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Cover: sports nutrition: from lab to kitchen
Sports Nutrition: From Lab to Kitchen
by Asker Jeukendrup, Professor of Exercise Metabolism at the University of Birmingham; editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Sport Science. In addition, Jeukendrup has been a training and nutrition consultant to several elite athletes worldwide, including the Rabobank professional cycling team, UK Athletics and some of the world's best marathon runners, swimmers and triathletes.

This book is unique in that it is a book written by world experts in a way that can easily be understood by athletes and can immediately result in changes that can help performance or recovery. The various chapters are written by leaders in the field who discuss the latest science and translate the scientific findings into a practical message. So it is not just theory, every chapter contains clear advice and by doing so this book bridges the gap between science and practice. After reading this book, athletes and coaches will be up to date with the latest developments, will be able to distinguish fact from fiction and will be able to make changes to their nutritional preparation that will have an impact.

200 pages. 2010.

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Cover: fuel like a champion: a young athlete's guide on what to eat
Fuel Like a Champion: A Young Athlete's Guide on What to Eat
with Christopher Mohr, PhD, RD;
and Mitzi Dulan, RD

If you are the parent of a young athlete, coach of a team, or maybe an athlete yourself, owning the Fuel Like a Champion: A Young Athlete's Guide on What to Eat DVD will teach you the nutrition secrets the pros use, so you can discover what it takes to win! With over 15 years of combined experience, sports dietitians Dr. Christopher Mohr and Mitzi Dulan, have come together to offer the most comprehensive Sports Nutrition DVD for Young Athletes Ever Available! In Fuel Like a Champion, the experts uncover:

  • The potential dangers of Energy Drinks
  • The exact, science-based carbohydrate recommendations to guarantee more energy on and off the field!
  • The specific protein requirements to ensure optimal muscle growth and recovery
  • The truth behind the dietary supplement industry
  • Recovery strategies -- breakthrough recovery strategies that will take performance to the next level!
  • Guidance on safe, effective, and permanent weight loss
  • Precise, healthy, and LEGAL weight gain strategies guaranteed to pack on muscle and strength (for those who want it)
  • Exact food recommendations to meet the exact requirements for developing athletes
  • The top 12 fruits and vegetables to buy organic-they are otherwise highest in pesticides, so you need to protect you and your young athletes!
  • Specific nutrient timing strategies teaching you when and what to eat before and during games.
  • The best times to consume sports drinks and when they're nothing more than extra calories.
And much, much more.
Using the tools in the Fuel Like a Champion DVD will ELIMINATE any confusion and marketing hype that most fall prey to by providing every single necessary tool to ensure nutrition is no longer the weak link bringing your performance to a screeching halt. Ever ride a bike with a flat tire? Trying to compete physically or mentally without the right nutrition is like being on that bike and trying to go fast. It's impossible. Young athletes are faced with many demands-from long travel, multiple practices, or simply hours on end in school before they even get on the field-learn how to handle every unique situation with the Fuel Like a Champion DVD.

2007. 55 minutes.

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Cover: eat like a champion: performance nutrition for your young athlete
Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete
By: Jill Castle MS RDN CDN
Publisher: AMACOM
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Cover: nancy clark's sports nutrition guidebook
Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook
By: Nancy Clark
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
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Cover: the coaches' guide to sports nutrition
The Coaches' Guide to Sports Nutrition
By: Dan, Ph.D. Benardot, Walter R. Thompson
Publisher: Coaches Choice Books
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