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Cover: faster swimming 14 week training program
Faster Swimming 14 Week Training Program
High school coaches have been asking for a shorter training program than the 23 Week training program (MB-00823). Here is the answer.

The 14 Week Training Program was designed specifically with swimming and dryland workouts needed to get your high school and middle school swimmers in shape, increase aerobic capacity, teaching them how to sprint and then tapering them for championship meets. It features:

  • 200+ Pages - easy to use; easy to follow
  • 70+ Swim Workouts that follow a comprehensive plan.
  • 28 Dryland Workouts to build strength and power.
  • A complete 6 Week Taper
  • A full introduction to guide you through the season.
  • Just tear out, take to the pool and train.
  • This program can be adapted to swimming two-three or up to six times a week, with any yardage amount you desire to swim. The important thing is to follow the regime and do all that is planned.
    • The beginning of this program assumes that you are starting your season and eases you into practices while developing your aerobic base.
    • The mid-season, weeks 8-16 are the core that include the main work-load of aerobic swimming while introducing speed.
    • The last seven weeks will develop and fine tune your speed and power, while maintaining your aerobic base.
    The full program will enable you to swim multiple championship meets several weeks in a row while continuing to improve your times. If you only have one championship meet the work-outs can be adjusted to hit your peak. The weight lifting and dryland programs follow suit to the seasonal plan and are essential to speed and power.


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    Cover: the 100 best swimming drills
    The 100 Best Swimming Drills
    with Blythe Lucero,
    currently oversees BE AR Swimming, Berkeley Barracudas and Berkeley Aquatic Masters, training swimmers of all ages, from novice to world class; NCAA All American swimmer

    Achieving better swimming is a matter of swimming efficiently. While proper technique is the foundation of good swimming, it is often difficult to isolate a technique problem by simply swimming laps. Stroke flaws can slow a swimmer's progress and can even lead to injury if continued over time. For these reasons, swimming drills have become a fundamental part of training at all levels of the sport. Drill practice is a swimmer's primary tool in developing better stroke technique. Drills allow a swimmer to concentrate on a single aspect of a stroke at one time. By providing specific, repetitive practice, and immediate feedback, drills teach a swimmer to maximize efficiency while minimizing effort. In The 100 Best Swimming Drills, Blythe Lucero has compiled the most effective swimming drills gathered from more than 20 years of working with swimmers. The book is organized into sections covering the four competitive strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Each drill is explained step by step and accompanied by comprehensive diagrams. Drill feedback charts are included to help swimmers identify problems and make modifications. Underwater and surface photographs give swimmers optimal images to emulate as they practice. The 100 Best Swimming Drills, is an excellent resource for swimmers at any level in the quest for better swimming.

    280 pages. 2011.

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    Cover: strength training for faster swimming
    Strength Training for Faster Swimming
    with Blythe Lucero,
    currently oversees BE AR Swimming, Berkeley Barracudas and Berkeley Aquatic Masters, training swimmers of all ages, from novice to world class; NCAA All American swimmer

    Swimming-specific strength training gives competitive swimmers an edge. By strategically incorporating strength training into the swimming routine, better and quicker improvement can be expected.

    In order to enhance your performance, swimming alone is not enough. An effective strength training is crucial if you want to improve your swimming times. This book shows you what types of strength training benefit swimming and how to develop a winning routine. It includes swimspecific strength-training and lots of sample workouts. Other topics include:

    • Types of strength training that benefit swimmers
    • How to develop force, power, explosiveness and stability
    • What makes strength training count - including transferability, adaptation, orientation, variation, over-training, season planning
    • Using muscles to move and stabilize
    • Linking muscle movement
    • Stages of development
    • Strength training routines for all levels
    • Strength training circuits for all levels
    • Shoulder maintenance routine
    • 168 pages. 2011.

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    Cover: the swimming drill book
    The Swimming Drill Book
    with Ruben Guzman, a United States Swimming (USS) coach for age-group swimmers

    Improve your times by improving your technique! Whether you are a competitive swimmer, coach, triathlete, or dedicated fitness enthusiast, The Swimming Drill Book will propel you to better results by maximizing efficiency in the water.

    With 128 highly effective drills, expert instruction, and more than 375 detailed illustrations, you can use this comprehensive resource to improve every facet of your swimming. Establish a greater sense of balance and position in the water; maintain perfect form for the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly; and master the techniques for starts, turns, and finishes. Use the drills individually or create a personalized program based on your goals and fitness level. Either way, the tools you need are within your grasp.

    Dive into The Swimming Drill Book and see fast results!

    296 pages. 2011.

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    Cover: developing swimmers
    Developing Swimmers
    by Michael Brooks

    Talent, skill, and a passion to compete: These are the characteristics that define elite-level swimmers. But as the sport's best coaches know, even the most gifted of athletes won't develop these traits without a plan-one that recognizes talent, develops skills, and nurtures success.

    Developing Swimmers is the only book to offer a comprehensive, long-term plan beginning at an age-group level. Renowned coach Michael Brooks shares the insights, secrets, and strategies that have transformed his athletes and swim teams from novice competitors to distinguished champions.

    Developing Swimmers will show you how to:

    • evaluate and identify talent in even the youngest swimmers;
    • establish realistic yet challenging short- and long-term goals for your athletes;
    • assess and refine strokes for greater power and efficiency;
    • improve starts, turns, and finishes for faster times;
    • structure positive and productive practices for swimmers and swim teams;
    • foster your swimmers' passion, bolster commitment, and instill winning attitudes
    From motivation to meet management to race-day tactics, Developing Swimmers covers it all. It is the guide every coach should have on the shelf. With Developing Swimmers, you will improve the performance of your swimmers-and your entire team.

    240 pages. 2011

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