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Cover: the "20 wing" offense: philosophy, drills, and adjustments
The "20 Wing" Offense: Philosophy, Drills, and Adjustments

with Andrew Fink,
first-ever University of Saint Joseph Men's Lacrosse Coach (inaugural season - Spring 2020);
interim University of Saint Joseph Women's Lacrosse Coach (for Spring 2019);
former Mount Ida College Head Men's Coach,
8x Conference Champions; 4x NCAA Division III qualifier, 4x Coach of the Year NAC/GNAC;
oston Storm General Manager (UWLX)

This video from coach Andrew Fink features the philosophy behind the "20 Wing" offense and provides a series of practice drills that emphasize and reinforce fundamental concepts in that set.

Coach Fink gives you a detailed explanation of the 20 Wing offense by first demonstrating the philosophy of the offense on a whiteboard and then by demonstrating the offense on the field, first in a skeleton setting with no defense, and then in a full contact 6v6 situation. The 20 Wing is a highly effective offense with clear principles that lacrosse players at a variety of levels can access and execute. It's effective in its use of spacing and off-ball awareness, but its principles are simple enough for teams of all levels to execute.

"20 Wing" Drills

Prior to explaining the specifics of the 20 Wing offense, Coach Fink runs through a series of drills designed to prepare his team physically for practice while simultaneously developing essential stick skills and situational awareness. These drills cultivate habits for players of all positions and help establish an up-tempo, highly engaged practice atmosphere. Some of these drills emphasize shooting skills, while others focus on executing transitional situations both offensively and defensively. These drills can be useful regardless of whether or not the team utilizes the 20 Wing offensive set.

The next phase of Coach Fink's presentation features a series of seven dynamic shooting drills that are designed to replicate the key shooting spots within the 20 Wing. These drills foster both the cognitive recognition and physical execution of the offense. These drills reinforce players' understanding of the offense while helping develop their skills.

Counter-Adjustments for the "20 Wing"

The biggest benefit to running the 20 Wing offense is the manner in which it forces most defenses to adjust their sliding schemes. After explaining how the 20 Wing is designed to function and then explaining how most defenses will attempt to defend it, Coach Fink provides a series of counter-adjustments for teams to apply once defenses have reacted to the 20 Wing. This added benefit provides an entirely new dimension to a highly effective offense.

Coach Fink describes the "25" and "Wild" sets, which are an invaluable benefit to coaches running this offense. By offering a series of simple adjustments that still adhere to the base principles of the 20 Wing, you'll see how to attack the goal using in a number of different ways against a variety of defensive adjustments.

The 20 Wing offense is an innovative and original offense that is relatively easy to teach and to execute. Teams at all levels can run this offense, and the drills used to support the offense will benefit players' skill development in a variety of offensive situations. This offense, taught by Coach Fink, is a tremendous addition to any offensive coordinator's toolbox and is one that players can easily adopt and execute.

86 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: face-off drills & techniques
Face-off Drills & Techniques

with Kevin Reisman,
Cornell University Assistant Coach;
4x All-American for Limestone College;
2x USILA Lt. Raymond J. Enners Award winner as Most Outstanding Division II Lacrosse Player;
4x All-Conference Carolinas First-Team selection;
2017 Conference Carolinas Defensive Player of the Year;
2017 NCAA DII National Championship Game Most Outstanding Player (2017);
3x Conference Carolinas Tournament Most Outstanding Player;
2014 Conference Carolinas Freshman of the Year;
led the nation in face-off winning percentage for three straight years (2015-17)

Four-time All-American Kevin Reisman uses a structured instructional approach to deliver a comprehensive training video that any face-off specialist, or coach, can leverage to improve face-off success. He provides an overview of warm-up and practice drills to prepare a player for game day, as well as detailed instruction about various moves, counter moves, and ground ball techniques associated with winning possession in lacrosse.

Coach Reisman breaks down the fundamentals of the face-off grip, stance, and set-up in an easy to understand manner. He also explains the fundamentals of clamps, pinch and pops, and counter moves.

Foundation for Every Successful Face-off

Reisman describes the various stances required for winning face-offs. He explains the proper hand position on the stick and grips. Lastly, Reisman thoroughly covers how to set-up your position for success. These components form the basis of every successful face-off.

