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Cover: the best of championship productions: 35 stick handling drills for lacrosse
The Best of Championship Productions: 35 Stick Handling Drills for Lacrosse


  • John Danowski, Duke University Head Coach
  • Dave Pietramala, Johns Hopkins University Head Coach
  • Gary Gait, Syracuse University Head Women's Coach
  • Bill Tierney, University of Denver Head Coach
  • Cindy Timchal, U.S. Naval Academy Head Coach
  • John Nostrant, The Haverford School (PA) Head Coach
  • Mike Morgan, Merrimack College Head Coach
  • Chad Surman, Mercer University Associate Head Coach
  • Jack Kaley, former New York Institute of Technology Head Coach
  • Amy Bokker, Stanford University Head Women's Coach
  • Brooke Eubanks, University of California-Berkeley Head Women's Coach
  • Mike Faith, Franklin & Marshall Head Women's Coach
  • Seth Tierney, Hofstra University Head Coach
  • James Stagnitta, Charlotte Hounds (MLL) Head Coach
  • Marc Van Arsdale, Loyola University Maryland Assistant Coach
  • Gene Peluso, Stevens Institute of Technology Head Coach

This video 'gold mine', featuring some of the best coaches in the sport, offers drills focused on the fundamentals of stick handling. There's something for every coach in this collection of exercises that are easily adjustable based on the skill level of your players.

The featured drills focus heavily on fundamentals, while also adding the elements of handling under pressure and decision making in fast-paced, game-like situations.

The basic fundamentals are broken down for easy understanding in order to focus on the little things that will quickly accelerate your players' growth and skill level. Additionally, techniques like stick fakes, stick protection, and defensive stick positioning are also included to provide the complete stick handling guide for players of every level.

From lacrosse legend Gary Gait to Team USA and Duke University coach John Danowski, this is the ultimate stick handling compilation that every coach needs in their video library!

108 minutes. 2018.

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Cover: the best of championship productions: 25 face-off drills for lacrosse
The Best of Championship Productions: 25 Face-Off Drills for Lacrosse


  • John Danowski, Duke University Head Coach
  • John Desko, Syracuse University Head Coach
  • Kevin Cassese, Lehigh University Head Coach
  • Kevin Donahue, Syracuse University Assistant Coach
  • Kevin Reisman, Cornell University Assistant Coach
  • Jason Breyo, Buford High School (GA) Director of Lacrosse
  • Ron Caputo, Duke University Assistant Coach
  • Tony Seaman, St. Andrews High School (FL) Head Coach
  • Will Scudder, Lehigh University Associate Head Coach
  • The face-off has become a specialized position in the game of lacrosse. Face-off success directly translates into more possessions for your team, which has a significant impact on the outcome of the game. To ensure success, coaches need to have an understanding of the techniques and the strategies in order to assist their players to both improve, as well as make adjustments on the fly in game situations.

    This compilation of the best face-off drills from the Championship Productions library features many of the top coaching and program names in lacrosse and addresses every aspect of the face-off game. You'll see drills that cover stance and grip, warm-ups, moves, and counter moves to hone your face-off players' skills.

    Stance, Grip, and Moves

    First, you'll see the fundamental stance, grip, and clamp techniques from Will Scudder and Kevin Donahue. These pointers will help your athletes generate force and leverage in a face-off. Donahue details a series of clamps and jams, including the Plunger Clamp, Handle Jam, Pinch Clamp, and Laser Sweep.

    Drills to Dominate

    Once your players have mastered the basics, it's time to get them reps that mimic game situations. You'll get competitive drills that pit teammates against one another, as well as exercises that can be done solo. Included are the best practices for not only winning the draw, but also maintaining possession with drills that focus on boxing out, ground balls under pressure, and proper exit techniques.

    Face-offs should be near the top of your priority list as a coach because they can often directly influence the outcome of a game. Get all you need to help your players master the face-off in this jam-packed instructional video!

    56 minutes. 2018.

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    Cover: the best of championship productions: 35 goalie drills for lacrosse
    The Best of Championship Productions: 35 Goalie Drills for Lacrosse


    • Adam Ghitelman, University of Utah Assistant Coach; former USC Head Coach
    • Dom Starsia, Boston Cannons (MLL) Associate Head Coach; former Virginia Head Coach
    • Errol Wilson, Lehigh University Associate Head Coach
    • Ivan Cohen, 2014 German National Team Goaltending Coach
    • JB Clarke, Limestone College Head Men's Coach
    • Johnny Mouradian, CEO/Founder American Indoor Lacrosse Association
    • Jon Lantzy, Durham Academy (NC) Head Coach; former Duke University Assistant Coach
    • Kevin Donahue, Syracuse University Assistant Coach
    • Kip Turner, University of Virginia Assistant Coach
    • Mike Faith, Franklin & Marshall Head Women's Coach
    • Phil Barnes, University of North Carolina Assistant Women's Coach
    • Ray Finnegan, Capital University Volunteer Assistant Men's Coach
    • Remington Steele, Bucknell Head Women's Coach; former Furman Assistant Coach
    • Tony Seaman, St. Andrews High School (FL) Head Coach; former Towson Head Coach
    • Travis Loving, Berkeley Prep (FL) Head Coach

    Goalie play is highly specialized and one of the most important positions on the field. This compilation of some of the best goalie drills from Championship Productions' vast library walks you through proper warm-ups, saving techniques, and footwork. You'll also see how to work on the intangibles, such as decision-making and understanding the relationship between a goalie and the shooter.

