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Cover: fast-faster-fastest: sprint training techniques for all sports  (book)
Fast-Faster-Fastest: Sprint Training Techniques for All Sports (book)
by Dr. James Klinzing,
Human Performance Laboratory, Cleveland State University

Many athletes possess high levels of skill in their sport but do not have the speed to pull away from the opposition. This book provides a comprehensive package that, when used by a motivated athlete, will make the athlete a faster and an improved performer. The most unique feature of this book is its presentation of a comprehensive year-round program to develop all the essential building blocks of speed.
82 pages. 1987. ISBN 0-932741-10-X.

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Cover: speed for sport
Speed for Sport
with Paul Collins, award-winning personal trainer with more than 20 years experience;
creator of The Body Coach

Speed for Sport is an excellent source of information for athletes, coaches, parents and teachers alike. The Body Coachr, Paul Collins, Australia's Personal TrainerT provides step-by-step coaching with over 100 of the latest speed training drills used by world class athletes and sporting teams for developing speed, agility, reaction and quickness for the following sports:
  • AFL and NFL
  • Baseball and Softball
  • Basketball and Netball
  • Boxing and Martial Arts
  • Cricket, Hockey and Lacrosse
  • Football, Rugby League/Union
  • Soccer and more .
Speed for Sport includes training drills using agility poles, mini-hurdles and speed ladders. It also includes sample speed training sessions to help maximize your speed potential as an individual or part of a team sport and gain that extra step over your competition.

208 pages. 2009.

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Cover: speed improvement for young athletes: how to sprint faster in your sport in 30 workouts
Speed Improvement for Young Athletes: How to Sprint Faster in Your Sport in 30 Workouts
By: George B. Dintiman
Publisher: National Association of Speed and Explosion
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