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Cover: the best of championship productions - track & field: 65+ discus drills
The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 65+ Discus Drills


  • John Frazier - UCLA Assistant Coach
  • Carrie Lane - University of Nebraska Throws Coach
  • Brian Bedard - Colorado State University Head Coach
  • Larry Judge - former USATF Coaching Education National Throws Chairman
  • Jim Aikens - Fremd High School (IL) Head Boys Coach
  • Jim Garnham - University of Buffalo Assistant Coach/Throws
  • John Ridgeway - Central Michigan University Throws Coach
  • Travis Geopfert - University of Tennessee Associate Head Coach

This video, which features a plethora of drills from some of the best discus coaches in the country, is a detailed and technical approach of development for the discus thrower. The variety of experienced coaches within the video provide drills that emphasize warm up, footwork, balance, and throwing technique through all phases of the discus circle. You'll get clear, content-focused discussion and correction with an emphasis on drill progression and the fundamental components that are necessary to become a successful discus thrower.

Warm Ups

In order to help athletes perform at their best, it's important to have a great warm up. In this segment, John Frazier leads off with some turning drills outside of the circle to help athletes work on basic rotation principles. Carrie Lane also takes her thrower through the Overhead Back and Between the Legs Forward toss to add some ballistic movements to the warm up. Additionally, Brian Bedard demonstrates hurdle mobility drills, including executing turns over hurdles to improve coordination, posture and balance.

Full Throws, Middle Ring Focus

The middle of the ring is important in the discus. Executing good movement through the middle helps a thrower develop power and set their hips up correctly as they enter the power position. To help athletes master this part of the event, John Frazier demonstrates several full throws, breaking down proper positioning, while discussing common errors that occur in the middle of the ring and their corrections.

The Release

There are three things that determine how far a discus will travel: the angle of release, height, and velocity. In this segment, Travis Geopfert discusses how to build the perfect release using sequential timing to teach the release from the ground up.

This video is packed with over two hours of drills, cues, and corrections from some of the world's top coaches. At the end, Coach Bedard puts it all together, finishing with full throws and reverses while pointing out proper positioning, sequencing, and cues to help athletes complete the perfect throw.

This video is a must-have for any throws coach working with beginner to intermediate athletes. The coaches expertly break the discus down in a clear and concise way that will allow you to teach your own athletes like a pro. If you're looking for an edge in your discus teaching program, look no further!

137 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: the best of championship productions - track & field: 100+ sprints & relays drills
The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 100+ Sprints & Relays Drills


  • Clyde Hart - Baylor University Director of Track & Field
  • Maurice Wilson - Jamaican National Track & Field Team Head Coach (2012 Olympic Games)
  • Pat Henry - Texas A&M Head Coach
  • Dana Boone - Texas State University Head Coach
  • Joey Woody - Director of Track & Field/Cross Country at the University of Iowa
  • Adrian Wheatley - University of Illinois Men's Assistant Coach
  • John Smith - former UCLA Sprint Coach
  • Lance Brauman - former University of Arkansas Sprint and Hurdles Coach
  • Tom Tellez - former University of Houston Head Coach
  • Brian Fitzgerald - former Rio Mesa High School (CA) Head Coach
  • Monte Stratton - Coach of 87 Division I All-Americans at TCU and UT-Arlington
  • Dwayne Miller - Norfolk Real Deal Track Club Head Coach

The coaches in this "Best Of" video have guided some of the world's top athletes, including All-Americans, NCAA champions, and even Olympic Champions! You'll get tons of drills from some of the biggest names in sprint coaching history, all of which are designed to help you churn out championship sprinters year after year.

Creating a Dynamic Warm Up

Creating a strong dynamic warm up is the foundation of great sprinting practices. In the video's opening segment, Monte Stratton takes viewers through U.S. Olympian Doc Patton's dynamic warm up, beginning with ground drills and leg swings to improve range of motion. From there, Lance Brauman demonstrates a variety of skip drills, providing insights on what coaches should cue and look for with their athletes. Also in this segment, Baylor's legendary Clyde Hart shares his views on adding hard strides and sprints to the end of the warm up to help further prepare the body for high intensity efforts.

Developing a Powerful Start

A powerful aggressive start can make the difference between winning and losing a race. In this part of the video, Maurice Wilson takes you through his pre-block work routine, demonstrating how to help athletes create powerful starts before they step into the blocks. This segment includes a variety of coach-assisted drills and various starting positions, including falling, two, and four point starts.

