chips).

Whether a Professional Timer or Do-It Yourselfer, Eagle Eye's RFID Software Is Designed To Make Your Event Run Easier and More Efficient


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