    Movement and Positioning

    A wide range of the best lacrosse coaches in the world teach you the techniques for making saves from many different shot positions, as well as the proper positioning to address the shooter or feeder. With this collection of drills, you will be able to work with your goalies to perfect their movement along their arc and help them "find their net" so that they are always in the best position to make a save.

    Skill Set and Intangibles

    Muscle memory, reaction time and understanding angles are key to developing a good goalie. The coaches in this video share drills and coaching methods that will quickly develop your goalie's skill set and understanding, giving them increased confidence between the pipes.

    This video is the one resource you need for all of the essentials for the goalie position. There's no better option to get tons of great goalie drills from the best teachers in the game of lacrosse!

    123 minutes. 2018.

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    Cover: variable attack motion offense with stick handling & shooting drills
    Variable Attack Motion Offense with Stick Handling & Shooting Drills

    with Jake DeCola,
    Albion College Head Coach;
    3x Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association titles; four straight NCAA Tournament appearances (2015-2018)

    Jake DeCola, head coach at Albion College, has built a successful program by leveraging a fast-tempo motion offense that teaches his players to move and share the ball to get high quality and high percentage shots on cage. In this video, DeCola walks through the drills that he uses to teach his players core techniques and skills to maximize their success on game day. The drills will help any program improve stick skills, shooting abilities, off-ball movement, lacrosse IQ and scoring proficiency.

    Practice Segments to Build the Whole

    Coach DeCola gives you an excellent group of drills that create game-like situations, while also teaching your offensive players concepts that will help to make them successful. Ball movement, as well as player movement, are themes that DeCola touches on throughout his explanation of the drills he uses to teach motion offense.

    "Hockey" is a drill where the offense is given a numerical advantage in order to encourage ball movement within your 6v6 offense. Offensive players have a 5v4 advantage while running a portion of their offensive set, which teaches them how to run the offense, as well as how to move the ball and find the open man.

    Coach DeCola even takes you through his base motion offense. He includes several adjustments that you can make based on your personnel and the type of defense your team is facing.

    Drills to Accomplish Multiple Goals

    Practice time is limited, so Coach DeCola likes to make sure his athletes work multiple skills during each drill. You'll get shooting drills that also incorporate stickwork to maximize reps, as well as uneven drills to perfect your 6v6 offense. Additionally, DeCola shows how you can incorporate ground ball practice into your drills to make sure your players capture more balls and thus more possessions for your offense.

    The "Reverse Genny" drill is spin on a classic drill that will help to improve your settled offense, as well as your team's clearing and field awareness. DeCola showcases shooting drills like "Pass Down Pick Down" that teach players concepts in an environment where they can get a ton of reps, while also learning what they need to be successful.

    This is a great video for any coach who is looking to implement a motion offense that will give your players the ability to make better reads and score, while reinforcing stick skills and decision-making!

    88 minutes. 2018.

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    Cover: the "20 wing" offense: philosophy, drills, and adjustments
    The "20 Wing" Offense: Philosophy, Drills, and Adjustments

    with Andrew Fink,
    first-ever University of Saint Joseph Men's Lacrosse Coach (inaugural season - Spring 2020);
    interim University of Saint Joseph Women's Lacrosse Coach (for Spring 2019);
    former Mount Ida College Head Men's Coach,
    8x Conference Champions; 4x NCAA Division III qualifier, 4x Coach of the Year NAC/GNAC;
    oston Storm General Manager (UWLX)

    This video from coach Andrew Fink features the philosophy behind the "20 Wing" offense and provides a series of practice drills that emphasize and reinforce fundamental concepts in that set.

    Coach Fink gives you a detailed explanation of the 20 Wing offense by first demonstrating the philosophy of the offense on a whiteboard and then by demonstrating the offense on the field, first in a skeleton setting with no defense, and then in a full contact 6v6 situation. The 20 Wing is a highly effective offense with clear principles that lacrosse players at a variety of levels can access and execute. It's effective in its use of spacing and off-ball awareness, but its principles are simple enough for teams of all levels to execute.

    "20 Wing" Drills

    Prior to explaining the specifics of the 20 Wing offense, Coach Fink runs through a series of drills designed to prepare his team physically for practice while simultaneously developing essential stick skills and situational awareness. These drills cultivate habits for players of all positions and help establish an up-tempo, highly engaged practice atmosphere. Some of these drills emphasize shooting skills, while others focus on executing transitional situations both offensively and defensively. These drills can be useful regardless of whether or not the team utilizes the 20 Wing offensive set.

    The next phase of Coach Fink's presentation features a series of seven dynamic shooting drills that are designed to replicate the key shooting spots within the 20 Wing. These drills foster both the cognitive recognition and physical execution of the offense. These drills reinforce players' understanding of the offense while helping develop their skills.

    Counter-Adjustments for the "20 Wing"

    The biggest benefit to running the 20 Wing offense is the manner in which it forces most defenses to adjust their sliding schemes. After explaining how the 20 Wing is designed to function and then explaining how most defenses will attempt to defend it, Coach Fink provides a series of counter-adjustments for teams to apply once defenses have reacted to the 20 Wing. This added benefit provides an entirely new dimension to a highly effective offense.

    Coach Fink describes the "25" and "Wild" sets, which are an invaluable benefit to coaches running this offense. By offering a series of simple adjustments that still adhere to the base principles of the 20 Wing, you'll see how to attack the goal using in a number of different ways against a variety of defensive adjustments.

    The 20 Wing offense is an innovative and original offense that is relatively easy to teach and to execute. Teams at all levels can run this offense, and the drills used to support the offense will benefit players' skill development in a variety of offensive situations. This offense, taught by Coach Fink, is a tremendous addition to any offensive coordinator's toolbox and is one that players can easily adopt and execute.

    86 minutes. 2019.

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