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Cover: mike smith's hockey playbook
Mike Smith's Hockey Playbook
with Michael A. Smith,
has been involved in hockey for over 40 years as a player, coach and general manager of the New York Rangers, Colorado Rockies, Chicago Blackhawks and Team USA.

Mike Smith's Hockey Playbook is a practical handbook for coaches seeking to improve their players and better their team-play.

The book features systems for defensive, offensive and special-team situations, all accompanied by annotated, easy-to-understand diagrams. The systems range from conservative to aggressive -- some are intended for big, physical teams; others for fast-skating and highly skilled teams; and some work for both. Smith also includes teaching methods and drills for honing specific skills.

The first challenge for every coach is to determine the abilities of each skater. The approach in Mike Smith's Hockey Playbook is effective with players of all ages and levels of ability. Coaches can match systems with team strategy, bringing a special creative magic to one of the fastest team sports in the world.

Mike Smith's Hockey Playbook includes:

  • Clear step-by-step diagrams
  • Dozens of plays and skill-building drills
  • Conservative and aggressive systems
  • Teaching strategies for all levels of play.
168 pages. 2011.

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Cover: the hockey practice playbook
The Hockey Practice Playbook
with Greg Siller

Practices are the crucial component for turning individual potential into the reality of a great hockey team-in an environment where you cannot lose. The Hockey Practice Playbook covers critical information and training techniques that you can immediately use-whether as part of the coaching staff, as players, or leagues-to make the most of your limited practice time.

The Hockey Practice Playbook provides effective examples of what has worked well for Greg Siller throughout his years of coaching and playing ice and roller hockey, as well as what other professional and amateur coaches have effectively used to improve their players and teams. While there is no one "right" way to plan, run and evaluate a practice, there are several effective techniques and tools that you need to use in order to achieve a Great Hockey Practice.

Utilizing the tools, checklists, and drills in this book will give you the information you need to improve your team in all facets of practice planning, execution, evaluation, and improvement. The tools alone are worth the price of this book!

The Hockey Practice Playbook will enable you to become a better hockey coach, help improve your team, and increase your teams' ability to play smarter, stronger, and more effectively; ultimately enabling your team to improve their potential and consistency, win more games, and have some fun along the way.

306 pages. 2012.

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Cover: hockey training for kids
Hockey Training for Kids
with Zdenek Pavlis, Head of the Sports Training Methods Department of the Czech Ice Hockey Union;trains the Czech Under 19 National Team

This book deals with ice hockey as schooled in the Czech Republic offers trainers exercise aids, tested in practice, for the training of children. Besides covering how children develop and tips for building up a training session, the development of game play using individual skills and game combinations form the main emphasis of the book.

In particular, the techniques and methods of the attack and the defense actions are comprehensively covered. In addition, the method of dealing with the actions following a puck drop-in anywhere on the ice is given special attention. Complete training sessions and approximately 250 illustrations of ice hockey exercises give the trainer a good helping hand towards success in his work.

270 pages. 2006.

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Cover: hockey drill book (second edition)
Hockey Drill Book (Second Edition)
by Michael A. Smith, former player, coach and general manager in the National Hockey League, working with the New York Rangers, Winnipeg Jets and Colorado Rockies. He is also an expert on European hockey training methods from Russia and Sweden.

A classic how-to hockey title now fully redesigned with full-color diagrams.

No hockey player or team can successfully play at any level without practice, and lots of it. The design of this new edition of Hockey Drill Book makes all that sweat and effort worthwhile.

The book features 200 drills in a comprehensive practice regimen that covers every essential skill needed to master the fundamentals of the game, including:

  • Skating
  • Stick handling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Conditioning
  • Goaltending
  • Checking
  • Game situations

Each drill has a defined purpose, and the techniques are described step by step and shown in full-color diagrams. Suggestions for drill tempo, variations of the drill and numbers of participants guide coaches in designing practices that are challenging, effective and appropriate for their players.

235 pages. 2009.Hockey Drill Book is the essential training tool for players and coaches at all levels of the game. Over a career of more than 40 years,

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Cover: the hockey drill book
The Hockey Drill Book
By Dave Chambers, PhD.
has coached hockey for more than 30 years from key developmental levels to the National Hockey League and international competition; has won two gold medals in World Championships, five university championships, and five Coach of the Year awards. He was named Master Coach by the Canadian Hockey Association

With 446 drills covering every facet of the sport, The Hockey Drill Book is the most comprehensive resource for today's players and coaches.

Former National Hockey League and World Championship gold-medal coach Dave Chambers has spent thousands of hours in the world's top rinks. In The Hockey Drill Book he provides you with the same drills used by North America's and Europe's elite.

Along with detailed diagrams, illustrations, and coaching tips, the 446 drills cover each position, offensive and defensive systems, pregame warm-ups, on-ice conditioning, and game-specific situations, including power plays, penalty killing, and face-offs.

Whether your goal is to improve your game or lead your team to glory, rely on The Hockey Drill Book-it is the only drill book you'll ever need.

373 pages. 2008.

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