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Cover: how to build and sustain a championship culture
How to Build and Sustain a Championship Culture

Discover how to build a Championship Culture of Commitment, Accountabilty, and Ownership in your program using the secrets of top teams like North Carolina women's soccer, Duke men's basketball, Alabama football, Arizona softball, the New England Patriots, and the USA men's basketball team. All have built winning, magnetic cultures that attract top talent, get them to play as one unit, and win multiple championships.

  • Learn the 8 Kinds of Cultures and which one is best suited for your team.
  • Discover the 6 Key Components that all Championship Cultures have in common.
  • Implement the 10-Step Blueprint to Build a Championship Culture in your program.

"Culture is one of the most essential yet overlooked aspects of building a championship program. You can be an absolute wizard with the X's and O's but if you don't have a positive and productive culture, you're in trouble. Jeff's extraordinary book reveals the critical secrets of what it takes to build and sustain a Championship Culture. I highly recommend it!"
ANSON DORRANCE, North Carolina Women's Soccer Coach, 22-time National Champions

You'll learn how to:

  • create a winning Culture of Commitment, Accountability, and Ownership in your program
  • establish high Standards of Behavior that will hold people accountable
  • develop a winning culture using the Six Key Components of Championship Cultures
  • implement 17 Critical Cultural Systems that will define and drive your Championship Culture
  • create a highly desirable culture that attracts high level talent and quality athletes and staff
  • build a highly respected program that stands the test of time

Based on working with over 25 NCAA National Championship teams at Michigan, North Carolina, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Arizona, this book will show you how to develop a Championship Culture! Get your copy of this new book before your competitors do!

224 pages. 2014.

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Cover: stress control
Stress Control
by Marie Dalloway, Ph.D.

Stress Control presents a step-by-step approach for developing a mental skill associated with excellence, the skill of regulating stress level, which is your physical energy and intensity level. Regulating stress level involves the ability to increase and decrease stress level. Relaxation methods train you to decrease your stress level. Psyching-up procedures teach you to increase your stress level. By learning to control your stress level, you can perform in the physical energy state that lets you do your best. Includes specific instructions and charts for mental practices, exercises and procedures. 1999. ISBN 0-9634933-9-6
123 pages.

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Cover: mind and body: the reality of winning
Mind and Body: The Reality of Winning
by Sue Humphrey, University of Texas

Learn the secrets behind the scenes of the Texas program, including unique routines in weight training, flexibility, plyometrics, etc. By learning about motivation and teaching cues, coaches will learn to work effectively with athletes of all abilities.

60 pages. 1982. ISBN 0-932741-04-5.

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Cover: develop relentless competitors drillbook
Develop Relentless Competitors Drillbook
with Jeff Janssen

The Develop Relentless Competitors Drillbook includes 75 drillsthat coaches can use to develop and enhance their athletes' competitiveness. Use these drills and activities to create your own"Competitive Cauldron' that will transform your athletes into focused and fierce competitors.

The Develop Relentless Competitors Drillbook includes:

  • 8 Relentless Competitor Drills for All Sports
  • 15 Relentless Competitor Concepts for All Sports
  • 11 Relentless Competitor Activities for All Sports
  • 10 Relentless Competitor Stories for All Sports
  • 6 Relentless Competitor Strength and Conditioning Drills
Plus 25 Relentless Competitor Drills for Specific Sports:
  • 5 Relentless Competitor Drills for Basketball
  • 5 Relentless Competitor Drills for Soccer
  • 5 Relentless Competitor Drills for Volleyball
  • 5 Relentless Competitor Drills for Softball/Baseball
  • 5 Relentless Competitor Drills for Football
116 pages. 2012.

BRENDA FRESE, Maryland Women's Basketball Coach"Jeff has put together a really well thought out and uniquereference tool that will certainly have a place on my shelf. It's thekind of book a coach can crack open many times over the years to getdifferent ideas for different situations. It's almost like having aconsultant on staff."
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Cover: the psychology of coaching team sports: a self-help guide
The Psychology of Coaching Team Sports: A Self-Help Guide
A Self-Help Guide

by Larry M. Leith,
University of Toronto

This book was written for the serious coach who wants to take his or her team's performance to the next level. In an easy-to-read style, the text examines recent research and offers practical guidelines to help coaches get the most from their athletes. Some of the issues explored include developing the coach/athlete relationship, techniques to improve team cohesion, motivational strategies for optimal team performance, workable approaches for implementing attention control training, and how to prevent staleness and burnout in your athletes.

214 pages. 2003.

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