Offensive and Defensive Face-off Fundamentals

In this section, Coach Reisman describes the clamp as well as offensive and defensive exit strategies to help players get out safely. Additionally, he discusses counters for when a player starts to lose the clamp. You'll see Reisman demonstrate the rake & hook, the lift technique and the jam technique.

Face Off-Drills and War-Up Routines

Discover various drills to help your athletes improve their technique and win more face-offs. Reisman explains practice and game warm-up routines as well as activities to improve hand speed and hand/eye coordination. All are important keys to dominating face-offs!

Coach Reisman is an elite face-off player and coach of the position, and his instruction on standard techniques and counter moves, coupled with drills to hone hand speed and coordination, can help anyone improve overall face-off play!

62 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: open practice: drills to develop your program
Open Practice: Drills to Develop Your Program

with Seth Tierney, Hofstra University Head Coach; U.S. Men's National Team Assistant Coach; 4x Colonial Athletic Association Regular Season Champions; four consecutive NCAA Championship berths from 2008 thru 2011;

As most coaches know, if you don't come to practice with a plan for a theme (offensive play, defensive movement, stick work, ground balls, etc.) your practice is doomed to fail and both you and the players will be frustrated. Additionally, the energy and tone your team starts practice with is going to carry on throughout the rest of the practice.

Step onto the field with Hofstra's Seth Tierney as he leads his squad through two practice sessions that cover a variety of practice aspects: stick work, skill work, small sided games/situations, man up vs man down situations, small sided games, half field drills, and more!

Coach Tierney's teaching method lays out each drill on the white board before taking you to the field, allowing you plenty of time to comprehend each drill so you can immediately use them within your team's practice plans.

Practice One

You'll get 15 high-paced, challenging drills to get your team ready for the season. The first type of drills he demonstrates focus on individual or small group skills. The second type put together those smaller drills into game-like situations.

Coach Tierney transitions from small group drills focused on attack/midfielders and defensive players to small group situation play. All of this supports his coaching philosophy of fast paced practices, efficient use of time, and what he terms "Turnpike" mentality.

Drills include:

  • The Star Drill - A great drill to start with because it sets the tone for players, makes them stay focused and engaged, and emphasizes the most basic aspects of the game. Athletes will work on accurate passing, catching anything thrown their way, and handling their stick in traffic.
  • The Transition Drill - Helps break down scenarios on the field and encourages players to expose the 2v1 man up situations on the offensive end of the field. Athletes must work together to get into spaces where their teammate can find them. It also pushes the defense out of their comfort zone.
  • 3242 Drill - Reinforces Coach Tierney's philosophy of fast paced quick transitions with a competitive edge. This drill has a quick transition from a 3v2 defensive advantage to a 4v3 man down situation and addresses offensive players learning to play a man down while defensive players get a chance to score.
  • Pressure Cooker - This drills breaks the team into defensive and offensive players. The concepts force either the defense or offense to move the ball with a man advantage around the cage, trying to keep it away from the other side for one minute without a turnover.

Practice Two

This practice is a continuation of the first practice and includes more game play, followed by skills work.

You'll see why having good stick skills and empathizing them at the beginning of practice translates to better half/full field play at the end of practice. Each drill can be tailored to fit the skill level of your players. Drills include:

  • The Perimeter/Approach Drill - Allows your defense to work on their positioning without having to think about protecting the goal as well. This drill emphasizes the need to communicate effectively amongst all players.
  • The Full Field Face Off Drill - Players need to know how to translate the small-sided/half field drills to a full field. This drill helps them prepare for a game by starting with a face off and then attacking and defending.

This extensive look at the practices of four-time NCAA champion head coach Seth Tierney will give you some great ideas to improve the effectiveness of your team's own sessions!

148 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: creating man-up situations in the 7-star motion offense
Creating Man-Up Situations in the 7-Star Motion Offense

with Acacia Walker Weinstein,
Boston College Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
2017 Division I Intercollegiate Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) National Coach of the Year;
2017 NCAA Division I Women's Lacrosse Championship Runner-up;
2018 ACC Regular Season Champions;
fastest coach in Boston College program history to net 50th career win (did in only 74 games);
participated in 14 of the last 15 NCAA Tournaments as either a player or a coach;
former Northwestern Assistant Coach (3 consecutive NCAA National Championships, 2005-08);
on 2009 World Cup team (Gold medal); collegiate All-American (University of Maryland)

Running a motion offense is reliant on effective ball and attacker movement to open shooting, passing and dodging lanes to the goal.