Coach Stratton discusses proper block set ups and body position to maximize an athlete's explosive push from the pedals. At the end of the segment, Brian Fitzgerald also discusses how to set blocks up on the curve, to help athletes run an effective race in the 200 and 400 meters.

Proper Sprint Form

Throughout the video, coaches continuously share their views on proper sprint form and technique. Texas A&M's Pat Henry uses the wicket drill and an acceleration drill to discuss proper body positions in both the acceleration and max velocity phases of running. He breaks down various cues and body positions that coaches should look for, as well as ways to cue the athletes into proper alignment. Also in this segment, Dana Boone shows a variety of postural drills, including sprinting while jumping rope to promote proper cycling of the legs.

This video is full of drills and insights from top level coaches. However, one particular drill that stands out is Coach Hart's 'Event 300' drill. In this drill, Hart has an athlete run segments against a timer to help promote proper rhythm and energy expenditure during the first 300 meters of the 400 meter race. While the drill is great, Coach Hart's excellent break down of specific efforts in each phase of the run is what makes this exercise so effective.

If you can only buy one video on sprinting this year, this one is the way to go. It's packed with numerous drills, tips, and insights from some of the world's best coaches and should be a staple in any respected track & field coach's library.

140 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: the best of championship productions - track & field: 75+ pole vault drills
The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 75+ Pole Vault Drills


  • Jeff Martin - Indiana State University Assistant Coach
  • Reid Ehrisman - University of Sioux Falls Head Coach
  • Pat Licari - University of Washington Jumps Coach
  • Tom Hays - University of Kansas Assistant Head Coach
  • Will Freeman - Grinnell College Head Coach
  • Jim VanHootegem - University of Oklahoma Head Coach
  • Tim Reilly - Owner of NW Pole Vault, LLC
  • Jeff Hartwig - 2x Olympic Pole Vaulter ('96, '08), 4x U.S. Outdoor Champion ('98, '99, '02, '03)
  • Caroline White - University of Minnesota Pole Vault Coach

The pole vault is a specialized event which requires a particular set of drills and coaching techniques. To help you become a better pole vault instructor, Championship Productions has put together a collection of the best drills for the event from its vast coaching library. You'll get drills and techniques taught by some of the best pole vault coaches in the country that are sure to enrich your pole vaulting program.

Approach Run and Plant

Various drills are shown that help simplify the learning process for a beginning vaulter. This outstanding video begins with several coaches going through a drill progression that teaches athletes how to correctly grip the pole and how to easily and accurately determine the proper width of their grip. Additionally, several drills that help athletes master the approach run, such as the low hurdle run, are demonstrated. The 3 step plant drill and swing throughs are also demonstrated using both male and female athletes to help you better work on the ever-important plant.

Takeoff, Swing, Turn, and Landing

You will see several coaches demonstrate drills that teach athletes proper take-off mechanics, including short approach vaults and box vaults. Also, several drill sequences are shown that teach the swing and turn portion of the pole vault, including push plants, short approach stiff pole vaults, and the swing target drill. These drills are demonstrated in a progression that helps teach athletes how to safely land in the pit and swing through and invert for maximum height.

Strength and Conditioning

This video concludes with several event specific strength and conditioning drills that help vaulters develop strength in ways that will have the greatest carryover to the pole vault. Several high bar drills, such as Bubkas and windshield wipers, are demonstrated. Additionally, you'll get several drills using medicine balls and gymnastics rings that are great for developing athletes that may not yet have the strength to complete high bar drills.

If you're looking for a comprehensive collection of pole vault drills that cover all aspects of the event, this video is a must-have!

126 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: the best of championship productions - track & field: 85+ distance/middle distance training drills
The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 85+ Distance/Middle Distance Training Drills


  • Corey Ihmels - Boise State University Cross Country Head Coach
  • Pete Rea - Elite Athlete Coach and Coordinator, ZAP Fitness Team USA Training Center
  • Will Freeman - Grinnell College Head Coach
  • Andrea McDonough - University of North Carolina Head Cross Country Coach
  • Rose Monday - 2012 U.S. Women's Olympic Distance Coach (featuring Maggie Vessey demonstrating)
  • Dennis Barker - Former Augsburg College Women's Head Coach
  • Pat Tyson - Gonzaga University Head Coach

The key behind every great distance runner is the ability to run tall, utilize great running economy, and remain focused. This complete video featuring some of the best distance coaches in the world will give you drills on every aspect of training athletes who can combine speed and endurance.

