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Cover: soccer science
Soccer Science

edited by Tony Strudwick, head of performance at Manchester United Football Club

Through the years a wealth of information has been accumulated in soccer. Experiential and science-based knowledge abounds in the sport. Yet the scientific information has not been sufficiently disseminated to those who would benefit most from it.

Soccer Science fills the void with the best and most up-to-date research in the sport.

With editor Tony Strudwick and a who's-who list of international experts on the sport, Soccer Science offers you an unprecedented wealth of advanced yet accessible information on biomechanics, physiology, psychology, skill acquisition and coaching, tactical approaches and performance and match analysis. It is simply the most significant and comprehensive published work on the sport.

664. 2016.

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Cover: one goal: the mindset of winning soccer teams
One Goal: The Mindset of Winning Soccer Teams
with Bill Beswick,
The first full-time performance psychologist in English professional soccer. He has worked at Manchester United, Middlesbrough and Sunderland in the English Premier League and FC Twente in the Dutch Eredivisie, and has international experience with the England U18 and U21 squads and as team psychologist with the English senior men's national team. He is currently a consulting performance psychologist with Derby County FC in the English Championship Division, the English men's rugby team and the British Olympic swimming team, along with advising athletic programs in the United States, including the one at Clemson University.

In soccer, perhaps more than any other sport, success hinges on team performance rather than individual play. As coaches are well aware, inspiring a group of players to perform as a finely tuned, coordinated unit is an on-going challenge. While several factors interfere with cohesion and flow of a soccer team, no published work has specifically addressed how to prevent and conquer such problems . . . until now.

In One Goal: The Mindset of Winning Soccer Teams, internationally renowned performance psychologist and author of the best-selling Focused for Soccer, Bill Beswick, delivers an unrivaled guide to developing a winning team mindset.

One Goal is arranged sequentially, providing invaluable insights on the various challenges facing coaches when pursuing a winning team mindset. You'll find techniques, tools and suggestions to implement when addressing both common and unique challenges throughout the season. Specific contexts such as cup finals and tournaments are featured as well.

Recognizing team mindset as a factor distinguishing success from failure, One Goal features proven strategies from one of soccer's top performance psychologists. It's a soon-to-be classic that you will turn to again and again.

262 pages. 2016.

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Cover: soccer anatomy
Soccer Anatomy
BY Donald T. Kirkendall, member of FIFA's Medical Assessment and Research Centre

Take an inside look at the world's most popular sport. Soccer Anatomy will show you how to elevate your game by increasing strength, speed, and agility for more accurate passes and powerful shots.

Soccer Anatomy includes 79 exercises, each with step-by-step descriptions and full-color anatomical illustrations highlighting muscles in action.

Soccer Anatomy goes beyond exercises by placing you on the pitch and in the game. Illustrations of the active muscles involved in kicking, heading, tackling, and diving show you how each exercise is fundamentally linked to soccer performance.

From attacking to defending to goalkeeping, Soccer Anatomy will improve every aspect of your game. You'll learn how to modify exercises to target specific areas based on your style of play, personal needs, and goals. And you can prepare for competition by minimizing injuries using a system developed by FIFA's medical research program.

Combining authoritative advice, expert instruction, and stunning four-color illustrations, Soccer Anatomy is truly an inside look at this one-of-a-kind sport. Whether you're a player, coach, or fan, if you're serious about soccer, this is one book you need to own.

224 PAGES. 2011.

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Cover: soccer speed
Soccer Speed
by Dick Bate,
head of the Cardiff City FC Youth Academy and is the former director of elite coaching for the English Football Associatio (FA)

and Ian Jeffreys,
proprietor and performance director of All-Pro Performance based in Brecon, Wales; a world-renowned authority on speed and agility development

The world's most popular sport is also one of the most demanding. Stronger, smarter, and more agile players have increased the intensity and tempo of the game. Success hinges on the ability to read, react, and execute. For individual players and teams alike, speed is a necessity.

Soccer Speed is a groundbreaking work-more than a training guide, but an all-encompassing execution plan for success in today's aggressive, attacking, and fast-paced game.

Inside, you'll learn how to develop these skills:

  • Quickness, agility, and balance for defending, attacking, reacting, and executing
  • Most effective techniques, such as heel passes and stride changes, to challenge opponents and keep them off balance
  • Soccer intelligence, or the ability to instantly recognize and exploit the opposition's weakness
  • In-game decision making with and without the ball

Every aspect of the game is covered, including step-by-step instruction and 36 drills for developing technical and tactical speed in passing, receiving, dribbling, scoring, counterattacking, and defending. Soccer Speed is the one and only guide for outpacing, outsmarting, and outplaying the opposition.

216 pages. 2015.

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Cover: complete conditioning for soccer
Complete Conditioning for Soccer
with Greg Gatz, Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic sports at the University of North Carolina

Increase strength to dribble through traffic. Pack more power into shots on goal. Improve quickness and agility to find open passing lanes and evade opponents. Complete Conditioning for Soccer shows you how to achieve all of these performance goals and more.

Soccer players are faster and stronger than ever before. In this special book and DVD package, renowned soccer strength and conditioning coach Greg Gatz provides a comprehensive training approach that builds players' physical abilities as well as the soccer-specific skills required for dribbling, tackling, passing, heading, shooting, and goalkeeping.

Complete with assessment tests for determining a players' fitness status and specific programs that improve balance, quickness, agility, speed, and strength, this book will help you dominate your position. The DVD puts the training into action by demonstrating key tests, exercises, and drills from the book.

With nutritional guidelines as well as seasonal workouts, Complete Conditioning for Soccer provides a multidimensional training approach that will show you how to get the most from your time in the gym and on the pitch.

Book/DVD combo (208 pages/64 minutes). 2008.

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