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Cover: sports success 360°
Sports Success 360°
with Dr. Chris Stankovich,
a national expert in athletic counseling and sport performance science, and an advocate for safe and healthy human development through sport participation

Sport Success 360° is a "hands-on" resource guide for parents, coaches, and student athletes full of tips and insights around today's psychosocial issues and concerns regularly experienced in youth and interscholastic sports. Written by Dr. Chris Stankovich, a national expert in the field of sport psychology, Sport Success 360° is light on psychobabble and instead packed with practical advice, tips, and insights that can be immediately applied so that you can maximize the youth athletic experience while at the same time minimize unhealthy and unsafe training procedures.

Unlike other youth sport books, Sport Success 360° is unique in that it is the only book written for all people involved in youth sports - including coaches, parents, and student athletes. Immediately improve your youth sports league by learning about: Youth sport burnout, Sport retirement, Performance supplements, Healthy boundaries, Sport specialization, Controlling emotions, Playing time, Year-round training, Travel leagues, Pre-season meetings, Pay-to-play, Handling cuts, Moving from school-to-school, Holding kids back in school, Quitting, Injury recovery, Creating optimal balance, Athletic transferable skills, Performance enhancement, Choking, Playing your best!

360° PLUS Downloadable Audio Description:
On this program Dr. Stankovich expands on the popular Sport Success 360° book by offering additional tips, strategies, and warning signs that are not included in the book. Please note this is NOT a traditional "book on tape," but instead additional key information designed to help you and your team/family get the most out of youth sports! Sport Success 360ΓΈ PLUS includes additional critical information on issues like youth sport burnout, performance supplements, playing time, pre-season meetings, controlling emotions and resolving conflicts, maximizing athletic performance, plus much more!

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  • Format: pdf
  • Length: 74 pages
  • Size of File: 4.25MB

360° Plus Product Details:

  • Format: mp3
  • Length: 1 hour 9 min 54 sec
  • Size of File: 63.9 MB


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Cover: elevating your game
Elevating Your Game
by Jim Thompson, founder of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

How do some athletes elevate their games when it matters most? And why do so many others find their game falls apart under pressure? This book, based on the thinking and experience of elite athletes and coaches who are part of the Positive Coaching Alliance movement, is filled with insights that can help athletes elevate their game to become Triple-Impact Competitors who make themselves, teammates, and the game better.

In 89 concise pages, Jim Thompson, the founder of Positive Coaching Alliance, shows you how to:

  • Improve performance by focusing on effort and learning rather than results.
  • Use a "Mistake Ritual" to recover quickly to get ready for the next play.
  • Hone a mental game that enables you to rise to the occasion under pressure.
  • Become a leader who makes those around you better.
  • Build winning team chemistry.
  • Summon moral courage to elevate the game when it matters most.
Elevating Your Game also includes nine exercises to bring the ideas in the book to life and answers to seven common challenges athletes face, including balancing academic and athletic demands, dealing with uncommitted teammates, handling cliques and conflict on teams, and preparing to play in college.

This book will help individuals reach their potential. It will also help athletic programs produce Triple-Impact Competitors, which will be a boon to our entire society.

89 pages. 2011.

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Cover: kettlebell conditioning
Kettlebell Conditioning
with Paul Collins, award-winning personal trainer with more than 20 years experience;
creator of The Body Coach

Kettlebell Conditioning helps to steer you through essential foundational exercises, key movement and swing patterns prior to undertaking more complex power drills using both single and double kettlebells.

Every good exercise program starts with a method by which training principles are based upon. In Kettlebell Conditioning, Coach Collins has developed the 4-Stage BodyBellr Training SystemT that allows you to learn the basic strength and swing pattern drills before more complex power orientated movement patterns. The unique shape of the kettlebell challenges the whole body as the hand, arm, shoulder and core region controls the displacement of weight and counteraction of muscles with each movement.

192 pages. 2011.

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Cover: sports taping
Sports Taping
with Andres Schur, MD; resident surgeon and sport medicine specialist in Duisburg, Germany

The main uses of taping are selective protection, support and offloading. In the case of certain existing injuries, the deliberate limitation of joint mobility can help to avoid further injury. The advantage of taping over complete rest is obvious: metabolic activity in the area concerned can be maintained at a high level, largely avoiding unwanted wastage of muscle tissue. Most sporting acitivity can even be continued, while following the advice of a physician.

Taping also has an important role to play in sports injury revention, as proven by its use for many years at elite level.

Sports Taping shows the main applications of taping, and includes step-by-step guides to the taping procedure. Accompanying measures such as skin protection are also featured.

126 pages. 2007.

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Cover: warrior cardio
Warrior Cardio
with Martin Rooney

Shed Pounds of Fat and Increase Muscle Mass in Just 12 Weeks the Warrior Way!

Warrior Cardio offers a fitness and diet program that will help you "Bring Out the Warrior Within." World-renowned fitness expert Martin Rooney has devised an easy-to-follow workout and diet plan that efficiently burns fat and builds muscle in less time than you ever thought possible. A comprehensive look at cardiovascular training using scientifically proven techniques, paired with a diet plan that really delivers, Warrior Cardio features:

  • A complete 12-week fitness and diet program.
  • Hundreds of metabolic exercises with full-color photos.
  • Dozens of exciting workout routines, including hurricanes, complexes, and body weight and strength circuits.
  • Advanced warmup and prehab techniques to prevent injury.
  • A Warrior diet plan from nutrition expert John Berardi, PhD, based on the "Warrior 20" essential foods that promote increased weight loss and muscle gain.
  • The latest surprising research on the science behind cardiovascular fitness and training techniques.
Whether your ultimate goal is to be a better athlete-or just train and look like one-Martin Rooney's Warrior Cardio has everything you need!

398 pages. 2012.

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