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Cover: peak performance playbook
Peak Performance Playbook
by Jeff Janssen M.S.
University of Arizona

Inside the Peak Performance Playbook you will find 50 drills, activities and ideas to inspire your team, build mental toughness and improve team chemistry. The playbook provides everything needed to easily incorporate team building and mental training into everyday practices and games. The playbook includes drills for the following topics: team building activities, building mental toughness, pregame motivation and inspiration, how to sharpen focus, confidence builders, enhancing motivation and commitment, making practice fun and effective, and postgame evaluation exercises. Give your team the edge in competition!

82 PAGES. 2000.

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Cover: 101 team building activities:  ideas every coach can use to enhance teamwork, communication and trust
101 Team Building Activities: Ideas Every Coach Can Use To Enhance Teamwork, Communication and Trust
by Greg Dale,
Ph.D, Mental Training Coach, Duke University

Have you ever wondered how top coaches take a group of individuals with differing personalities and blend them into a focused and unified team? Creating an environment where a group of athletes work effectively as a team is one of the biggest challenges a coach will face. The activities provided in this book have been used successfully with athletic teams at every level from Little League to the professional ranks. This book will provide you with a wide variety of fun, meaningful, and practical activities that will enhance teamwork, communication, trust, and overall team environment. Any coach interested in enhancing team dynamics will find this book to be a great addition to his or her library of coaching resources.

160 pages. 2004.

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Cover: championship  team building
Championship Team Building
by Jeff Janssen, M.S.

This book will help you find the answers to some of your toughest team building questions. Championship Team Building provides a comprehensive plan for building a successful program. Strategies discussed cover such themes as how to get your players focused on the same goal, how to gain a lasting commitment from your players, 15 keys to become an effective and credible coach, team games to promote teamwork, how to keep conflict under control, and much, much more. This practical resource will help build a motivated, committed, and cohesive team! 1999. ISBN 1-892882-10-8. 171 pages.

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Cover: the team captain's leadership manual
The Team Captain's Leadership Manual
by Jeff Janssen

Coaches, are you looking to develop responsible and respected team leaders who will set the tone for your season, hold teammates accountable, constructively confront undisciplined teammates, and handle a lot of team problems so you don't have to? This proven manual designed for both captains and coaches includes a 10-week program to help you develop effective Leaders by Example and Vocal Leaders. Forewords by Pat Summitt and Gary BarnettPaperback.

192 pages. 2003.

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Cover: championship team building: what every coach needs to know to build a motivated, committed & cohesive team
Championship Team Building: What Every Coach Needs to Know to Build a Motivated, Committed & Cohesive Team
By: Jeff Janssen
Publisher: Winning the Mental Game
February, 2002
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