Warm Ups

Before athletes can perform at high levels, they must prepare their body for the stresses of the workout. This segment is loaded with drills from A Walks, Marches and Skips, through various ground based movements designed to help athletes improve their range of motion, rehearse key postural cues, and prepare for practice or competition.

Broken Tempo Mid Distance Workouts

In this segment, Rose Monday shares a couple broken tempo workout designed to help mid distance runners adjust to pace changes in races, while improving their aerobic and anaerobic capacity in training. One example of this type of workout is a 1,000 meter broken tempo repeat, where athletes alternate between their Vo2 Max and aerobic threshold every 200 meters during the run. Using professional runner Maggie Vessey to demonstrate, Coach Monday breaks down coaching cues and shares insights on the positive implications these workouts will have on your runners.

Strength Training

Strength training is essential to help safeguard distance runners against the common injuries and stresses associated with high volume training. In this segment, multiple coaches break down their core strength training exercises. Using various body weight exercises, their goal is to improve core strength and balance, while also improving range of motion and strengthening high risk areas, such as the ankles, feet, and hips. Additionally, Coach Monday discusses her views on weight training and Olympic lifting and its value within a well-balanced training program.

This video is packed with drills and workout ideas from some of the world's top coaches. However, one of the more unique segments in this video belongs to Coach Andrea McDonough, who takes her athletes through a variety of ladder drills to improve their multi-directional capabilities and work out stabilizing muscles in a unique way.

This video is ideal for beginner to intermediate coaches of high school age athletes, but it also contains information that is useful to help maximize workouts for coaches of more advanced athletes. The workouts and suggestions contained within can be easily adapted to a variety of settings and resources. Consider this your one stop shop for developing distance runners!

86 minutes. 2019.

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Cover: the best of championship productions - track & field: 100+ triple jump drills
The Best of Championship Productions - Track & Field: 100+ Triple Jump Drills


  • Michael Pullins - USC Assistant Coach
  • Tim Cawley - University of Idaho Director of Track & Field and Cross Country
  • Stacey Smith - Baylor University Assistant Coach
  • Gary Derks - Cinco Ranch High School (TX) Head Coach
  • Dick Booth - University of Florida Assistant Coach
  • Travis Geopfert - University of Tennessee Associate Head Coach
  • Cliff Rovelto - Kansas State University Head Coach
  • Nick Kohl - Wartburg College Assistant Coach
  • Kyle Tellez - University of Houston Associate Coach
  • Jim VanHootegem - University of Oklahoma Head Coach
  • Jeremy Fischer - Head Coach and Lead Instructor at the Chula Vista USATF High Performance Training Center
  • Irving "Boo" Schexnayder - Director of the CAP Elite Training Center
  • Will Freeman - Grinnell College Head Coach

Championship Productions has amassed a wide variety of triple jump drills in its vast coaching library over the years, and this video is the singular source where the best drills have been brought together! You'll get proven exercises from many of the nation's respected triple jump instructors in one conveniently packaged location. If you're looking for a single source of triple jump drills, this is the video you need!

Approach Run Mechanics

You'll get several top tier drills that demonstrate proper approach run mechanics. One of the most comprehensive drill series presented is by Travis Geopfert, in which athletes are taught different ways to start the approach run, acceleration mechanics and cues, and penultimate and take off mechanics. Also, Geopfert gives a detailed explanation of why he advocates using a mid-mark with his athletes and how to determine the mark for each athlete.

Three Phases of the Triple Jump

Several coaches demonstrate drills that teach athletes how to execute the three phases of the triple jump. One drill series that stands out is a bounding series demonstrated by Stacy Smith and one of her athletes. This series teaches athletes the proper foot strike, arm action, and rhythm needed to properly execute the triple jump. Additionally, several drills are demonstrated that teach takeoff and landing technique for maximum efficiency.

Strength and Conditioning

The video concludes with several event specific strength and conditioning drills. One excellent series of strength training drills is presented by Wartburg College coach Nick Kohl. His drills help jumpers develop explosive power and the needed reactive ability to be able to compete at a high level.

This video provides every drill you'll ever need to teach the triple jump - don't miss out on adding it to your coaching library!

98 minutes. 2019.

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