Acacia Walker Weinstein introduces the "7-Star Offense," in which each player is a threat to score by understanding, and executing, their role within the offense. This video will help you learn to create man-up situations in your motion offense and increase your team's scoring opportunities by applying the "7-Star" concepts.

The "Front Side" of Your Offense

Learn how to establish the "front side" of your offense and how to run the motion offense from various dodging points around the critical scoring area. Walker Weinstein explains on a whiteboard, and shows on the field, how to attack using the front side of your offense to create man-up opportunities. This is accomplished by utilizing cut-throughs, dodges and "zipping the ball." You'll see how to drill these concepts to build the understanding of each player's role within this system.

Utilizing the Man-Up

Walker Weinstein covers the "back side" of the defense and how man-up opportunities are created. She shows how to create a 3v2 situation, as well as 1v1 scenarios on unset defenders and then demonstrates how the concepts of the 7-Star Offense assist in the creation of these situations.

Re-Directive Stickwork

In this section you will see how traditional partner passing drills actually build bad habits, and will learn how to teach your players to improve their passing form to be more effective in the 7-Star Offense. Learn a 5v4 Star Drill in which players work on their re-directive passing to the outside hand, as well as two-man flipping.

This video shows the importance of getting all seven attack players to buy into their responsibilities. You'll see how player movement, accompanied by moving the ball intensely around the perimeter to establish the "front side" attack, opens up the man-up situations desired on the back side. These are concepts you can bring to your team's practice to see immediate results on game day!


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Cover: leveraging the faceguard in a motion offense
Leveraging the Faceguard in a Motion Offense

with Acacia Walker Weinstein,
Boston College Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
2017 Division I Intercollegiate Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) National Coach of the Year;
2017 NCAA Division I Women's Lacrosse Championship Runner-up;
2018 ACC Regular Season Champions;
fastest coach in Boston College program history to net 50th career win (did in only 74 games);
participated in 14 of the last 15 NCAA Tournaments as either a player or a coach;
former Northwestern Assistant Coach (3 consecutive NCAA National Championships, 2005-08);
on 2009 World Cup team (Gold medal); collegiate All-American (University of Maryland)

The faceguard defense is becoming a frequently-used strategy to minimize the offensive threat of an individual player. In this video from Acacia Walker Weinstein, you'll learn how to implement a faceguard motion offense that leverages the faceguard and leads to a highly effective attack. Additionally, you will see how to adapt the concepts of the faceguard offense to the strengths of your players in order to exploit opposing teams.

Movement, Passing and Picks

Coach Walker Weinstein explains how to reinforce the fundamental movement and passing required to make the faceguard offense highly effective. You'll learn explosive footwork and dynamic cuts, how to pass into the passing lane (away from the trailing defender) and how to pass out of a double team.

Through a series of drills, Walker Weinstein demonstrates how to attack a faceguard in the feeding pockets and exploit it to set effective picks.

You'll see how to:

  • Pick opposite the ball
  • Pick on the same side
  • Pick the ball

Utilizing the Faceguarded Player

Learn to take advantage of the faceguard to force the defense into "sweeping slides." Watch as Walker Weinstein moves the faceguard around as an offensive tool to create more 1v1 opportunities in the critical scoring area. She helps you understand how to exploit the faceguard defense and use it to attack the strength of the help defense using various dodges and the "two-man."

Coach Walker Weinstein explains how "re-directive stickwork" is imperative to the success of a motion offense. You will see why it's critical to teach this stickwork and "zipping the pass" in order to complete perfect passes into passing lanes. Additionally, you'll hear why traditional partner passing creates bad habits, which makes it more difficult to complete high-quality passes.

The faceguard is a defensive strategy to minimize the effectiveness of an offense by tightly marking individual player(s). In this video, you'll learn how to turn this strategy into a positive for your team so you can dismantle the opposition!


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