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"SmartCore" Training
featuring Staffan Elgelid
PT, Ph.D., CFT; Nazareth College of Rochester Associate Professor of Physical Therapy

The next evolution of core training is here!

"SmartCore" is the development and evolution of traditional core training. SmartCore is about controlled mobility of the lumbar spine and pelvis to improve performance, decrease injury risk and to live better!

In this presentation, Staffan Elgelid takes you through the cutting edge movements for smart core training that allows the participant to experience different movement positions of the pelvis and lumbar spine which combine to train the body and the mind better!

In this first-of-its kind DVD, you'll learn how smart core training moves beyond traditional core training, which is focused on a non-moving stable core. SmartCore adds spine and pelvis movement while moving the extremities with the core in different positions. It is very important to first master basic core training before moving to the smart core training.

Elgelid divides SmartCore training into four areas:

  • Foundation: Basic movement patterns that explore varying spine and pelvis movements.
  • Static: Core sequences with the spine and pelvis in various static positions.
  • Dynamic: Core sequences with the spine and pelvis in continuous motion. This dynamic sequence is essential for athletes since the spine and pelvis are not in a fixed position during athletics.
  • Agility: Prepare for game situations with dynamic sequences with the addition of non-habitual movements of the extremities.
Within each area, Elgelid demonstrates multiple movement patterns and options, moving from the basics into more complex combined movement patterns. Throughout, Elgelid offers tips on identifying an exercise that is too advanced an athlete.

Whether it be a physical therapy setting, sport performance setting, or basic training for well being, the smart core will afford the participant better movement and less chance of injury!

70 minutes. 2011.

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