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Cover: eagle eye timing system (platinum package)
Eagle Eye Timing System (Platinum Package)
Turn your computer into an (F.A.T.) automatic timing system

Eagle Eye software brings automatic timing into the digital age. Now in an easy to use Windows environment, fully automatic timing is a reality for every budget. Eagle Eye is designed for coaches, parents, students and volunteers - not computer people. The Platinum Package has everything you need for the most affordable automatic timing system available. Includes timing software, digital converter, Pyro-Bright Flash, 200ft of video cable, protective camera enclosure, Hy-Tek Meet Manager, seeding option, PhotoFinish Interface, a laptop computer and MiniDV digital video camera. With Eagle Eye, there's no need to break the budget with line-scan systems costing thousands of dollars or hire expensive outside timing crews or hand timers. Customized for efficiency and ease of use, Eagle Eye Timing software is completely compatible with Hy-Tek Meet Manager. Special Features include:

  • Customized Race Directory for easy recall
  • Magnify feature for close finishes
  • Create Photo Results to match athlete with time
  • Create Proof of Performance documents
  • Capture finish line image for team Awards
  • Connect multiple cameras for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Sell photographs as team fundraiser
  • E-mail finish line video to challenging coaches
  • Eagle Eye Timing software also includes the motion analysis features.
Eagle Eye meets and exceeds NCAA and high school requirements for legal automatic timing( F.A.T). Whether you're upgrading from your old VCR system or building your new timing system from scratch, Eagle Eye automatic timing system is exactly what you need.

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